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I'm Katherine Nash. for the news where you are.


More now on the threat flooding on the east coast.


In the last hour, Norfolk has narrowly escaped flood water


as high tide came and went without breaching sea walls.


The Environment Agency has issued 17 severe warnings across the region.


It's because of a combination of a high tide, strong


In the next two hours the focus falls on the Suffolk


Alex Dunlop is in Great Yarmouth for us now,


Very much so, I am at the Ormiston venture Academy, one of the


emergency centres set up to take in the evacuees and here there are


about 400 contingency places but only three people have turned up,


two ladies, little girl, more volunteers than evacuees if you


like, which I guess is good news. I was down at the river about half an


you can see people still at the last you can see people still at the last


moment where putting sand in sandbags and people were taking a


look at the Riverside, more like tourists, really, looking at the


rising water. It reached about two feet below the river wall but it


looks like the worst is over. We have been told that none of the


river walls have been breached. Norfolk police told me that the did


a knock of -- a knock around of around 5000 properties and only


about 60% of people said they would come to the centres and they asked


the head of Norfolk Fire and rescue if he was concerned that some of the


people decided to stay at home. It does cause a problem for us because


if the worst happens but we have seen the flooding elsewhere it means


we are the people who have to go and get them and that can cause a big


problem. The other problem we can have is people who decide they want


to have a look and see what is going on and put themselves at risk. We do


not have the resources to deal with that -- we have to dedicate the


sauce to dealing with that instead of putting them where we need to


evacuate people. Is the worst over? Yes, the worst is over. Now we can


with outstanding centres down. And we can thank everyone who helped us


in this period. The volunteers, the army and Fire Service. I'd back you


do not think you overreacted? We don't ever believe that, if we had a


breach they would have been so happy to have those people there to help


them. Have other high tide coming, is the worst over? The worst is


over, this was the high tide for search. Eventually for everyone


involved. Many thanks. You can catch up with more on BBC online.


In Suffolk the Bascule Bridge in Lowestoft was closed tonight


and so was the town's railway station.


In Southwold high tide is expected in about half


an hour, making its way down the coast to Felixtowe by 12.30.


Kevin Burch has spent the day at Felixstowe Ferry


to see how the village has been preparing for


For the people here at Felixstowe Ferry because of where they live


just a few hundred feet from the North Sea, even closer to the river


at the ST which trend back and they know all about the threat from


flooding, I tide was at midday and before that people were saying the


water would not get up to the levels we saw in 2013. Of course it is this


tide later they were worried about, but people see they have done what


they can and moved possessions and equipment as high as they can and


they will see what comes. As one person said it is what you expect


living on the coast. If you don't like it then moved to a town.


Meanwhile in Essex, high tide is expected after midnight.


I could hit Harwich at 12.30, and Southend just


Our Chief Reporter Kim Riley has spent the day in Jaywick,


where thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.


The tide is due to peak at quarter to one in the morning.


This afternoon the emergency services were gathering ahead of a


concerted evacuation programme, fire crews and police are visiting homes,


advising people to get to safety. Hazel who would knew the sea wall


was planning to return to a rest centre. They told us that is going


to be quite bad tonight. I have just come home to have a cup of tea and


something to eat. I have stuck things out before so we will see how


things go. I will remain until the things go. I will remain until the


first high tide and probably for an hour or so a comeback. Several


hundred people spent the night at the rest centre, many signing in


with their pets like Gloria with her dog Bonnie. Joyce Holloway is here


with him neighbour. We are going home having registered, going home


and having something to eat and getting ready to come back this


evening for, the Toledo is safe to go back all. That is the worry,


isn't it, that everyone has been put through. And when you get to our aid


you don't want these worries. The police search and rescue unit at


Essex search and rescue volunteers are around as the hours tick away,


to the next high tide just after midnight.


or want the latest information you can call the Floodline


There's also more on the local pages of the BBC News Website.


And both BBC Radio Norfolk and Suffolk are broadcasting


I'll leave you with the weekend forecast now, here's Dan Holley.


A lot of whether to talk about, of course we had some snow this morning


and for the winter showers continuing in Norfolk. The strong


northerly winds creating the big waves that we have seemed down the


Norfolk coast. A tented travelling to the Suffolk and Essex coast will


the next 2-3 hours. We have had a few wintry showers across parts of


north and east Norfolk and they will continue overnight and many other


areas becoming dry with clear spells and terrible cloud. Breezy but low


enough temperature wise for the ice to appear first thing tomorrow and


-2 -3 in some places. A lot of dry weather tomorrow, with spells of


sunshine and it will be more cloudy across Norfolk and the Suffolk.


Further snow showers feeding inland and the snow could be a couple


centimetres in places. Temperatures will be three or 4 degrees when you


add on the wind, not the strongest today. Cold start to Sunday, rain


moving into the Atlantic, snow and the leading edge of that and


eventually turning back to rain, it will be cold the Anthony C cloud and


outbreaks rain with temperatures of 45 degrees. Monday looking guy,


lovely side to buy the, looking chilly with the risk of overnight


frost. 5-6 is the best we will have. It


stays cold into the beginning of next week as well


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