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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


We stand by our decision, a primary-school defends pulling out


of a show featuring a gay character. Angry protests at a decision to


close care homes for the elderly. Delayed, disrupted and indirect.


The train firm struggling to get its services to London. And the


football tournament with a difference about to be staged in


Hull. And if the weather is now turning much more unsettled. The


very latest his later in the programme. The head of an East


Yorkshire primary school is tonight defending her decision to pull the


plug on children's opera featuring a leading character who's gay.


Tonight, the head of Bay Primary had said she never wanted to see


that character taking out of the play that the use of the word clear


in the script was something she would never allow in her playground.


-- queer. Hundreds of her pupils were due to be involved in the


production due to open in Bridlington later this month. Anne


Marie Tasker has been speaking exclusively to the head of the


school. The school said words in the scripts were sexually


suggestive. The writer of the opera has not spoken to them but he has


spoken to television. That is the only line that you know that the


character is D. What can be wrong with kids being in a play with a


gay character, whatever age they are? Thousands of internet users


back the writer online but the head teacher of the school say people


misunderstand why she has taken her 300 pupils, some as young as four


year sold out of the shore. We had no intention to censor a gay


character but there was one word that we had trouble with children


as young as this saying in a performance. If they said it in the


playground we would be stopping them and seeing it is not a nice


word to use. In the playground many parents back to the head teacher


was my decision. To see it is former pop it is ridiculous. I do


not think clear is the correct word to be using, it gives children the


wrong impression. It is not teach appropriate for them. But others


who found out about the row in a letter to the school yesterday see


it is an over-reaction. children have worked very hard and


if the school have a concern they should have got in touch with


parents to ask our opinion. You hear worse words in the playground,


that is my opinion. There is nothing wrong with it. The row


continues to rumble on. Richard Lane is from the gay and lesbian


campaign group Stonewall. He gave me his reaction. We are obviously


very concerned by the reports that the opera and production has been


cancelled due to homophobia. I think it brings up wider issues


about schools being able to discuss age appropriate education


surrounding gay and bisexual issues within school. Do you think it is


right that children as young as four are discussing the issues in


drama groups? I do not think it is about eight per se but about


discussions in schools that some people have different families,


some people have two mums or two dads, some are brought up by their


grandparents and it is about having all of that reflected in school.


the line he said I am aware of which is why I left here. Well some


people be disappointed that children are hearing phrases like


that? It's the work with schools across the country and our


different families report that speaking to young people who have


gay or lesbian parents often feel very isolated within schools that


actually their families who support and love them are not reflected in


schools. It is about teachers teaching pupils of all ages in the


age appropriate ways that are using the word gay as an insult is always


wrong. If you are a parent and you have no gay or lesbian people in


the family, can you understand why those parents would not be happy?


think the skills have to take responsibility and we know that


pretty much every school in the country will have a pupil with a


gay family member on a gay friend. It is about ensuring that everyone


is included in education. Some say this is homophobia in the name of


child protection, would you go along with this? I think what is


child protection is that our research shows that nine out of 10


secondary school teachers and many primary school teachers regularly


hear a homophobic abuse. Were these skills right to call at an day on


this and Laura were the wrong? think people need to understand the


issues and the language that is being used and to ensure that the


curriculum is inclusive for all pupils. Was the skill right or


wrong? It is about them having intervention with parents at the


earliest possible stage, I will not going to the details of the six


that decision but we were with schools and pupils who experience


warm-up for be and it is about insuring every school takes their


responsibility to communicate these issues seriously. He would not


answer that one, maybe you well. Do you think the school was right to


pull-out of the production? If you wear a parent would you be happy


about language like that being used in a script for those aged between


In a moment: A 24 hour vigil against a mobile phone mast reaches


its 10th week. A decision to close some care homes in Lincolnshire was


today met with angry protests. At a meeting this morning, the county


council pushed through a plan which will see five homes shut in the


next three months, with another three closing from next year.


Campaigners say the authority is trying to make money at the expense


of their elderly relatives. Our community correspondent Vicky


Johnson has more. They were not many in number but protesters made


loud and clear their opposition to the care home closures. It does not


just affect families with people in care homes and the moment but it


affects those who will need care in the future. I think it is appalling,


they are abdicating their responsibility to the frail and


elderly people of this county. council executive heard at this


morning that changes are needed to modernise the service. These homes


were built 40 years ago and they are past their best, we think we


can provide a better service in other menus. But those in the


public gallery were not convinced. It is all about cuts and finance.


As it was voted in favour of the closures some claimed it was less


about modernisation and more about saving money. It will all produce a


capital receipt, that is, money from the sale of the homes between


two and four million pounds. idea is that individuals will


receive a personalised budget which they can spend how they wish rather


than council deciding how they will be cared for. 50% of councils and


Lincolnshire currently receive personalised budgets, the target is


100% by 2013. This is deeply ironic, it is denying choice, it is giving


people a personal budget which they can choose where to spend it accept


in their own home. This and another warm will remain open and tell next


April at least then it is intended to develop the site as a learning


hub for those with dementia. In an unusual move as a High Court


hearing has been held at a Lincolnshire farmer Judy. The case


will decide whether the couple who live there are the victims of wind


farm noise. Two companies and two landowners deny that the couple


were forced to leave their home in 2007. Today was simply putting it


in context with the judge, where the left, -- where they left. The


farmhouse where they were living, the turbines themselves and the


character of the general area. There has been a morning of


disruption because of problems with First Hull Trains. It caused delays


in places like Hull and Grantham as passengers were left waiting for


services. First Hull Trains has blamed the disruption on an engine


failure. This morning cos my problems were caused by an


overnight engine failure in one of the four hull first trains units.


By lunchtime the direct service to the capital was back to normal.


was shocked at first because of all the luggage I have to take with me


but fortunately they have told me that my train is running on time so


it is fine now. Fortunately we do not have to make a connection at


the other time but often we do so we are very fortunate today.


train company has masses of rolling stock sat in the sidelines waiting


for something to happen. We have been transferring people over to


Doncaster this morning, there are delays of 10 to 15 minutes in most


cases. Some say the company is struggling with poor-quality


rolling stock. The problem with these trains is the have been in


use for over a decade but have never been constantly reliable.


Keeping the fleet rolling is something First Hull Trains has


said it is committed to doing. The company pointed out that only last


week the top and national poll for customer satisfaction. Our reporter


is at a station in Hull right now, why does this keep happening to


There are issues with the trains themselves. They have also told us


tonight that the destruction experienced it today could


potentially travel into tomorrow. There advising travellers to check


before setting out their journeys. Still ahead tonight:


A 24-hour vigil against a mobile phone mast reaches its tenth week.


And teams from more than 30 countries prepare for a World Cup


with a difference. This is Goodmanham Wold near Market


Weighton taken by Jennifer Naylor. Thank you very much indeed. If you


have a picture you're proud of, send it in. A story in the papers


today about whether forecasters having sleepless nights. One


national forecasters said he cannot go to bed until he gets the


broadcast rights. Others don't get the Jeremy Paxman style


the Jeremy Paxman style interrogation of a new like I did.


Sunny intervals and scattered showers for tomorrow, a locally


heavy with the risk of thunder. The low pressure will remain anchored


across as for the next few days, bringing showers and even the risk


of longer spells of rain. This is a cold front which is introducing


change to the west, but it is pathetically weak just now, giving


only some patchy rain. The very light and patchy, I think the


graphics are overdoing it. It may become more intense as we head into


the night, so the chance of some heavy bursts of rain. If I was the


pick somewhere that would get the heaviest rain, it would be the East


Yorkshire coastline later tonight. The sun will rise in the morning.


Any rain towards the Yorkshire coast, moving offshore, and that


there are cloudy start there will be sunny spells. Not a complete


washout at all. There will be some days in a brighter spells in


between those showers. A moderate south-west wind and top


temperatures across East Yorkshire of around 19 Celsius. 20 Celsius in


parts of Lincolnshire. The outlook is dominated by low-pressure,


meaning scattered showers and in places thundery.


Do you: have sleepless nights? I am not making this up it was in the


national news today. A group of Hull residents are so


determined to stop a mobile phone mast from being built on their


doorstep that they've been camping out 24 hours a day for the last


nine weeks. They're worried the transmitter will damage their


health -despite experts claiming there is no hard evidence that


these masts are a danger to the public. Leanne Brown reports.


They've been here all day and all night for the past 9 weeks, with no


sign of giving up: We've organised at 24 hours a day sit-in on the


site. We have a lot of with people coming for an hour or two at the


time. If anyone comes to start doing any work at all, we send a


warning signal out and get as many people as we can down to the side


as quickly as possible. All-too and Vodafone want to build the master


idea where this benches. It is in the middle of a residential area


and next to a busy junction. Residents like Dave are concerned


about the possible health risks, so he's made this tent his new bed.


get a bit of company from the foxes. You get all sorts around here.


Health Protection Agency says there is no hard scientific evidence to


suggest it would pose a risk to public health, but Silvia from


Horncastle disputes that, and she is undergoing scientific tests


after living near one. They radiation is so powerful that you


just feel tired for no reason and you cannot sleep. You wake up


feeling hot, numb and sometimes there is a ringing in the years. A


feeling generally sit at, as if you're about to throw up. 85% of


the population owned a mobile, but there are mixed views on the High


Street as to whether the mast should be built. We have to think


about the school's close by. Anything that improves the phone


signal be good for people with more will phones. In a statement the


phone companies told us: We have identified that we both need to


improve the 3G coverage to customers in Hull, so that they are


able to access high-speed mobile broadband services. All our base


stations are designed, built and operated in accordance with


stringent international guidelines. But residents say they're not going


away until the plans are scrapped. Strong feelings there. Earlier, I


spoke to Hazel Nunn from Cancer Research UK. I asked her if people


were right to be worried? In terms of scientific studies,


there is little evidence letting mobile-phone mast to cancer are


other serious outcomes. That does not mean it is not right for people


to be worried about their health. It is only natural, and sometimes


even though the signs is incredibly good and takes us to a certain


stage, we cannot be certain about what sign socialism the future, so


I will not condemn anyone for tried to protect their health and the


health of their children. Of course, we also don't know what will happen


down the line, things could be different and 15 or 20 years' time?


With mobile phone Nast, their evidence has only been emerging for


the last five or 10 years, and similarly, with mobile phone is,


only five years longer than that. The evidence that is coming out is


quite strongly suggesting there is no reason to think that mobile


phones or their masts should be linked to cancer, but it is a new


area. Even if there was a link, people would continue to use their


phones. One of the reasons why there is so much hype around the


model phones is that it is such a new technology. 20 years ago,


hardly anyone had won and now almost everyone does. That is why


there is a lot of interest in this area and a lot of study still


ongoing. There are a lot of other bigger things to worry about in


terms of cancer risks than more will phones. Do we need to be


spending what -- or large amounts of money to get proper research


done to find it once and for all? There will only be large


epidemiological studies, studies that take large groups of people


and look at the list of cancer, if there is a biological reason why we


think there might be a link. For mobile phone is a mobile phone base


stations, there isn't really any plausible biological mechanism by


which we think they could cause cancer. That said, formal will


phones there is a lot of research going on at the moment, and in


children, there is not very much research at the moment, so there is


a lot of Mark -- work being put into this. We will have to wait


longer to find out what that shows. On the basis of the good research


we have at the moment, there is no real cause for concern, and it is


only a pragmatic approach that would invite people to be cautious,


perhaps to ask their children to limit their call times and only use


their mobiles for emergencies. Thank you for talking to us.


If you want it e-mail about that, contact is the usual way. Lots of


you have been in touch with us on the subject of bringing back


smoking in pubs. The East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight wants a change in


the law to allow pubs and clubs to provide areas for people to light


up. He claims the smoking ban is behind a record number of pub


closures across the country. Trevor called us to say, We should


definitely not go back to having smoking in pubs. It is a disgusting


habit and they want to keep it the same as it is. Peter says, I'm a


reformed smoker and I think they should bring back smoking rooms in


pubs. With proper extraction and air conditioning, it would bring


life back to pubs which are dying, Rick on Twitter says, smoking is a


disgusting habit. Has anyone thought about the health of the


staff that have to clean the smoking room out? Craig also


tweeted, I don't agree with smoking in pubs and clubs, I like going


home smelling fresh after a night out, not like a used ashtray!


Vanessa on Twitter says, I welcome smoking rooms as a smoker. They


should remove groups of smokers from pavements. There were loads of


those and thank you very much. Grimsby Town and Lincoln City today


received their fixtures for next season's Blue Square Premier


campaign. The Mariners open their season at home to Fleetwood Town on


the 13th of August while the Imps are away at Southport. The


Lincolnshire derbies are in the space of a few festive days, with


the teams going head-to-head on Boxing Day and New Year's Day.


This Sunday, a unique version of the World Cup will be held in Hull


to bring together and different nationalities from across the city.


Football crosses many boundaries, and here in Hull, players are


training for a special World Cup. The Holland East Yorkshire version,


which aims to bridge differences in culture and language. We have had a


huge influx of new faces and new communities within the city of are


the last few years. This event is about promoting integration, making


sure people get on and understand each other's cultures. This unique


football tournament will bring together 32 definitions. Those


playing are either foreign students here or have moved to the area


permanently. Football, it seems, is the one language it they all


understand. As with any World Cup, an official


football song has been written. It has been penned by the former House


martins member, Ted keen. It has the most important thing: eye-


catcher one-line chorus. There are a lot of countries that rhyme, so


it has not been too difficult. The ethos of the song is that football


should be for everyone. It is the tournament's second year with the


Kurdish team last year clinching victory over Iraq. This time, 12


law countries are playing, including Sudan, China and Ghana.


We want to score, we want to win, but apart from that, it is about


the team spirit. The World Cup takes place at the KC Stadium on


10th July. Football and singing an effective and the easy way to unite


communities. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: The parents of murdered schoolgirls


Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman have been contacted by police


investigating the News of the World phone hacking scandal.


The head of a primary school has defended her decision to pull out


of an opera because of explicit language about a gay character.


Overnight rain towards the Yorkshire coast soon clearing, then


all areas seeing a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers,


locally heavy with a risk of thunder. Maximum temperature of 20


Celsius. Now, not surprisingly, a big


response to our top story: the head teacher said there was no problem


with children discussing homosexuality. It was the use of


the word clear she objected to, and I completely agree. It is as


acceptable to use that word because children will then use it in the


playground without knowing why it is wrong. It seems everyone has


missed the point including the writer of the play. The head


teacher did say to is that the school talks to his children about


homosexuality and also the issues around it.


Another one here: when it comes to the problem of children hearing


that line within the play, most children would not understand or


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