17/05/2017 Look East (West)

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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Calls for action on financial abuse after a pensioner was conned out


More time to search for a missing man's body in a landfill site


amid fears the waste there has shifted.


And after a wet day today, what are the prospects for tomorrow? Join me


later. There are calls for better


financial protection for vulnerable older people -


after a couple conned an elderly Marjorie Webster from Peterborough


gave her neighbour Kim Riley power of attorney -


meaning she could make decisions But Kim and her husband Neil stole


?150,000 from her account. They were jailed for 18 months


and 28 months respectively. Remembering her friend of 40 years


almost a year on from her death. Marcia knew Marjorie had made


a mistake giving her and describes Kim Riley as a very


cunning and intelligent woman. She saw the vulnerability of


Marjorie, and as Marjorie's health declined she became closer


to her but was always borrowing money from Marjorie,


and Marjorie was so kind to them because of their


personal circumstances, We just knew that they were no good


but without proof there The financial abuse began


here in Peterborough. With no family of her own,


Marjorie befriended her neighbours over


a period of 12 years, to the point


where she trusted Kim Riley enough to legally look after


her financial affairs, she lived in this house in


Peterborough, and she put all her faith in Kim,


and believed that Kim Kim played the daughter


Marjorie never had, she showered her with affection


and love, but it was fake. Only when she died


did the executor to her will discover that her neighbours


had cleared out Marjorie's bank The care home that


she'd been living in got in touch fairly


quickly after she died to say that the care


home fees hadn't been


paid for six months. Now, we knew at that time


there should have been enough funds in the estate to have paid


those care home fees, The firm of lawyers then


reported their suspicions Funds were being used


for all sorts of things, family holidays, pubs, restaurants,


concert tickets, supermarket transactions, anything and


everything, holidays in Egypt, and over a period of three years it came


to about ?150,000 which equates to Kim and husband Neil


Riley were found guilty earlier this month,


and are tonight behind bars, for living the high life


at Marjorie's expense. However, Marcia believes


the financial abuse could have been avoided had Marjorie


instructed two people instead of one The charity Action On Elder Abuse


campaign for better Stephen McCarthy joined me earlier


to explain what he wants to happen. Firstly, we're were


looking for additional criminal charges to make


an aggravated crime of elder abuse,


so that's regardless of whether it's financial in this situation, or


physical, or psychological, We think that as a starting


point we think there is a real lack of deterrent


at the moment. What about the lawyers, or financial


sector, could they do more to prevent that happening


in the first place? Banks should be able to keep an eye


on this sort of thing. You would have thought they know


when someone has made an attorney, they know what that relationship


is and you would expect banks to be able to pick up on large sums of


money transferring from the actual rightful owner of that money


through to that attorney, and to then raise those concerns


with the police or social services, but most importantly


it is about raising that concern. So what sort of thing should people


be watching out for, then, whether they work


in a bank or perhaps work and social services


and have some contact People pick up often


on the disparity between the living conditions that the person might be


in and their supposed financial situation.


That's one. As well, people are not


often able to pay bills all of a sudden


when that shouldn't really be the case,


and I believe that was a factor


in this case as well. With older people needing help


with their finances, If you are going to set up


a power of attorney for yourself, to maybe look at more


than one person to be attorneys. That way, one person


can keep an eye on It's all about setting that power


of attorney up correctly, but even within that there


are limitations to power of attorney, and how safe someone


can keep themselves financially. A 74 year old grandfather


who was attacked in his own home was unlawfully killed


a coroner ruled today. David Brickwood had 35 wounds


to his body when he was found still conscious at his Northampton


home 20months ago. He died despite the


efforts of paramedics. His killer or killers


have never been found. Police are appealing for anyone


with information to come forward. I can't stress the importance


enough of people coming forward, but people that have got


evidence, there's been a lot of rumour and a lot of


speculation, but somebody out there must know


what happened, and it's those people


that we want to come forward. The search for the body of missing


airman Corrie Mckeague at a landfill site near Cambridge will continue


for another three weeks. Mr McKeague went missing


after a night out in Police believe he may have climbed


into a commercial waste bin that was then emptied


at the Milton landfill site. Clackamas specialist officers have


been searching here for the past 11 weeks and so far they have found not


a single link to the disappeared. What I have found as items relating


to the date he went missing, and also to the location where he was


last seen in Bury St Edmunds. It has been announced today that the


searches to be extended, and to night his mother has paid tribute to


officers involved. On a day like this, it really


will be so difficult for them, and myself and the boys,


our whole family, we really do appreciate what they're


doing, and how difficult We've always said that,


from the very start. The individual officers are having


to put in so many hours and so much hard work for us,


we really, really do appreciate it. When the police started the search


they identify did a quarter of an area sized -- quarter of an acre


sized area. Rubbish has shifted to fill that void, and that is why the


search has been extended and is expected to go on for another three


or three and a half weeks. As you may have seen


on the national news, the Liberal Democrats


launched their manifesto today. Our political reporter


Mousumi Bakshi has been assessing how their pledges might affect


the technology community in one Lunchtime in the city known


as the heart of Silicon Fen. More than 5000 people work


in the Cambridge science park. The city's importance is writ


large in the manifesto, with peldges to double innovation


and research sepdning. A key pledge acording to this


financial technology director. I am the father of two young


children so the future is something that is important to me


because I have to consider sort of their well-being and welfare and


what they are actually really going to do when they grow up, and really


the rate of change within technology is so great that we really don't


know what sort of jobs and the world and Britain is going to look


like in another 20 years' time. The Lib Dems are also


promising to protect the science budget but is such a narrow


focus on a specialist sector the right course


of action for voters? They are right to


focus on science and technology. If you look at where the income


and all the value and the jobs come from, it is very uniquely


around Cambridge, Science is both critical


for Cambridge but essential for the broader UK economy,


so I think they are very Cambridge voted overwhelmingly


to remain in the EU, so the promise today of a second


treferendum has been welcomed here. A measure of success


for the Liberal Democrats win back tightly


contested like Cambridge. As well as focusing on Brexit,


the party revealed it would build up to half a million


a affordable homes over the next five years, but


will it be enough in places like Cambridge


where the average cost As well as the affordable


homes building programme, the party also announced


it would create a new start-up allowance which could play well


in parts of this county. Last year, over 2,500 new


companies began trading. And while it may go


against the rest of the country, reversing Brexit plays well


for this start-up company. We have 80% of our employees


are non-British citizens. It isn't so much that


we are trying to hire foreigners, we have had a hard time finding


the right talent. The party is trying


to win back Cambridge by gambling on Brexit,


but whether that gamble pays


off remains to be seen. That is the latest news here. Here


is the weather. Wet weather continues this evening


and for the first part of the night it is associated with this


low-pressure weather system. It has picked up speed and will continue to


play eastwards as we go through the night, still some further heavy


bursts of rain possible, and then for the second half of the night it


looked largely dry with some clear spells across the west. A little


cooler than last night, temperatures holding at nine or 10 degrees for


most of us. A different day entirely tomorrow, looking like a bright


start and actually some good spells of sunshine through the day. There


may be one or two isolated showers but for most of us it will stay dry


through the day, cooler and fresher, highs of 17 or 18 degrees. The


national weather is coming up but here is the outlook, and it looks


like a regime of sunshine and showers for Friday and into the