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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


A Cleethorpes man is identified as one of two found dead inside a car


displaying chemical warning signs. How this advert ended in a fine for


an unemployed man. I'm not a criminal. I just wanted a


job. Claims the scale of homelessness is


being ignored by officials in Lincolnshire.


You've got it in you to go the whole distance.


Absolutely. And the Oscar-winning actress


taking on her toughest role yet as a grocer's daughter from Grantham.


Fifth if it is the eve of the 153rd Great Yorkshire Show. It is the


biggest in England, but will the Sunday Shining? Joined me live


better. First tonight - mystery still


surrounds the fate of two men found dead inside a parked car in North


Lincolnshire on Friday. Today it was revealed that one of two men


was from Cleethorpes. He was found along with another man from the


West Midlands. A sign on the outside of the vehicle warned


people not to go near because of harmful chemicals.


It is thought the car in which the two men have died may have been


driven to this quiet lane deliberately. It possible suicide


pact between these two men, who police say knew each other before


their debts. One was 43 and from Cleethorpes. The other man was from


Wolverhampton and was 30. Outside their core, a sign was. Warning


people not to enter because of dangerous chemicals. It follows a


similar incident last year, were chemicals had been used in a


suicide pact in Essex. It has now led the emergency services to issue


guidelines on how cases like this are dealt with. We have crews


trained to deal with hazardous incidents. We have officers trained


and the equipment to be able to detect and identify what hazardous


materials are involved. According to The Samaritans, the use of


chemicals is still a relatively unknown method of suicide in


Britain. It has now issued a warning about the use of the


internet in cases like this. read the papers just like anyone


else and we are aware of this way of taking your life. We let them


talk and ask the right questions, hopefully. We ask them what they


intend to do and if they have any specific plans. Police are now


waiting for postmortem results to establish the exact cause of high


the two men died. It's tragic case for both men and their families.


Our reporter joins me now from Winteringham. What's the latest


from the scene tonight? Police tonight say it is likely the


names of these two men will not be released until tomorrow. A police


spokeswoman has said that this was proving to be quite a challenging


investigation. She said that the force had never seen an incident


quite like this before. There was a lot of new things for detectives to


deal with. Because of that, it could take several more days for


the police to reach any firm conclusions. Although the names of


these two men have not been released yet, we do know that their


families have been informed and the police have confirmed that suicide


is one definite line of inquiry. In a moment...


As hundreds graduate, fears for the future of university leavers.


An unemployed man from Hull who put up posters in his local area to


advertise the fact that he was looking for work has been fined by


the City Council. 20-year-old Daniel Bird had been looking for


work for more than a year before taking the action. Now he has found


a job, but also been given a �75 fine for flyposting.


Enjoying his new role as a team assistant at Mecca Bingo. Daniel


has finaly got a job after a year of searching. It is going good. I


am calling out the numbers. When anybody claims command answer them.


I served drinks. I'm so proud I got this job.


He got the job after the manager spotted a poster Daniel had put up


in the city centre. I saw his posters on the way to work every 10


feet or so. I thought it was really proactive and was showing


entrepreneurial skills. He was desperately looking for a job.


It was posters like these that Daniel had put up on lamp posts.


But Hull City council have now issued him with a �75 fine for


doing so. In a statement, Hull City Council


have told us... Was the commitment it to find a job is to be commended,


fly-posting is illegal and we cannot allow this type of activity


to growth. It is so difficult to find a job these days. I do not see


any problem with that. He is proactive and doing his bit.


think it shows initiative. I cannot fault the guy for that. It is


heavy-handed bureaucracy that has led to a fine. The gang is trying


his best to get a job and the Council are obviously trying to


stop them from doing that. Good on him if he has got a job.


So it seems most people think he deserves a pint not a penelty for


his actions. We have heard tonight that the


bingo employers are going to pay Daniel's fine. But are the council


right to penalise them? I'm sure you'll have your own


thoughts on this one. Are the council right to fine him for


putting these posters up? Or should they be applauding him for his


initiative when so many people are A Lincolnshire woman is facing a


life sentence after admitting to the murder of her mother. 32-year-


old Lisa Traves had previously denied murdering Priscilla Traves,


who was 61, last November, but today she changed her plea. Traves,


from Horncastle, was arrested after her mother's body was found with


multiple stab wounds. Post mortem tests on a runner who


collapsed during the Humber Bridge half marathon have found he died


from heat exhaustion. 32 year-old Matthew Good collapsed less than a


mile from the finish line in the race two weeks ago. His family have


now set up a charitable foundation in his name.


Volunteers working with homeless people in Boston say the local


authority is refusing to recognise the scale of the problem. One


charity says it helps around 40 homeless people each month. But


Boston Borough Council estimates the number of rough sleepers in the


town at just 12. The authority argues it needs agencies to provide


more information. One of 34 lunches served on a


typical day at this Boston Soup Kitchen. It's Manuel's only hot


meal of the week. He's been homeless for three years but can't


return to Portugal, as he no longer has a passport. The very difficult


for a job. My passport was very expensive. I got �100 for it. I am


working two days a week to try and get it back. Do you want to go


home? Yes. The foreign nationals who are in work, over in work. When


the contracts are finished, they are out of work. That also means


they are out of accommodation. The work is time to the accommodation.


The Government's annual Homeless Survey has previously required


local councils to walk the streets and do a headcount. This camp was


on the banks of the River Witham. But this year, the rules have


changed. The Government has said an estimate can be submitted instead.


In doing so, they must consult and agree with the agencies that work


with homeless people on a day-to- day basis.


Boston Borough Council estimate 12 rough sleepers live on the town's


streets. A figure which angers John Marshall. He runs an outreach


centre. If that is the figure that is being presented, there is no


resemblance to the true picture. In June, we had 41 people presented to


us as rough sleeping. In my view, governments, locally and nationally,


it has been in their interest to keep figures low. Have you been


asked by the council to help with their estimates? We have not been


asked for approach at all. I think that the council are basically


wrong. We listen to everybody who comes to us with information. We


would like to have those information -- agencies coming back


to us what specific details as to where these people are located. We


cannot afford to spend a lot of money on what is essentially


perhaps a wild goose chase. Other local councils have told Look


North they'll also be estimating homeless numbers for this


Government survey. But in Boston, the debate has moved from the size


of that estimate to who is best- placed to make it.


Joining me now is Duncan Shrubsole from the charity, Crisis. So, whose


figures give the most accurate picture - charities or councils?


Be a partnership. As we think it should be a partnership. The


Government changed the guidelines this year and I think they changed


it in the wrong way. There should be a pint and agencies should be


spoken to for a proper information. So the council's need to spend more


money on this? Or the Government should give them more money?


Councils need to know the full extent of homelessness. Many people


are hidden away out of sight for safety were other reasons. It is


important that you take as wide as possible approach to count people.


Homelessness is already rising and we are really worried that the


resources for the services are being cut and it will only get


worse. But there will be plenty of people watching tonight saying this


is not a problem. Consuls of much bigger fish to fry right now than


this. Anyone who is homeless in 21st century Britain - it is a


scandal. Whether it affects one person or 100 people - it is


potentially a life wasted. We should all do more to help tackle


homelessness and make sure people do not become homeless when ever


housing benefits cuts come in. When people go to their local authority,


they should be able to get the help they need to get back into society


and a job. The bigger problem these days is those people struggling to


make ends meet to have been forced to move back in with their parents


or on the floors of friends' houses. There are the real home was at the


moment, are say? You are right. Homeless this includes those people.


People have had to go back and stay on friends' floors, squats etc.


That is homelessness. There is a broad range and we need to tackle


it. Thank you. Still ahead tonight...


Nations from across the world join together for a football tournament


with a difference. It is a startling portrayal and really very


good. And get the verdict on a Hollywood


portrayal of a very famous Lincolnshire face.


10-year-old Ryan Carter took tonight's picture out of his window


on Friday night in Hull. Thank you very much.


The Great Yorkshire Show doesn't have until tomorrow, but Paul is


there tonight. Did you get that wrong as well?


No, no, no! The tickets are out! That is how you get a good deal.


Mark says he saw you in Bridlington yesterday caught in a torrential


rainstorm and never laughed so much. It goes on to say - and why was


Peter's make-up running? You are really going to have to stop


wearing make-up on a weekend. That was a true story as well!


Sadly for you, it was! It looks mostly dry with the 20%


chance of rain. That means that much of the time it will be dry and


there will be some sunshine as well. He very pleasant three days at the


Greater to show. Not too bad weather wise this evening. There


are shoes -- still one or two bad showers across East Yorkshire, but


many of us have seen some sunshine. Overnight, it is dry with clear


periods. A light breeze from the North. Temperatures will be down to


11 or 12 Celsius. Tomorrow looks like it will be a nice day.


Variable amounts of cloud, but the sun will break free at times. It


may well help generate one a two showers, but they will be very


isolated. The difference in the wind direction will be north-


easterly. Along the coast, it will be a bit cooler. Inland - 19 or 20


will be behind. That is close to normal for the time of year. It


will be more of the same for Wednesday and Thursday, becoming


warmer on Thursday. Friday and the Thank you very much indeed.


Students graduating from our universities face more competition


than ever to find jobs. Thousands are due to leave from the Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire this summer. But figures claim there is only one job


for every 83 applicants. Over half of this year's some are Lever's


will either be not working or in non-graduate jobs within six months


of graduating. -- some were It is a day to celebrate academic


achievement. But as these students back-up their degrees many are


already turning their minds to their next big challenge.


I have applied for over 100 jobs. But with the amount of redundancies


there are people with more experience than us.


There is not enough jobs going around. Everybody is applying for


similar things. Anything. Shops, cafe-bar us, they


do not seem able to get anything. The graduate job market has still


not fully recovered from the recession. Deborah will have no job


after the summer and will have to move back to live with her parents


to save money. But she is confident that there will be jobs out there.


You do lose confidence a little bit. But at the moment because their


jobs are still coming out I do not feel completely despondent.


Challenging conditions come as no surprise. A recent survey shows


there is only one job for every 83 graduates. Double the number two


hears ago. Applicant numbers have risen by more than 20% whilst


vacancies have risen by only 2%. But this campus Careers Office has


a more positive outlook. This year at most universities have


the scene graduate vacancies are filled. What employers look for is


a has this person worked in a professional environment? And the


other thing they look for is a rounded, confident person.


Memories of graduation day last a lifetime. For the class of 2011


there is a level of competition for jobs and never seen before.


Lots of response to the Lincoln cinema story. The Odeon and Lincoln


is the only cinema in the City and charges �9 for an adult seat. The


cinema claims to take feedback Seriously and there has been plenty


of it from you. Bell says, I booked the films I want to see at the


library. I have to wait but they cost much less. Malcolm treated:


they wonder why it illegal downloads are thriving. -- Malcolm


Thank you for all your e-mails. The good news is Yorkshire are on


top of the championship match with Worcestershire. Their 100 and there


for the five for 5 after bowling out the visitors for 168. One --


135 for five. For many people the annual


pilgrimage to Scarborough is at their nearest they get to seeing


games in their own backyard. It is as close as we will get, with


the exception of Headingley. Unlike football this as a day out.


It has been 20 years since Hull last held county cricket. The


absence of top-flight cricket is a major concern for those concerned


with development in East Yorkshire. When the youngsters see Yorkshire


playing in the flesh it infuses them. It would be ideal if they


could get around the county more but we appreciate that in cars


expenses. Many parents shared concerns.


The chances see their professionals live is much better than on


television. It encourages the cads. It inspires and excites the


children. It is great for the children to see


how they play, how they hit it. Back at Scarborough, Yorkshire made


light work of Worcestershire. The venue is sure to remain a major


draw for many cricket followers. You are right on top of the game.


You are right on the action as it is taking place. It is a unique


atmosphere here. Few supporters would grumble about


how the home side took control in a match that was crucial for easing


In the Rugby League, Hull Kingston Rovers coach Justin Morgan says the


team showed character in their victory over Crusaders. Ben Gelea


scored a try on his 100 per appeals for the club. -- 100 Appearance.


There was hard break for England Ladies's Elaine McGonigle. -- Casey


Stoney. The team were defeated on penalties by France in the women's


World Cup. A special World Cup brought


together four runners from all over the world at the weekend.


With teams from 32 countries and around 3,000 spectators, Hull was


cleared up to host England's against a World Cup in 45 years.


I am here to support Iraq. I hope now we will win the Cup.


I am supporting Ireland but we're not doing very well I am afraid.


With this or whether it is perfect. It is like my country. -- this


weather. Each country brought a different


flavour. Even the world's newest nation, South Sudan, created just


three days ago, managed to field a team.


I am proud. The players performed a very well.


For once, England did not disappoint. They reach the semi-


finals but were defeated in a penalty shoot-out by Iraq.


I am absolutely gutted. But we have done what we normally do. Gone out


in the semi fails on penalties. But Iraq absolutely deserved it.


The finalists are Iraq and Congo. After a tense 20 minutes it was


down to penalties again. Neither team seemed to waver but then


victory went the way of Iraq. I am so happy. I want to thank my


team mates and everybody who helped me put together this great team. We


won the World Cup. Thank you very much.


So, as Iraq lifted the trophy it was the city of Hull which was the


real winner. She has been nominated for 16


Oscar's and one two. Now Meryl Streep is taking on her most


challenging role ever. The first images of the American actor


playing Margaret Thatcher have just been released. What do residents of


Margaret Thatcher's home town think of the portrayal?


We must maximise your appeal and bring out all your qualities. We


must make you look and sound like the leader you could be.


She is far too nice to play Margaret Thatcher.


That hat has got to go. Meryl Streep does a very good


impression of her. You're a voice as too high and has


too little authority. I may be persuaded to surrender of


a hat but the perils are not negotiable. -- perils. That is the


tone that we want to strike. Barber and knew the Isle lady from


school. -- Baba. She gave England back its self-


respect. She had a similar attitude when she was younger. She had drive.


To be the first female prime minister must have been quite an


ordeal. In power for 11 years and Margaret


Thatcher still divides opinion. But will a popularity in America put


the town on the map? I think if we could get a museum


open then when visitors come to Grantham, if they come as a result


of the movie, they will have somewhere to go. All of that would


be good for the town. Watching in the trailer you would


think that the Iron Lady was neither for given nor forgotten.


Though we strive to serve and strengthen the country of which we


are so proud... See if you can spot the difference


when the film is released in 20th January 12.


A recap of the main headlines - and new evidence in the News of the


world scandal suggests that senior royals are were targeted. And it


has been revealed that one of the two men found dead in a parked car


in Lincolnshire was from Cleethorpes.


Tomorrow's weather - most places will stay dry with temperatures


peaking at 19 Celsius. On the subject of the fly posting,


one viewer says, it is a good idea, with very few jobs, why not? And


another says, while prospective MPs be fined for putting up campaigning


posters? -- while prospective MPs. And finally, imagine what the town


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