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Hello and welcome to the Look East late news.


In the programme tonight: Why the Police and Crime Commissioner


for Essex is bidding to head up the fire and rescue service too.


A man has died after being arrested at a holiday camp in Suffolk -


And an exclusive television interview with Newmarket


jockey Freddy Tylicki, who was paralysed from


Essex could be the first county in the country


to have its own Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.


Roger Hirst, the current Police and Crime Commissioner,


wants to take on responsibility for the Fire Service as well.


He would control budgets and strategy for both,


but critics say he would have too much power and be


It's a five-year logo that within eight months could be out


Essex's police and crime commissioner thinks an even closer


collaboration between the police and fire service will be more


More can be done, especially since the demands on both


Today, his office launched a 12-week public consultation on the proposal.


Of the three options on the table, the one he favours


If we can align the services and look at doing things


like workshops together, doing IT better together,


so we don't get duplication, using the assets best where they can


be used, if we can look at all of that, we reckon the work


we have done with the support of both the fire and rescue service


and the police service says that they should be saving


It doesn't mean you would have a police officer turn up


to help put out a fire or fire crews to help tackle crime,


but the two services would be more joined up.


These elected representatives, the Essex Fire Authority,


It was an idea first mooted by Roger Hirst's predecessor.


Today, the Fire authority would not go on camera, but a year ago,


It will provide an improving service across Essex,


whichever blue light service the public come in contact with.


A closer alliance with the police, they say, could erode


Norfolk's PCC says his police are looking at closer collaboration


with Fire Service colleagues and Suffolk's Police Commissioner


says he has no definite plans for a similar merger yet.


In Essex, people will have until May to have their say


on whether they would want an even closer marriage between their


Stephen Robinson is a Liberal Democrat councillor


on Essex County Council who is opposed to the plan.


Concentrating the power in one person's hands, last year in terms


of the oversight of the police and combining that with fire is a


mistake because they are not accountable. Once elected for


four-year is, they are a law unto themselves. What you're saying is


you don't object to these services working closely together, you just


don't want Roger Hurst in charge of them? It is not about the individual


but if the post of Police Commissioner having their role


extended to include fire. The Lib Dems were opposed to the creation of


police commissioners and directly elected mayors because they are not


as accountable as having local elected councillors. How would you


like to see it run? The current Essex Fire authority is a reasonably


effective mechanism for oversight because it involves more people. It


involves councillors who are elected in their districts and they have


oversight of the Fire Service. That will all go and be replaced by one


individual. There is no accountability for that one


individual. Roger Hurst says doing it his way, you are looking at


savings, between 15 and 23 million. The savings have nothing to do with


the governance, the way it is one. The savings are to do with the


operational between the police officers, firefighters and their


operational side, which is operational side, which is


absolutely a good thing and would potentially be a good thing with the


Ambulance Service as well. The key thing is Public accountability and


putting all the power in one person's hands removes


accountability. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission has launched an investigation into the death


of a man after he was arrested Paul Gladwell, who was 38


and from Colchester, was detained by staff at Pontins


in Pakefield on Tuesday night The investigation was launched by


the IP CC after Paul Gladwell was arrested here on Tuesday following


what people claim was an altercation. It has been reported


that he had Asperger's and he was arrested on suspicion of assault.


His family say he got in a dispute over one of his children and they


claim he was head-butted by another man. He was arrested by police, put


into a police van and taken to the investigation Centre in Great


Yarmouth and while on the way to that centre, the officers became


concerned for his welfare. He was treated at the scene and taken to


hospital in a serious condition and this afternoon it was confirmed he


died in hospital. What has the IP CC said today? It has issued a


statement today. It has offered its condolences to Mr Gladwell's family


at this extremely difficult time, but it has told us about the


investigation and teams have been on site today, there have been


door-to-door enquiries as well as CCTV being looked at. All of this


information will be gathered to work out what happened surrounding Vista


Gladwell's death and the interaction he had with police.


The cull of 23,000 chickens affected by an outbreak of bird flu


in Suffolk is expected to finish shortly.


The outbreak is the first case of birdflu in this


The chickens are at a poultry farm at Redgrave near Diss.


Tomorrow, once the birds are removed, the farm will be


The East of England Ambulance Service has been issued


with two official warnings, which accuse it of failing to ensure


The notices were imposed by the Health and Safety Executive.


They relate to staff working more than 48 hours a week.


The ambulance service says it has now "agreed a way


All staff must now complete an opt out form if they want to work more


Next tonight, the Newmarket jockey Freddy Tylicki has given his first


television interview since a terrible fall left him


It was during a race at Kempton in October that Freddy was involved


Today, he told our reporter Tom Williams that riding horses


is "like a drug" and getting back on one will help him


So how are you coping with learning to adapt to a new way of living?


You get good days and you get bad days obviously.


Freddy had been an emerging force in the saddle.


A former champion apprentice, last year his best season yet.


At 30 years old he was tipped for the top before tragedy struck,


falling in a four horse pile-up at Kempton in October.


Worse still a T7 paralysis, meaning he has no movement


in the lower half of his body. To be honest a couple of lads


watched the race again and they said to me that I was very lucky


Apparently it was a horrible fall, I have not seen it.


I was there, so there is no point in looking at it again.


In some ways I am lucky to be here, yes.


After weeks in intensive care, Freddy's rehabilitation


Experts at the London spinal cord unit keep him busy.


Specialist equipment keeps his muscles moving.


I would never regret being a jockey, I love my job,


I live for the industry, I live for my job.


I started riding racehorses when I was 11 or 12 years of age


and it is like a drug, once you start wth


Do you think there might be a chance you could ride again?


Most definitely, I have a riding lesson next Wednesday.


So you really are getting straight back on a horse?


It will not be a racehorse, something slower, but life goes


on and you have to make the most of it.


That's all from me, coming up now the weather with Alex,


Good evening. There was some rain earlier and fairly cloudy


conditions. Most of that rain has cleared into the North Sea, so it


will be a largely dry night and quite misty as well in places.


Temperatures down to six or seven Celsius. Tomorrow morning we have


this weather system quite close by. It will bring quite a lot of cloud


first thing, possibly rain as well but high pressure building so a


fairly settled forecast for the next few days. We might have more cloud


around generally but there should be some brighter spells. Into the


afternoon, a good chance of seeing some sunshine and temperatures of


ten or 11 Celsius with a light and variable wind. The National weather


is coming up but here is the outlook and for the weekend the temperatures


are staying miles. Cloudy