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as the region's main train service into London descends


into chaos because of technical problems.


It is an absolute disgrace that there is no possible transport route


by rail or bus into London. This woman's family say she was


denied her wish to die at home because there was no-one


to care for her. I promised her she would never be


put in a home. There's a colourful reception


for the Queen in Norfolk as she pays a visit


to an art exhibition. And a masterclass in the growing


sport of ping pong Thousands of rail commuters


were caught up in rush-hour chaos today as the region's main line


into London was hit when overhead power


cables at Chelmsford But by the start of the peak


service this morning there were no replacement


bus services in place. Greater Anglia asked


passengers not to travel. Twitter was full of commuters


who were angry and frustrated. tweeted, "Greater Anglia has serious


questions to answer". Disruption, delays and


cancellations. Greater Anglia issued a do not travel notice. Commuters


vented their frustration on social media.


Rather than coming to stations, waiting in the freezing cold, the


advice was, make alternative arrangements. The company were not


able to provide alternative travel for the volume of commuters during


rush hour. Just a small number of replacement buses. I understand that


they cannot possibly get 15,000, 20,000 people into London in peak


rush hour, but to have no contingency, some people can see


they can take the day off, a lot of people cannot, they have to get into


London. The problem started last night at around ten o'clock.


It was damage to the overhead electric power line between


Shenfield and Witham that caused the disruption.


The damage initially was at Ingatestone and it carried


on all the way through to Chelmsford so obviously that affects


the whole line in the sense that because we need to switch the power


off to do the repairs for guys to safely do that,


that means the whole line has to shut for a short period.


The problem was fixed at eight o'clock this morning and a complete


service was expected this afternoon. Back then there was a second problem


on a part of the line near Chelmsford. I thought they had been


fixed. They needed more repairs. The train I was put on was cancelled, 40


minutes delay on this one. The train drivers were not fully informed of


what was going on and were doing their best to help us. Greater


Anglia see engineers have completed the repairs but commuters still


faced delays well into the evening as services resume.


Jonathan Denby is here from Greater Anglia.


Quite where not buses? There were a lot of long chains which carry


between 20,000, 25,000 people die in that corridor, to carry that same


number of people with coach and buses with deep in the region of


around 400 coaches or buses and there are not that amount of


cultures or bus is available to hire, and particularly not at that


short notice. What we did instead was at bicycle that was the case and


we advise people not to travel if they could avoid doing so. --


instead was to advise people. We put on some buses between Witham and


Stansted. There were a number of cultures, about 12, that helped some


people to get onto the West Anglia route which was operating normally.


As many courses as we could deploy we did. But there is not the


capacity to run the number of buses that would cover the number of genes


we run, so we avoided people not to travel, but that was the best


advice. Was it your fault? At this stage we do not know. We know that


wires were brought down and that blocks the line and required that


appears that were taking place. At this stage that is an investigation


going on. Network Rail are undertaking that and we shall


hopefully know before long what the underlying cause was, whether it was


to do with the train, vandalism, equipments. He started to get the


service back to normal and then you are going to one line again. What


was that about? There was concern is that we were going to suffer even


more damage to the overhead lines again. Network Rail thought it was


more prudent to close that line again, but additional appears, to


enable us to make sure we did not have more serious disruption. He


completed dose of beers, wines are now open, we are no running again,


but there are are still delays and disruption. Anybody thinking of


travelling this weekend, what is the prognosis? The expectation is we


will be back to normal service later this evening, overnight Network Rail


will do more repairs to make absolutely sure that that wires are


fully operational, and we would expect to have a complete service


over the weekend, and we are extremely sorry for the problems.


Thank you. Well, let's stay with the trains


for a moment, because some of the region's MPs got together


today to find out what's happening The upgrade of the Ely


junction has been promised But the message today was that


passengers will have It is probably the most


strategically important junction in the region. It certainly the most


congested. When will it be improved? This is a priority. Today, and other


real summit. Local politicians and business leaders pushing for the


work to start as soon as possible. This is hugely frustrating. It has a


lengthy process to it. We have got some money available and we would


like to see, get on with it. We allocate the money. There is this


big long process. The ?200 million junction improvement would make it


possible to run more trains from Kings Ltd Cambridge, on to London,


and from Felixstowe and that switched to the Midlands. Their hope


is that the work could begin in 2019 in the new Network Rail budget cakes


and that officials told us to day that the project was complex and


they would not be ready to start by then. Although they insisted that


the junction remains a priority. This would generate ?500 million for


the local area. It has to be done because we need to open up the line


to King 's Lynn to have good services, Norwich City Bridge, get


the lorries off our roads, get those onto freight trains. There is a huge


benefit to local people in doing this but it is a tortuous process.


There was some positive news today. Trains running through Ely will have


more characters after the summer which should ease congestion. Local


businesses have come at ?8 million to pay for a scoping study in the


hope that it will speed up the design and planning process.


There is a determination to see this junction upgraded but that decision


will be taken by Network Rail when it has that money and the plans in


place. The reality is that it is still likely to be several years


before we even have a start date for the work.


of the serious problems in our hospitals.


The Queen Elizabeth in King's Lynn has declared


because so many beds are occupied by people who are medically fit


a family got in touch to say an elderly woman


was denied her wish to die at home


Our chief reporter Kim Riley has just sent this.


The hospital today has been on the second-highest alert stage. All 408


beds occupied. Extra medical and nursing


support has been brought in as the hospital opened


a number of stand-by beds. Up to a dozen extra beds


are available to help ease pressures brought


on by the cold spell. This is on a background


of an increasing number of patients coming to the department week upon


week, and a large number of patients in the hospital at the moment who


are medically fit for discharge but with very limited social care


capacity to go into. Large number of patients are


occupying beds. The so-called bed blocking


issue is central to the Meanwhile this man has


submitted a formal complaint The problem, getting it


to release his mother so she could come back


to She was about to celebrate her 60th


wedding anniversary. The family say they rejected


suggestions she should not They made it very clear


that she wanted to die at home. In December they were told


she was dying and a All day we were there. Every day. I


went with her in the ambulance. You went every afternoon. Every


afternoon. I promised her she would


never be put in a home. I wanted to be a family


and I wanted my mum, when she came to the end of her life, to be


with us and the hospital just made it so difficult for us


to bring my mum home. The family say they arranged


for a local care company to When I phoned the hospital


back and said, I can find carers, they are happy to give


us the number we want, this is the price, they said, they


cannot deal with them because they are not


on And if you use them yourself


you won't be funded. The Norfolk and Norwich


told us its teams worked tirelessly to help


patients return home. Due to the shortage of suitable


carers in certain areas like North Norfolk it can


at times take longer than it would wish,


it The family want an apology


from the hospital, devastated they could not deliver on Phyllis's


last Back here at the Queen Elizabeth


Hospital the critical incident was stood


down this afternoon. I'm told the hospital remains under


intense pressure and it appeals to people with minor


ailments to consider other options A woman has died in a fire


at a bungalow in Ipswich. Police and firefighters


were called to Reid Close just Two people had to be treated


for smoke inhalation after trying Investigators are working


to establish the cause of the fire. It is understood to have been


at the rear of the property. You're watching Look East


with Susie and me. Coming up next, the Queen is greeted


by Fiji warriors in Norfolk. Julie is here with your


weekend weather forecast. And a masterclass in ping pong -


from the world champion. The Queen received a warm welcome


today from crowds and Fijian warriors when she toured a museum


exhibition in Norwich. It was the Queen's first official


engagement since a heavy cold kept out of the spotlight since


Christmas. This was showcasing art from Fiji.


A traditional Fijian welcome. The crowd delighted to see Her Majesty


looking fit and well after her health problems over Christmas. I


like seeing the Queen because her clothes are pretty. And I love your


crown, did you make that yourself? Yes. You look royal. Well done. Will


you remember it for a long time? Yes, because we are allowed to keep


these flags. That is fantastic. One of the Fijian


warriors was a professional rugby player in a different guise.


Different from the day job. This is made from the bark of a tree. This


is an important symbol... When the Queen visited Fiji in 1953 she was


presented with a whale tooth, one of the artefacts now on display in the


exhibition. There is also a canoe which featured in celebrations last


year. There is a wedding dress which was


worn by the daughter of a high chief who married a relative of one of her


ladies in waiting. This is a Fijian who was part of the choir who sang


to the Queen. I am gobsmacked. Speaking to Her Majesty was an


honour. This is the largest exhibition about Fiji ever


assembled. Before she left the Queen met staff and students. Her


enthusiasm for the exhibition and her affection for the Commonwealth


country clear to all. Something a bit different now


because across the region today people have been marking


Holocaust Memorial Day. the BBC has been telling the story


of one survivor of the death camps. and this is his account


of what happened You could see the squat chimneys


belching fire and smoke, sort of a sweet smelling smoke


of human bodies. The SS asked very politely,


no dogs or whips or anything, they said, if you feel you aren't


quite fit, we can take Of course, some people did,


the old and the disabled Of course they put them straight


into the gas chamber. I was extremely confused and not


terribly happy for the simple reason that for the first time,


we were separated. I was separated from my


parents and the parents My mother spotted me,


broke ranks, came over to me, I saw her then go along


this ramp and at the end Those who survived realised


that was into a gas chamber. Yes, the deadline's next


Tuesday at 11 o'clock. Ipswich boss Mick McCarthy


is certainly working hard He's agreed a loan deal with former


Newcastle defender Steven Taylor but not in time to play


at Preston tomorrow. Toumani Diagouraga could make


his debut after signing Preston meanwhile have turned down


a second bid for a reported ?2 million from Ipswich


for their striker Jordan Hugill. nothing concrete in terms


of transfer activity. Alex Neil will bring up his 100th


game in charge against Birmingham. The manager also confirmed


Louis Thompson's out Elsewhere, a couple of local


derbies to look forward to. In League One,


Peterborough host MK Dons. The Posh boss Grant McCann has


revealed he slept at the club's training ground after Tuesday's


defeat to Oldham. He said it was their worst


performance since he took charge. He'll be hoping for


better against MK. Derivate games are always great. We


have been good in their big games this season. We need to make sure we


do it again this Saturday. Looking forward to getting back in front of


our home supporters. The U's have been in good form


but are looking to bounce back It is massive. They are big games,


big games that everyone looks forward to. We have been involved in


to know. Their game against Luton earlier this season did not go our


way and we are disappointed about that and we want to go there and do


ourselves justice. Now, do you know the difference


between ping-pong and table tennis? Andrew Baggaley from


Milton Keynes is an expert. After a decade as England's most


successful table tennis player And this weekend, he's looking


to make it a hat-trick. Welcome to the fast and furious


world of ping pong. In a corner of a sports hall


in Milton Keynes you will find the world champion who kindly agreed


to slow it down for me. The sound for one is a lot hollower


and then there is the kit. Explain the differences between ping


pong and table tennis. The main difference


is the equipment. A table tennis bat is with sponge


rubber as you can see there and the ping pong


bat is with sandpaper. How does that affect


the way you play? Table tennis is a very fast sport,


you get a lot of spin on the ball with the rubber and sandpaper


is a bit slower and also more A two-time Commonwealth


table tennis champion, Andrew Baggaley has won the last two


world ping pong titles The brainchild of


promoter Barry Hearn. A tournament still in its infancy


but watched by millions worldwide. It is just a phenomenal feeling


to win two world titles in a row and looking to try and see if I can


do it again. If you had to choose,


ping pong or table tennis? At the moment there is only one ping


pong tournament in a year so... My heart is with table tennis,


my heart is with ping pong so I love both of them,


I can't choose. This weekend the blue bat is boss


once again at Ally Pally. He'll be hoping it's best too


for a third time in a row. Norfolk's Alfie Hewett


missed out in the final He lost to his British


teammate Gordon Reid There's coverage of all


the sport on your local Diana Moore is one of the country's


leading operatic singers and has Now she has come home to East Anglia


to give a special one-off She will be exploring


the history of female singers Alex Dunlop is at the Norwich


Central Baptist Church. You can see behind the Diana Moore


warming up with members of knowledge Barack. She has travelled the world


but she is a Suffolk girl. -- Norwich Baroque.


Trouser roles, this is woman dressing as men on stage playing


Baroque roles. It is exploring the lives of people who did this as a


living. For a woman to break into that world in the 18th century, they


must have had to be strong willed. Yes, they were characters. This lady


here, she was a famous actress and singer in the 18th century. But her


career was destroyed through a sex scandal. Handel wrote the part in


Messiah for her and she never looked back. Why come here? It is home.


Last summer we had a fantastic time. They invited me to choose a


programme of my own. This is what I wanted to do. Good luck. You are


going to sing as a part from a Handel's Opera, another close rule.


Thank you very much. What a wonderful voice. Here is the


weather. Some parts of the region last night


fell as low as minus six. That meant fantastic weather watchers pictures.


It still has not thawed out at three o'clock this afternoon.


Plenty of blue sky on the Norfolk - Suffolk border.


The thickest of the cloud will continue to feed up through tonight


and it is producing outbreaks of rain in places but most of the rain


to the night will be liked and patchy but we cannot rule out the


odd heavy airburst here and there. Not as calls tonight. Nothing more


than two Celsius. Light to moderate sized to south-easterly winds.


Tomorrow's weather dependent on how quickly this weather front clears


out to the north Sea. Still uncertainty about how quickly it


will do that. At the modem looks like a cloudy start to the day.


Further outbreaks of rain, most of it light and patchy. We are


expecting to hold onto a lot of cloud. Temperatures could be double


compared to today, seven or eight Celsius, closer to average. The


winds change to south to south-westerly. Sunshine in the


extreme West late on. For most of us it will be a cloudy day from start


to finish. On Sunday the weather dependent on how far north this


system spreads. We are not sure how fire officers going to get. The


further south you are in the region on Sunday the likelihood is you will


have a cloudy day with outbreaks of rain. Further north, may just stay


dry. Monday and Tuesday is a lot of cloud around. Monday perhaps light


rain and drizzle, largely dry. Tuesday more persistent rain late on


in the day. And check your barometer in the West, it should be 29.82


inches of mercury, in the East, 29.88 inches of mercury.


That has flummoxed us. We know you understand the risks


associated with your pregnancy.


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