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A very good evening to you. Welcome to Look North. The headlines: The


controversial children's opera - hundreds of pupils go back on stage


after one word comes out of the script. Although it's been a


disappointing episode in our collaboration, the important thing


is that we have got a performance at the end of it.


Four families are made homeless after a suspected arson attack in


Hull. Devastated. Just can't put into


words. Horrible. Especially when the fire got going and I could hear


the roof falling in. The number of migrant workers


increases in Boston. There are calls for more money for the area.


Why it's a very special day for this East Yorkshire great-


grandmother. She's number one in the East Riding.


Number two in Yorkshire. I believe she's about 28 in Britain.


I will be back with your detailed Good evening. It sparked a row


between its writer, a school and the local council and a opera


company. The show with a lead character who is gay will go on.


The production of Beached takes place in Bridlington next weekend.


Now after 48 hours and a very public disagreement played out in


the national media, the writer has agreed to replacing the offending


word. It's a row which has been going on


behind-the-scenes for weeks. But now the issue surrounding the opera


Beached have been resolved. We are thrilled to be able to say we are


going ahead with the opera as the writer has agreed to change the


words to more age-appropriate as we had asked. Emma Hobbs felt the


language was offensive and inappropriate for young children,


especially one word in particular. We asked "queer" to be changed to


the word "gay. The writer, who is best-known for Billy Elliot, e-


mailed Look North to say he had been appalled by the whole process


and that he had always been willing to rewrite the script. So although


the opera is now going ahead, there is still a lot of unrest. The


school hasn't had any direct contact with the writer. Even


though he's been on national television to speak about it.


character says, "Of course, I'm queer, that is why I left here."


Was that the only line that was a problem? There's been all sorts of


things that we have worked with the school and with Opera North. That


is the only line in question. To me - it is the only line that you know


that the character is gay. school has never courted the


national media about this or written online about it, or taken


it out to a wider forum like that. We have always been happy to


discuss this. Despite all the attention, parents are just happy


the play is back on. I'm over the moon the play is back on. My son is


very excited to be able to do it. I can't wait to buy the tickets. It


is the right decision to go ahead. Looking forward to it. Now tickets


are able to go on sale, organisers are hoping the seats will be full


next week. Well, Richard Mantle is from Opera North. He told me about


the changes that have been made to the script. To the opera, there


have been a number of small changes to text that have been happening


over a number of weeks now. Finally, the changes turned the tide if that


is the right word. The character says, "I'm queer" to "I'm gay."


did the original line get through in the first place? Anyone could


have told you it was offensive? don't think it necessarily - it


depends on your audience. You don't think it was necessarily offensive?


Not necessarily, no. But it was - we have responded to the school. We


have been trying to get it changed for some weeks because we are there


as a sort of broker, we have commissioned a piece for a


performance by the school and the school have to advise us what can


be appropriate. We have to learn from them. We have taken their


steer and achieved the change. writer has told us he would have


changed the script at any point. Well... Why do we have this


farcical on-off for three days? Maybe you shouldn't believe


everything you hear from Lee Hall. Opera North highly regarded track


record for commissioning new works for young people. Yeah. That is in


your statement. Did you not spot how controversial this would be?


think we have known that elements of the piece potentially could be


quite controversial. Lee writes in a robust way. The school, who is


part of this whole project, have been taken along with us on this


and we have worked with them and where they have found a problem we


have sort of brokered that with Lee. What we did was run into the


buffers last week with Lee when he refused to make any change.


Embarrassing few days for Opera North and the writer? No. We have a


fantastic project. The kids in Bridlington have been continuing to


rehearse, there is a lot of excitement and it will be great


next week. Thank you. The story that has run and run this week. Do


the changes make any difference? That one word, maybe you are a


parent watching tonight in Bridlington. Let me know what you


think. E-mail us at In a moment: The first green energy


park in the country is switched on in Lincolnshire.


Four families on a Hull estate have been left homeless after arsonists


attacked a house on their street. Five homes in total have been


damaged and the people who live in them have been told that all of


those houses may have to be completely knocked down. No-one was


seriously hurt, but several of the families are uninsured and face


being left with nothing. Kate Sweeting has been to meet some of


those affected. I looked out and I saw the glow from the fire. I woke


up the wife. I think Liz's house is on fire. I have to go and get the


kids out. The flames ripped through their homes in a matter of minutes,


leaving the families with almost nothing. Just pure devastation, I


don't know where do you start on rebuilding what you have lost? It


is not just what you have got in the house, it's all your memories,


your personal bits. It is where do you begin? Investigators are here


trying to work out what caused the fire but the extent of the damage


means that it will be many months before the families are able to


return and I am told there is a possibility that this entire row of


houses will have to be knocked down. There's only 40% of the people on


this row that are insured. The other people have lost everything.


They have to be devastated. They are waking up this morning, if any


of them have had any sleep, with nothing in the world left.


follows a similar attack at the weekend on the same estate. Luckily,


the family got out unhurt despite being trapped by the flames. In


this latest incident, the arsonists set fire to a bin in a shed outside


this house which spread with astonishing speed leaving four of


the houses almost totally destroyed. Obviously, we will look at that


incident, not in isolation, but ensure we are catching all of the


relevant evidence to ensure if there are a link, we will make


those links. As the reality of what's happened starts to hit home


for these families, many of the residents say they are frightened


for their own safety in case the arsonists strike again.


Daryl Oprey is from Humberside Fire Service. He is there at the scene.


How has this fire caused so much damage? Good evening, Peter. The


fire started in the bin shed as the reporter said and as with any fire,


if you give it some fuel load and it will take hold quite rapidly.


The fire will warm up other things in the area which will go on fire


and that is how the fire has spread. It is incredible that people got


out alive and fairly unharmed. What do you put that down to? It is.


There's a couple of things. Ourselves and our colleagues the


police and other agencies work very hard in communities to make sure


that people are safe so smoke detectors save lives and the Fire


Service are here to help and make sure that people are safe in their


homes and in fact there is an event running on 16th July where this


community itself will be helping itself to keep itself safer. So we


all actually help to keep ourselves safe. We have had several suspected


arson attacks in the last couple of days. Generally, they are more


common. What is in the head of these people? Why do they do it?


There are many different reasons, Peter, why people will set fire.


Some is just out of fascination. Some is actually unfortunately with


intent to harm other people. At this stage, we really don't know


what was in the head of this arsonist. Do they think about the


consequences of people generally? Clearly, not, Peter. There were


people in those homes when they set those properties on fire. So I


would say clearly they weren't thinking of the welfare of those


people. Some of these people who have done this could be watching


tonight. What do you say to them? Well, what I would say to them is


just have a look at the devastation you have done to people's homes.


Look at the lives you have endangered and please, please


reconsider what you are doing. good to talk to you. Thank you. In


another suspected arson attack: A woman and her three young


children are recovering in hospital after arsonists set fire to their


home in Lincoln. The Emergency Services were called to Scorer


Street near Sincil Bank in the early hours of this morning. Fire


officers say the family owe their lives to their smoke alarm. They


have also praised neighbours and passers-by who are believed to have


helped fight the fire by breaking down the door and throwing buckets


of water onto the flames. We heard a scream. I knew it was her. We saw


smoke and ran out and she got the kids out. We got the kids over to


my house. The security company Group Four


says a crash last night involving a van full of inmates from Hull


Prison is being treated as an accident. Three prisoners were


taken to hospital in York after the van overturned near Tadcaster. The


six other inmates involved were returned to Hull. The driver was


also injured in the crash. Four teenagers have been rescued by


lifeboat crews after getting trapped against the sea wall near


Grimsby Docks. The two boys and two girls were spotted by the


Humberside Police helicopter while on routine patrol. The group had


not called for help as they thought they could not make 999 calls with


no credit on their mobile phones. Their rescuers say they're lucky to


be alive. They realised that they was going to get home tonight. It


was four youths, two males and two females. The two boys, they seemed


really pleased and that. The girls was a bit frightened of the


situation to be honest. The power of the sun is now being


harnessed in Lincolnshire after the country's first solar energy park


went live today. The park in fields at Conisholme near Louth will


provide enough electricity to power around 300 homes. The company says


the site will operate for 25 years. The big switch-on for a brand-new


source of energy in Britain all thanks to the Lincolnshire sunshine.


On this site we have 5,000 solar panels, each one of them has 48 of


these silicon wafers. This is technology developed by NASA a few


decades ago to power satellites up in space. This is the UK's first


major solar sun park, combined with the neighbouring wind farm the site


will produce 17 megawatts of energy, enough to power 10,000 homes every


year. Solar technology has been maturing and it's taken off in


other countries of the world. Our last Government introduced the


feed-in tariff scheme and that enabled us to build these and to


put solar-power into the grid. While this is the first UK sun park,


the company here says it may be the last. They say the Government's cut


support by 75% meaning future developments like this will be


unfeasible. It is a great day on the one hand. It is a sad day


because it is the last for a little while until the Government has a


change of heart. Government says the changes to the feed-in tariff


were necessary, speaking last month "Without action, the scheme would


be overwhelmed. The new tariffs will ensure a sustained growth path


for the solar industry while protecting the money for


householders, small businesses and communities and will also further


encourage the uptake of green electricity from anaerobic


diJession." In Germany, -- Digestion." In Germany - we are


falling behind. Ecotricity is celebrating what it believes will


one day become a leading renewable energy resource. Still to come: The


number of migrant workers increases in Boston. There are calls for more


money for the area. Why it is a special day for this East Yorkshire


great-grandmother. How are you? Very well. My


favourite e-mail comes from Dave who has moved from Hull to the Isle


of Sheppy. He has had a satellite installed so he can watch the news!


He needs to get a life! Is that down in Essex? It's Kent, I think.


Is it?! I think so. Caught me on the hop there! I'm sure it is Essex.


I am sure our viewers will let us I am sure our viewers will let us


know. The headlines: Very unsettled. We will have more of these


thunderstorm clouds. We have had one or two of those in the last few


hours. Some big thunderstorms have kicked off because low pressure


remains in charge. Tomorrow will be another unsettled day. That said,


many of you will have had a good deal of sunshine. Certainly parts


of northern parts of Lincolnshire have seen some thunderstorms and


there are still one or two around. The trend will be overnight for the


showers to fizzle out and most areas will become dry with clear


spells. The sun rises in the morning at 4.41. Most of us then


off to a dry, possibly a bright start but cloud will build fairly


quickly through the morning. Possibly longer outbreaks of rain


for a time through the morning. The skies will brighten through the


afternoon and the heavy showers may well begin to fizzle out towards


tomorrow evening. Which ever way you look at it, it will be very


unsettled indeed with top temperatures of 19 Celsius in Hull.


Now although the weekend is looking unsettled, it is a very


straightforward forecast. There will be some decent weather around.


There is an ongoing risk of some heavy showers with a risk of


thunder. That is the forecast. replica of the Olympic Torch has


been in Lincolnshire today. Linda writes in, "You should carry the


torch for Lincoln." You will be torch for Lincoln." You will be


back again tomorrow night. See you tomorrow.


Boston's MP has tonight told Look North that his town will continue


to rely on migrant workers to fill jobs because jobless British people


are walking away from work they His comments come as officials in


Boston say more money is needed from the Government to help with


the growing population of migrant workers.


Last year 22% fewer overseas workers registered for National


Insurance in Lincolnshire compared to three years ago. The drop in


England as a whole was the same. But in Boston the numbers have gone


up. Over the past decade, migrant workers have become increasingly


crucial to Lincolnshire's agriculture and food processing


industries. More than 60% of the workforce here at this vegetable


producers originate from overseas and the company says they simply


couldn't compete without them. It's thought up to a quarter of the


town's population could now be made up of immigrants. People go where


there's jobs, don't they? If there wasn't work, they wouldn't be here.


I understand the people who are coming in are contributing a great


deal to the economy. How many properties did we let? The town's


letting agents would certainly agree migrant workers have been


good for business. Over the last five years, rents have increased


quite easily by 20-25% depending on the type of property that you are


looking at. The town properties have improved the best. Five years


ago, around 5% of Park Primary's population was international. Now


it is more than 50% and that stretches the school's resources to


the limit. It is not easy. We do receive a bit of extra funding from


the local authority. By no means enough. We have got a very skilled


and committed staff. We have hired some Polish-speaking translators


and teaching assistants. Yes, it is a challenge. Local council


officials agree that it is time the Government took notice of this


trend. All Boston Borough Council has ever sought is its fair share


of resources to deliver our servicess to our local community


and once we know hopefully from Census figures what our population


is, the national allocation system will give us our fair share which


is all we have ever been seeking. So while migrant workers continue


to toil for our economy, local officials will also be working hard


to secure more funding for the area. Mark Simmonds is the Conservative


MP for Boston and Skegness. He told me why he thought the number of


migrant workers in Boston is still on the increase. It is difficult to


gauge. Nobody has an accurate indication of how many migrant


workers there are in the borough of Boston. There are some significant


estimates that have been made both through numbers that have


registered with GPs or those on the electoral roll, I don't think that


counts for any of the real numbers there are there. We must welcome


migrant workers and the public sector funding needs to reflect the


number of people living in the Boston area. They don't at the


moment. Taking the ringfencing off the way that local authorities


should spend money should go to some way to helping with that.


you had those employees with those jobs, would British workers do


those jobs? That is a very good question. That is the crux of the


problem, really. What is the answer? I think some of them should.


I think that some of the changes that we are going to make to the


benefits system where making work pay will be a key part of that and


it should enable some of those British workers to go back into the


workforce. Derek Clarke has said it is all about British jobs for


British people. What happened about that? Well, I am afraid to say some


sections of British society - and it is true in Boston - have decided


there are certain types of jobs that they don't want to do. I can


have these peculiar conversations with groups of people who say,


"When are you going to get these migrants out of our town?" When I


say to them, "When you are prepared to go into the fields" and they say,


"That is migrant work." It is not until we change that perception


that we will change the problem. What about those people who refuse


to do those jobs, should their money be cutback? That is what the


proposals are. If there is one thing that's struck me since the


general election, it is the number of people who have said it is the


right thing that the Government is doing to change the system of


benefits to make sure that work pays, which it doesn't at the


moment. It is not paying at the moment? It is not always paying at


the moment. Very good to talk to you. Thank you. Are some British


people too choosy when it comes to what work they will do? Your


thoughts on this one - [email protected] There is a


longer interview with Mark Simmonds tomorrow lunch time.


Thanks for getting in touch with us over our story of a mother calling


for higher penalties for reckless drivers. Her son, William


Horncastle, was left in a coma for three days following the crash in


East Yorkshire. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, is supporting moves


by the Hull Labour MP, Karl Turner to increase the maximum sentence


for dangerous driving from two to seven years.


Bob in Grimsby texted to say, "I was injured six weeks ago because


an impatient driver could not wait in single-file traffic. Careless


drivers should be banned and re- tested."


Virginia tweeted to say, "It's a good idea to increase sentences.


Dangerous driving and careless driving costs lives."


And Loren has also been a victim of careless driving. She says, "We


have had to live with the scars and mental reminders of that day,


knowing no action was taken against the driver who caused the


incident." She's the oldest woman in East


Yorkshire and the 28th oldest living Briton. Today her family


came to help Elizabeth Riley celebrate her 109th birthday at the


care home where she lives in Hedon. And although she rarely speaks,


Crispin Rolfe spoke to her sons about her milestone. This report


does contain some flash photography. # Happy birthday to you... #


She came to this nursing home aged 90. Now it is helping Elizabeth


Riley celebrate her 109th birthday. Today's a landmark for a lady now


one of Britain's oldest living. Let's say if we had a Premier


League, she would be in that league. And fairly well up it. She is


number one in the East Riding. Number two in Yorkshire. I believe


she's about 28 in Britain. Royal Party will begin their


inspection... Born in 1902, Elizabeth took her sons here to the


Festival of Britain in 1951. Today, it was easy to see that she enjoyed


all the attention. Her sons claim that long life is in the genes.


the moment, I have found 5th Generation on my grandfather's, my


mother's father, on his side, going down to 1768 and that guy was 83


years old. So a party - and by this time next year, Elizabeth won't


just be a great-grandmother, but a great-great-grandmother.


Happy birthday to Elizabeth. Let's have a recap of the headlines:


After almost 170 years, the News of the World is to close, a victim of


its own phone hacking scandal. The last edition will be this Sunday.


The children's opera is back on in Bridlington after the writer


changed one word in the script. The forecast for tomorrow - cloudy with


outbreaks of rain spreading from the south.


Top temperatures of around 19 Celsius.


A response coming in on the story of the opera in Bridlington. "The


word can't have been that offensive, it was said four times on your


show." "Changing the word queer to gay goes to show how mad the PC


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