20/04/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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In the programme tonight... Douglas Carswell who became the first Ukip


MP says he will not stand again in Clacton. In mental health trust


apologises to this man after their neglect contributed to his death.


Hundreds attend the meeting in Southwold tonight.


Douglas Carswell, who became the first Ukip MP in 2014 says


he won't stand for re-election in Clacton and instead will back


It was just last month that he stood down from Ukip


Now he says after helping win the referendum last June,


We'll hear from him in a moment after this report from our political


In many ways, today's news is not a surprise.


Ever since he left Ukip last month, Douglas Carswell has been


telling people he has achieved his long-standing


ambition of getting us out of the European Union.


Once again, Clacton becomes an important seat to watch.


I think Douglas knew he could not win here on an independent


This is a Ukip town and he has recognised that.


If he supports the Conservative candidate, it does put us


I am today leaving the Conservative Party and joining Ukip.


His decision to defect to Ukip and when the subsequent by-election


At the time, he cited local concerns over housing and GP shortages


as his main reason for leaving the Conservatives but it


subsequently emerged that this was all part


of a plan to pressure on David Cameron not to go back


on his promise to call an EU referendum.


His stance on issues like immigration often put him


There were several attempts to have him thrown out.


He tried to undermine everything we stood for for a very long


time in terms of policy, in terms of campaigns.


He became an MP first for Harwich and Clacton 12 years ago and built


One reason why he felt confident about joining Ukip.


His decision to become an independent and now


to leave altogether may have cost him support.


The man cannot make his mind up and now he does not


If he keeps changing it about, what chance do we have


Rarely out of the news, this part of his career


is at an end and for Clacton, a new era begins.


When I spoke to Douglas Carswell, I asked him if he'd made


the decision to step down because he knew this time


In all the time I stood for election, I only lost once and that


I am more than happy to fight elections.


I want to fight elections if they serve a purpose.


We have a Prime Minister who wants to


ensure that the Brexit result last June is delivered.


That is why I went into politics and I couldn't


possibly in all fairness and conscious run against her.


When you say job done, you are referring


Have you really achieved what you have set out to there?


There are enormous pressures on local services and it bothers me


I was not as successful as I hoped I would be in terms of


I have a solid record of putting local first and


make sure we safeguard local services.


All politics starts and ends locally.


We have been to Clacton, locally today and I have to


Most of the reaction has not been very positive, Mr Carswell.


We have had people saying you flipped


We do not know what he stands for and neither does he.


That does not look like a good track record


I can look back at his solid record of being returned as


the local MP, not of questions to do with Europe or Ukip or at the


As a local candidate I put the local people


The leader of Tendring District Council said you


are a bit like the terminator and he expects you to be bad.


That is one of the kinder things people have


I do not really think I am like the terminator.


For a start, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a


I have had a wonderful, wonderful 12 years.


It has been a lot of fun and I have really enjoyed it.


It is time to say job done and move on.


That is right for me and it is right for


And that is the end of politics for Douglas Carswell?


The family of a man who died in the care of a mental health


trusts in this region, say funding cuts are to blame.


Neil Jewell had schizophrenia and died in 2014. An inquest found that


neglect contributed to his death. Neil Jewell's family back


in Norfolk, packing up been living out of during


the three week inquest. They have had to wait years


to have his story heard. The 42-year-old had paranoid


schizophrenia, living independently he was visited weekly by a care


worker he knew well but when the trust needed to save


money, that changed. He wasn't seen for nine months


and ran out of medication. This started a chain of events


that led to his death. Against usual policy,


he was placed in a private nursing The staff there could not cope,


so he was restrained and There he was tranquillised


and neither his heart At the mental health unit the next


day, he had a cardiac arrest. Having to sit by his


bedside holding his hand off the life-support


was just awful and just


watched him die again. It really affected us quite badly


and you just cannot take in what has happened and just


to let him go like that was awful. The family is pleased the inquest


recognised both neglect and cost When they make these


life changing, as it happened, reorganisations,


it is the people that


must be at the centre of these decisions and


The Norfolk and Suffolk foundation trust says it...


It says it has already improved training but the


family wants those in charge to acknowledge the consequences of


More than 300 people have attended a public meeting


What happens on the site of the Old Cottage hospital.


A community group is hoping to buy it and build low cost homes before


To decide the future of this old hospital.


Standing vacant for two years, they want to stop this


hospital being sold for development and hope


it can be bought by the


It would be a tragedy if this building was


turned into second homes or market homes for residencies here because


this town really needs new business, needs


new people to join the


community and what we would like to do is to turn


this into a business hub or a community hop.


Another option is affordable homes, which


The range of prices can be anything from


254 for a small one-bedroom flat up to the house behind us


which is beyond the market at ?2.57 million.


No one knows how much the hospital is worth


but on the open market it could go for a ?1 million or more.


Tonight, they announced a bid had been


submitted to the NHS and asked if second home


owners would be able to


dig deep and raise the money but will they?


I should not say this but I might be shamed into it.


We have a place here which was meant to


A lot of them went to second home owners who


We need to have a library and many to have


Do not underestimate Southport people.


The few members of the public looking through those final plans.


The NHS say the word get the best value from the site.


These guys have still got a long way to go.


A lot of money needs to be raised, even if


Coming up now the weather with Alex, but form the rest


Good evening. More clouds across the region tonight. Not as cold as it


was last night. The thickest cloud could produce light rain or drizzle.


Some clear into roles. Lows of five Celsius. Those temperatures will


recover by the end of the night. Tomorrow, a fairly settled pattern.


This weather system coming down from the north will bring cooler here for


the weekend. Tomorrow, despite the cloud cover, it should be warm.


Highs of 16 Celsius. A lot of cloud generally and the bright spell or


sunshine. The winds will be fresh through the day and switching


Roundtree north-westerly direction. That will bring cooler a for the


weekend. week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in