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That's all from the BBC News at One - so it's goodbye from me -


Fears over Brexit, concerns from one leading supporter


The rise of sleeping tuberculosis, doctors in Peterborough say they're


And there's a warning for ice for tonight and tomorrow morning.


I'll tell you more in the forecast coming up.


A leading supporter of the Leave campaign in last year's EU


referendum has told Look East he's worried Brexit may never happen.


Peter Bone, the MP for Wellingborough, says members


of the establishment are hoping to indefinitely delay the process


and he'll be pushing the Prime Minister to proceed


with the plans as quickly as possible.


A long-standing Eurosceptic, Peter Bone played a leading


His grassroots Out movement, with its focus on door-to-door


campaigning, brought together politicians from across


But more than six months on, he believes that parts


of the civil service, the media and even some


of his own colleagues are trying to scupper Brexit.


We're up against the establishment, we know there are certain people


in Parliament who have made it clear that they don't accept the result


The longer before the exit from the EU, there's more chance


of some event occurring which would stop it or put it off.


You sound as if you're still worried that this may never happen.


He says if anyone can force through Brexit,


She has said she wants Article 50, which will start the process,


But many MPs say they may hold up the process,


like the Labour MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner, and


We've got to respect and accept the judgment of the British people,


and I think there are very many people, increasing numbers


of people, who recognise the need for us to negotiate a deal


which protects our economic interests.


Supporters of the Leave campaign point to comments like that


and today's row over the resignation of our ambassador in Brussels


as proof of an establishment campaign to stop Brexit.


Something that Mr Bone is determined to resist.


A man has been arrested after two people died in an apparent hit


It happened between Yaxley and Farcet near Peterborough just


Officers searching for the driver of a BMW arrested a man


in Chelmsford later that night on suspicion of causing death


by dangerous driving and actual bodily harm.


The two men who died have not yet been named.


Within the next couple of hours the government is expected


to announce an extension to restrictions on our poultry


producers following outbreaks of bird flu.


The first confirmed case in the UK was in Lincolnshire


Yesterday H5N8 was found in chickens and ducks in Wales.


Farmers here say the measures are necessary to stop


Our advice has been to extend it for a period of time, we have got farms


across the whole of East Anglia, there is a huge amount of migration,


coming into this part of the world. And it is a real worry.


Doctors in Peterborough say they're seeing a growing number of patients


Unlike active tuberculosis, there are no symptoms,


But health bosses are keen to ensure the bug doesn't


A screening programme rolled out last May has seen the highest number


of samples being processed in the UK.


It's an airborne infection that affects the lungs.


Tuberculosis was a big killer in this country


Fast forward to the 21st century, and so-called sleeping tuberculosis


As long as we pick it up early, it shouldn't cause


In this clinic in Peterborough, patients deemed to be at risk


from the latent infection are being invited in for screening.


There is a lot of different groups coming to Peterborough,


so obviously, as their doctors, we really want to protect them


and we also want to protect our other patients as well.


So I think finding a disease like latent TB early, treating it,


helps protect both the patients but also the rest of


The vaccine for TB was phased out a decade ago, but rising levels


of migration from high-risk countries has seen health bosses


in Cambridgeshire introduce a pilot screening programme.


We've got about 12 practices involved across Peterborough,


and the pilot has been running since May, and we've had a fantastic


They have screened over 250 people, and we've now got 30 people


in treatment for the latent form of the disease that


otherwise wouldn't have known that they had it.


One of 60 programmes in the country, it's sent in the highest


Data from the region's clinical commissioning groups show that


between 2013 and 2015, there were on average 26 cases of TB


detected in Milton Keynes, 42 across Northamptonshire,


63 in Luton, and 85 in Cambridgeshire, the highest


It's estimated that a third of the world's population


is infected with latent TB, but one in ten goes


A century ago, TB was a big problem in this country,


but improved housing and sanitation has seen a stark drop in figures.


Scientists in this Cambridge laboratory have sequenced the TB


genome, looking at drug resistant bugs, in order to find drug


In the United Kingdom, the rates of tuberculous have


declined over the last few years, and I think last year


there were about 6000 cases which was down from about 8000


But tuberculosis has never disappeared from the UK


and is unlikely to do so in the foreseeable future.


While latent TB is not contagious, doctors are urging people who've


settled in this country in the past five years to be tested in order


to help eradicate this once widespread illness.


Tonight on Look East we'll be at Africa Alive as it's the time


of year zoo keepers count all the animals they look after.


The annual count is also being done at Banham Zoo.


The information is used to ensure the animals are being looked


after properly and provide valuable data to the coordinators of managed


We have to make sure everybody is present and correct and then


all that information is logged on our record-keeping system,


and that information is shared between other collections


So our captive populations are all recorded and in check.


Let's get a look at the weather now, Georgina Burnett


We are looking at the bit of sunshine this afternoon after a grey


start of the day, some of us enjoying that already, this was a


gloomy picture taken this morning in Southend. A really beautiful scene.


The cloud is trying to steal away, there are a few showers left, and


even spilling slightly in Essex. Temperatures getting up to five or 6


degrees. Still very chilly. Tonight it is turning icy so some of the


showers continuing, and with low temperatures there is potential for


icy conditions. There is an ice warning until 10am. In some parts of


the region. You will need to take care everywhere, because we are


seeing temperatures plummet below freezing. Continuing over Norfolk,


Suffolk and Essex, elsewhere and marginally dry night, widespread


frost, some fog patches and freezing fog. Where the rain is, it is going


to be slightly milder. An icy start to the day for many of us, certainly


frosty, so if you're going to be travelling, and you want to be


leading a little bit earlier, but a beautiful day of sunshine if you are


wrapped up warm. Although there is plenty of sunshine around tomorrow,


temperatures are at four or 5 degrees. In some spots you could not


make it above two. I frosty start on Friday but pockets of frost, bog in


places, -- there is some fog in places. The rain band will be coming


through later on in the day on Friday, clearing Saturday morning.


Leaving us with a largely dry weekend, cloud at times, and some


sunny intervals. Some brightness expected over the weekend. And


milder temperatures. We'll be back with Look East


on BBC One at 6.30pm. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack