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In the programme tonight: An exclusive television interview


with Newmarket jockey Freddy Tylicki.


He was paralysed from the waist down in a fall, but says he'll be back


Obviously it won't be a racehorse, it will be something slower. But


life goes on and you got to make the most of it. Roll on next Wednesday.


Why the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex


is bidding to head up the fire and rescue service too.


The project to recreate the Great Fen - using more


And later we meet Britain's strongest woman.


In his first television interview since a terrible fall left him


paralysed from the waist down, the Newmarket jockey Freddy Tylicki


has told Look East he will be getting back on a horse and soon.


It was during a race at Kempton in October that Freddy was involved


He was very badly injured and is still being treated


Today he told our reporter Tom Williams that riding horses


is "like a drug" and getting back on one will help him


I remember everything. Unfortunately that is racing. You know, it's a


very risky job. You know that. You don't think about it and you are


going to get falls, that's for sure and when you do fall, it is how bad


it is afterwards and I got away with it a few times and unfortunately I


didn't get away with it this time. Life has changed, it's very


different now. How are you learning with -- coping? Good days and bad


days. A lot of downs at the moment, but you got to fight through them


somehow, there is only two macro ways you can go in this situation


and I decided to go forward. Life goes on. Freddie had been an


emerging force in the saddle. A former champion apprenticed, last


year his best season yet. At 30 years old he was tipped for the top


before tragedy struck, falling in a four horse pile-up in October. I


sustained 18 broken ribs. Worst still a paralysis, meaning he has no


movement in the lower half of his body. Being here, you see people


with all sorts of injuries and to be honest a couple of lads watched the


race again and they said to me that I was very lucky to be here.


Apparently it was a horrible fall, I have not seen it. There is no point


in looking at it again. I've got to say in some ways I am lucky to be


here. You seem incredibly positive. Where do you find that strength?


There are a lot of friends, the racing community has been tremendous


to me and a lot of the lads dropped in on the way back and it took me


for something to eat. Stuff like that cheers me up. After weeks in


intensive care, Freddie's rehabilitation continues here.


Experts at the London spinal-cord unit keep him busy. Specialist


equipment keeps his muscles moving. I would never regret being a jockey,


I love my job, I live for the industry, my job. I started riding


racehorses when I was 11 or 12 years of age and it is like a drug, once


you start you cannot stop. Do you think there might be a chance you


could ride again? Most definitely, I have a riding lesson next Wednesday.


So you are getting straight back on a horse? Absolutely. It will not be


a racehorse, something slower, but life goes on and you have to make


the most of it. Roll on next Wednesday.


Jockey Freddy Tylicki talking to our reporter Tom Williams.


Essex could be the first place in the country to bring


the Fire Service under the control of the Police and


Roger Hirst wants to control budgets and strategy for both,


but critics say he would have too much power and be


It is a five-year logo that within eight months could be out of date if


Roger Hirst has his way. Essex's police and crime commission thinks


close collaboration between the police and Fire Service will be more


efficient and save money. Today his office launched a 12 week public


consultation on the proposal. The three options, the one he favours is


the so-called governance model. If we can align the services and look


at doing things like workshops together, IT better together, we use


the assets best, if you look at all of that, we reckon the work we have


done says that there should be saving something between 50 million


pounds. It does not mean a police officer tackling a firebug the two


services would be more joined up. These representatives would not


exist any more. It was an idea first mooted by Roger's predecessor. A


year ago they warmed to the idea. It will provide an improving service


across Essex. Unions are more cautious. A closer alliance with the


police they say could erode long-standing public trust. Others


are more outspoken. It is the governments that concerns us. That


is the issue. By putting all the power in one person's hands to set


the budgets of the police and Fire Services, that removes direct


accountability to the public. Norfolk's PCC says the police are


looking at further collaboration with the Fire Service. In Essex,


people will have until May to have their say on whether they want and


even closer marriage between the police and Fire Service.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission


is investigating after a man, who was arrested at a holiday


Paul Gladwell, from Colchester, was 38.


He became seriously ill in police custody after an incident


Today, his family paid tribute to a man "forever in their hearts".


This is the Pontin 's holiday Park. It was here that Paul Gladwell came


with his partner and their three jewel drip for a short break. Inside


the ballroom at the complex, a change of events began which would


end in tragedy. Suffolk police have appealed for witnesses. They are


on-site at the moment having put up signs urging people to come forward


as they try to the facts of a violent incident. It was about


11:40pm on Valentine 's night when Paul Gladwell was detained by


security staff. His family say there had been a dispute involving one of


their children, during which Paul was head-butted by another man then


pinned to the floor. Police officers arrived five minutes later. Mr


Gladwell was arrested on suspicion of assault. While he was taken to


the police, officers became worried about his condition. They stopped


and called an ambulance. Paramedics treated him when they arrived and he


was taken to the hospital in Corston. It was there that he died


this morning. Mr Gladwell's family have questioned the way he was


restrained. The eye PCC is now handling the case and says it is


gathering CC TV footage. It added in a statement:


A page has been set up online to raise money for Mr Gladwell's


partner and children and social media is awash with tributes. One


said, could not thank you all enough for your kind words and kind wishes.


Managers at Pontin 's have made no comment about what happened on site


or the investigation. The cull of 23,000 chickens


affected by an outbreak of bird flu in Suffolk has


continued /finished today. The outbreak is the first


case of birdflu in this The chickens are at a poultry farm


at Redgrave near Diss. The East of England Ambulance


Service has been issued with two official warnings for failing


to ensure its "patterns The notices were imposed


by the Health and Safety Executive. They relate to staff working more


than 48 hours a week. The Justice Secretary


and South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss says she's keen


to stop children who've been Ms Truss has been visiting


Nelson's Journey, a Norfolk-based charity which supports children


who've lost someone Aaron and Keenan are 16. Both have


lost loved ones. Both have been supported by Nelson's journey.


Aaron's sister died three years ago of cystic fibrosis. Because I didn't


want to speak about it, it would build up inside. Here is a safe


space I can talk about what is going on at home. It is all confidential.


Keenan's father died of cancer five years ago. It was quite a mess


because I did not know what I thought. I was quite sad at times


but also angry. Some people can channel that anger into media


committing crimes, senses? Absolutely. It can be such a... A


lot of people could go down that path. They might feel that is a way


to let out that anger. The Justice Secretary is keen for children to


get the right support for the grief so they do not channel their anger


into crimes. A lot of our young people have suffered bereavement. I


have seen that first-hand. We are seeing fewer young offenders coming


into our system, which is good, but the more we can do to how people


deal with those problems, those mental health problems that might


emerge, the better. Nelson's journey has seen an increase in the number


of children who have been bereaved. Persistent offenders in particular


are more likely to have experienced bereavement or a series of movements


compared to the general population. We know those very traumatic


circumstances can lead to offending behaviour. Losing a loved one has


changed these children's lives for ever but they are learning to focus


on their memories not their loss. A dairy in Essex, which closed


with the loss of hundreds of jobs, The entire contents of the former


Arla depot in Hatfield Peverel Buyers from as far away


as New Zealand are expected It was once a bustling site


employing more than 200 people. The people have gone


and the machines have fallen silent. Everything here is up for sale,


from heavy machinery The online auction contains


everything you would expect it to contain, including bottling


lines, packaging machinery, office furniture, even


the contents of the canteen. One of the items which is generating


interest is a life-size plastic cow I'm expecting it to make


a couple of hundred pounds, We have had international interest


from as far afield as Turkey, South America and New Zealand


and we are expecting to achieve We have already sold some


of the items previously, Up until last year, this factory


produced more than 350,000 There are 800 lots going up for sale


including this, this is a bottling The bottles are filled over


here and then they are transported through here, where the caps


are screwed on. There has been dairy production


at this depot in Hatsfield In terms of scale of production,


this is quite a small dairy as far They have opened a much larger


facility at Aylesbury and production The site is due to be redeveloped


but plans are unclear. The online auction closes


on the 23rd of February. If you've got a lego fan


in your house, stay tuned - And we'll be finding out just how


powerful you have to be to be A team of injured soldiers


is in training to compete against able-bodied drivers


in the Le Mans 24-hour race. The legendary endurance race


attracts fans from across the world. Warren McKinlay


is part of Team Brit. He was a mechanic based at RAF


Honington in Suffolk when he was badly injured


in a motorbike accident. Now he's in training with four


other former servicemen and they've even put


together their own My name is Warren McKinlay, I am 35


years old. I was in the Royal Electrical engineers and I suffered


a brain injury. The team Brit car down the inside. Nicely done. Team


Brit stands for British racing injured troops.


We spoke to Warren McKinlay and his wife Sarah, and asked


what it meant to Warren to be part of this team


First of all, it's a fantastic opportunity I have been offered to


be part of this journey. It is a mammoth task. But the distance we


have travelled six months ago, I now can see is a fully achievable goal.


Sarah, how nervous are you that he is going to be going round a track


at high speeds? I am nervous about it especially after his accident,


but I am fully behind him and looking forward to going to the


races and watching him. Warren, it is an extraordinary journey you have


been on since your accident 11 years ago, because for a time you felt


like you were not alive. Yes. As strange as it sounds for either need


to say it now, at my time in Headley Court and for about 18 months, I did


believe that I had died in the accident and everything that


happened to me was some kind of afterlife. We know about his


problems, but you have had to live with those, how has that been for


you? It has been really hard. The children have gone through the


journey with us as well, but we have all stuck together and worked at it.


This is the next step in his recovery with his racing. Sarah,


have you noticed the change in Warren since he has got involved in


motorsport? Has it been obvious to you the impact it has had? It has,


it has given him his strive back again and given him his motivation,


going out and having a day on a track. He is buzzing from it. One of


the problems you have had is you have had trouble concentrating and


focusing and yet the one thing you have to do in a car is concentrate


and focus, so how do you adapt? Since my accident, one way I dumped


with these is to take myself away from the situation, one of the


things that helped me was driving. I would drive and be on my own, it was


one skill I never lost. When I put the race helmet on and get into the


racing car, I really do wish I could work out how I can focus so much on


one single task and feed it into other aspects of my life. We wish


you all the very best of luck in the run-up to Le Mans and good luck to


you, Sarah, watching. She's 34, married


and a mother of two. She's also Britain's


strongest woman. That's remarkable enough,


but it gets better. She has only been training for two


years and now she's about to go to America to take part


in the competition to become Breakfast time in the Thompson


household. Close to competition time, Andrea needs about 3500


calories a day so while the children are having cereal, Andrea Downes a


fruit and vegetable smoothly plus a mushroom and spinach omelette.


Without it you would not lift anything? No, I get tired, I cannot


perform in the gym, I get frustrated and end up having a bad day. I was


hoping the spinach might give me muscles like Popeye but it is hard


to compete with biceps like this. Andrea has only been in the sport


for two years, she wanted to get fit for her sister's wedding, went to


the gym and soon got the bug for weightlifting. Andrea trains four or


five times a week. How good is she? Very good. The day she came in it


was obvious she had great potential and over the years we have developed


that and she is starting to realise that now. Andrea builds up her


sessions smoothly. Here squat lifting 180 kilos or just over 28


stone. It is tough and as Britain's strongest woman, Andrea is up to the


task. Come on! Andrea is competing at the Arnold sports festival in


America next month where she will compete against the world's's best.


I am hoping to do better than I did last. I came last year. I would love


to win but my next step is just to do better than I did. Frankly I was


get it -- script getting a sweat on just watching. 250 kilos, 39 stone


and it looked like my idea of hell. I do care at times how hard she gets


pushed. She needs to push if she needs to reach the top. You have to


admire Andrea's strength and determination. She has, a long way


in a short time and who is to say Britain's strongest woman cannot one


day be the world's's strongest woman. The trainer has the easier


job! She is amazing! That looks painful! If you have tried to build


a model out of Lego you know how fiddly it can be. I spent a whole


Christmas doing a dolphin cruiser once for my daughter. Imagine trying


to do it with more than a million pieces. That is the challenge the


Great Fen project has taken on. It is a model of the Cambridgeshire


wetland and this half term they need your help.


They came to see and help make a miniature, magical world. A mini


Great Fen. It is wetland and wildlife. More than a million


building bricks. It is half term so plenty of helping hands. I made a


duck and it came from a video that I watch. I made a barn owl on a bench,


because I find owls are interesting because they are awake at night and


sleep in the day. It's amazing to see how many things you can make and


some things are so small and others are very big and lifelike. The bird


hide and its watchers you can find that on the Fens. Its historic


buildings you can find that also. The great fen Project restoring the


Cambridge farmland to wetland. How it was before being drained more


than 400 years ago. This is their swallowtail butterfly. You can still


find them on the Norfolk Broads but they have been extinct on the Fens


for 100 years. They are hoping the real thing will return. This is a


fun way to teach you about the great fan. We have spent years and years


building the great fen which is a new nature reserve. It often takes a


long time to do things in reality on the ground, but with Lego we can


build it in a day. They will build it until Saturday. Sunday it all


comes down. Hundreds of thousands of bricks taken apart. Not just broken


up but sorted into colours, piece by piece.


Now the weather. Lovely day today. It has turned a bit cloudy with some


rain around but look at the earlier photographs from weather watchers.


This is a cloud spotter's dream in Essex. Another coastline shot in


Norfolk and in Suffolk, lots of fine weather. We will see more over the


next few days and it will stay mild. This is the pressure setup at the


moment. High pressure to the South building in. This weather front here


throws in a lot of cloud. We have seen patchy outbreaks of rain so


that will continue this evening. But it should Clint Eastwood 's, so for


the rest of the night, it looks lovely dry. -- clears eastward. Once


more it is a mild night with loads of six or 7 degrees. We start the


day tomorrow with this weather system on the scene. A little cloudy


to start with but high pressure building in. More fine weather and


it is likely to stay mild. We start with a bit of cloud first thing and


the chance of some patchy rain, and then it is looking largely dry. More


cloud around but we should see some brightness and sunny intervals.


Temperatures of ten or 11 degrees and there will be a light and


variable wind. The afternoon could turn cloudy at times, but hopeful we


should see some brightness and sunshine. Not a lot changing on the


pressure pattern. We have this weather coming through Saturday


night into Sunday but the weekend looks as though it will stay mild.


Mainly dry, cloudy at times, sunny intervals and a much milder start to


next week if a little cloudy. Some great pictures today. See you


tomorrow. Good night.