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In the programme tonight, the Paralympic enforced to wet herself


during a train journey because the disabled pilot was out of action. I


was embarrassed, I was very angry and I just really felt useless. And


honestly, you know, I felt very disabled. Hands off, the new


campaign to stop drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.


And plans for the so-called garden town near Harlow, details coming up.


First tonight, the paralympian forced to wet herself


on a long-distance train journey because the disabled


Anne Wafula Strike has represented Team GB in wheelchair racing.


She's also been awarded the MBE for her charity work


She was travelling back to her home in Harlow when the incident


happened and says she felt humiliated as result.


The 42-year-old wheelchair racer is a board member of UK athletics and


was awarded an MBE for services to disability sport. She was returning


from a board meeting last month when a train journey of almost three


hours turned into a nightmare. The cross-country trains disabled toilet


was out of order. A member of the train crew suggested she get off the


train at the station to use the disabled toilet the but there were


no staff at the station to help her. She could not wait until the train


reached Peterborough. I could not wait any more. I had to do it.


Humiliating but I had to do it. I would add that pilot with this sign


out of order and I was mortified. I was mortified because I knew I was


not letting on that train in the next ten or 20 or 30 minutes and


knew I had a long journey ahead of me. I knew as a human being, you


know, I needed that facility. I needed to use the toilet. It scared


me. The MP for Harlow Robert Hoffman has taken up a complaint with the


train company, describing the service is appalling. A spokesperson


for cross-country said: sentence case from nobody wants to


widen to the public and say that I had this kind of accident. It is not


cool in this day and age and people are suffering. And for something


like that happened to me, it's not like that happened to me, it's not


me so much and made me think of those other people with disabilities


who can't even speak for themselves. And hopes talking about her


experience will help trigger change. Too many disabled people she said


suffer in silence. As we heard the local MP


Robert Halfon has been looking into the case and spoke


to the railways minister She served her country, she runs


charities, she has been recognised by the Queen with an honour, she is


hugely respected in Harlow and across the eastern region and for


her to be treated in this way is unacceptable and she is not one of


life 's mourners, I have never heard her complaint in this way about her


disability, in fact she's a very positive, wonderful human being and


it's hugely saddens me that she has had to suffer and be humiliated by


this rail company in this way. What are you hoping for from the real


minister? What needs to change? I have had discussions with the


railways minister, he has said that by the end of parliament it will be


a requirement for every train carriage to be properly accessible


for disabled people, he said he wants really companies to deal


properly and be much more spontaneous and other problems


affecting disabled people and it is interesting that the number of


disabled people applying for disabled real card has gone up by


70% service model more responsibility on the real companies


to treat disabled people properly. It -- as part of that you think


there should be tougher legislation? It is one thing for the company to


take a box and say we are providing disabled lose, it is another thing


to make sure they are always accessible and working so should


there be greater fines if that is not happening? I think that there


definitely should be some kind of penalty but if they are not


following the law, I mean I have a disability which I don't often talk


about but I do all too well when you go on trains or restaurants or


whatever it may be, often toilets are not accessible and disabled


people face inconvenience every day of the Alliance which is wrong.


Little things that should be working, that these big companies


don't seem to care about at all. don't seem to care about at all.


Thank you. A new campaign's been launched


across Suffolk and Norfolk today to warn of the dangers


of using a mobile It's called "Hands Off"


and is backed by local BBC radio Few people could have a better


reason to campaign for change than Alice husband. Two years ago her


son, Seth, died after he was knocked down outside of his home. He was


seven years old. The car driver was using a mobile phone on loudspeaker.


MSN every day and so do his brothers and the rest of the family. It has


changed my life and is something I would never wish to anybody. If


there was anything I could change my life it would be not to lose him.


Despite new tougher fines and new tactics from the police is this


footage and Suffolk shows drivers footage and Suffolk shows drivers


seem happy to risk it. We want you to pledge not to use your mobile


simple as that. We are one radio simple as that. We are one radio


station but with radio Norfolk involved in the local newspapers we


can really get the message across and it is brilliant that the local


media were to get behind this. The campaign is backed by the police and


an air today from Worcester 's overwhelming support and no shortage


of skilled stories. Your Mac the coach was coming round the


roundabout, the coach driver had one roundabout, the coach driver had one


hand on the wheel and one hand on his mobile phone to his ear. When


you're on the phone part of your brain will visualise the person


you're talking to, but that part of the brain is apparent that should be


sorting out hazards. Having someone sitting next to you is not an issue


but having some on the phone is. A string of tragedy shows that how in


a split-second everything can change. The advice on mobiles is


simple, do not be tempted to touch it at all, if there is any doubt put


it in the boot out of reach. Next tonight the latest government


idea to meet the housing The campaign group the Town


and Country Planning Association says 30,000 new homes are needed


every year in the East in 2014/15 just over


20,000 were built. Today people in Essex have been


reacting to plans for a so-called But can this idea succeed


where others have failed. Artists impressions of what Gilson


Park to the north of Harlow might look like, it can have thousand


will have a rural feel. This will be will have a rural feel. This will be


part of a government plan to create three new garden towns and 14 garden


villages across the country. But not everyone is thrilled at the


prospect. Gilson Park would be at the bottom of Spike Hughes's garden


and he says Harlow's infrastructure just work out. There are no plans


for the employment in this area, it really is just a sprawling housing


estate of 10,000 houses. And a lot of them, we will want to go on the


train to London or too dry. On the trains can't accept more people and


neither can the roads. You will not get a new hospital road improvements


without the housing investment both in terms of the direct contribution


that it will make to the infrastructure development but also


with the demand. As a region we need more houses but new houses often


attract opposition. In 2008 plans were announced for garden towns but


eco-towns, one of them was racking on the outskirts of Norwich was up


to 5000 new homes planned. The vision of the then Labour Housing


Minister Jen -- John Healey. Living here in the future in the eco-town


will be a new type of living but the eco-town will have everyone living


in houses so they can reach the services they need and shops they


need within ten minutes walk. But when Labour lost power in 2010 the


plan was dropped. Will the new garden settlement succeeds were


eco-towns failed? The government is talking about ?7.4 million of what


amounts to seed money to help developers provide 200,000 homes. In


Harlow some welcome the project saying it will help regeneration.


Others are talking of urban sprawl. That's all from me, coming up now


the weather with Alex. Not so cold the night as last night


with more motoring across the region, the bulk of the night looks


like it will stay dry by the end of the night we might start to see some


light rain or drizzle coming into northern counties. This is how we


end the night, temperatures down to 2 degrees but rising by the end of


the night as the weather front moves on. It will introduce cold air


behind it and also a strengthening northerly winds that will make it


feel cold but we will wake up to a lot of cloud. Some might regard


result of the morning and then it should brighten up and we will see


lots of pleasant winter sunshine. You will need to wrap up warm


because it will be around six or 7 degrees. As the afternoon goes on


the win strengthening from the north-west bringing someone three


showers to part of Norfolk and Suffolk. The National


milder later in the week. That is it from me but coming up next is the


national picture. Good evening. But frost or not of frost, that is the


weather question for tomorrow and the answer is no, probably not


because of this weather front