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Good evening. Welcome to Look North.


The headlines. The battle for school places, up


with some children facing a seven mile trip without their parents to


get to lessons are. I am not sure of many parents that


would be happy to park their daughter in a taxi to be taken to


school, maybe five miles away. A man behind bars after raping a


woman 32 years ago. The protests heading to Scunthorpe,


but one MP claims it is a waste of time.


And, the Lincolnshire based western star hoping to light up the


Beverley music festival. And, joined me for the all-


important weekend weather forecast, Good evening.


It could be in brothers and sisters being sent to separate and


different primary schools, and some young children having to make


journeys of up to seven miles without their parents. Local


councils have said it is sorry to scores of parents in Brough, a


struggling to find a primary school place for their children. Last


month, it was Perez in Lincolnshire who were facing a similar dilemma.


-- parents. For the last few years, these


children have been at playgroups and nursery with friends from Prof.


Come September, that will change. The local primary schools are full,


so they are being split up. It is not fair, because I asked when


Harry was two if it could put his name down, so he would be


guaranteed a place, but we cannot do that anymore. I went through the


admissions system, I did exactly what I should do, and because I


love that bit further away than my friend down the street, I have not


got in. They are not alone, 21 children cannot get a place at


three schools. In this area, we have a rising birth rate, together


with significant housing developments. That has meant that


the number of children in the catchment areas has exceeded the


capacity of the schools. Should you be apologising to those 21


children? We feel sorry for them. I can appreciate their situation. I


sympathise with them. It is not a good position. We will work with


the families and ensure that they do have access to a good school and


transport to get there. children who have missed out may


have to travel more than seven miles to their new school in North


Cape, South Cave and North Ferriby, and if parents do not drive, some


children will get taxes alone. has got severe asthma, and it


worries me, if he has an attack in the car, will the taxi driver be


prepared to administer his drugs? Of the three schools, this one is


the only one which cannot -- can be extended, but that takes time, so


over the coming years, more children face not having a place. A


lack of school places is a national issue. Parents in Lincolnshire have


experienced similar problems. But with more houses being built in


Brough, the fight for limited spaces here is intensifying.


It is a problem in more than just one area. If you are a parent


facing this problem, get in touch. How should planners deal with the


growing numbers of people? -- We look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment,... How pigeons are helping to teach


teenagers who face being thrown out of class.


30 years after he rated teenager, a man is tonight finally beginning a


jail sentence -- rape a teenager. Michael Tomlinson admitted the


attack on the 17-year-old woman which happened in 1978. Today a


judge jailed him for three years. The case was reopened last year by


a specialist team from Humberside Police, who investigate long


unsolved cases. They said that scientific advances and the DNA


database are to thank for the breakthrough.


He kept a terrible secret for 30 years. On a summer night in 1978,


Michael Tomlinson dragged a 17- year-old woman into a field. He


pushed her to the ground, covered her face, Prater, and ran off. He


spent the last 26 years working as a taxi-driver in Grimsby. Today, he


was punished for his crime. It is the oldest case we have ever dealt


with. We have dealt with cases that are quite old, but 33 years is the


oldest I can think. Samples containing DNA were collected from


the crime scene. They were stored away. In 2004, Michael Tomlinson


was arrested for common assault. His DNA was put on the national


database. Detectives revisited the case in 2010. Forensic experts used


the original samples to build a DNA profile of the attacker. It matched


his. Police began rebuilding the case. The court heard that


forensics were vital to solve and this case. The judge told him, DNA


proved it was you that committed the crime. You have known that, one


day, the police would come knocking at your door. They did. The lady


was walking home to Cleethorpes. This investigation was part of an


ongoing review of unsolved sexual offences. The scientific unit that


helped solve this case is closing. This is where the incident happened.


The government announced the Forensic Science Service was losing


money and would have to close by March. In the forensic stages of


the inquiry, we would not be able to proceed without the material


that they hold, without the word that they can do in the scientific


field and the advice and guidance they can give us in relation to


developing good, it would be inconceivable to do this work


without the forensic services. Discussions are wondering about the


future of this work, but Michael Tomlinson and several other sex


offenders would still be under the radar without it. -- discussions


are ongoing. A mountain rescue team has been


called in to help police search for a missing man, who has Parkinson's


disease. David Hewitson was last seen on Monday, when he left home


in Pocklington to go for a walk. Searches have been carried out in


nearby woodland. A councillor has been suspended


after he accused a colleague of lying. Neil Murray, a Labour member


of the city of Lincoln Council, clashed with Conservative


councillor Mark Jones last year. They had discussed proposals to


reintroduce racing to Lincoln's was common.


The company behind plans to extend an animal breeding centre say they


will appeal the decision or resubmit an amended application. P


and Kate universal want to expand their centre at Princeton, where


because our bread. Yesterday, planners turned them down because


of concerns about the construction traffic.


Teenagers in north Lincolnshire in danger of being excluded from


school are being offered an alternative lesson. In pigeon


fancying. It is an idea in Epworth, to help troubled youngsters.


How do you handle troubled teenagers? Police in Scunthorpe


think handling pigeons could be the answer. Younger people who often


find it difficult in the classroom have turned to this project, giving


them a chance to learn about pigeon fancying and other academic skills.


They are learning how to deal with other people, other adults, things


like maths and geography, where the birds are flying from, and what


they are doing in terms of average speed, and the times. It was


started by this Humberside Police officer, a lifelong pigeon fancier.


He says it has proved successful elsewhere. I read an article about


a similar project which had engaged a group of young people in Scotland,


and had some good results with regards to reducing anti-social


behaviour and crime. One teenager says it is already teaching him a


thing or two. It is a learning thing for me, learning about these


pigeons, I have to control them. Former heavyweight boxing champion


Mike Tyson has revealed that it was hit love affair with pigeons that


kick-started his career in the rink. If it is good enough for him, that


is her but this project will help divert teenagers in north


Lincolnshire away from anti-social behaviour -- it is hoped that.


I have been speaking to Brian Cheesman, a child psychologist.


Lots of young people have looked after pigeons and other various


pets, but we are talking about difficult kids and dysfunctional


children and young people who have had quite a difficult life. What


they have to remember, everybody, whether you are the raging


psychopath or not, everybody has a caring element to them. The to be


given the opportunity to look after pigeons and care for them, that


raises the elements of care. Many people will say, this is great,


they do some bad behaviour, so they get rewarded with something that


many people would like to have a go. Yes, I have heard that so many


times. You are giving Good Easter baddies. But it is really important


that we try all sorts of avenues when dealing with young people.


of these things, go-karting, they all cost money. Is it money well


spent, or is it pampering those who have done wrong? It is not


pampering. Most children and young people would not mind the idea of


being allowed to care for something. What this is going to do, it will


provide the caring element, kids being able to demonstrate that, and


it helps raise self-esteem. Most young cheers who have got into


trouble, sometimes minimal trouble, it is about self-esteem -- most


youngsters. They do not need to look for trouble to give themselves


self-esteem. So, you can do some bad, and you can look after


pigeons! I am not so sure that kids will think like that. It is horses-


for-courses. They are not going to provide pigeon fancying for all


sorts of children are. They are quite selective, the individuals


that do this work. The thoughts of Brian Cheesman. I


am sure you have got your own thoughts. The schemes, are they a


reward for bad behaviour, or are they justified if they get young


people back on the straight and Fell to four watching. -- thank you


for watching. A day to remember, these


Lincolnshire pupils meet Prince Edward on a special visit.


And, I am live at the Beverley folk Festival, it is its 20th year, it


promises to be a great musical We will be back to the festival in


just a moment. Tonight, Hereford to Graf in from


Barbara and Arthur. Look at that. - - we have a photograph. That was


Friday night in June. Can you believe it? They say, we did not


get any warning of this. I don't I suggest that showers will be


thundery with heavy deposits! heavy deposits. Maybe you would


just like to read tonight's forecast and we will listen


carefully for accuracy. I would like to cheer people up. I have


just written a blog. The sun is quite quiet at the moment so could


it mean we are in for more cold. Us? Some light reading for the


weekend! And you can write to me on Twitter. Let's look at the headline.


It is very unsettled indeed. There will be some rain around tonight


and tomorrow, we are hoping it will slowly move northwards but we will


be left with showers if it does. This is next week's weather system,


which will push across us. Showers and longer spells of rain. We are


being invaded from the South and West, and we already have rain


crossing the Humber and it will be in Beverley for that folk Festival.


Whatever way you look at it, those showers will emerge to give longer


outbreaks of rain, so not a nice night. Temperatures will be down to


10 or 11 degrees Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at about


4:29am. Of these are the high water times. We'll off to a wet start


with outbreaks of rain, locally heavy and prolonged. -- we are off.


Things in Lincolnshire will brighten up but there will be


showers. Hopefully, it will improve, but whatever way you look at it,


and unsettled day. Temperatures at about 17, 18 degrees. Showers for


Rest assured, we have recorded it. I am not going down that route! I


will be out of a job. Local MPs and business leaders have


condemned plans for a protest against government cuts in north


London church. The group UK Uncut say that their demonstration in of


Scunthorpe is about plans to reduce the opening hours of local


libraries. It is something the council denies.


They describe themselves as a non- island protest group but they aim


to disrupt trading on the high street. -- non-of Ireland. They


will be campaigning about government cutbacks and


highlighting the effect on local services. I think any action that


highlights the excesses of banking taxes is absolutely valid.


their visit is not being welcomed by his civic leaders, with the area


being hit so badly in the economic downturn and the recent


announcement of job cuts. It is feared UK Uncut Corps tried to end


List shoppers during their protests. People understand estate the


economy is in. It is fanciful for people to run around saying that


there don't need to be cuts. I know that local people are far too


sensible to get mixed up with extreme groups like this. It is a


view echoed by the town's Chamber of Commerce. If they took a protest


in a different direction, it gives people a certain unease and I think


people will stay away from Scunthorpe town centre tomorrow


afternoon. This is where the protest is due to begin at 3pm. It


is not known how many protesters are expected but RNAS Culdrose says


there has been a great deal of interest on social networks sights


on the internet. In the town centre today, thereby hopes the protest


will pass without incident. -- there are hopes. We are not


expecting much violence so hopefully it will be peaceful. The


shoppers should be able to go about their business normally. As long as


we don't get anything of Ireland. We are not very happy about


protesters who simply seem to be saying, how is it for us. We take


it all and say nothing, but I think it would be a good thing.


Humberside Police said they are not expecting violence and that they


will monitor the situation. The chief executive of the Pilgrim


Hospital in Boston has insisted he will not resign despite a damning


report into standards of care. Hospital managers admit there is


still work to do following a report by the Care Quality Commission


which examines how well patients are looked after. It still says it


has major concerns about Boston. have not made sufficient progress


but we do remain committed to focusing on improving the quality


of services we deliver and we will not relent in that effort until we


are satisfied that we have got the right level of service and quality


of service consistently all parts of the hospital all of the time.


Once again, a huge response on this story. Simon says, I worked at the


programme as a nurse and left due This is from a nurse who works in


Thank you very much indeed for those.


Prince Edward has been in Lincolnshire today. He last came to


the county two years ago have been his role as Air Commodore at an RAF


base. He met two women here who have been awarded MBEs for their


work. With cheering children and flags


snapping in the breeze, the town of Kirton in Lindsey welcomed a very


special Bisset -- visitor. His Royal Highness the end of Wessex


arrived to open the refurbished Town Hall. And he charmed the


crowds into the bargain. We were talking about school. What subject


we liked. He is very tall, isn't he? It has been lovely, worth


coming out for. The Town Hall is more than 100 years old but it had


fallen into disrepair. His Royal Highness met some of the local


volunteers who had been working hard to save it. I think it has


brought the community much closer together. A huge community effort


to get it going and to get the money. When I got seriously


involved, the upper floor, the first floor hall, had been closed


because the ceiling was falling down. Damp and weather had caused


it to fall into decay. I felt it was a very important building and a


great pity that it was falling into disrepair. Today's visit is


recognition for the huge efforts of the local community, efforts that


have already seen a few volunteers become MPs. So now the Town Hall


has been returned to his former glory and it is hoped it will bring


up -- bring real benefits to the wider community in this market town.


What more could you want? Prince Edward and Jake Zuckerman in one


report. Lizzie Simmonds has kept her


Olympic dreams on-track by keeping her season's best in of the 200


metres backstroke. She was the second-fastest time in the world


this year. On to cricket, a Yorkshire are


taking on Lancashire in a match tonight. Yorkshire are batting


after Lancashire won the toss. The Football League have released


next season's fixtures, with Hull City taking on Blackpool on the


opening day. With the bat and the News of Scunthorpe United's games


dropping to lead 1. An opening day clash will take


place with Hull City. Ipswich Town are likely to include Jimmy Bullard,


who played unknown with them last season. Their third game sees a


trip to Millet -- to Leeds United. Next up, Preston, were relegated.


They will welcome Oldham Athletic. The East Yorkshire tennis player


Katie O'Brien will meet Kimiko Date Krumm in the first round of


Wimbledon this year. She will be looking to progress to the next


round for only the second time in her career. Dan Cox meets world No.


34 Sergiy Stakhovsky from the Ukraine.


She has had number-one hits and won awards in the West End and starred


in some of television's best-loved dramas. But this weekend, but --


Barbara Dickson is going back to her roots to a folk festival.


Thousands are expected to turn out for the event at the Beverley


Festival. What are the organisers hoping for this time around?


weather is possibly better suited to the fish. Not the kind of


weather the organisers would have wanted, but whatever happens, this


promises to be a massive weekend. There are marquees all-around to


key people dry. We are expecting thousands of people over the next


few days and all with one of common interest. It is a weekend full of


music. 28 years and the Beverley folk Festival has got bigger and


bigger. An event now widely recognised by the music industry.


Headliners this year include Barbara Dickson, the Lincolnshire


singer who has been busy rehearsing for to paranoid's main stage. --


tomorrow night's main stage. It is for everybody who likes a good


music and music with an acoustic feel. They will enjoy it very much.


It has got a lovely atmosphere and that is one of the most important


things. You can bring your children and everything. Of the 5,000


festival-goers, many will be camping here on the official


campsite. Sleeping bags and stoves have already been unpacked for a


busy weekend of music and parties. We have been camping all around


here for many years now. It will be back to Party Central. More than 70


Act will be performing, including tonight's headliner, Paul character.


There's more than just music. It is a weekend of poetry, dance and


comedy. There's also platforms for a young performers to showcase


their talent. This band from Bridlington are our up-and-coming


stars. There are certain people playing at the festival so it is


good to be part of it. You can learn a lot from the revisions you


see as well. -- the musicians. last year's festival, the


Proclaimers took centre stage and headliners this year will be hoping


for a similar reaction. Thank you, good night! The festival officially


starts on the main stage over there at around 7:30pm but there are


events taking place in Beverley all over the coming weekend. Come along


and see this band. Remember, if you are coming, it might be a bit wet.


Thank you. Good luck to everyone there.


The Government and public sector unions are on collision course over


pay and pensions. The local council apologises to parents in East


Riding of are the lack of school places, with some having to travel


miles to lessons without apparent. And cloudy with heavy showers,


brightening up and the South of the region. Temperatures up to 17


degrees. On the subject of school places, a


very interesting text. An 11-year- old daughter starts secondary


school in September and we lived five houses away from the school.


She did not get a place, even on appeal. They have got children in


on buses from all over Lincolnshire. Our children will have to get on


two buses to get to the secondary school they are having to attend.


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