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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me


Is this the toughest winter ever for the


The Norfolk MP calling for a completely different approach


to the politics and the finances of the NHS.


We are very proud as a country and rightly so of our NHS. But we are in


a situation now where we are killing people. -- failing people.


We speak to the UEA and Cambridge about the challenges ahead.


The Co-op store getting tough on drivers who wrongly


And I will be 20 feet under the Northamptonshire countryside,


where miners will be extracting rock soon to


preserve some of the country's most historic buildings.


First tonight, the Norfolk MP calling for a completely


new approach to NHS funding as the health service faces


specifically to pay for health and social care.


And he wants the different political parties to work


But first, the state of the NHS in this region.


In a moment, what's happening in our hospitals, after this


snapshot of life for a busy GP in Suffolk.


Tim Morton is a GP at the health centre in Beccles, where a patient


consultation can often start with a phone call.


Calls are received here, and patients are either signposted


elsewhere or added to a triage list for a call-back.


It is a system designed to be more efficient.


But with or 400 call-backs per day, the medical centre GPs


are still working 12-hour days to meet demand.


But many surgeries, like the one in Beccles,


The young doctors see it as a very hard specialty.


We have an increased female workforce, who quite rightly


want to work part-time and bring up families.


We have my end of the spectrum - getting burnt out


We have a national crisis in GP recruitment.


How do you get more GPs into the system?


You put more money into the primary sector.


The promises that the Government have been talking about the last two


years have yet to really hit the front line.


Cold weather can be seriously bad for your health...


The NHS is always asking us to think carefully


For patient Penny Wilson, who has children, she says


I don't come for a general cough or cold.


But if they have had a temperature for a few days or myself feeling


poorly for a few weeks, then definitely, I wouldn't


Is it something that you, yourself can sort out?


Just by going to the chemist, for instance?


I think we have lost the capability to look after ourselves.


According to Tim Morton, all the recent publicity


about the NHS has led to a slight drop in demand for services


at the health centre in recent days, but he isn't expecting his job


Hospitals have been finding it tough, too.


We've all heard about winter pressures, but the Health Secretary


Jeremy Hunt says that December 27th was the busiest day


ever in the history of the National Health Service.


Alex Dunlop now on the state of play at the ten hospitals across Suffolk,


This is what it looks like on the front line of the NHS said to be


given with its worst ever period. Inside a London hospital A E as


doctors struggled to find emergency bouts. -- births. This is a familiar


scene in our region. Incredible pressure. Our staff are working


relentlessly to find spaces immerse pressure. In the region's major


hospitals, they are on the second highest state, red alert on red


alert on red alert on. OPL three. States to shows that pressure is


starting to show. Only one hospital is on the lowest alert. Today,


Norman Lamb asked to Reza made to sit down with concerned MPs. Was the


Prime Minister meet with those? -- Theresa May. She accepted his


invitation to sit down. I would be happy to. Since last year, recruited


3000 extra nurses and 1600 more doctors. We still have several more


weeks of winter to come. So to Norman Lamb and his bid to get


the different political Of course, as a former health


minister in the coalition Government, he knows there is very


little cash for anything. That is why I think you need a


mature discussion with the public. We have two level with them about


the scale of the challenge. Why are the costs are so high and rising.


The fact that we have these ageing population, which is a great triumph


of man and woman's ingenuity. People are living with chronic conditions


which used to kill us. That is wonderful in many respects but there


is a caste attached. As far as the National Health Service, does it


make sense that you have one part of money? It is essential. If we were


designing a system now, would recreate to different social care


and health system, which makes no sense. If you are an elderly person


with a mix of chronic conditions, diabetes and depression perhaps,


perhaps a heart condition, you want continuity of care, to be safe and


secure at home. It is a broken system? It is pretty dysfunctional.


It is not fit for purpose in a two-day's H. How much more would we


pay individually to find the National Health Service as you would


like to see it funded? I don't know the answer yet. We have said, as the


Liberal Democrats, we would be prepared to make the case to the


public to pay more tax. Just 1p on income tax would raise a substantial


amount and had a big impact on the current health and care system. This


is the discussion we have to have, how much will people pay to make


sure their loved ones have access to care. The Government say there is


more money than ever before going into the system. This is not an


attack on the Government, but a statement on how things are? I have


avoided that deliberately. My pleas, Les and the shouting match across


the chamber. Let's work together for something this country needs, and


efficient health and care system. The inquest into the suicide


of a 25-year-old man at Chelmsford Prison has heard an accusation that


a mental health assessment of him was "bent" to


a pre-determined outcome. Dean Saunders, from Basildon,


was jailed - not sectioned - after attacking members


of his own family Our chief reporter Kim Riley has


been at the inquest in Chelmsford. A lot of time was spent on the


controversial assessment of the two discs -- to decide whether she


should have been detained under the Mental Health Act. Prison no place


for him? It has been said by professionals that they were in no


position to make that assessment. Lynn Johnston, who organised


the assessment for the local mental health trust,


told the jury she honestly couldn't recall whether she had told


the doctors that Dean had been clear in his determination


to take his life. Sean Horstead, representing


representing Dean's family, said she had an abundance


of evidence as to his He'd made a serious


assault on family members, It would have been a gross failure


on her part if she hadn't In his view, the assessment


at Basildon police station was, was, as he put it, bent


to a predetermined outcome. Come what may, Mr Saunders was to go


through a criminal justice system. This afternoon, Abdul Kallon,


a mental health nurse at Chelmsford prison hospital,


said when he met Dean, he found him suspicious, guarded,


clearly paranoid with scratches He was saying, I just


want to end it all. Dean's parents and other family


members have written to the often Tomorrow, they and the jury


will hear from the head of health care and a number of prison officers


at the jail. We had strong criticism of Lynn


Johnson. She said she followed procedure properly and hoped she had


shared vital information. But it was alleged that she did not... The


director of the trust said prison was the right place for a timely


assessment by a forensics psychiatrist. The inquest continues


tomorrow. Nearly ?10,000 has been raised


for the family of a mother who was murdered in


Norwich last weekend. The body of 32-year-old


Kerri McAuley was found in a house


on Sunday night. has appeared in court today


charged with murder. Kerri McAuley was a mother


of two young boys. Her body was found


by police at 10:40 on Sunday night at a house


in Southall's Way. Postmortem results


released yesterday were But officers say there is evidence


she had been severely Her ex-boyfriend, 26-year-old


Joe Storey, who is also from Norwich, has been


charged with her murder. Over the past few days,


tributes have been paid to Kerry. Her friend has known


her for ten years. She set up a Just Giving page online


to raise money to help I was thinking, what


on earth can I do? I'm sure she doesn't


have life insurance. I was thinking all


these crazy things. The father is now going to have


to take on those two young All these things went


through my head, and I was Right, I thought, I'll set


up a donations page. We are nearly ?500


away from 10,000 now. Joe Storey appeared here


in Norwich Magistrates' Dressed in a dark blue


jumper, he spoke only to confirm his name,


age He is due to appear


at Norwich Crown Court tomorrow. Still to come tonight Alex


will mention the S word. at Newmarket as they unveil plans


for an all weather track. And new slate


from an old mine - There's been a 14% drop


in the number of undergraduates applying to study at


Cambridge University next year .. and many academics say it's


another sign of the impact Today a leading professor


in Cambridge appealed to MPs to make the free movement of staff


and students a priority If it doesn't happen she said uur


universities will suffer. Let's get more from our political


correspondent Andrew Sinclair If anyone will be affected by


Brexit, it is our universities such as Cambridge. There was a delegation


to Brussels shortly after the vote. It is not a concern about the loss


of funding, it is a concern about the loss of the staff and students.


It would probably be the biggest disaster for the university sector


in many years. A college in Oxford, the event, it is the first public


hearing by a committee of MPs about how Brexit is affecting


universities. We have seen a 14% reduction in the number of


applications from the European Union. That was the first of several


revelations. From what the University can tell, some EU


students are thinking twice about coming to Cambridge. They are


worried about the uncertainty of funding, anti-immigrant sentiment,


and loss of possible collaboration with EU institutions going forward.


But her more pressing concern was the impact Brexit will have on


staff. Researchers make universities great, and if they want reasons to


come here, they may go elsewhere. It is a concern held by many


institutions. At the University of East Anglia, 350 staff are from the


EU. Leading researchers are globally mobile. Uncertainty about


fundamental things like immigration, Visa and work status, any


uncertainty there is a problem. Those who supported the accents


there is uncertainty. But say universities could do well. There


could be more money, less red tape and easier to bring in staff from


outside the EU. The MP for Essex University says it could be a


exciting future. The opportunities to go global are considerable from


Brexit. It is up to universities to talk about how full the class is.


Not the empty bit with the uncertainty at the moment. It will


depend on what she can negotiate. That will take time. The uncertainty


for universities will continue. Professor Barnard from Cambridge


says universities in Ireland and Germany are making overtures to


British staff and researchers. MPs were told they excepted Brexit could


bring advantages, but on the whole, they are pretty nervous about the


future. Have you ever parked in a parking


space set aside for drivers Who don't have a blue


badge or small children Now a Co-op supermarket in Suffolk


is taking drastic action. Around 50 parking fines


being issued - every day. This isn't a knee jerk


reaction by the East of England Co-op, quite


the In 2014, it started


putting up warning signs and had people


the car park in its store at Combs Ford,


Over the last month, it has been relying on an enforcement firm.


The Co-op knew it had a problem here.


That is why it brought in this private company in the first place.


But even it has been surprised by the figures over a ten day period


It demonstrates, says the company, apathy among drivers


I need that room to get in and out of my car.


You dare not say anything because, if you do, you get a load of abuse.


There are 100 spaces in the car park, with eight set aside for


drivers with disabilities, six for young families,


and one for people making a quick stop to use the cash machine.


The Co-op says, while there is always discretion with


every case, it has a duty to keep the designated areas free for those


I think we got to the point where we tried education, we


tried to speak to people, we try that on a one-to-one basis.


And in some cases, actually, we received


The only way we could do that is to a


People need to follow the rules, the rules are there to be followed.


The punishment is ?60 if paid within two


All the money goes to the enforcement


Of the 500 or so fines issued, 125 have been paid, 33


The position with the remainder is so far unclear.


But some drivers are determined to dig in.


But that's the ATM bay with my kids and partner.


She used the ATM Bay, three minutes, three


or four days later I got a


The Co-op has around 120 food outlets in the


As for whether more sites could follow suit, it says any


decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


For decades, racegoers at Newmarket have enjoyed horse racing across six


months of the year - at two different courses.


There's the July course and there's the Rowley Mile.


But now there are big plans for a third -


an all weather track to allow racing to continue through the winter.


The new track would be one of only six winter


The new track would be one of only six winter courses in this country,


Newmarket, the world's biggest racing training Centre.


The land behind us will see the introduction of an all weather


Now, an all weather facility proposed on this site near


the links golf course, allowing racing through the winter months.


Newmarket trains 40% of UK flat horses.


It makes sense to build an all weather racecourse here where we


can stage racing across the three courses throughout the year.


The plan is dependent on Kempton Park


Part of the ?100 million raised would be spent on the new track.


Significant that one third of all horses racing at Kempton are


The value of Newmarket's horse racing industry to


And an all-weather facility allowing racing all year round means


For the past two decades, trainer Mark


Tompkins has been campaigning for an all-weather track here.


To cut down costs and travelling times for


I think you have to look forward, you have


And if you've got that, they've got plenty


And if you've got that, they've got plenty of space here still to


And especially for the younger trainers, they can


But there are always winners and losers.


Less than one hour away is another all-weather track,


And there are fears Newmarket's plans would affect them,


with top trainers opting to race closer to home.


We don't see it as a threat to us or a problem.


The transfer of the fixtures from Kempton will go to Newmarket.


The main focus is that we now have planning permission for a


grandstand and a casino, a turf track.


Chelmsford clearly has its own ambitious plans.


To have the best all-weather track in Europe.


For 600 years Collyweston Slate has been used to roof some of the most


From the Guildhall in London to King's College Cambridge.


So now an old mine in the Northamptonshire


of Collyweston has been re-opened to help meet demand.


Deep beneath the Northamptonshire countryside, a new tunnel is being


done. The much sought-after stone they are planning to extract will be


used to restore some historic buildings. A new 80 metre long


tunnel. The miners have just ten metres today before hitting the


slate they want. It will be the first excavated for many years. The


Guildhall in London have a slate roof from this stone. This building


will have the first delivery to replace the old tiles. It will be a


matter for our business. At the moment, using the reclaim supply of


state. If we don't get it, the skills will be lost. Far are


business to survive and the local historical buildings, we need the


supply. To get to the rock face, experts have been brought in to help


open up the new tunnel. We are in a new mine. It has been filled up with


waste rock. We are driving this tunnel through the back of mine to


reach the mineral that wasn't mind when they stopped mining 50 years


ago. One update is the use of the industrial freezer. Planning to use


it to crack the rock into benches. You need frost to get into the


laminations of the stone and split it. We do not get the winters we


used to get. In order to get area liable production, it needs to be


mechanised with this big freezer unit. Within weeks, for the first


time in a generation, this might well be producing precious stone. It


is a rebirth for the local slate and a 600-year-old industry.


It is cold. Here is a Dalmatian walking through the trees. Clear


skies, a cold at night and last night. Cold air digging in. Into


those single figures. The ten a touch of frost in sheltered spot


through the night. A cold start to the day tomorrow. Tomorrow, governed


by this weather system coming in from the west. That could mean


wintry weather. A yellow warning for snow and ice. Essentially, this


weather system is going to bring rain, but mild air heating cold air,


and that could turn to sleet or snow. A dry start with increasing


amounts of blood. Rain spreading to all areas by the afternoon. Made or


late afternoon, particularly north of Western counties, some of this


rain turning to sleet or snow. A cold day, so quite treacherous


conditions around rush hour. For services is the height. The


continuation of the wintry flavour to things. Through the evening.


Certainly some ice around, it could be a problem. It could be slash, but


accumulations are possible. Be aware of the risk going through the day


tomorrow. Made too late afternoon. Then, Friday, this weather system


coming down from the East Coast. Better northerly wind developing,


gales on the coast, wintry showers. For many of us, dry and bright with


some sunshine for Friday. A sharp frost following, and still be cold


theme continues. The wind eases a little, come up for Saturday.


Certainly the wintry weather for tomorrow with the risk of gales for


Friday. Tomorrow looks delightful! We must


have our heating on. No need for that. Good night.


I think my political beliefs are really quite straightforward.


I believe that our country needs to work for everyone.


Not just for the rich, not just for the privileged,


not just for those who know the right people or who've got


the loudest voices, but a country that really works for everyone,


has the opportunity to be who they want to be.


In order to make sure that the country works for everyone,


Standing up for the vulnerable, for the voiceless,


against those who feel that they're strong and powerful.