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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight. As tolls soar to �3, a Hull


businessman says it's time for the Government to sell off the Humber


Bridge. What better time to press on with the campaign to reduce it


by a significant amount then immediately after a proposed


increase? Fifteen people are airlifted to


safety after a barge runs aground in the Humber. Cheaper than a new


car - the house up for sale for less than 10 grand as regeneration


funding is cut. Breaking records not the speed limit - hundreds of


children march to school to encourage motorists to slow down.


And the latest detailed weather The Government has come under


renewed pressure to find a long term solution to the problem of


rising tolls on the Humber Bridge. Just 24 hours after the transport


minister gave the go ahead to higher tolls, a Hull-based


businessman has made a renewed attempt to buy the bridge.


Malcolm Scott believes his proposal to operate the bridge as a not-for-


profit company will eventually result in much lower toll charges.


Like many in this part of the world Malcolm Scott is coming to terms


with the prospect of paying more to cross the Humber. But this is a man


with the plan. What better time to press on with the campaign to


reduce the price by a significant amount and immediately after a


proposed increase? Back in February the whole based property boss


revealed plans to buy the bridge and run it as a not-for-profit


company. Proposals involve keeping that tells of their present level


for a number of years but eventually reducing the cost to �1


per crossing for cars. �1 is what it cost when the bridge first


opened in 1981. Tills went up through the Eighties and almost


doubled by the time that Tony Blair became Prime Minister. Another


transport minister has given the go-ahead to a �3 crossing for cars,


Britain's highest bridge toll. is not the Department for Transport,


I initiated a public inquiry to make sure all sides had their


voices heard. If the tolls were reduced to would be a lot more


economic activity on both sides of the bridge. There is a lack of


competition because of that. And that all impacts on the local


economy. The Humber Bridge Board made up of local councillors from


all parties, was given the power to raise the told by an Act of


Parliament long before the bridge was built. I think the board has


had difficulty because it was set up from and 1959 Act and therefore


was fit for purpose for 1959. But we are now in 2011. I think that


the bridge board are saddled with debt and responsibility and without


that could be much more proactive. The debt stands at more than �380


million. Malcolm Scott is now trying to raise money from local


businesses to fund the social impact assessment on the bridge


tolls. Meanwhile the board will decide next week exactly went a


higher charges were coming. Iredale is in South Ferriby by the


Humber this evening. Tim, the government says it's reviewing the


economic impact of tolls on the area. When will we know the outcome


of that? This is a review being up led by officials at the Treasury.


That report should be on the desks of Ministers by November. I'm told


by local MPs that the government is keen to settle the long-term future


of the Humber Bridge once and for all. They do not want the kind of


fury that comes with these above- inflation increases every so often.


They want a long-term, sustainable future it will possibly reduce the


tills although it probably will not happen for a long time. So the


credit for puzzle perhaps that Malcolm Scott is putting on the


table, a private consortium running a not-for-profit operation, would


be seen favourably by ministers. You do not have to be any economic


whiz-kid to realise that taking �6 a day from the pay packets of


people to cross the bridge will be positive for the local economy.


There has been a huge response. Just a couple are now. My mother


currently has to travel every day from the south bank to Castle Hill


hospital for treatment for cancer. It is a fifty mile round trip and,


with the proposed bridge tolls and the price of fuel, it will cost


approximately �320 a month. Even though I disagree with the


toll increase, it is still cheaper than going round.


With the economy as bad as it is the government should be doing all


it can to encourage trade. Instead this discourages people from


leaving their homes. There were hundreds of texts and e-


mails. Graham Stuart is the Conservative MP for Beverley and


Holderness. He joins me now. White is the government not taking


on this challenge instead of letting a local businessman take it


on? Is it the Big Society at play? I think it is and we should be


grateful for Malcolm Scott for coming forward. I know MPs in all


parties are working together to try to get a long-term solution. I met


the Treasury minister responsible for this last night and spoke to


the Chancellor of the Exchequer about it earlier today. We are all


working as a team to make the case because we do need the bridge to be


used. And make sure it does help the local economy. But time and


again surveys and reports tell us that lowering the toll will boost


the regional economy. Why does the government not grasp the nettle and


tell the bridge board to reduce the tolls? The bridge bolt -- the


bridge board has to service the debt, that is their primary


responsibility. We're asking them to look at whether they can keep


the tills down until we get this review in November. But ultimately


they have to service the debt. What we need is a way to get that debt


under control. And get the bridge used so that people working on both


sides of the Humber can work together to build the economy. We


just have to convince ministers who have inherited a hell of a


situation. We have the companies like Siemens planning to come to


hold but for a lorry to cross the bridge, it is �40 for a trip. This


is a disincentive for companies to come to this area. Absolutely, and


we would keep on making the case. That bridge was built with public


money 30 years ago and today runs with 70% of its capacity unused.


People on low incomes or unemployed could work so we're making that


case. And we are making progress. But the general environment is


tough. Have you spoken to the bridge board today to ask them to


delay this until after the review? I know that colleagues are in


regular contact with the board, as I am. If we had not yet formal


contact with the board we will certainly do so. Would he do that


tomorrow? Thanks to you, Peter, it will get done it!


What should be done to keep the tolls down? Would selling it off


work? If it were cheaper would you use it more? Contact us and we your


response. In a moment: Despite many health


campaigns, why people in Hull are still dying at a younger age than


other parts of the country. It's a sailing trip which members


of Barton's Chamber of Commerce say they'll never forget - a trip which


ended last night with their dramatic rescue. The barge on which


they were sailing ran aground in the Humber. When rescue boats


couldn't reach them the RAF's Search and Rescue Helicopter was


scrambled, ending with 15 people being winched to safety. Phil


Connell reports. It was supposed to have been an


enjoyable evening trip on the Humber but instead for 15 fee-


paying passengers, it ended with this dramatic rescue. The barge on


which they were sailing ran aground at Altrincham and with the Humber


rescue boat not able to reach them, the search and rescue helicopter


received the emergency call. were on standby in the evening.


Today the captain said the barge was truly stuck and with 15


passengers to winched to safety it proved to be their biggest


operation in recent years. Normally we are called to a single climate


who has fallen or has been cut off by the tide. But to have a barge


with 17 people on board, is really quite unusual. Overnight two crew


members slept on the barge and at high tide this morning, sailed back.


They have been running barge trips from here for almost 40 years. The


skipper described the rescue last night as an embarrassing incident.


This stretch of the Humber is notoriously difficult to navigate.


With eight barges running aground in the last year alone. For the


company running the trip last night it is not the first time it has


happened. I think it has happened four times, I think I'm right in


saying. Once every 10 years! I suppose that is not too bad.


trip had been organised by the Barton Chamber of Commerce. Those


winched to safety included the new mayor arrests of North Lincolnshire.


I survived and I'm here to tell the tale. Everyone looked after us well.


A lot of members of the group thought it was fantastic and wanted


to know what was planned for the next trip! Thankfully no-one was


injured but for the Chamber of Commerce it is a trip they are not


likely to forget. An inquiry into the deaths of two


teenage girls who jumped off a bridge together has heard one of


them wrote a suicide letter a year earlier. 14-year-old Georgia Rowe


had moved from Hull to Glasgow just eight weeks before her death in


October 2009. She jumped from the Erskine Bridge with 15 -year-old


Naimh Lafferty, who wrote the note months earlier. Both girls had been


attending a nearby secure unit. The number of people unemployed in


our area has fallen by almost 15,000. Figures for the three


months to April show that in Yorkshire and the Humber, 237,000


people are out of work, down nine percent. In the East Midlands the


total's 176,000, which is down by more than seven percent.


Thousands of people are dying up to 10 years earlier than in other


neighbouring authorities because they're both overweight and


inactive for step today the health minister Simon friends has been


visiting Hull to find out how local people are being encouraged to look


after their Hearts by moving more This is what we should be doing,


running for our lives. Instead, our lifestyles are damaging our hearts.


Despite what we are seeing here, a Hull is the 13th least active place


in the country, with throughout or five adults never doing any


exercise at all. Five women are particularly lazy, with only one in


eight every doing regular sport. But his beginner's jogging group is


helping to win new converts to regular exercise. You come with the


idea, I will not be able to do it, but it is amazing, after five or


six weeks, how you have progressed. It is the fear factor, that is what


you have to fight, rather than just sitting at home doing nothing.


the Health Minister arrived in Hull today, local doctors were keen to


show how innovations are helping to get health messages across. Four we


have improved, we have identified more people with raised blood


pressure, and we are able to treat them to reduce the risk of


complications in later life. think it is innovative, if you have


the distraction of a television programme that relates to her life,


giving you a coherent and sensible message, the chances of that


getting into the side he so that people go away and think, that is


sensible, are better. Keith Cash after being given his own quick


health check, he was shown this girls' rugby team. A wants to be


busy. It keep you busy. It keeps you fit and healthy, and not obese.


What these pupils -- while these people have adopted a healthier


lifestyle were now, the hope is they will continue exercising as


adults. Only then will they improve their chances of living longer.


Still to come: A house worth less than a new car. It is yours for


just over �7,000. And breaking records, not the speed


limit. Children march to school to encourage motorists to slow down.


The photograph is of a poppy field in Burton Fleming, taken by Paul


in Burton Fleming, taken by Paul Jefferson. There is an eclipse


tonight. Lots of people have been asking if we can see it. There will


not be clear skies, but you might be able to catch a glimpse. We can


watch it from the balcony! As long as you have got rid of your washing


on the line! You are not funny, do you know that? The headline is an


unsettled one, sunny intervals and scattered showers. Tomorrow, low-


pressure is in charge. This feature will bring more are welcome rain


for farmers across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, late on Friday and


into Friday night. Potentially some heavy rain to come. But in the


short term, there is quite a lot of cloud around. It has been producing


some heavy showers. There are thundery showers around in the next


hour as well. And lots of rain up the Vale of York. I showery evening


and night, though the showers will clear out of the way by dawn. Top


temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius. It is an unsettled day tomorrow,


Variable cloud, some sunshine around, but also a fair scattering


of showers. Some of those showers could be heavy with the risk of


thunder, but there will be brighter and sunnier spells between. Top


temperatures 18 or 19 degrees Celsius. Friday, one or two showers


in the morning. It will cloud over by the end of the day with heavy


rain. I have a note from a primary school, a basketball can use his


experience and skill to tell us whether at the school sports day on


Friday should be cancelled or not. Not that I'm putting you on the


spot or anything! I cannot do a yes or no answer. The heaviest of the


rain and will be across our region by the end of Friday. Current


timing suggests that they should be timing suggests that they should be


A house in Hull is being auctioned tomorrow at a starting price of


�7,500. It is believed to be one of the cheapest in the city for years.


He follows the crash in this -- property market and a delay in


funding for building new homes around the Victoria Villas. The


council say the investment is now secure. But it has left residents


feeling like they had been left in limbo.


Going for as long. But there is a catch. -- going for as long. The


condition is not the any reason that this is a cheap location. The


whole area is waiting for regeneration, with residents


concerned that the project is now on hold. On one side, the promise


of new homes. On the other, people who need to be re home. The


question is whether or not the money is there not only to be home


them, but also to regenerate the area. We do not know what is


happening, of whether we are coming or going. It will probably go ahead,


I do not believe that the area will be redeveloped within the next five


years. So what is the situation? In March, public money for re-housing


and property purchase ran out. Fat and �80 billion government grant


has been secured, enough to clear the area out for private investment.


But it hinges on that totaling up more than �150 million between now


and 2024. So the initial cash injection means Ron's move away his


back on. He could be rehoused within weeks. For I am fed up of


waiting. The man that owns it lives in Somerset, and he has agreed to


sell it to the council. Sick council says it is now contacting


residents to let them know when work will start in their area, but


the bigger question remains. With a housing market down and the


construction and St week, is the funding still there to complete his


grand plan? Darren hail is the Deputy leader of


the city council. The residence we saw in the film had no idea what is


happening. Have you been doing your job properly? We have only been in


power for three weeks. But since that time, I can confirm that the


money is back in place. You will be aware that the government Gateway's


funding was told. We managed to secure the �8 billion, which will


secure the completion of the scheme. Residents will be informed in the


next few weeks. I'll be reliant on public money as well? With our


partner, we are, yes. Because a houses around the corner are


selling so well, we know that there is interest from the private


housing provider, and that if those houses are built, they will sell.


So people should not have to live in conditions like that, I'm sure


you would agree. And we are pleased that the regeneration of Hawthorn


Avenue is back on. Some people had been waiting for years. What have


they been saying to you? It was a 15 years in, there was a lot of


planning. Now, those people have had those hopes dashed but they can


have them restored. The scheme will now go ahead. The council is buying


properties in Clyde Street, it will be bidding on that house tomorrow.


We put an at in last year and it was not backed by the property


developer. -- a bid. We will be bidding on that house because we


want to buy those houses to improve the area. Thank you for your


comments on the news that the government has scrapped plans to


bring back weekly bin collections. It means thousands of people will


still have their rubbish picked up once a fortnight. Here are some of


Hull Truck is asking for theatregoers and local businesses


to help them raise more money to make up for the cuts to their


funding. Since moving to its new home two years ago, the theatre has


suffered financially. Over the next three years, it will lose 500,000


MAB -- hands off public money. -- �500,000 of public money. I will be


talking to The Executive chief on the radio tomorrow.


Hull City will be signing Paul McKenna from Nottingham Forest.


They have let him go on a free transfer, and he has signed a two


year deal with the Tigers. Thousands of schoolchildren have


today been trying to set a world record for the biggest ever walk to


school. The Walking Buses set off from schools across the country


this morning. As well as trying to get into the record books, they had


These children could be record- breakers, youngsters at Thorpe on


the Hill and Long Riston had between Beverley and Hornsey. They


are representing two of dozens of schools in our region, and more


than 600 nationwide, trying to break the record for the longest


Walking Bus in the world. It is weird being in a big group, just


walking. It was good fun to walk around, we got some parents sides


to see us as well, and some of the cars stop for us. Its stopping, or


at least slowing down the cars was a big part of today's world record


attempt. These children have a serious message for if motorists.


Slow down. People could run someone over if they are going too fast.


They could cope do quickly and not notice you. Some of our roads do


not have passed, so children have to be a where to walk on the side


of the road. More than 10,000 children Nationwide took part in


the world record attempt this morning. To they will know if they


have been part of the biggest Walking Bus every later in the year.


But it has been a fun way to learn a serious lesson about staying safe


on the roads. They once supported hundreds of


thousands of jobs, and now BBC look more there is making a film that


looks back at a Humber dogs. From the dangers of life on a trawler to


the dock workers fight for better conditions, and the unique Tom


Pudding coal barges -- coal barges of Goole, the film aims to capture


the best of your memories. We have the best of your memories. We have


three special screenings. In Hull, his in Grimsby and in Goole. For


tickets to the events, which are free, if you can ring a reception


The biggest day of industrial action for years. Civil servants


joined teachers on a walk out on 30th June.


The government becomes under new pressure to find as solution to the


rising tolls on a Humber bridge. Top temperatures around 18 degrees


Celsius tomorrow. More responses on the subject of


the bridge. Andy says that a �6 round trip is too expensive.


It is only �1.50 to cross the Thames.


Lindo says it is cheaper than going round.


Steve Best says the government will always agreed to raise the bridge


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