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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


The mother backing plans for tougher penalties for dangerous


drivers after her son was nearly killed on the roads.


There are consequences and where there are not consequences it will


just continue to happen. Demanding action against the News


of the World - Alan Johnson and John Prescott increase the pressure


over phone hacking. A public inquiry may not be comfortable for


me as home secretary at the time, but that is not the point.


would have thought they could have stooped to such levels? I need you


to stay calm. Trapped by arsonists in her own home - we meet the Hull


woman who is still living in fear. I am live in Barton where thousands


have turned out for the annual bike night. And more rain and showers on


the way this evening. More details shortly.


The mother of a teenager who was left brain damaged in a road


accident has tonight welcomed proposals to introduce tougher


penalties for reckless drivers. William Horncastle was left in a


coma for three days following the crash in East Yorkshire. The Prime


Minister, David Cameron, said today he supports moves by the Hull MP,


Karl Turner, to increase the maximum sentence for dangerous


driving from two to seven years. We'll hear from him in a moment,


but first here's our Political Editor, Tim Iredale. You may find


some of the images in his report disturbing.


When William Crom Castle was involved in a serious road accident


last summer, his family feared the worst. He was a passenger in the


car being driven on a rural road in east Yorkshire. We think he must


have been going too fast and just lost control. He ended up being


thrown out of the car. A doctor and a nurse came mint and just got


straight to the point, if they said the early reports from the scene of


the accident was that he was unlikely to arrive alive from


hospital. William was airlifted to hospital where he remained in, for


three days. The driver of the cart was initially charged with


dangerous driving but later admitted a lesser charge of


careless driving. He received a 12 months ban. I think there should be


tougher penalties throughout. Careless driving, dangerous driving,


it is ambiguous. The true cost of a car accident is the end result,


what happens to the victim. Road safety campaigners have long argued


that dangerous drivers who cause serious injury should face tougher


penalties and today they Hull MP Carl Turner urged the Prime


Minister to support his bid to introduce longer sentences. I do


believe there is a problem when you have got a high sentence for


causing death by dangerous driving but just a two-year sentence when


in this case, someone was really permanently damaged and yet the


maximum sentences was for two years. Many accidents are not clear cut


and driver error is not always to blame, but the families of car-


crash victims what a tougher deterrent for those whose reckless


actions at the free world calls a lifetime of pain. -- at the wheel.


I spoke to Hull East MP, Karl Turner, about his bill a short time


ago and asked him exactly what makes driving "dangerous".


Dangerous driving is when the standard of driving falls far below


the standard of a reasonable, competent driver. You say on your


website you want lunatic drivers to be locked up for longer. But many


of those involved in an accident are not lunatic. That is not


correct, people who drive badly are normally driving carelessly. That


is different to dangerous driving whereas people are going at high


speed, going the wrong way down a dual carriageway, and generally


risking their own life and that of other people. The Association of


British drivers said it is not the drivers for should take the blame


for the accidents but the inadequate road safety policies.


disagreed with that entirely. That association have recently contacted


me to say that they support this idea provided we're not talking


about careless driving. It has to be about dangerous driving and that


is what my Bill seeks to do. They also said to as a former lawyer and


a politician, do you actually have the expertise and knowledge on road


safety to make this noise? thinker to have the expertise. I


represent constituents and have had constituents coming to me, who has


been victims of dangerous driving. When you speak to the victims,


people tend to agree that the law is completely inadequate in


relation to this. If you kill someone by driving dangerously, it


you potentially get 14 years in prison. If you almost kill them,


paralyse them for example, you get a matter of months in prison.


There's a massive disparity in the lock and it needs to be filled, in


my opinion. I'm pleased that the Prime Minister is now saying that


the government will look at this. Should the law be changed to make


sentences tougher for dangerous drivers? Should there even be a


difference between "dangerous" and "careless" driving? Perhaps you


feel anyone who is involved in an accident should receive the same


I look forward to hearing from you. In a moment, the �500 million


needed to rebuild and upgrade school buildings like this in East


Yorkshire. A Lincolnshire farmer has told Look


North he feared for his life when an arsonist firebombed his home.


An attacker, wielding a hammer and wearing a balaclava, started the


fire early yesterday morning. The farm, near Market Rasen, breeds


animals for medical testing. A van was also burnt out during the


attack. Police have started a nationwide search for the arsonist,


who they think could be an animal rights protester.


There has been incidents here before as a result of how the farm


makes its living, breeding animals used in medical research. We


believe this attack is motivated because of that. But whatever you


believe, to put people's lives in danger, it is not acceptable.


Meanwhile, a woman whose house was set on fire while she slept has


spoken of how she's "terrified" to return home. Danielle Hewson and


her boyfriend had to be rescued after a sofa and rubbish was set on


fire, right outside their front door. It left them trapped in their


Hull flat. Siobhan Robbins has been to meet


Danielle, and has this report. This is our front door. This is the


sole fault,. Melted and charred remains - visual reminders of the


weekend's fire. Danielle and her partner escaped without any major


injuries. But the fire has left its mark in other ways. I cannot get


any sleep, I'm hardly eating. sofa the arsonist set alight is now


just a heap of springs. The flames blocked the door, leaving them


helplessly waiting for the fire The damage and the potential danger


is clear. This electricity box is completely burnt out. But Danielle


managed to escape unhurt. But others on the estate say that our


son is a real worry. Laura Coleson has also been awoken by fire.


can be worrying because I was in bed when that happened. There is no


need for arson. Anyone who thinks it is a bit of fun or it is


harmless, is wrong. No-one has been arrested over this fire and it


still not clear why it was started. If someone has set it alight to get


at Bass, they can always do it again, so it is scary. So while


police search for the culprits, Danielle is petrified of returning


home. Police are investigating a sexual


assault on a teenager in Grimsby last night. It's alleged the 16-


year-old was attacked on a path between Laceby Road and the


Nunsthorpe estate. It happened at around midnight.


The population of migrant workers in Boston remains high, despite the


recession, a new report shows. Last year 20 percent fewer overseas


workers registered for National Insurance in Lincolnshire, compared


with three years ago. But the number in Boston went up.


First Hull Train passengers have suffered disruption again today, as


more services to and from London were cancelled. The company blamed


engine failure for the problems over the last 48 hours. Business


leaders in Hull say they hope the issue can be resolved quickly.


I think if this continued for a long period of time then businesses


would think again about using it. But I think they're doing


everything they can to make it a reliable service.


It's being claimed the amount of money needed to rebuild and improve


schools in East Yorkshire runs into half a billion pounds. It comes as


a review is ordered into the state of primary and secondary schools


across the county. Labour launched "Building Schools for the Future"


in 2004. It had the aim of rebuilding secondary schools across


the country. It would have cost �55 billion. But last year that funding


was cut by the Coalition. Now, council leaders say their schools


are falling into disrepair. Phil Connell has more.


1 East Yorkshire school inspectors have declared unfit for purpose.


Hornsea School had been in line to benefit for -- from the building


schools from the future fund but it was scrapped last year. Since then


the school has been left in limbo. It does not look any different from


when I was there and that was some time ago. During the floods and in


climate whether it that we have, often at the school has to close


certain areas. East Yorkshire has 18 secondary-school as and all are


experiencing similar problems. Nine of those need rebuilding and the


remainder need varying degrees of refurbishment. It is actually


ambition, that is something I feel we should hold on to. We need


decent school environments to support teachers to teach and young


people to learn. Most years this school spends around �65,000 on


things like books, paint and sports equipment. But last year at �65,000


was spent on patching up the leaking roof. According to the head


teacher it is a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The councillor


with responsibility for the young people of the county fields east


Yorkshire has been treated unfairly and has ordered a review to assess


the problem and launched a plan of action. Neighbouring of authorities


she says received more than �400 million prior to the funding being


scrapped. We are badly treated in the East Riding and we need to say


that it is not good enough and we want more for pupils in the East


Riding. The council says it could take 20 years to get the schools up


to scratch. In the meantime it seems the only option is to mend


and make do. Still to come tonight: Pressure


increases on the News of the World. Alan Johnson and John Prescott


demand action over phone hacking. Fans of people have come to Barton.


The town has well and surely been taken over. Join me later to find


out why Barton bike night is so Don't forget to send us in your


pictures. Good evening, a young man. How are


you? All the better for reading this


text. I you are unable to spell out, "I


can't sleep"? That is laughing at my lack of


For the next 24 hours, sunny intervals and scattered showers.


Low pressure is dominating which is not what we want at this time of


year. There have been some it sharp showers today. One or two are still


left but there is a window of fine weather. Down to the south-west,


there is another area of rain which rapidly approaches. Some sunshine


and isolated showers in the next couple of hours and then late in


the evening, rain will spread from the south-west. It will clear up


quickly, followed by one or two An unsettled day. One or two heavy


showers with the risk of thunder tomorrow. Some dryer or brighter


spells in between. The breeze is coming from the south. It will not


One or two of the showers will be heavy and the theme continues


through to Thursday and Friday. The weekend, some sunshine but showers


I am sure it will Clear. I am just about to tweet. I can spell


"hideous tablecloth" by the way. What about insomnia.


A Hull MP Alan Johnson has criticised the Metropolitan Police


for being evasive and lethargic in pursuing the original claims into


phone hacking. He says he is supporting a public inquiry into


phone hacking at the News of the World even though he acknowledges


it could be awkward for him. When I was Home Secretary, both I and my


policing Minister was sure that all the evidence had been looked at and


those who had been hacked had been informed. What we know now is that


the evidence was there from the inquiry five and six years ago. The


evidence into the hacking in these terrible cases. Lord Prescott is


the former Hull MP and former deputy Prime Minister and himself a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


victim of phone hacking by the News I'm told by influential lawyers


that there is a part of the legislation that can allow you to


have an investigation under such circumstances whilst criminal


investigations are under way. I will look into that. You have urged


people to boycott News of the World at the weekend. But the owners said


in a statement they have already made an unreserved apology. That


was years later. Perhaps the News of the World have also apologised.


But as each case comes out, they make an apology. But all this


evidence was there and they did not give it to the police. Are you


saying people should forecourt the newspaper? And just saying if they


want to express their view that way, I would agree with them. Do you


remember the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield when the editor of the


Sun made some terrible remarks about the Liverpool people for


which she had to apologise. In that case they boycotted the newspaper


and there was quite a collapse and even today far less people purchase


the sun. But if advertisers are prepared to show their disgust I


think that individuals might want to make their individual protest


and not by it. I have never believed anything that is in the


News of the world so I do not buy it myself.


Lord Prescott talking to me earlier. Contact us to let us know what you


think about that. Thank you for all responses on the story about the


putting on an opera because a gay character it uses the word, queer.


The writers say they are continuing to talk to the school about how to


resolve the issue. The head said she decided to cancel the


performance because she thought the word was not appropriate and would


not want children are using it in the playground. We were clear that


we were fine about having a gay character in the play but it was


about the language that he used. At no stage was it ever suggested that


Lizzie Simmonds say she is not expecting to win a medal at the


World Championships at the end of the month but admits it would be a


bonus. She said she is on track for London 2012 after call of the --


qualifying for the world of late in Shanghai. It is the last major it


event before the Olympics. I have no expectations. I just want to


enjoy my slimming. I know I am in good shape -- slimming. I want to


give it everything and that is all I can ask for.


Fingers crossed. Around 15,000 visitors have begun


arriving at the market town of Barton for the annual bike night.


It is one of the biggest events of its kind in the country and Joe


Makel is they tonight. What does it mean for the town?


Well, as you can see, Peter, it creates a huge buzz. There are


thousands here already. They all come to enjoy the fun that is


around these bikes. It also creates a big economic spin-off because the


town reckons it makes over �100,000 for local businesses and that is


partly why locals embrace this event every year even though it


completely takes over. Barton, a small market town nestled


on the Humber bank but once a year But and bike night is in its 15th


year and attracts thousands to the town. I was up before six this


morning. I was putting the barriers across. Then we go around the town


setting up the road closure signs. It has taken weeks and months of


preparation but local people embrace it. It also brings in over


�100,000 to the town. It is very busy. It is a marvellous thing.


Anything for Barton is good. brings as messing -- revenue and


that is the main thing. Love it! With just as many families as bike


is coming tonight, there is a lot to delight the crowds. It gets


people who haven't been involved in trying thinking that it is a good


sport. We came last year for the first time and we were staggered by


the numbers. It was full of people interested in buying a bike. They


are normally a chilled out crew who enjoy a chat and a meet. It brings


over a good image for bikers. They have had a rough deal. Whether you


like your bike customised or classic, a scooter what a super,


there is something in Barton for you tonight. I'm joined by the man


who has made this possible, Barry, how many people have you got here


tonight? About time -- 10,000 in the town I think and more on the


perimeters. Close to 15,000. Doesn't this -- does this make it


the biggest one ever? I think it is, yes. What makes it a special event?


A good question. It is popular with all the people. They come to see


that bikes and the great party atmosphere. It has become a family


event as well, hasn't it? Yes we have as many bikers as none bikers.


Are you thinking about next year already? We will have a rest and


aside from there. Thank you and enjoy the evening. This does on


until 10 o'clock this evening. From me, it is back to you.


Let's have a recap of the main national and regional headlines: A


public inquiry is promised into the News of the of world's phone


hacking scandal as Rupert Murdoch's says the allegations are deplorable.


Plans for tougher penalties for The response coming in on the


subject of dangerous driving. Daniel says that careless driving


is dangerous. This is from Josh who says they are


both the same. If you commit an offence on the road, he says,


people should pay whether it is dangerous or careless.


Another, I don't think seven years is enough and I am sick of seeing


people using mobiles when driving. What happened with that law?


Another, two years seems enough for careless driving.


Drivers not looking out for cyclists is dangers and careless.


Another says if you are driving carelessly it makes it dangerous so


the sentencing should be the same. Tougher sentences should be given


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