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Good evening and welcome to Look North. Two men in are found in dead


in a car. Police investigations are continuing. Affecting good buy for


a teenage football fan who die from a rear heart condition. Claims that


there are fewer police officers than there where in the 1970s, even


though crime has gone up. And the restaurant owner getting worldwide


business. And the weekend weather Good evening. An investigation is


under way any North Lincolnshire village after the discovery of two


bodies in a parked car. They were found in a lane and the outside of


the car had a sign warning people not to go near. The police are now


trying to establish who the main art and how they died. A alerted by


a passing jogger, police found two men dead and a car with chemical


warning signs on its outside. jogger got in touch with us to say


they had found took meals. When the police attended, the saw that on


the outside of the vehicle there was a sign warning the public not


to come here as there was a potential chemical explosion.


police are reserving judgment whether this was a double suicide


on a tragic accident. They are warning people that they are not in


danger from the chemicals involved. It is a bit strange to see police


lights flashing at 7 o'clock in the morning in a quiet little village.


We had fire engines and police cars and ambulances. Be were a bit


shocked. It is a bit strange. investigation is now under way, but


the authorities still have no idea how or why these men came to die in


this place. For more can you tell us about the police investigation?


They are trying to determine who these men are where and why the


ended up in this remote look location. There is no indication


why they came up there and that is the main question. Alongside that


is this claim of chemicals been in the car. As you have heard, there


was this warning sign telling people to keep away because of that,


but there is no indication as yet as to what these chemicals may have


been. It is still a question of whether this was an accident, an


incident or a double suicide. In tonight, why some are blockbusters


like the new Harry Potter film will cost you more if you got to the


cinema in the autumn. There are claims that police cuts have left


some areas been placed by eight fewer officers than in the 1970s.


The figures obtained by the Humberside Police organisations say


that the police are now having to deal with double the amount of


crimes as the dead in 1974, when the force was created. The early


Seventies was the ear of all life on Mars, where industrial unrest


was dealt with by no-nonsense police tactics. In 1974 many of our


modern police forces where created. In its first year of operation,


Humberside police had more than 900 officers dealing with 36,000 crimes.


- - 1,900 officers. This year, they have nearly 2000 officers, but they


are now dealing with 76,000 crimes. We were starting to make a big


impact and if we are going down to the levels that we wear in 1974,


that is no comfort to the public. Technology has changed a lot since


1974 and more civilian staff were behind the scenes. But it is many


of these police support workers who claim they will be hardest hits by


the proposed changes by to their pay and allowances. There are


pockets in every department who are more active than others and the be


even consider some form of industrial action. Today, that they


were told why it some cuts to the budgets would be necessary. It is


my job to put it policing on a sustainable level for future


generations. Men a officers will attend a national rally in London


next week, asking the government to look again at the potential cuts.


They say that the rise in crime will be a price the public will not


be willing to pay. On The Politics Show on Sunday, we will discuss the


impact of police cuts. That is at eleven o'clock on a Sunday on BBC


One. An inquest has heard that the farmers is accidentally dispensed


six times the dose of morphine that he should have. The man died later.


But the court heard that will the extra does each made him very


drowsy, he had died from natural causes. He finds it very sad and


distressing that John was taken from her after what she sees as the


catalogue of medical errors, ending with this over doors. She feels


that the National Health Service let her down badly. The say that


lessons have been learned and that new a a as a of work practice have


been put in place. We feel that there should have happened before.


Campaigners have been successful in stopping the erection of eight


mobile phone pile on. Tests have now revealed that he was called


killed by a condition called sudden death syndrome. Today, hundreds of


his friends and family joined parents for his funeral. A football


fanatic, Josh passion could not have been missed. The colours of


Bradford city where everywhere, as friends and family celebrated his


life. It is very difficult. What can you say to people when a young


man of just 15 years of age suddenly dives. His parents want to


now raise awareness of sudden death syndrome. His parents thought he


was fit and healthy and had no idea he had the condition. Nor, there


was absolute no signs that there was a problem. When he went out


that night, we had no reason to worry of whatsoever. The condition


kills about 500 people a year in the United Kingdom. Many of those


who die show no symptoms whatsoever. And nearly half of those who die


are under the age of 18. Quite a lot of the people would die appear


to be athletic people, people who play a lot of sport, such as George.


We are going to look into this and hopefully raise a lot of money.


A leading sports cardiologists told me to be how it this condition


affects people. It affects about 500 people in the United Kingdom


each year. A I gather that these figures could actually be higher


than the 500? Yes, it could be nearly double that. Do they come


out of the ball -- out of the blue? Is there any signs that something


is amiss? No, at end it 80 % of cases there is no warning signs


whatsoever. It is there any way that the conditions could be


recognised the earlier? One thing which we could do would pick up


electrical abnormalities and may help in 60 % or so of the cases.


But it would be unrealistic to screen everyone for this? It would


mean they would have to screen about one-and-a-half million people


every year, which is rather impractical, but there is no reason


why we cannot look at ways of certainly screen screening some


people. A low a tough parents and children will be incredibly sad


after watching this film. Is there any comfort you can give them?


all I would say was as a warning, if your son or daughter has


suddenly had spells of dizziness that cannot be explained, I would


say that they should Semley check with their doctor. As a parent or a


friend or relative that has the cardiac problem or has died


prematurely, that may suggest there may be a hereditary problem. That


is one group who should certainly Still to come. Hull FC face their


rivals Salford as the race for the top eight intensify as.


The take away chef whose internet Cookery guides have become a


worldwide hit. Do not forget, if you have a


picture you are proud of, please send it in.


There have been big thunderstorms around, an exciting day for


meteorologists. We will see a big improvement through the course of


tomorrow, with Sunday looking better, although there will be


showers around. Pressure is still low, that area of low pressure has


spawned some terrific thunderstorms. You can see that line of storms, if


you live in this area, as you will know, it has been a wet few hours.


Still some heavy downpours and storms to come in the next few


hours. That could lead to localised flooding. As you can see from the


graphics, the showers will die away. Temperatures will be down to 11


Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at 4.43. It looks as though


a cloudy picture will emerge on Saturday morning, scattered showers


from the word go with bright spells between. Through the afternoon,


sunshine will increase and the showers will become fewer and


farther between. A slow improvement coming through. By tomorrow evening,


they should be plenty of sunshine around and everywhere should be


drive. A slow improvement on the way, top temperatures tomorrow of


20 Celsius. The afternoon should be pleasantly warm. On Sunday, we are


off to a beautiful start. A few heavy showers are expected on


Sunday afternoon. Early next week, a few showers but the emphasis is


Have a good weekend! C one Monday! A petition calling for Lincoln


cinemas to drop its prices has attracted many cinemas. The Odeon


is one of the most expensive in the country. A peak-time adult ticket


Her blockbusters like these will be on the big screen over coming weeks.


But if you live in Lincoln, you will have to dig deep if you want


to see them. The Brown family used to be regular cinema-goers, but say


that current prices are not affordable. I have got four


children. I am a single mum. For five of us to come out, it is


nearly �50. Then you have sweets and pop on top. We are talking


about �80 before you have even got here!


Lincoln's Odeon is now one of the most expensive in the UK. A


Facebook campaign against its prices now has over 2,000 members.


For �9, I can buy the DVD! I can watch the term as many times as I


want. I think it is a little excessive.


A family can only afford to be that as a special treat.


It used to cost us two shillings and 9p, for the best seats! It is


quite expensive. You can buy a DVD for that price and Wajid as many


times as you want. I think it will put people off. -- watch it.


Marilyn Monroe was starring ined misfits 50 years ago. It would have


cost you 7p. -- starring in Misfits. Had these prizes compared to the


rest of the country? Manchester is 15 pence cheaper, it is �6.50 in


Hull. Bradford is �7.50 and in Cleethorpes, �6.70.


The Odeon says it is aware of the strong feeling in the area. They


take all feedback seriously. The Brown family say they will be


getting their entertainment outside. Well, joining me now is Gerald


Parkes from the independent Parkway cinema in Cleethorpes. Good evening.


Is it fair game to bump up ticket prices if you are the only cinema


with no competition? They are in that situation in Lincoln. They


must make that decision. I cannot answer for the Odeon. We are in a


similar situation in Cleethorpes, recharge �6.70 for the top price.


That is quite a difference. A standard ticket, �9, does not seem


fair, does it? The point is, of course, the marketplace will rule.


If they can get that price for the main evening performances at the


weekend they will do so. We feel that a more sensible price in the


evening is the right way to do it, but we also know that there is a


very large pressure on profits at the moment. We have always been an


affordable outing and our price of admission is currently where it has


been for many years. I am of the generation weary night


at the cinema was cheap. We have always been an affordable


indulgence. The price of admission at Cleethorpes is what it has


always been in the industry, the same price as a gallon of petrol or


20 cigarettes. If you go to the cinema we are


talking about in Lincoln, two people, drinks and popcorn, car


park, that is over �27! It will not be like that at Cleethorpes, I


Telly! You would say that. To give you an example of a film,


Bridesmaids, it will be out on DVD by August. Why should I go out do


the cinema in the ring? Those people who saw the full Monty for


the first time on DVD wondered what all the fuss was about. -- cinema


in the rain. It has always been the case that viewing things with an


audience is unique and worth fighting for.


You put up a robust defence! Thank you. Thank you. May the Force be


with you! How much are you willing to pay to


go to the cinema? Do you think the pictures of value for money? Please


Now, last night, with Roger the news of a controversial children's


play in Bridlington. -- we brought you. The writer has agreed to


change the script, so it hundreds of children will now take part in


"Beached" at Bridlington Spa on Tuesday. Teachers had said the use


of the word "queer" in the script had made people's would no longer


perform. Plenty of response again to this story, today. Including


parents and the School. Here are a few. Donna says, "My child will not


be taking part in the play. I am disgusted that these young people


have been used to further peoples causes." Avril from North


Lincolnshire asks, "What ever Thank you for all of your comments.


It will be a new look Hull FC taking to the pitch at the KC


Stadium tonight against play-off rivals Salford. Instead of the


usual black shirts, bullet will be wearing largely pink. It is to


raise awareness of their charity fund-raising. We wear beeping. I


can see people shaking their heads. I have not seen too much of the


full kit yet. I am sure it will look a bit different when we stick


our heads in the changing room. There we go, the boys in pink. BBC


Radio Humberside will have coverage of that match from the KC stadium.


Sport talk is already on the air, right now. Tomorrow, there will be


a fall match commentary of Hull K R's match at Crusaders.


Koan Vong's takeaway in Hull has become a regular stop for dinner.


People as far away as the USA and China have been enjoying his


cooking. Using his own internet TV channel, Koan Vong is now teaching


people across the world how to cook traditional Chinese food with his


own videos. My name is Koan Vong. I am going to


be cooking a black bean sauce dish... The main feature of Chinese


cooking is that you need a Hot wok. Any rise budgets with it?


Despite running his own takeaway, Koan Vong is determined to show his


customers had to cook at home. want them to cook at home. It is


not difficult, it is just about having the time. It does not take


any special skills. So, to show people what to do, he


has put up more than 30 step-by- step guides online. They have


attracted worldwide fans. I get money from London, Manchester and


the States. I am happy. The main reason for me to do the video is


former customers, really. Define their tallies the it really


is, we asked students at the Cookery School in Yorkshire to try


out one of the dishes. The Chinese do things very quickly. We do not


have the gas flames coming up around the war, it is very


different, it is slower to start, once they got going it was fine. --


around the wok. This did not have the things of


usual ingredients lists, precise amount. Having thrown it all in and


cook it, it worked well. While improvements need to be made,


we spoke to Ken Hom, who thinks this is a great way to encourage


people to pick up a wok. People are all on line these days. It is a


great method. He knows how to cook and put together the ingredients.


He obviously knows what he's doing and it looks good.


Who knows a? Koan Vong could now be a celebrity chef in his own right.


The finally, a recap of the main headlines.


Former news of the World editor Andy Coulson has been arrested as


part of the police investigation into corruption and phone hacking.


A police investigation begins at the two men are found dead in a car


in North Lincolnshire. The weather will have scattered


showers and bright spells. Lots coming in on the subject of


cinema prices. Emily on twitter says, way too expensive, we are a


family of three and we do not go. Dawn at they did you say yes, we go


occasionally but it is too expensive. Gregg says with cinema


prices going up and up, it is no wonder people are turning to pirate


copies of films. Someone else says the cinema used to be a cheap day


out and it is becoming a luxury. Finally, Rick Smith says that if


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