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Tonight, a special edition of Look East on the day


that the girlfriend of the missing airman Corrie Mckeague announced


When ever one finds out they are pregnant, there is joy because you


bring in someone into the world, but it is just a horrible time, really.


Today I sat down with April and Corrie's mother to talk


I guess potentially you're looking at the possibility of having lost a


son but gaining a grandchild. It is something of a state all of us are


thinking about, but again, as I've said so many times before, I won't


accept Corrie is coming back -- is an coming back until I have proof.


Also in tonight's programme: An inquest hears that an inmate


at Chelmsford Prison died after electrocuting


And no cup upset for Posh against Chelsea.


But what a day for striker Tom Nichols.


First tonight, Corrie Mckeague's girlfriend tells Look East


April Oliver, who's a personal trainer in Norfolk, told me


about her relationship with the airman, who's been missing


She was on holiday abroad when he disappeared,


but flew back immediately - and found out she was pregnant


We'll hear from her - and from Corrie's mother -


She's always wanted to be a mother, but looking at the scan of her and


Corrie Mckeague's unborn child, April Oliver wishes


Their baby is due late spring, early summer.


The 21-year-old personal trainer who lives in West Norfolk first met


Corrie on an online dating website last summer.


She only discovered she was pregnant a fortnight after the


You know when the lady showed its foot?


Corrie's mother, Nicola Urquhart, and April's parents


have known about the pregnancy since the outset and are supporting her.


Corrie, who was based at RAF Honington in Suffolk,


September in the centre of Bury St Edmunds.


The 23-year-old had been enjoying a night out with friends


before he left this nightclub alone in the early hours.


After entering an area behind some shops, he


As this home video shows, Corrie Mckeague is an extrovert and


happy to perform for both family and friends.


His family say he would talk to anyone.


Every week Nicola flies to Suffolk from Scotland to


Last week she brought in a team of private


Preparations are in place for Corrie and April's baby.


April now hopes for some personal privacy for


her and her baby's health, both families now


determined that efforts are


now focused on finding Corrie, this unborn baby's father.


I sat down with April Oliver at her home in West Norfolk earlier today.


Corrie's mother, Nicola Urquhart, was there too.


They invited the Look East cameras along now so that April can focus


on her unborn baby for the rest of her pregnancy.


I started by asking April about her relationship with Corrie.


We started seeing each other, and it was quite casual. We were both


seeing other people. At the time, and then be led on to have


conversations whereby we thought it was getting serious, and what we


were going to do and what plans we had. So, yes, we were sort of


getting on our way to being just as and happy and seeing what we wanted


out of each other, where it was going. And for you, what is Corrie


like? He's a gentleman, he brought me roses on our first date, as such.


Yes, he was just lovely, I have never known anyone like him, it was


so refreshing to find someone so nice. You know he disappeared at the


end of September, have recently had you seen him before then? I had seen


him near enough the same week he had gone missing. I had seen him, I


think, apart from the RAF boys, one of the last person to see him. When


he went missing, you were abroad with your family. Yes, I was in


America, my dad was doing a marathon. There had been plans to do


it for so long, I was disappointed he couldn't come, but because it was


planned, he unfortunately could not come. When did you hear he had gone


missing? I had only been there a few days when I got the call from the


REF boys asking if I had seen him or heard from him -- REF. On Monday, it


was. That is when I knew he was honestly missing, and they very


quickly got a plane home. And what was your opinion of what might have


happened back then? At that point I wasn't entirely sure. Obviously


because of the way we were going, I was concerned. It was out of


character. I knew it wasn't something he had done before when he


had gone off and disappeared and not got in contact. I was worried. That


is what led me to come home, and my message is not going through to him.


I was concerned. How long after that did you discover you were pregnant?


I found out a couple of weeks after eight came back, obviously after


going through police interviews. Unfortunately I've had to make a


massive decision by myself. I was hoping and praying with find out


some information, he would come home so we could make the decision


together. We've had conversations about children and what we wanted in


the past. It was something I hope he would be here to help me make the


decision, but he isn't. It is a decision I've had to make the loan.


Not the most pleasant thing to go through on your own. Especially when


the person you love is missing. And you say you've had to go through it


alone, did you have any doubts about whether you wanted to keep the baby?


There is the element of, what if he did not come back, how would I deal


with that? Again I had to think about it and take a sensible


approach to. In my mind it is not something I wanted to do, and


probably could do. Being a mum is something I've always wanted to be,


right from when I was younger. It is just a horrible time, really. How


have you been in your pregnancy, given the stress you are under?


Given the stress I'm under, the pregnancy has gone really well. I


haven't really had any trouble, but my concern is to stay out of the


stress levels, try not to increase it. Just sort of doing everything I


can that won't add more pressure than what is already. You are still


hopeful Corrie will come home? There's nothing I would love more,


is for him to walk through the door and say, I'm back! Yes, I would


probably cry, that would be the first thing. It is my only concern,


getting him home and how we can help to get him home. Why have you come


out now and decided to announce it in this way? I decided to tell


everyone because I'm at a stage in my pregnancy where I'm happy, I'm


slightly more emotionally relax as well as anything. However, this will


be the only thing I do. Given the stress levels that I'm under anyway,


it is something I kind of, I just want to put out there and then I'm


asking the public and the press to politely leave me alone. And,


Nicola, for you, this is another twist in a very difficult tale for


you. How are you coping with this? I've known from the beginning, but


April is 21. She is pregnant in exceptional circumstances behind it,


so it is something that somebody would normally want to keep quiet


anyway to make sure things are OK, but that's only thing she's dealt


with. We have been trying to keep it quiet, hopefully by doing this it


will draw a line under it and able to get the chance to try and enjoy


her pregnancy as best she can, but safely. Without any additional


stress. And this will be your first grandchild. It will be. It should be


a joyous occasion for you. Can you feel any join about it? I was at the


scanner with April the other day and I don't think any one could see that


and not be affected by it. But it is incredibly difficult. To balance my


head, as it is for April as well, from the excitement of the new baby


to what we are actually trying to focus on just now, and that is


finding Corrie. So one day at a time, we'll get through this. But


just now, I have got to pull my own sanity just try and concentrates to


find Corrie -- for my own sanity. At the same time, although Abel has


fantastic support with her mum and dad family and friends, just giving


her any support I can -- April. This is a difficult thing to think about,


but I guess potentially you're looking at the possibility of having


lost a son but gaining a grandchild. It is something all of us are


thinking about, but again, as I've said so many times before, I won't


accept Corrie isn't coming back until I have proof of that. I won't


let my mind go there. It isn't constructive, it doesn't help me


find him. While we have no news, they're still the chance he could


come back. So I will keep thinking that way. Nicola and Abel, thank you


both very much. Thank you. -- April. And for more information


on the search for Corrie Mckeague, Other news now, and an inquest


in Chelmsford has heard how a prisoner who was under observation


electrocuted himself with wires 25-year-old Dean Saunders died


a year ago at Chelmsford Prison. The inquest heard his electrocution


was only the third recorded in a prison in England and Wales


since records began. His parents, who were at


the hearing, say clear warnings, he was acutely mentally


ill, were ignored. The inquest is expected to last at


least a week. It's being headed by a juror. The coroner told them we will


be looking into whether the state authorities did or did not do


everything they could to prevent Dean Saunders's death, and whether


any lessons can be learned. A man has been arrested on suspicion


of murder after a woman was found The woman in her 20s,


named locally as Kerri McAuley, was found at Southalls Way


in the city late last night. A Just Giving page, set up to help


the family pay for funeral costs, As you can see, the property is


sealed off, as friends at others as go about their work. Norfolk police


are appealing for information to establish the sequence of events


which led to this death. Tributes have been left by friends, and a man


arrested by police is in custody awaiting questioning.


An investigation's underway into an arson attack


The fire at the Al Falah Braintree Islamic Centre


Still to come, their weather for the week ahead. And it did not quite


happen for Posh and their cup match at the weekend. Tonight it is all


eyes on Cambridge, who host Leeds. We've got a sell-out, it is not full


yet but nearly 8000 fans are expected, the vast majority hoping


for an upset, and Cambridge United to knock Leeds United out.


A couple who are both in the nursing profession in Norfolk are raising


money to help with health care in India.


Gerry and Emily Bowdren have already made one trip -


taking their teenage girls with them.


They're now planning another trip from their home in Norwich


to the West Bengal area of India to treat people living


The queues of people needing medical help on their last trip have


convinced them to try to raise money to build a permanent clinic.


Reliving an experience they will never forget. As a family be treated


more than 100 people a day. Emily Bowdren is sitting to be a nurse,


her husband is an advanced nurse practitioner working in A He's


treated several people abroad but this was the first time he's taken


his wife and stepdaughter 's. I was nervous because I thought, how will


they cope with such a culture shock and such hardship, because it was a


lot of practical hardship. A lot of the Cumberland -- the comfort they


had to give up. Working long days, they were cleaning wounds, taking


blood pressure and predict and bandages. We could not say no. Can I


see another person, you're getting this opportunity, we might have made


their life. After working with this girl, they encourage her to say her


very first word. Her mother said she'd never spoken following a


traumatic experience. It was incredible to see mum who were eight


years, her daughter had not uttered a word. To hear her daughter to


speak was incredible. I felt so privileged to hear that. The family


travelled on local transport, stayed in basic accommodation, and were


thanked with this farewell dance. Now they want to raise money for a


permanent clinic. We have loads of clinics here, you can go down the


road if you are ill. We have 24 hour systems for sore throats, whatever.


But you have to walk miles in those countries, it takes weeks and


months, it cost so much. Affected by the property, overwhelmed by the


kindness, the family plan to return to India if they raise enough money


for a clinic or not. Football now, and Peterborough


United manager Grant McCann says he is very proud of his players


after a tough match against Chelsea 6,000 Posh fans travelled


to Stamford Bridge hoping to see their side cause


a massive shock. Sadly, it wasn't to be


with Chelsea winning 4-1, Our Sports Editor


Jonathan Park reports. The Posh against Chelsea's


rich and famous. But try telling that


to Peter Peterborough's But try telling that


to Peterborough's 6,000 They wouldn't miss


this for the world. It was 5-0 last time,


what is it going to be today? I think, optimistic, we are


an attacking team, I think 2-1. Maybe three or 4-0,


if we can keep it 16 years after Peterborough's


last visit to the Bridge, which ended 5-0 to Chelsea,


a new generation were here to see But the name Lee Angol,


hardly a household one, had a golden chance to embarrass


the hosts early on. Chelsea, though, don't


often waste chances. Take Pedro's opening


goal, unstoppable. One became two before


half-time, Batshuayi teed up, Posh full of effort,


but Chelsea far too clinical. Willian with another


unnerving finish. But the 6,000 Posh fans were then


rewarded with two priceless moments. First the sight of seeing John Terry


beaten, sent off, sent packing, then the indescribable joy


of seeing your team score Tom Nichols rewarding


Posh's army of fans. People say you can't always


celebrates when you're People say you can't always


celebrate when you're losing, but no, no one is going


to take that goal away from me. I enjoyed it, in front


of a lot of travelling fans, I will never forget that goal,


I will put it that way. That and Liverpool,


you never forget those. What was it like when


your goal went in? Yes, it was ecstasy,


it was fantastic. Normal service was quickly resumed


when Pedro made it 4-1. For the Posh now,


it is Bury away next. It is not reality, it's what we are,


we are a League One team. We want to try and be


a Championship team, so the league Posh outclassed by Chelsea,


but after 70 minutes, who was making But we're still not guaranteed


a side in the fourth round. It's a big ask, with


Cambridge United from League Two hosting Leeds United


of the Championship. Let's go to the Abbey


now and Tom Williams. Yes, after weekend when the


integrity of the FA Cup has been called into question and intense as


happiness, there's no suggestion the competition is being devalued this


evening -- attendances has been questioned. They are all praying for


an upset and Cambridge to knockout the mighty Leeds. I'm joined by the


Cambridge chairman. You had Manchester United before, the draw


has been good. To have a sell-out is a tribute to everyone who's worked


so hard. Looking around, it is very damp underfoot. Are these conditions


conducive to an upset that the fans are praying for? It certainly will


the pace of the game. I have to be very careful being a chairman of a


football club, because I've have to sit there and not get excited. I've


taught myself over the years to enjoy but not jump up and down. I


think there will be some exciting moments, and the atmosphere will be


heard all over Cambridge. I mentioned that manages a lighted


match a couple of years ago, you took them back to Old Trafford --


Manchester United. How important hazard beans are you? We've made it


hard to make the club stable -- has that mattered been to you. More


hospitality, better pitch, training ground. It is all building the club


to make a solid base. Can you do it tonight? Of course we can. I am one


of the world's optimists. I enjoy live, enjoy my football and enjoy


Cambridge United Football Club. Best of luck. The draw per round ball is


coming up. Cambridge United are in it, joined by Ipswich and Norwich,


who earned replays. It is live on BBC Two and on BBC Radio


Cambridgeshire. And as Tom mentioned,


Ipswich and Norwich face replays after they both drew


2-2 on Saturday. Those replay dates have


now been confirmed. Ipswich, after narrowly


avoiding an upset, head Then a week on Wednesday,


Norwich are away at Southampton. Both games will be covered live


on your local BBC Radio Station. 100 years ago today one of the most


astonishing sea rescues took place At its centre, the


coxswain Henry Blogg. Henry Blogg led the Cromer lifeboat


crew during the First World War. And on this day in 1917, he helped


with two rescues in one day. Robbie West has been


to Cromer to see his legacy. He is described as one of the


bravest men who ever lived. The most decorated lifeboat man, and to this


day, Henry Blogg remains one of Norfolk's greatest heroes. 100 years


ago Henry and his lifeboat crew answered a distress call. At 11am, a


Greek vessel was riding in anchor, and she holds up her signals of


distress, said the lifeboat in the boat has over the came to the water


's edge and launched, and off when the crew. You have to go with a


break, it is incredible. After this rescue, they had to turn around when


another ship hit a naval mine and was blown in half. With help from


the locals and army, the exhausted crew worked for the night, rescuing


all but one of the second ship's crew. It was all elderly men, two of


them, nearly 70. My age now, I would not want to be out there. The rescue


masterminded by Henry ended when they reach what was left of the


second ship. Its remains can still be seen on the beach in low tide.


The sea is calm now, but a statue of Henry Blogg overlooks the beaches.


This is on the clifftop named after him. Henry's career lasted 53 years,


and he was awarded the George 's Cross, the British Empire medal and


others. He saved over 873 lives. His impact is still felt right current


lifeboat teams. This is what we use nowadays, compared to what they used


to use. Everyone has got a screen, we've got an individual job to do. I


say they were the Brave ones, to get that off the beach by rolling its,


we've got it easier. Henry Blogg dedicated his life to rescuing


people caught at sea. A hero not only for those following in his


footsteps, but for the whole country. It is a nice touch with the


picture. Right, we've got a lot to talk about. Quick handover. It's


been a busy day in the world of weather. We've had some brightness,


this was at 11:30am this morning. Lots of cloud, outbreaks of rain. In


the last few hours, this little area is abusing some heavy downpours.


Eventually all that will clear. For many, it will be a dry night with


some long clear spells. The strength of the winds should limit the


potential Bob Ross, but under clear skies, with temperatures in some


sports, we can't rule out frost -- potential for frost. Tomorrow, some


patchy rain, but a dry start, with some brightness. Into the afternoon,


thicker cloud pushing in from the west and some outbreaks of rain.


Temperatures tomorrow around seven or eight Celsius at best. With light


to moderate south-westerly winds. We finish the day with a lot of cloud,


and some outbreaks of mainly light rain, just moving very slowly to the


east. Then Wednesday, a cold front moving through and behind it, much


colder air feeding end. Actually when Saint will get off to a mild,


cloudy start with some patchy rain, and then it will become brighter


with some sunshine and a few showers. Temperatures initially


around 10 Celsius, but with that cold air, they will eventually drop


down to seven Celsius. Actually getting colder as the day goes on.


Then on Thursday, notice how tightly packed the isobars, a windy day, and


it will feel cold. Some cells are sunshine, but also some showers,


they could be wintry. We are looking at highs for Celsius and it will


feel even colder because of the of the wind. And you'll notice there is


a yellow warning for North, that's been issued because there is the


risk of some occasionally wintry showers which could turn to snow.


More about that as the week goes on. That yellow warning stays in place


for Norfolk on Friday, the risk of a wintry shower anywhere, and a


bitterly cold day with highs for Celsius. The winds are lighter. The


other thing I should mention above Friday is that we will have


northerly winds developing in the North Sea and spring tides. So there


is the risk, and it is a low risk, some coastal flooding affecting


Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. If you have any worries at all, log onto


the environmental agency website, or give them a call. As we head into


the weekend, still the potential for wintry showers. Elsewhere, it is


cold with spells of sunshine and overnight frosts. But we are


watching a weather front on Sunday carefully, depending on the time. If


it hits the cold air at the right time, it could produce some snow.


Watch this space. You weren't kidding. And Brive. That is all,


have a good evening. Goodbye. -- and breathe.


The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.