04/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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the High Court. And after thousands attend the


annual air show, the clean-up begins at RAF Waddington.


And after a warm weekend at the unsettled weather up -- is on his


way back. Contractors in East Yorkshire have


apologised for laying a new road surface, free of charge, outside


the home of Beverley MP Graham Stuart. They'd resurfaced the drive


using materials left over from public road repairs but the move


left the MP being strongly criticised. Neighbours were also


angry, claiming the new surface didn't fit in with the surroundings.


Well, today the workmen returned to the scene to rip the tarmac up. Our


reporter Phil Connell was there. This exclusive residential road and


Beverley has been the biggest talking point for weeks. A private


drive that has gone from this, to this, to this. The way for the


local MP has been blamed for the controversial saga. Her request for


free Tarmac to be laid has divided neighbours and caused a political


storm. This is just one small residential road, why has it become


a priority? There are many roads in this very area that deserve to have


the resources used on them. controversy began when Mrs Stuart


asked contractors working for the council to resurface the drive that


also leads to their family home. The work men had been repairing


potholes and Beverley, and use Tarmac which had been left over.


The problem is the neighbours here were not consulted. Today, after


several objections, the contractors are back to remove the tarmac which


is laid just a few weeks before. the time, it seemed like a good


will gesture done in good faith. you regret it now? It was in there


and we apologise and you will do our best to put the right. This


lane is a private road which provides access to 18 different


homes. Today those using the lane where divided as to whether the


Stuarts use of the tarmac was right or wrong. I liked it. I think once


and settle down it would have been the same colour as the rest of the


lane. It is a lot less bumpy. morning Mrs Stuart was attempting


to build bridges with neighbours. Her husband Graham left home were


refusing to comment. One friend and neighbour said the MP and his wife


had been unfairly treated. I think it is totally unreasonable that


they should be put through this ordeal, and the stress and pressure


is phenomenal. The expected a few potholes and they got M25 done.


MP will be hoping today brings closer to the story. The tale has


more twists and turns than a lane itself.


And Phil is in Mr Stuart's Beverley constituency for us now. Phil, what


is the situation there tonight? After complaints from local Labour


Party here in Beverley, we believe Graham Stuart has now declared this


work as a parliamentary -- under parliamentary rules on private


interests. He will not want to be accused of taking advantage of his


parliamentary position. As regards the Lane itself, things there are a


lot quieter. Workmen have finished lifting 50 yards of tarmac. Whether


it will restore peace and harmony to this residential road, we will


have to wait and see. We will meet Hull City's new


players as they begin pre-season training.


Health campaigners say they'll fight proposals to relax the


smoking ban in pubs. The East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight is leading


calls for a change in the law, which would allow pubs and clubs to


create a designated smoking room for those who want to light up. He


claims the ban is responsible for a record number of pub closures


across the country, but opponents point to the economic downturn as


the cause. More now from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


This is a typical scene outside any British pub nowadays: smokers


banished to the great outdoors. Not too bad on a summer's evening, less


appealing in the middle of winter. Most of the smokers here that this


Hull pub say they would much rather be indoors. You pay for everything


but you can smoke inside, you have to go outside. It is not fair at


all when you're coming out socialising. We're going home now


to have a drink and we can have a small there. I think we should all


be allowed back in the pubs and they should have smoking rooms back


in the pubs. It is not very sociable to leave people in the pub


to have become its side. And number of MPs from all sides agree


including East Yorkshire Tory Greg Knight. Since the introduction of


the smoking ban, many smokers are now staying at home, and sauteed is


falling. It's to try to save the village pub, the town pub, and in


many cases these are a valuable asset to the community they serve.


Figures reveal that since the smoking ban was introduced in


England in 2007, more than 4000 pubs have closed. Health


campaigners point to figures showing that in the first beer of


the ban alone, the number of heart attacks fell by around 10%. I think


we have moved on now anything people enjoyed it when they go to


the pub, it is a smoke-free environment. I think it would be


going back really, if we now started having smoking room she


could go as Malkin. It is not the way to deal with it. We need to


support the pub industry and support the issue of alcohol that


is being sold so cheaply in supermarkets, those are the things


we need to address. Four years on, opinion is still sharply divided as


to whether pubs and clubs should remain totally smoke-free


environments. Sean Rennison is a pub landlord in


Hull, and also serves on the Licensed Victuallers' Association


which represents the pub trade. Do you and many of you landlords


welcome the suggestion of a return for smoking rooms? Yes, we do. It


is what we wanted originally going back to 2006 when we were


consulting on the smoking ban. would surely agree we don't want to


go back to the old days of a pub smelling like small, which is what


would happen? With today's technology, air extraction in the


air conditioning... Who will pay for that, the brewery's? The pub


landlords. Her 59 pubs a weaker closing. They are not closing


because of the smoking ban, are the? I think you'll find the


majority are closing as a part of the smoking ban. You can be sure of


that? It is the principal factor in pub closures, take my word for that.


We have an e-mail here saying that some -- lack of smoking rooms


killing pubs is rubbish: it is a high cost of the drinks in them.


That does not help, I have to say. Supermarkets selling alcohol often


at below cost and passing the VAT element on ticket prices. You would


be happy to see a pub again with people puffing away damaging


themselves even talk health agencies say the number of heart


attacks went down by 10%? Are you happy to see people smoking away in


pubs? I would be delighted to see that in a control that was fair.


What is a control that is here? Extraction and air-conditioning.


Our reporter said that government could look at things like price


controls in supermarkets. Minimum prices would be a big advantage.


Perhaps the pubs have not got it right? The pubs have got it right.


It is a tradition. People visiting winter visit English pubs.


I'd like to throw this one open to you this evening. Do you support


the idea of bringing "smoking rooms" back? If so, why? Or do you


think the smoking ban has been a good thing? Perhaps you're a


landlord or maybe a smoker yourself? I'd be interested to hear


A play in Bridlington involving 300 school children has been cancelled


after concerns about references by a gay character to his sexuality.


The play was due to take place at the Bridlington Spa next weekend.


It's part of an Opera North project. But the writer, who also wrote


Billy Elliot, says the school pulled out after he refused to


change part of the script. They've said that this character can be gay


but not acknowledge that Tuesday. If you look at the rental people,


some people will be a bit you don't know what. How well you know if he


is getting does not convey it. are not being homophobic, they're


not saying that homosexuality is a terrible thing. I think the


opposite. There saying we need to teach it can handle it in a way


that we think is appropriate. In other news today, four wallabies


have been killed at Sewerby Hall, near Bridlington. Initial evidence


suggests a fox is responsible for the attack. The zoo's fifth wallaby


has now been re-homed, while staff check the perimeter fencing.


A teacher in Lincoln has been suspended for two years for having


"inappropriate contact" with two students. Kirstie Notman was


teaching at the Priory LSST school when she sent explicit text


messages and a Valentine's card to a pupil. The General Teaching


Council heard she later moved to another school but failed to tell


them about the allegations. Marks & Spencer is planning to open


a new store in Scunthorpe just months after pulling out of the


town. The shop wants to move to a new development on Doncaster


It has cost �21 million, and has taken two years to build.


Today, the state of the art Pods leisure centre in Scunthorpe has


opened its doors for the first time. Our reporter Jake Zuckerman has


been to take a look. The Pods have landed. Like an alien


visitor. Bringing the latest facilites to Scunthorpe. A gym with


dozens of exercise machines, two studios, a six-court sports hall


and a 25-metre pool. architecture of the building itself


is so unique. It is what -- it is about what is inside two. It is the


modern facilities we have and the high-tech equipment. It is about


looking to the future in that is what is important about it. It


shows we will not do it things second best year. We want the best


and that is what do will deliver on. The gym opened today: an


opportunity for local people to get their first glimpse of what's on


offer. Fantastic, a lot more modern than the old place. New and


different, modern. A it is very a market. The building cost more than


�21 million and sports environmentally friendly features.


Like grey-water recycling and a biomass boiler. But the project has


not been without its difficulties. Two weeks ago an explosion in the


pool's filter system injured three workers. As a result, the pool's


opening has been delayed. Still, the council is adamant, any


teething problems will soon be Still to come: A High Court hearing


for the couple who claimed a wind farm at forced them to abandon home.


And it the clean-up gets underway at RAF Waddington after thousands


attend the annual air show. Tonight's voted gaffe is of the


Spurn Lightship. -- a photograph. Good evening, how are you?


This will make you feel good about yourself. I saw Peter Levy sitting


by himself in the docks the other day. How sad is that?


You forecasters are in trouble. You forecasters are in trouble.


We got it right this weekend. The headline for the next 24 hours


is not up to bed at first. By the end of the day, rain will be


pushing in from the West. The type of weather that dominated June will


come across for the foreseeable future and into next week. In the


short term, it is very pleasant out there. Enjoy this warm evening, it


may be the last one for some time. There will be some hazy sunshine


and variable amounts of cloud. Lowest temperatures down to 12


Celsius. The sun will rise in the It looks very pleasant in the


morning. Fine and bright and there would be some sunshine for most of


us. As we head through the afternoon, cloud will thicken from


the West. By the end of the afternoon, rain will be threatening


but I don't know if it will get to the coast until tomorrow evening.


For the most parts, it is looking fine. We have topped temperatures


of 24 Celsius. There is the potential for some heavy rain


See you tomorrow. It has been described as a landmark


case. A Lincolnshire couple who claimed the noise from a wind farm


has driven them from their home, have begun a hearing at the High


Court today. Jane and Julian Davis live in Deeping St Nicholas and say


the noise was so disturbing, they couldn't sleep at night. The case


is likely to set a precedent for other claims across the country.


Their house but they can't live here any more. The family say they


were forced to move out for good four years ago by these. 1,000


metres away, eight turbines omitting a noise that they say were


so bad they are challenging it in the High Court. The drone was so


unrelenting. Everyone is very tired and totally exhausted. Since


recording her diary, they have moved into rented accommodation and


when a tribunal ruling that they have reduced the value of their


home. This morning they have come to the High Court in London up to


resolve their noise problem once and for all. We have had to come


because we have exhausted every other avenue of resolving the


problem. If without the pressure placed on them by a court action,


they have done little in terms of resolving the problem. We are


hoping to achieve recognition that there is a noise nuisance from the


wind farm and get that stopped. We hope to go home and carry on our


life. For what do they have to achieve? They want the company is


to remove three of the turbines, limit operating hours and pay


damages like their rental costs. Tomorrow the court will go to the


site as it tries to determine whether the nuisance noise claim is


valid. The case is being seen as a landmark one for the entire


industry. A lot of people will be following


this one. Do you support them in their fight at the High Court? What


is your experience of wind Thank you for the messages on our


story about agricultural employees in Lincolnshire. They claimed they


would be lost without the non British workforce. It comes as the


Government urges businesses to take on more unemployed Britons and stop


relying on Labour from abroad. Businesses say they would be lost


without them. We talked about that on Friday and we have had a big


response. We were chatting about it Hull Kingston Rovers got their


highest ever Super League score as they took, Wakefield at home


yesterday. They won with an incredible 70-14. It included hat-


tricks as well. He scores in the corner for Hull


Kingston Rovers. Peter Fox scores and the opposite corner. -- in the


opposite corner. Back-to-back tries He has scored his second try of the


Webster, you have got to put your money on him on scoring a try. Fox


is in for his hat-trick in the corner. Well them is in in the


corner. In there for his hat trick is Kris Welham. In at the corner.


Hull Kingston Rovers 70. What a day for them. Hull City signing, Jack


Hobbs, says he hopes to be playing Premier League football with the


club. His comments came as the squad reported back for pre-season


training. Among them, three brand new faces there for the first time.


They were put through their paces by their coaches and a clock.


There fresh signings and they are here to bolster the team for what


promises to be an incredibly tough championship season. Jack Hobbs


spent a brief time here on loan up well Joe Dudgeon or links up with


Cameron Stewart and James Chester. It was influential in my decision.


They have settled in really well. After this season, I wanted to be


playing in the Premiership. other to have something in common.


They joined from Nottingham Forest who went close to promotion last


season. Disappointing towards the end after missing out on promotion


and being beaten by Swansea. Looking forward to a new challenge


now. Nice to be at a new club and a fresh start. It is good to be here.


The machine meant -- monitors every step of every play in every second.


Using every tool to give them an advantage. They sweltered under the


summer sun today. They know they are back to the cut and thrust of


full bore. Whether you are doing your first pre-season here are your


17th, a gets no easier. Bit by bit, they are putting together of the


squad that they hope will be competitive in a very difficult


championship Division. Children in Cleethorpes have been


getting gymnastic classes from a three-times world champion. Beth


Tweddle is a 2012 Olympic hope for. She was visiting the town's academy


which is trying to get more children involved in her sport.


Gymnastics has been my life. I want every child to have the opportunity


to do now fix on their doorstep. -- genetics. She is nice and she is


Well done to Colin Milton from Scampton near Lincoln. He has


driven the length of the country for charity. We reported how he was


travelling from John O'Groats to Land's End in his home-made 1920s


racing car. He finished the trip yesterday and has raised �1,400 for


his local church. A huge clean-up operation is underway at RAF


Waddington near Lincoln after more than 150,000 visitors attended the


weekend's air show. The annual event is now the biggest air show


in the country. It featured It brought in flying displays from


around the world and the Sun helped bring an estimated 150,000 people


through the gates. I have walked around and chatted to the people


and they are attracted by the flying display. They get the range


of entertainment on offer elsewhere. It is a bonus to get two clear days.


-- two clear days. For many at the Air Show, Lincolnshire's very own


Red Arrows were the highlight. The US Air Force at 16 display team


provided plenty of noise. It is a great show for us to do. It is nice


to get lots of friends and family down here. It has been a successful


weekend. For in preparation, 160,000 tickets were printed.


50,000 information maps were handed out, 22,000 official programmes


were on offer and there has been 6114 of these. We have come every


year and it is always the same. It seems to get better. A hot day. It


has been a fun-filled. The Red Arrows, we enjoyed them. For it is


baking. You need a good side on a day like this. One of the stars was


the Vulcan. To see it fly, the power, the beauty. You can't be


tears. It takes me back to the times when I used to be on the


quick reaction pounds. �100,000 was raised for local and air force


charities. It helps people in a way that the RAF officially can't


through... It helps them adapt to a new life. The focus moves back to


operational duties, working on They were a big hit this weekend.


Now for the recap of the headlines. Revelations in the News of the


world hacking controversy, allegations that Milly Dowler's


phone was tapped -- hacked days after she disappeared.


The cancer has dug up a road surface that was laid outside the


House of Beverley stewards. -- council.


Cloudy in the afternoon tomorrow with rain spreading in from the


West. Highs of 24 Celsius. The response on the smoking rooms


in pubs now. Alex said why should we pamper those silly enough to


indulge in a hat disgusting habit. Let the smokers have their room.


I another says, I welcomed the choice.


Sarah says, I don't smoke myself but most of my friends do. When it


is raining, you don't want to go inside and it would boost trade


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