17/05/2017 Look East

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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In the programme tonight, a new development in the search


as police extend their search of the landfill site.


The Liberal Democrats hoping to stage a fightback


We report from a hustings in Colchester.


And the boatbuilders using the history of the Broads


Hello. I'm Susie Fowler-Watt.


First tonight, police have announced they are going


to extend their search for the missing airman


Corrie Mckeague for at least another three weeks.


Corrie went missing after a night out


in Bury St Edmunds in September last year.


Suffolk Police are working on a theory


that his body was taken to a landfill site near


They started searching the site in early March.


Our Chief reporter Kim Riley has the latest.


This search was always going to be a massive undertaking.


An area roughly one-quarter of an acre has already been excavated


3,500 tonnes of waste has been picked over by


officers, looking for any trace of Corrie Mckeague.


Corrie Mckeague was last seen in the centre of Bury St Edmunds


CCTV footage captured him around the town centre,


including in an area known as The Horseshoe, where businesses


He was recorded going in, but not coming out.


The next morning, a waste lorry made a collection and took a bin


At the time, data showed the bin was not heavy enough


to have contained a body, but in February, it became clear


That is when police organised this huge search.


Despite the best efforts of the search teams here, no


trace has been found of Corrie Mckeague.


Originally, they identified a core area on which to


But outwith that area, they have also found


material relating to the time and location that


That is why the search has now been expanded.


It was news welcomed tonight by Corrie's mother.


I did not expect the search to suddenly stop.


But I am obviously really pleased that they are


Do you feel, in your heart, that he is there?


Given all the information we have got, I struggle, like the police,


to believe anything else. They were so confident.


The form of words that they used talking to both the public


and myself, I really do believe that that is where he is.


She expressed the family's gratitude to the officers working


As you will have heard, the Liberal Democrats launched


They were once the "second party" across much of the region,


In 2010, they had 24% of the vote in Norfolk,


They had four MPs, in North Norfolk, Norwich South,


In Colchester, in 2010, Sir Bob Russell had 48% of the vote.


In 2015, he was out, when the Lib Dem share


He is now hoping to win the seat back.


Tonight, there has been a hustings at the Mercury Theatre


in Colchester and our political reporter Simon Dedman was there.


It has been a feisty Nate at the feet. Over 400 people attended with


questions for the prospective MPs. Many of these questions related to


Brexit. I think it is about infrastructure. Colchester has been


rapidly growing. Transport, the likes of expanding the two magic.


Brexit, although I think that is a done deal. Today, the people of


Colchester got the chance to hear what all the candidates stood for.


Brexit Was not the only issue which could not, but it was the first. The


Prime Minister went to Europe and wanted to negotiate a better deal.


said no. This is something we want said no. This is something we want


to deal with that the first opportunity. Liberal Democrat Sir


Bob Russell once a second referendum on Europe. Labour were pitching


strongest on it health. Without immigration, our NHS would collapse.


There was one life. People could send in automatic questions. One of,


supposedly from the Prime Minister, said that Sir Bob Russell had nice


legs! The Conservatives fancy their chances because Ukip I'm not


standing, but clearly, the Liberal Democrats are feeling buoyant.


Andrew Sinclair is our political correspondent.


The Lib Dems clearly have high hopes of taking back Colchester and doing


well elsewhere in the region. How easy is that going to be?


As you say, until recently, they had the second-highest number of


councillors in the region. There are clearly a lot of people in region


who would thought for the Liberal Democrats if they had the policies


that they liked. But clearly, things have been altered by Brexit. On the


doorstep, I have here, I would normally vote for Liberal Democrats,


but I do not want any more uncertainty over the European Union.


I am going to vote Conservative. Another busy day of campaigning?


Yes, the Conservatives focusing on North Norfolk. The Defence Secretary


was via today. He said the party had to take the seat. He said it was


important that the got the large majority. The Shadow Education


Secretary was in Ipswich today. She was visiting a number of schools. As


you have seen, the hustings have also started. They were originally a


few questions about Brexit about the one I was at. The NHS and the school


funding formula were much more popular topics.


Unemployment has fallen in the East, for the second quarter in a row.


Figures out today show 122,000 people are out of work,


a drop of 17,000 on the previous three months.


That means the region's unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9%,


It's the Chelsea Flower Show next week


and among all the flowers and shrubs there will be a very special boat.


It's a replica of a vessel found next to the River Chet


on the Norfolk Broads four years ago.


The original is nearly a thousand years old and made of oak.


It's been recreated at the International Boatbuilding


It was two years ago that the Broads Authority


commissioned the college to create a replica of the Chet Boat.


What we discovered, in doing the drawings of it and in


reconstructing it, is that it's almost identical


So, it was probably used as a little lighter for carrying reeds, eeling.


Would have been a one-man boat, really.


Sometimes, it would have sailed and, occasionally, it would probably have


been pushed along with a pole, which locally is called quanting.


It is, kind of, trial and error. A lot of the planks are fitted.


You shave a bit of the planks off, you try more modern methods,


So it is, kind of, make it up as you go along a bit, but it is


The Broadland Boatbuilder's Garden is inspired by the traditional


skills, which continue to be taught at the college in Lowestoft


and by the ancient landscape of the Broads itself.


What you will see at the garden is this


little double-ended medieval chet boat under construction,


surrounded by natural plants from that period,


which are still found on the Broads - some of them very rare.


Gary Breeze came on sabbatical to the boat-building college


He also a successful Chelsea pedigree.


Last year, he won a gold medal and Best Fresh Garden at the show.


But for his colleagues, this is a first.


My wife is very keen that I get involved, so she can tell all


her friends I am involved in the Chelsea Flower Show!


And here is the Chet Boat in all its glory,


in place at Chelsea, ready for all the visitors next week.


Coming up next, the weather, with Alex, but from me, goodnight.


Good evening. More pics of rain across the East associated with this


area of low pressure. It should become increasingly dry as the night


goes on. Overnight temperatures still in double figures. We start


tomorrow with just the odd spot of rain. But for most browsers, geese


and spills of sunshine and dryly. Best temperatures of 17 Celsius. The


National weather is coming up. As we get to the end of the recount into


the weekend, heavy rain on Friday at claims.