27/06/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Humberside police say crime is on the up and there is worse to come


as the economic downturn hits hard. If care are number of factors


coming together. If anybody looks at this dispassionately they are


creating the perfect storm sewer crime to rise.


Firefighters say a fire which killed two people over the weekend


was one of the worst they've ever seen. It is unusual to come across


fires of that intensity. Super League's leading try-scorer


is set to play on despite suffering an epileptic fit during a match.


$NEWLINE Hand-made Heaven, the 1920s sports car travelling the


It has been a hot day before along time. Join me for the details in 15


There has been a sharp rise in crime in Hull and a senior police


officer says the worst is still to come. Humberside police say


burglary is up by 30 per cent and theft from cars has gone up by more


than 60 per cent over the last year. The economic downturn rather than


cuts to police budget is being blamed. There are fears of more


misery for people living in the city.


Welcome to the most burgled street in Yorkshire. The dubious accolade,


that those on Hull's Ings Road estate would rather lose. People


like Colin, who has been burgled twice. The saddest part was my


wife's jewellery box. Bennett, apart from what I used to buy her


for Christmas, it was a diamond ring. When my mother died, my wife


could her engagement ring in. That went. And it appears of late more


people are suffering like Colin. In Hull during April and May, house


burglaries rose by almost 30 per cent compared to last year. That


means 93 more people have had their homes broken into. Thefts from cars


were up over 63 per cent and violent crime is up by almost three


per cent. It comes a year after Chief Constable Tim Hollis had to


look at every part of the force to save money. 140 posts were cut.


There are a number of factors coming together and creating the


perfect stance for crime to rise. The probation service has been


slashed. We catch these people all the time, we pick them to the


courts, but it is very rare that we can get in kept in custody for any


lakes of times. It is a revolving door. Whether less officers equals


more crime was not only been discussed in Hull today. We have


been clear that there is no simple relationship. That view that we


take is backed up by the Home Affairs Select Committee. We are


trying to get our members on board to speak to the MPs. We are trying


to persuade their MPs to understand the impact of what is going on here.


For a place like Hull, we need public sector jobs. We need a plump


-- strong police force. These unwelcome figures are being blamed


on cash-strapped individuals turning to crime. But when there


are less bobbies on the beat, estates like this could become a


Diana Johnson is the Labour MP for Hull North and shadow home affairs


minister. She joins us from Westminster. As a Hull MP, what is


your reaction to these crime figures? I am very worried. If


these are the start of a trend of crime going up, that is very


worrying for my constituents and people across Hull. It is very


concerning. Humberside police say the economic conditions are to


blame. Other areas have financial hardship and the crime rates have


not gone up, what is going wrong in Hull? The cuts have been


disproportionate across Hull. If you look at the cuts to their local


authority and probation, you will see that Hull has suffered very


badly. We need to wait and see if this turns into a trend but it is


very worrying. Labour -- Labour would have cut benefits and police


numbers if they had won as well. The situation would not have been


different. That is not correct. We said we could see 12% cuts to


policing. The Government has gone to 20% cuts. The front loaded it.


The police and authorities have had little room for manoeuvre. We think


that was wrong. 20% is too much. The Home Secretary says there is no


simple relationship between crime figures and the number of police,


do you think there is a link? think when you look at the figures


in Hull that crime has gone down since 2002, there were more police


officers. We gave them more power. I would expect you to take that


line, but figures for burglary have dropped in Lincolnshire. They have


also had cuts. One is wrong in Hull? There are heavier cuts in


Hull. We need to wait and see how this will develop. It may be that


this is just two months' work of figures. It is very worrying and I


hope they will not continue. More cuts are expected from Russia


police. �11 million. -- Humberside police. What should we do to keep


credit in the City? The resources that have been slashed so much by


the Government have got to be used as effectively as possible. I will


be speaking to their Police Chief Constable of Humberside to see what


we can do. We must all support each other and work together to tackle


the problem. We do need adequate resources.


Do you agree that crime has gone up because people have lost jobs in


the City or are on benefits? Are you concerned and it falling police


numbers or do you think they have enough resources? What you think?


If you want to e-mail, text or find In a moment:


Donors are asked to help solve the financial problems faced by a world


renowned theatre. A Hull businessman who collapsed


whilst running in yesterday's Humber Bridge half-marathon has


died. 33 year-old Matthew Good has been described by his colleagues as


a generous, caring, an honest person with a great sense of humour.


Mr Good was running for charity when he collapsed. He died later in


hospital. A man who was unable to save his


neighbours from a house fire in Hull has described the moment when


he desperately tried to get them out. Danny Draper said we did what


we could but it was just too late. He says he has been unable to sleep


since the tragedy on Saturday which killed two people.


It has been described as one of the most ferocious eye is fires the


emergency services have been called to. It took the lives of a couple.


Today, one of the neighbours who tried desperately to save them on


Saturday morning described how flames ripped through the couple's


home. By the time it took me to cross the road, it had gone from


screaming to a pop window and from white smoke to black smoke and


silence. That was in a matter of 30 seconds. We went up one that ladder,


I thought it was the lady but it was her partner. We could not move


him. The flames were coming out, the smoke was really thick and


black. Worst thing I have ever seen. There was nothing they could do or


what any of us could have done. It was too quick, I think she will Cup


too late. Investigations are continuing into what caused his


devastating fire. It is understood there were no smoke alarms fitted


inside the property, something which will form part of the


investigation. The fire station is stressing the importance of having


their it devices inside a home. is unconfirmed whether the whole


had smoke detectors or not. Fire of this ferocity takes time to develop.


Having smoke detectors saves lives in gives you that critical early


warning at every chance of getting out of the property. We would


stress that you should have a smoke detector. Fire officers are now


making door-to-door checks in this shocked community, reassuring


residents and offering fire safety advice to anybody who needs it.


Investigations have begun into the cause of a light aircraft crash


near Grimsby. A 53-year-old local man was taken to hospital suffering


from head injuries and fractures after the crash at North Cotes


airfield yesterday afternoon. Officials from the Air Accident


Investigation Branch have begun to examine the wreckage to try and


find out what happened. I saw the aircraft approached it a airfield


and apparently lose control and crashed. An ambulance was called


and took their injured pilot a way, although he had managed to climb


out of the wreckage himself. It is not the first crash I have seen but


it is quite sickening as you never know what they injuries will be.


Motorists in Lincolnshire will not be charged for on-street parking


after the idea was overwhelmingly rejected. Lincolnshire county


councillors today voted against scrapping free on-street parking


and installing meters. New ways of paying council employed traffic


wardens are now being investigated. It has been the hottest day in


years with the temperature climbing up of 90 degrees and places.


However, with rain to come and uncertainty about the economy,


there are concerns that too is businesses are struggling. Simon


Spark is in Cleethorpes for us this evening. Simon, how busy has it


been there? Earlier on this afternoon there


were lots of families enjoying the weather here on the beach. There


were a lot of children and families paddling in the sea. It has been an


incredibly hot day, it has been humid and sticky. There were


temperatures recorded of 32 degrees at Humberside airport. Over the


next 24 hours, that's all set to change. It is coping with that on


prick -- unpredictability that is the biggest challenge. You have got


a bed and breakfast, you were in charge of the tourism? Yes I have a


guest house. What are your concerns? It is a constant battle


of attracting people to the resort. One of the main things is to make


sure there are enough things for people to do. We have had a kite


festival and folk Festival, all wonderful 1940s weekend up the road


and a blues festival. I have spoken to people and a lot of people said


it was spur-of-the-moment to come here. One couple said that when it


is miserable we stay at home, that sums it up. It does. There are some


people who do that. People are looking at the weather at the


weekend and are breaking into guest houses. Thank you. After the


weather today, this cool breeze is more than welcome.


It does not sound sinister tonight. Still ahead tonight: Super League's


leading try scorer suffers an epileptic fit - but his coach says


he could play later this week. And handmade history - after five


years in the garage the 1920s sports car driving the length of


Britain. Thank you for watching this Monday


night. This is a 4-taking in his Anybody could do your job today!


Carol Vorderman is going to a show, are you taking your binoculars? Let


us look at the league table, you are all interested in how warm it


has been. It was the hot is at Humberside airport. It has net not


be so what's in July 2006. Poor old Bridlington, but if you do not like


the heat it might be nice here, 19 degrees. The rest of us have been


hot. There is cooler weather on the way. It is not the start of a


heatwave. It will be back to square one tomorrow as the hot ear is


shunted. You can see their cloud has been moving up from the south-


west. There are few showers showing up on the radar. Nothing menacing


at the moment, there is every chance that there will be some


heavy thunderstorms. It looks like these showers will be hit and miss.


Some places will miss them. Most temperatures of 14 or 15. The sun


will rise in the morning at 433 A M. Those are you or high water times.


It will be mostly cloudy tomorrow with some showers around. There


will be some thunderstorms, but these will be well into Norfolk.


You will notice a big drop in temperatures. Let us have a look at


those highs. We had 32 at Humberside airport but tomorrow we


are looking at 19. That is a 13 degrees Celsius drop. Sunny spells


And I shall polish my binoculars before the weekend! Dear think that


Karel... Sorry about that, the time is up West --!


Now, Hull Truck Theatre has suffered financially since moving


to new premises. Last year, its total debt stood at �250,000. This


year, it has risen to �400,000 and faces cuts in the future. Elliott,


I spoke to Andrew Smaje and asked them how he is dealing with the cut.


We are producing plays with pure accent -- fewer actors and we have


had to make redundancies. Everybody locally and nationally are having


to do this. As the future of Hull Truck Theatre assured? We are going


through a serious period. You could go bust? There is the potential for


us to go bust if they do not get the support of the public. Is it


the public's for? North. I do not think it is our fault either. --


know. We have to find an extra 300 people every night. That is not


easy to find. We have started to broaden the canvas of work. If


you're going to broaden your audience, you have to broaden your


palate. There is a big audience for plays by Alan Bennett, Shakespeare,


Arthur Miller. We're not to hear it -- we're not here to make money,


we're a charity. We are here to break-even, but because of the work


we do with the community, with young people and with young,


disabled people, and in bringing on the next generation of talent, that


involves a certain amount of creative risk and our audience


loves to see that risk. It is very exciting to see Newick talent


emerging. -- a new talent emerging. That is one of the principal


responsibilities of my job. With hindsight, was it right to move to


the new premises? Have you tried to be too ambitious? I was not here at


the time. Was it right? I cannot comment on the thought process


behind it, but we have a test ahead of it -- head of us now. There is


no reason why, Hull is a major city in Britain, and in a region such as


East Yorkshire and Humber, that area should not have a producing


theatre. Of course we should have that. You want people to pay a


little bit more than previously? Do think they will? I know they will.


We have seen the evidence of that. The fund-raising campaign is an


opportunity for local individuals and businesses to invest in the


future. If people do not use this theatre, will they lose it? For me,


there is a sense that our audience need to use it or there is the risk


that they will lose it. Andrew Smaje talking to me earlier.


If you have a view on that, text or use Twitter.


Kirk Yeaman could return to Hull FC's side on Saturday despite


suffering a leg - it -- despite suffering an epileptic fit against


Wakefield on Saturday. Dramatic scenes indeed. Kirk Yeaman has


thanked Hull FC supporters today after that dressing room drama at


Wakefield. His progress will be monitored during the week. He could


make an immediate return to decide on Friday night against St Helens.


There was no sign of the drama to come as he scored an early try. But,


in the dressing-room at half-time, he suffered an epileptic fit and


was treated by the club doctor. Potentially, that could derail the


team. Our doctor handled the whole situation very well.


Hull FC went on to secure a victory which boosts their play-off hopes.


One campaign group said today it is no more dangerous for epilepsy


sufferers to player can do it -- to play a contact sport like rugby


league than anyone else. There is no reason why any of young people


with epilepsy cannot go on to succeed in sport or any other area


of work. Kirk Yeaman thanked fans after she was inundated with


Elsewhere, Hull Kingston Rovers responded to two heavy defeats with


a victory at Harlequins, Jake Webster scoring twice to ease the


pressure on the coach. By Kirk Yeaman will continue to be


monitored by his club this week. Despite his scare at Wakefield, he


could return on Friday at St Helens. Incredible, we wish him well. Any


better news from Wimbledon? Thank you for sending me out and a


thunderstorm! Kyle Edmund is through to the next round of the


under 17 is Wimbledon tournament. He beat Joao Pedro Sorgi today. He


said that practising with Robert saw the line has helped his game.


If you get any time here, it is good, and to hit with Robert was


even better. The thought of Kyle Edmund. Lincoln


Ladies have three players in their squad for England's World Cup match


with Mexico. The game has just ended and a draw. 1-1.


This week sees the showing of our film charting the lives other


people who worked on the Humber docks. There will be screenings in


Grimsby, Hull, and cool. -- and You cringed with the pain sometimes,


but you could not stop. Some people said that they had to go home and


get their wide suspect -- to pick splinters out of their shoulders. -


- get their wages to pick splinters out of their shoulders. Very few


fishermen sailed with money, usually it was gone! He tended to


drink everything. At the end of three weeks, you got three weeks


money, you had two days off. You're not going to go to charge, are you?


-- to church are you? There are a few tickets left to see


If you're going to see the film, then enjoy it.


More than 2000 people flocked to Hall Art Gallery this weekend to


see David Hockney poss Mac biggest ever painting. -- David Hockney's


biggest ever painting. It helped to attract four times the usual number


of visitors to the gallery. My it has taken him five years to


build, but a man from Lincolnshire plans to drive his replica 1920s


racing-car the entire length of the country. Colin Wilson has spent


every spare moment on his pride and joy. He is now travelling from


Land's End to John o' Groats for charity.


Wherever it goes, Colin Wilson's Carter is guaranteed to be the


centre of attention. It classic looks are hiding a secret - it is


actually a brand new. He designed it and built it from scratch,


modelled on the 1926 Talbot -- the 1926 Talbot 700. The body style is


on that shape. I have used a Jaguar engine. It fits the shape of the


body. Although the car this is based on was one of the fastest of


its time, a machine that Colin has built is capable of far greater


performance, with its modern engineering. Its top speed is in


excess of 160 miles an hour. It has taken painstaking work to build,


and now he is driving the car from Land's End to John o' Groats. He is


using it to improve facilities to the local -- as the local church.


We use it a lot as a school and now it will give us the opportunity to


stay there a little bit longer, to have a toilet facility in the


Church, it will be fantastic. morning, children at the village


school waved him on his way. It is one of the best things I have ever


heard someone doing. It is amazing that he has made it. The epic


journey is supposed to take three If you have a story or you know


someone we should feature, send us an e-mail.


Classrooms are said to be empty as high-level talks are not enough to


stop hundreds of thousands of public sector workers striking.


Humberside police say that crime is on the up and there is worse to


come. The weather will be less funny than


today. It will be much milder. -- the weather will be less sunny than


Someone says, other police forces have had budget cuts and the police


need to look at the top level of police first and reduce some of


them before cutting the frontline force. Simon from Grimsby says,


desperate people do desperate things. You're inviting a free for


all from the criminal element by cutting the police force.


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