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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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In the programme tonight,the landfill search for missing airman


It will go on for at least three extra weeks.


We road test some of their policies in Colchester.


Take a look at this. You can record your own message or photograph and


send it to your friends. The latest way of reminding people


to register to vote. 18 stone lighter


than she used to be. First tonight, a new development


in the hunt for the missing Police have announced


they will continue to search a landfill site near Cambridge


for another three weeks. after a night out in Bury St Edmunds


in September last year. Suffolk Police are


working on a theory that his body was taken


to a landfill site near They started searching


that site in early March and said it would take


a maximum of ten weeks. But those ten weeks


have come and gone. They also said,


if his body is there, it would be in one


particular part of the site. Now they say the search


will be widened. They will also carry on for at least


another three weeks. Our first report tonight


is from Ian Barmer. This search was always going to be a


massive undertaking. Only area of roughly one quarter of Nico has


already been excavated. 3500 tonnes of waste has been looked over by


officers looking for any trace of Corrie Mckeague. His mother was


pleased that finally the landfill site was been searched five months


after he had disappeared. With Odinga deficit happened at first?


Yes, but they do not want to go there. They are doing it now. Corrie


Mckeague was last seen in Bury St Edmunds. Cameras caught him going


into a nearly every commercial dustbins are. He was not recorded


coming out. His phone was traced on the way to the landfill site, but at


the time, it was not believed that the lorry in question had anything


in it. That was later found not to be correct.


Kim Riley is at the landfill site now.


So Kim, what do we think lies behind today's decision by the police?


We have to be clear. They have been through 3500 tonnes of waste and


they have not come across any trees of Corrie Mckeague. But they have


been finding items relating to the tame, date and location when he was


last seen. When the hunt began, the police had the central focus for the


search. But things do move around. Wiest linked to the location has


been found and the central area and we are searching. So based on advice


from people in the county, this search is now being extended. It


will be for at least three weeks, possibly more, but that will be


under constant review. As you probably know,


the Liberal Democrats So what does it mean


for this region? The Lib Dems are the only


major party to promise a second referendum on the terms


of the Brexit deal. And that includes the possibility


of staying in the EU, They are planning an increase


of 1p on income tax And there will be ?7 billion


pounds extra for schools. They also say there will 15 hours


free childcare every And they will maintain


the "triple lock" on pensions. That means that pensions go up


by the same as average earnings, the Consumer Price


Index, or by 2.5%, And on housing, a promise to build


300,000 homes a year by 2022 So let's take a closer


look at three of those. Brexit, childcare and housing.


Alex Dunlop is in Colchester. So let's take a closer


look at three of those. Brexit, childcare and housing.


Alex Dunlop is in Colchester. Welcome to the theatre. The timing


is perfect. The candidates are picking numbers out of our hurt did


decide who will talk first at the first major hustings together. 700


people will come in here tonight. New house is growing up in


Colchester. But what is the impact for first-time buyers? I need the


?12,500 deposit on a ?120,000 flat. That is difficult. The liberal CV


will bring forward policies which will make it much easier for


first-time buyers to get on the property market. Estate agent says


many young local buyers who need help. Many people are being able and


having to rent for between three in five years before the able to


purchase a property. A complex issue. The main area in Colchester


is that we need more social housing. How do we do that? We need to give


notice to housing associations to provide the houses which are needed.


I think we have to keep going with the likes of start-up schemes. But


we simply need to build more housing. We need to take over


long-standing empty houses. Properties which have been empty for


more than six months should be appropriated. There is some


agreement between all the major parties Liberal Democrat policy, but


when it comes to Brexit, the party are out on their own. We took the


temperature in Colchester. We want to have another look at it and see


if we like the deal, not of the politicians like it. No. We have


decided to leave. We have to just go with it. I am not that interested in


politics, but I do think the Prime Minister mix-up remained quickly and


get on with it. I think it is at the picture for the Liberal Democrats to


go for something like that. Childcare is a less contentious


issue. The CV will extend Che would for all two-year-olds. Jennifer said


she would welcome it. But everyone promises things. Sometimes it


happens, sometimes it does not. It is only when the do it that you know


about it. We are in favour of anything in which the children could


access good quality childcare. But that is just about being


sustainable. Like young Alana, they are hoping that the politicians will


make a splash. The voting population in Colchester has expanded more than


any free else in the region. Up by 9%. The people here tonight will be


hoping that the view of the policies that we want to hear.


Of course, the Lib Dems were once the "second party"


across much of the region, behind the Conservatives.


In 2010, they had 24% of the vote in Norfolk,


It gave them four MPs in North Norfolk,


Norwich South, Cambridge and Colchester.


In Colchester, in 2010, Sir Bob Russell had 48% of the vote.


In 2015, he was out, when the Lib Dem share


Our political correspondent Andrew Sinclair is in the only seat


they held on to in this region two years ago,


Good evening. It is worth noting that until recently, the Liberal


Democrats at the second-largest number of local councillors in the


region. There is a lot of liberal democratic minded people who would


definitely consider voting for them if they had the rate policies. Last


time round, it was student tuition fees which played extremely badly


for the party. Here in North Norfolk, it is clear that Brexit is


the major issue. A lot of people do not like the fact that the Liberal


Democrats are offering some sort of uncertainty for you by the


Conservatives are not. And Andrew, North


Norfolk was once again Absolutely. The Defence Secretary


was here today. He told party supporters to ignore what the


opinion polls are saying and that it was important that the work for


every vote. We are not complacent. We need to work very hard to give


the Prime Minister the mandate to negotiate Brexit on our behalf. A


majority of 12 is not enough. The shadow inflation secretary --


Education Secretary was on hand for the Labour Party in the region. The


emphasis is on segregation and the standards rather than the structure


on schools. We want to ensure that every child reaches the full


potential. More on the manifesto coming up tomorrow.


You can see a full list of candidates for


and every other seat, online at bbc.co.uk/politics


And a little bit later in the programme,


a special report on how the election is playing in the Polish community.


We have also got advice on how you register to vote.


You are watching Look East from the BBC.


Coming up next in the programme tonight, meet Britain's


slimming champion. How Tracey Topping lost 18 stone.


Back to the election now and the views of people who have


Polish migrants make up the biggest foreign-born


and that gives them the right to vote.


One of the big centres for Poles in this region is Peterborough.


More than 6,500 Polish nationals have


So for tonight's special report, we asked Emma Baugh to find out more


about the issues that matter to them.


In her Peterborough radio studio, she cannot apply to become a citizen


She says many of her listeners have already applied in


order to have a secure future and help choose


Polish people in the UK are waiting for the outcome of the negotiations.


That is why much more people have applied for British


One of her listeners, Robert, has been a UK citizen since


2010 and now with a British passport has other concerns.


I would like to be concerned only about the


Economic aspects of political party programmes, this is the most


Ivy also has citizenship, she owns a shoe shop


and for her it is all about staying in the single market.


I want the economy to grow, to be good for my


Because most of my goods comes from Europe.


He has not got a British passport but his five-year-old son


He is looking to get citizenship now himself.


I want to do what normal citizens do, I have


been hit quite a long time, ten years, it is quite a long time to


Whether people have a vote or not this election will have a greater


impact on those who live and work here and how much their lives will


Of course, it doesn't matter who you want to win,


or who you hope will be the next Prime Minister


If you have lived in the same house for a number of years and you filled


in the form last autumn, you are probably on the list.


But if you have moved recently you might not be.


And the deadline for registration for the general election


is just five days away. This from Katherine Nash.


Students armed with questions for the prospective members of


Parliament. The deadline for registering to vote is coming up. It


is something young people sometimes feel to do. I have registered. It is


very important. A registered to vote. Interest my in politics is not


as high as it probably should be, so I would not be sure who to vote for.


Two years ago, only two thirds of 18-19 -year-olds registered to vote.


It was we be the other to carry -- categories. It is all about


political maturity. It is you entering adulthood in many ways.


There are lots of innovative ways to try and encourage young people to


Fort. From today, the social medial application Snapchat has been added.


You can actually use it to send messages to your friends. It


amplifies the message. It gets in the space that the young people


occupy, which is very important. It is hoped the use of social media


will assist young people to register. There are just five days


to go before the deadline for registration concludes.


Come on then, nuts and bolts, what do you need to do


to make sure you are on the electoral roll?


You just head to the government website. You fill out a piece of


paper and post awesomely do so on the website. There is a big green


button. It says start here. It should take literally five minutes.


You have got five days to do that. The big green button. That is my


kind of computer programme! but it is the Chelsea


Flower Show next week, so the green-fingered have been


working their fingers raw to be One group has been


working on a boat. It is a replica of the so-called


Chet Boat found next to the River Chet on the Norfolk


Broads four years ago. The original is medieval


and made of oak, So how do you recreate an ancient


boat in a modern college? This report


is by the boatbuilders themselves. What we discovered in doing


the drawings of it and the reconstruction of it is that


it's almost identical So it was probably used as a little


lighter for carrying reeds, eeling. Would have been


a one-man boat, really. Sometimes it would have sailed


and occasionally it would probably have been pushed along


with a pole, which locally is You shave a bit of the planks off,


you try more modern methods, So it is kind of make


it up as you go along. I think it is probably how


the original was built. We all want everything


to be perfect. That is the ethos of


the college, a centre of excellence, it stretches


to everything we do. Doing this garden has


taken a lot of thought. Gary has taken on the


brunt of it but you always think of that little thing


at the last moment and think, What you will see


at the garden is this little double-ended medieval chet


boat under construction, surrounded by natural plants


from that period, which are still found,


a lot of them are very rare. It is not very often


you get people coming straight from school at 18 and


working alongside retired lawyers, accountants, people who have


travelled the world, sailed It is nice for me to get back


and as an instructor I am often It is nice to get


involved and get in It is the passion for what is done


here, it is a place where the craft and skills of


joinery and boat-building are built to such a level you do not


see anywhere else. My wife is very keen I'm


involved so she can tell all my friends that I was involved


in the Chelsea Flower Show. in all its glory in place


at the Chelsea Flower Show. On its staithe,


to illustrate the life of the boatman and the landscape


of the Broads 900 years ago. Listen to this,


according to one survey, more than 29 million


people in this country So, if one of them was you,


you are not alone. And if you need a success


story to keep you going, step forward Tracey Topping


from Northamptonshire, Tracey ballooned


after having children. And in 2014, she tipped


the scales at almost 30 stone. Her weight stopped her living


a normal life and made Joining her local slimming club


changed her life and she has now won an award.


Anna Todd has been to meet her. Hold them up. Take a look at that. I


think both of us could fit inside! Tracey Topping this half the women


she was. She paled on the week after the birth of her first child. A


couple of decades later, she could hardly walk and of a rent out. It


was very difficult. I love doing things with my grandchildren. But


when my grandchildren were born, they were struggling to even homes.


The turning point came on a family holiday. She was nursing swollen


ankles while the rest of the family were having fun. When she returned


home, she joined a local swimming club and stopped eating junk food.


Everybody kept seeing each week, we can see a difference. I could not.


It was really only before I had lost 5-6 store that I was in a shop and


looked at myself in the motor and I suddenly saw. I am just so proud.


She is a totally different person. She was smiling and happy when she


was losing that week, but no she has done, she has really come out of her


shell. She know has two dogs, three grandchildren and two jobs. She can


no keep up with everyone. Fantastic. We can catch up with the latest


weather forecast. Some much-needed Rhian coming into


the region. That should spread to all parts of the region during the


next few hours. We received some terrific photographs of the wet


weather around this morning. Things went dry for a few hours before the


second band of rain brought more showers to the region. Overnight


tonight, slightly cooler than last night. Temperatures still in double


figures. We will start the day tomorrow only much brighter note.


Some good spills of sunshine, perhaps the drop of rain first


thing. For most of us, it is likely to be dry. Slightly cool. High


temperatures of 17-18dC. Towards the end of the week and the weekend, a


degree of uncertainty. Possibly rather showery. But also some


sunshine alone. Mostly dry tomorrow. Some heavy showers developing on


Friday. Feeling slightly cooler come the weekend. Should be mainly dry,


with a bit of showers. Any showers which come alone have the potential


to be heavy. That is ever know. We are back at


the same time tomorrow evening. Goodbye from no.


The choice you now face is all about the future.


Whoever wins on the 8th of June will face one overriding task -


to get the best possible deal for this United Kingdom from Brexit,


because making Brexit a success is central to our national interest


and it is central to your own security and prosperity.


Because, while there is enormous opportunity for Britain


if we do not get this right, the consequences will be serious


and they will be felt by ordinary working people across the country.