07/01/2017 Look East


The latest news, sport and weather for the East of England.

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First this evening, fresh concerns that the health service


in the East is being stretched to near breaking point.


The British Red Cross has revealed it's had to give support


to ambulance staff in Kettering and Northampton as hospitals


struggle to cope with the sheer number of patients.


If you can just get observations on some of these patients, and we'll


Just days ago, Look East was on the front line


at Colchester Hospital as staff here struggled with


The demand for emergency services has been described as unprecedented.


Definitely the busiest I've ever seen it in the five


Today, the Red Cross has warned of a humanitarian


It also says it gave support to staff at the East Midlands


Ambulance Service working in Kettering and Northampton


The Ambulance Service received double the number


of life-threatening, or rer, 999 calls on January the 1st -


But the strain on the NHS is being felt across the region.


Dr Taj Hassan, president of the Royal College


of Emergency Medicine, said every hospital in Essex has


been on black alert, and emergency departments


are working at and beyond their capabilities.


NHS England says plans remain in place to cope


It is asking the public to choose alternative services where possible.


A 34-year-old man's been arrested after a fire in Suffolk


It broke out at 11 o'clock last night in flats


One of the flats was gutted, although those inside


The police officers were taken to hospital


The man arrested is being questioned on suspicion of arson


Football, and in the FA Cup today, two goals from Tom Lawrence saved


Ipswich's blushes against Lincoln from the National League.


The midfielder scored twice for Town - The equaliser to make it 2-2 came


four minutes from time to earn a replay at Sincil Bank.


Elsewhere in round three, Luton crashed out, beaten


MK Dons lost to Brighton, who haven't been beaten in four months.


And Norwich earned a replay with Southampton.


Steven Naismith equalised in injury-time at Carrow


Two other FA Cup games featuring our teams.


On Monday night, Cambridge United will hope to upset Leeds


one of the ties of the round sees Peterborough from League One


try to topple the Premier League table-toppers Chelsea


in a match that should net Posh around ?500,000.


Well, I was sat in my front room when Chelsea come out,


and then Peterborough - I jumped so high I


As you know, I've been here at Posh over 20 years.


And it's the best, best draw we've ever had in any of the cups.


With the cup action - just a couple of games in League One.


Northampton had a miserable afternoon, Thrashed


Not much better for Southend, who lost 4-2 at home


The Blues stay seventh, just outside the play-offs.


who've climbed into the play-offs after a fifth straight win.


Stevenage also won 3-1 against Newport.


In the rugby today, close game, good win for Northampton,


who beat Bristol 32-26 in the Premiership.


Saints running in four tries at Franklin's Gardens.


It felt milder today, but it was very grey and gloomy.


Poor visibility, as you can see from this picture here.


And no big changes through this evening and the overnight period.


It will stay cloudy, but it will still feel fairly mild,


We'll start off the day tomorrow on around six


But more mist and murk around tomorrow morning.


Just a bit of fine drizzle falling from the thickness of the cloud,


We will possibly see a bit of brightness form


as we move into the afternoon, but don't hold your breath.


Top temperatures up to around eight or nine Celsius.


It will still feel fairly mild as we head into Monday.


But the westerly wind is going to pick up,


it will feel unsettled, and outbreaks of rain


into the late afternoon and early evening on Monday.


That will clear to leave behind it some cooler air in time for Tuesday.


We're back with the next Look East bulletin at


Good evening. Our weather can be exciting, just not today. A


predominantly grey day and a murky night to come. If you're on the moon


on the roads, through tonight into the morning, it could be misty and


foggy again in places, especially over the hills, but really just


about anywhere. The cloud is the enough to produce patchy rain or


drizzle, quite a damp night. Clear skies to the Easterling and


anti-stall Scotland and it's here the greatest chance of a touch of


frost, but for most, mild great, dismal start to Sunday morning. The


mist and fog will lift. There will be a few breaks in the cloud, east


of Wales, eastern parts of England and Scotland. A bit of sunshine


here. There should be patchy rain in Northern Ireland and damper to


finish the Dayne Weston Scotland. Overall a mild day for this stage in


January with temperatures are many in double figures. Different on


Monday, a wet and windy start to Scotland