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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Parents criticise teachers plans to go on strike and empty classrooms


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


It is ridiculous. I have to plan something at the last moment.


Captured on camera - the police car the one cyclist says could have


seriously injured him. I would have hit her. I was less than one yard


behind. It is the end of an era as the


Nimrod makes his final flight. And we see how industrial disputes had


they began packed on life on the docks.


And a better day to come tomorrow. All the latest on the five-day


forecast in a few minutes. Good evening. Ridiculous and


disrupted. Parents of schoolchildren in her area have


condemned Thursday's plan strike action by teachers. It is still


unclear if the strikes will still go ahead or which schools will be


affected. But despite a direct appeal from the Prime Minister this


afternoon, the strike appears to be still on.


The strikes could begin in a little over 36 hours, at least that is if


they go ahead. And this huge uncertainty is causing more concern


amongst parents. It is ridiculous. I have to plan something at the


last moment. Do you think many of them will be able to make last-


minute arrangements? I do not think so. Minus 16, but a lot of parents


are going to be stuck. So here are the total number of schools across


there a real that have so far notified their local council of


school closure on Thursday. There will be 20 out of 97 in Hull. 26


side of a hundred and 62 in the East Riding. Four out of 51 in


North Lincolnshire. Under Lincolnshire, 21 schools out of 323


have so far chosen to close. Other schools are partially closed which


means always certain classes will be disrupted. And some schools may


not given notice of the closure before Thursday. You can keep up-


to-date by contacting your school were checking your local authority


website. Teachers a strike in over changes


to their pension schemes but parents attending a school function


in Hull this morning were not sympathetic. They are not losing


their jobs. They are not losing their pay. All they are being asked


is to pay for their old age which everybody has to do. I do not think


I have a great deal of sympathy for any of these people who are on


strike. Yes, I agree behind the reason behind it but not the action


is such. It disrupts a lot of lives. 30th June was very carefully chosen


because that is the GCSE and exams. In the primary schools, it is


before the end of term celebrations. If the strike goes ahead, the


extent of the disruption will become clearer tomorrow. Though


many pupils and parents will feel they are caught in the middle of a


fight they do not pick. Joining me now is Brian Swinton


from the National Union of Teachers in East Riding. Good evening.


Teachers are unhappy about their pensions and having to work longer.


Why do they think they are a special case? We are not asking to


be a special case. We are asking that the Government investigate.


Even though many parents will be inconvenienced, any it -- many will


incur extra child costs, you will go ahead? We need to go with head


with the strike. We think this is a catastrophic attempt to damage


schools. Loss of responses coming in. If parents take children out of


school, they are accused of wrecking their education. But


teachers can just down tools. was a Royal Wedding recently and a


lot of school closed for one day because of that. I do not hear any


complaints about that. You will not get much sympathy from many people.


Lots of companies are now announcing redundancies. I take


empathise with anybody who loses their job, anyone put under any


kind of threat of employment, losing your job is dreadful. White


to teachers not want to work a few years longer? Everyone else will


have to. To put it in a nutshell, do you want all people teaching


your children. That is what we are heading for. That is why you seek,


but people always going to the teaching session -- profession.


his - might not always. What are some parent makes any kind of


mistake can a child has harmed? Do we really want unqualified and very


well-meaning world -- meaning people going into schools? That is


a No. What kind of situation is that? Are you expecting a big


crowd? If you look ahead teachers' salaries you will find she is less


than quite a lot of head teachers. Very good to see. Thank you - work


thank you for coming in. Perhaps you are a teacher yourself. Maybe


you are a parent or a business worrying about what you will do.


Your thoughts, if you want to, get I look forward to hearing from you.


In a moment: The local companies making big money from contracts for


next year's Olympics. An East Yorkshire cyclist has


captured on film and the moment that a police car appears to cut in


front of them. Paul Brown from Brough claims he is lucky he was


not it by the vehicle which overtook him as he approached a


junction. He is one of a number -- growing number of cyclists buying


cameras to attach to their helmets. As you can see, this police car


decides to take -- over take me. This is footage authority recorded


on his video camera. I had to break straight away as soon as I worked


out she was going to cut across me. I had to brake sharply and move my


front wheel out. Mr Brown was returning from a cycle ride on


Saturday when it happened. He got a mini camera just two months ago


after he was involved in a serious accident. About two months ago I


was knocked off my bike by a motorist. So I bought a camera up


to make myself more say in future. Our growing number of cyclistss are


now equipping themselves with many cameras. They want to make sure


that in an event of an accident, they can show exactly what happened.


In London, some cyclists have prosecuted motorists with footage


they have taken. Now that trend is coming here. The trend has spread.


People feel more confident riding a cycle. With litigation, it is one


more thing that people can use as evidence. Humberside Police said it


is not possible to comment on this incident on the nature of the


driving involved. Without seeing the footage and until a complaint


has been made. Meanwhile, Mr Brown recommends all cyclists get a


camera to make sure dangerous step driving is highlighted and stopped.


Thank you. This is another one that you might have review 1. Maybe you


have your own story to tell. If you want to get in touch with us, here


are the details: Some more news tonight, the parents of a soldier


from Bridlington who was killed in action last year have been to


Buckingham Palace to receive a medal from the Queen on his back


have. 23-year-old Corporal Matthew


Stenton died in Afghanistan last of his try to rescue another soldier.


He was awarded a posthumous Military Cross.


Controversial plans to build a wind barmiest DEC Ness are being


examined a day public inquiry. East Lindsey District Council refused


permission for the six turbines last year. The company behind the


application is appealing. The Government inspector will decide


whether the wind farm will go ahead. The inquiry will expect the last


one week. Wheat have the unique airier and that people used to come


to. Putting the wind farm in the middle of it is not the best thing


to be doing. There is a well for women need for Global Energy. We


believe this is a good place for are a wind farm. We have done a lot


of surveys which supporter case. Two shops in Boston have been


banned from selling alcohol after being caught with fake what car on


their shells. Bottle labelled as what cover for Atif contain a


solvent. Boston Deli has had its licence suspended an international


fits have had their licences revoked permanently.


Today in the Nimord R1 spyplane has landed at RAF Waddington for the


final time. It has reached the end of its working life. But some


critics fear the lack of a replacement will leave a hole in


the RAF's capabilities. A final flight past foreign


academic aircraft. And the final fare well to Waddington, its home.


A touch of sadness but they sense a great pride in what has been a


fantastic service since 1995. a fitting way to say farewell.


is very sad. I enjoyed it all. Pretty sad. It has been a great


workhorse. You can tell by its design that the Nimrod is a


throwback to the 50s and 60s. It was based on the first commercial


airliner. Since it was introduced by the RAF in 19 Sunday for, it has


been involved in every conflict. This one has just returned back


from Libya. Originally it was designed for her strategic


intelligence collection. In recent years, we have become more of a


tactical platform. We have been delivering that intelligence


picture in real time and helping them make the battlefield decisions.


The Nimrod had a different role. This was supposed be replaced by


the new Nimrod, but they were controversially scrapped in


Government cutbacks while they were still being built. The lack of


replacement for they are one has led to concerns there is now a gap


in the RAF's capabilities. The fact is that this capability that we had


with the Nimrod is totally irreplaceable in one sense and we


have a shortage now. Today, the chief of the Air Staff was staying


positive. It dents our depth of her capability. That is what this is.


We can still do the emissions we need to do. This was an efficient


way of doing it. We will have to use other methods now. After 37


years of service, this is the last time for the Nimrod will take to


the skies for the RAF. Another historic aircraft disappearing into


the history books. Some great pictures there. What


happens to those who worked on the Nimrod? Well, work is under way on


a replacement for the Nimrod. It is called the blowing of a joint


aircraft. It is only in service in America but many are staff are


working on the state's learning how to operate it. It will not be until


2014 that the new aircraft will be flying in and out of Waddington on


RAF duties. I do know that many people living Waddington tonight


know that their days of working on the Nimrod are over. They are


tinged with sadness. It is for them the end of an era. Thank you very


much. The time is 6:18pm. -- 18 minutes to seven o'clock. Tonight:


Problems on the picket-lines. And the youngsters joining together to


try and break musical records. More on that in a moment. If you


have a picture you are padded -- proud of, do send it in. This photo


is of the sunrise in Bridlington, Paul Hudson is here with the


weather. I have had an e-mail from Bill, saying, but then forecast --


within minutes of forecasting under, on a Twitter, he had a Spitting


headache. -- splitting headache. An improving Headline, tomorrow is


a better day with sunny spells and a few scattered showers around but


nothing like the thunder storms we had across eastern areas today. A


ridge of high pressure is trying to get in from the south west. A few


showers today and tomorrow. The weekend looks promising, find with


sunshine. You can see this cloud which gave a lot of rain and


thunderstorms in Norfolk, East Lincolnshire, moving up. They have


now quickly moved into the North Sea. A fairly quiet evening and


night, quite a lot of cloud at first. The cloud should break up


from the west, lowest temperatures tonight, down to nine Celsius. The


Sunday rises at 4:34am tomorrow. Here are the times.


Any overnight cloud will quickly break up. Some did she spells of


sunshine will come through. The cloud will bubble up with the risk


of scattered showers. Quite a few places tomorrow will stay dry. Let


us look at those top temperatures. The breeze coming from the west.


Similar on Thursday with Friday and Saturday looking mostly fine but


sunshine. Follow me on a Twitter. Businesses in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire say the 2012 Olympics have helped safeguard thousands of


jobs. Many companies from this area have been involved in building the


Olympic Park in London. So far, it's brought millions of pounds


into the local economy. Our reporter Leanne Brown is among some


of the first journalists who have been inside the Olympic Park, and


is there for us now. What type of companies have been involved in


this massive development? You can see the Olympic Stadium. Lots of


different companies from our area have been involved in building this,


firms in East Yorkshire provided things like it -- like air


conditioning, fire alarms. In Lincolnshire, timber, concrete


pipelines. Even the metal fastenings for the plastic seats in


the stadium. I went on a tour of the stadium earlier today would


some of those local businesses. Jonathan Edwards was it with us as


well and he said to me, it is not just about London, and that


certainly seems to ring true when you look at the amount of companies


involved. It is an iconic building in itself, this firm specialises in


safety equipment, supplying 22,000 different products. When they knew


the Olympics were coming, they were keen to get in on the act.


Olympics is taking place in London. We felt that was no reason why we


shouldn't get involved. So we went knocking on the door and were given


a three-year contract. We are providing the safety kit for 12,000


people there. Hard hat protection, high-visibility clothing. All the


VIPs are wearing our dear as well. Providing clothing such as high-


visibility vests they not seem like much but it is a contract worth


millions. It has taken three years to build the Olympic Stadium and


all sorts of companies from our area that are involved in this


project. Still has come from Scunthorpe, flowers from Slee for


it. The turf from northern Lincolnshire. This is a specialist


product, we use a blend of grasses. Ideal for sports views and


prestigious projects. County Turf has thousands of layers of --


metres of land. We wanted to take part in the process for the Olympic


Stadium. It is great news for the whole of the company and North


Lincolnshire. In these tough economic times, the grass is almost


certainly looking greener. There is still more than �450


million worth of business to bid for. I had a sneaky look at some of


the contracts that were available as of today, they include things


like lighting, transport, souvenirs, and they are looking for people to


provide temporary saunas! Tomorrow's an important day in the


search for people who might want to carry the Olympic torch next year.


The committee is looking for inspirational people to carry the


Olympic torch. That will pass through our area. If you think you


know of someone who is the perfect person to do that, the deadline is


tomorrow. They earned a reputation for being


one of the most militant workforces in the country. Strikes and


industrial action were a fact of life for dockers on the Humber


during the sixties, seventies and eighties. Now, BBC Look North has


been collecting the memories of those dockers, as part of Life On


There has been shipping on the Humber for centuries but the


industrial revolution saw the estuary really exploit its natural


assets. Coal exports were built up and halt macro and Christine Blower


expanding as commercial and fishing docks. The cradle of the industrial


revolution in Britain who was the north of England, the Pennines. And


Hull and Grimsby and other parts of the river were well placed to


service that, to move raw-material spin and out. To move finished


products out. By the 1930s, the ports had expanded, trade had


outgrown the small city centre and it was transformed into a formal


gardens. New amenities were in part a sign of this region's ability to


ride out the Depression. For the next 30 years, there was certainly


plenty of jobs on the docks. But it was a tough life. It was hard work,


you were sweating, you cringed at times, and sometimes with the pain,


but you couldn't stop. Many men who came could not Hackett. You had to


pick things up, up with so many people with broken hands and


fingers and limbs. Life expectancy for a doctor was one of the


shortest in the country, and given the poor working conditions, it is


no surprise they became one of the most unionised Labour forces in the


country. We always fell out over money and dover man ing. It was all


very, very frustrating for management and for customers of


course. There was unofficial action. The 21-year-old lad, he said, if


you are registered, we will look after you. In 1972, the use of


ports which were not part of the National Dock Labour Scheme sparked


a national strike. Police came from one over the country to defeat us.


And they didn't defeat us. We were incensed. There was a truce. The


militant dockers had made themselves a future target for


Margaret Thatcher and the Tory government. Since the war, dockers


had been protected by the National Dock Labour Scheme but the


government saw it as a barrier to progress and wanted it abolished.


To me, as a docker of the 1960s, it was a backward step. Norman Fowler


said we would not go back to casual Labour. They backed down. They


collected cheques of up to �35,000 but they were also accepting a


future without the union that sway. The abolition of the scheme was the


worst thing which happened. It was a big change in the 1990s. And I


was very, very pleased to be then running a port that I could manage.


Today, the Humber ports are the UK's largest by tonnage, though far


fewer men unaided. They are regarded as an economic success.


But those that worked their say it is his success built on their sweat


and struggles. There are still a few tickets left


to see our Life On The Docks film, at a special screening in Goole.


That's this Thursday evening at 7.15pm. Admission is free, but you


will need to book a ticket from our A handbag once owned by Grantham's


most famous daughter, Margaret Thatcher, has raised �25,000 for


charity. It accompanied Mrs Thatcher to summits with the then


US president, Ronald Reagan, in the eighties. The handbag was auctioned


off at Christie's last night. More than 400 primary school children


have created Hull's biggest string ensemble ever.


Children as young as eight formed part of a huge concert in the City


Hall. And we went along to hear Children develop their whole self


through music. We are told by teachers, up so-and-so who would


never say boo to a goose, would happily stand in front and play


whatever. A brilliant experience for us kids, we have never actually


been in a live place like this. really like playing musical


instruments. I am speechless. It is so did with all of the instruments.


And how many people are here. And I know many of them are tuned in


and watching. Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


As the Prime Minister calls on public sector workers not to go on


strike, teachers unions here defend their action over pensions.


We are going ahead with the strike, we need to alert the public of a


catastrophic event which will handicap and damage education.


tomorrow's weather: A much brighter day, with sunny spells and patchy


cloud. Some showers, but quite a few places are expected to stay dry.


Top temperature, 19 Celsius. The sponsors coming in from you on


if the strikes, one duet saying teachers do not want to strike,


parents should support them. Another viewer saying, parents are


moaning about childcare. I didn't go to university for four years to


be a glorified childminder, I am a professional and it is my


democratic right to strike. Peter on it what it says parents are seen


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