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now on BBC1 it's time for the news where you are.


Neighbours have paid tribute to an elderly man who died


after a suspected gas explosion at his bungalow in Cambridgeshire.


Fire ripped through the property in the village of Eye,


and windows of neigbouring homes were smashed to rescue


Rescue workers at what is left of the home in Eye, making it safe,


before investigations can even begin.


The home, mostly destroyed after being torn apart


Five fire crews were called from two counties.


With the reports of a potential explosion did create issues


with regards to safety of responding emergency responders


as well as local residents as well, so that was taken into consideration


and we did get some gas engineers on-site very quickly to isolate any


Concerns have been felt deeply in the village.


It's a bad thing for the little community, which is a nice,


tight community and you don't expect this sort of thing to happen.


It's hard for those who have to come out and they have to get


everything done again, built up, and all the residents have


Some living locally have moved out while the emergency services


We've just made sure that everybody, particularly along this road,


Some people have decided to stay with family,


others have gone to friends, so we've made sure everybody


has perfectly safe accommodation for the weekend.


Once the building is finally safe, investigations will continue


A man arrested in Luton after a body was found in a wheelie bin has been


The body of Adim Baba, who was 49, was found


Detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection


with the death, or that of a woman who was found dead


A man has died after the car he was driving collided with a lorry


It happened just after 7pm last night, at Creeting St Mary


Both vehicles caught fire and the man died at the scene.


In the last hour, the Conservatives have chosen their candidate


for the first ever mayoral election in Cambridgeshire.


He's James Palmer, who's currently the leader


of East Cambridgeshire District Council.


The election for the new mayor will be held in May.


The other main parties and at least one independent are also standing.


Football now, and in the Championship, Ipswich lost 2-0


at Huddersfield heaping more misery of manager Mick McCarthy,


but relief for Norwich who beat Wolves 3-1 with poals from Naismith,


Brady and Howson to leave themsleves in ninth place five points


In League One, eight goals in the derby match,


Southend v Bolton was postponed because of a frozen pitch


at Roots Hall, and Peterborough in eighth won 1-0 at Swindon,


And in League Two, Cambridge went down 3-1 at home to Mansfield.


Colchester lost 3-0 at Exeter but they stay in seventh,


Stevenage lost 2-0 at Hartlepool, And Luton in sixth


In rugby, Northampton lost at Montpellier last night


Too late for Saints in white, bottom of the pool and and already out,


as they fell to the French side by 26 points to 17.


Captain Lee Dickson and Tom Kessell scored the Northampton tries.


And in the British and Irish Cup, it's currently half time


with the Newport Dragons winning eight points to five.


Let's get the weather, with Elizabeth Rizzini.


It was a rather grey day for many of us today.


We saw some cloud spread in from the east.


Still a frost to start the morning and there will be another widespread


sharp frost forming overnight tonight, underneath


Some of the more rural spots could be down as low


Watch out for some patches of fog tomorrow morning.


Plenty more sunshine on offer tomorrow for just about everywhere.


A bit of patchy cloud here and there as we head


Top temperatures tomorrow only between 3 and 5 Celsius.


So another chilly feel to things tomorrow, but the winds will be


No rain at all in the immediate forecast.


Staying dry and staying cold as we head into the start


Mist and fog could become a problem, particularly so on Tuesday morning,


when it will be very slow to lift and clear.


Good evening. It does not get warmer. If you check the UK as a


whole, it has been one of the coldest days so far. The hard frost


to come in areas where it stays clear, parts of East Anglia,


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