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Hello. I'm Jenny Kirk.


More than 100 people have been taking part in the second


privately-funded search for missing airman Corrie McKeague.


40 members of the public volunteered to help search and rescue teams


They also used drones and a team of dogs specially trained


On one of the coldest mornings this year, search teams were out


The area is where his phone pinged off a mast a couple of days


If he was to try and get back to Honington, as the crow


flies, he's got to walk directly behind you.


He does know this area because this is where the RAF do


This is the second time Suffolk lowland search and rescue have


teamed up with the public to look for Corrie.


They are covering 4-5 square miles


And you can see the terrain they are having to deal with.


I have some power around about 60 trained search technicians,


I think we have 14 4x4s out who will ferry the teams around.


We have five cadaver dogs coming from all over the country.


They will go out with team leaders and be given their own search areas.


The 23-year-old airman who is based at RAF Honington was last seen


in the early hours of Saturday 24 September in Bury.


He'd been enjoying an evening out with friends.


But nearly four months on, the search team manager says it


The search we are conducting now is for body recovery.


There is no feasible way that if Corrie has been missing


for the length of time that he has, and he is out in the


Corrie's mother still has hope of finding her son alive,


but understands that might not be the case.


She says having the public supporting the search


Basildon Council says it has finally finished clearing


the former travellers site at Dale Farm in Essex.


Travellers were removed from an illegal part of the site


Officials say it has been returned to a condition


They have cleared more than 180 tonnes of rubbish.


The head of one of the region's leading universities says students


from low-income families shouldn't be put off by the


From this year, the Government has removed non-repayable maintenance


Alexei is in his second year studying politics and sociology


He receives around ?3,500 a year from the Government


in maintenance grants, money to help with the living costs


of being at university, that doesn't have to be paid back.


My sister and I are both at university now.


And even the maintenance loan and grant together,


there is a shortfall in terms of how much you actually need for living,


particularly now that my sister doesn't have a maintenance grant


I would say to anyone with the potential to benefit


It's the best investment that you will ever make.


But there are mixed signals from the Government.


On the one hand urging universities to recruit more students


from poorer backgrounds, which is the right thing to do,


but at the same time abolishing non-repayable grants.


But it's not just so-called elite universities that


are trying to make sure that they have diverse students.


Anglia Ruskin has an outreach programme that includes speaking


to sixth formers and their parents about the new student


For a normal boy like Alexei, going to Kings College Cambridge


And his hope for the future is that other students will be able


And there was more on student grants on this week's Sunday Politics East.


You can watch it on the the BBC iPlayer.


Now with the weather. Here's Elizabeth Rizzini.


It was a very chilly start to the day today.


Some of our more rural spots got down as low as minus eight Celsius.


There will be another widespread sharp frost forming


Also patches of freezing fog around as well.


We have a Met Office warning out for this fog.


It could be very dense, very slow to lift and clear.


It will be mostly towards southern parts of our region, parts of Essex


Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire also seeing some fog


tomorrow morning. Very slow to lift and clear.


Poor visibility on the roads, maybe leading to some travel issues.


Keep up-to-date on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning.


Some brightness as we head into the afternoon.


Top temperatures only up to three or 4 degrees.


More fog problems possibly on Tuesday morning.


It will stay largely dry and cold for the rest of the week.


Look East is back with bulletins throughout BBC Breakfast


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local radio station, go online for the latest updates where you


are. The fog thickening up as I subpoenaing, particularly across


southern parts of the UK. There are warnings in force with some patches


of fog elsewhere, too. A cold one, needless to say. Some places already


well below freezing. Where you have cloud cover, hovering


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