12/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Farmers say the price of food will continue to rise and more will go


out of business unless the government steps in. We need a


greater return to make our industry financially viable and profitable.


The seagulls in Bridlington that businesses claim are hitting them


in the pocket. A �100 million shopping development


planned for Lincoln. Hull's newest millionaires


celebrate their lucky win. A I will have the forecast later in


Good evening. The price of food will continue to


rise if more help is not given to farmers. Food growers in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are calling for the Government to


provide more support for the industry as inflation figures today


showed food prices rising sharply. There were big increases in the


cost of bread, cereals, meat, milk, cheese and eggs. Caroline Bilton


reports. At the pumps, at the tales, we are


all pay more. Today's inflation figures are proof of that. Basics


such as bread and milk have gone up in price. It is not just us, the


consumer, paying more. Those who grew and produce our food are also


feeling the strain. All our costs have gone up, like everybody's else.


We are not seen the increase in revenue from our cells. Add the


Great Yorkshire Show today, there were many more with stories of hard


times. The frosty weather can have a bad effect on the food. We had to


0.4 mm of rain in April, which was really serious. It Yorkshire, food


producer generate more than �1.7 billion for the economy every year.


The NFU is warning today that Yorkshire producers are struggling.


It is because of the recent extreme weather. Some people are facing


losses of up to �1.2 million. nothing changes, we will see


agricultural production continued to decline in the UK. When we have


years like this, with a drought in the spring and a very hard winter,


we have to look to other countries around the world to feed us. We won


the government to look at taxation policies, employment, training,


skills, to make sure we make British agriculture more


competitive and more productive. Many believe receiving a fair price


for their food is crucial in achieving that. What we are looking


for is a greater, improved share of the money that is received by the


supermarkets for the sale of our products. If that happened, I think


our businesses would become much more profitable and we could invest


in it for the future. But some believe that farmers can do a lot


for themselves. Matthew is one of the consortium of pea growers, who


have launched a new brand of P. They have just signed a deal to


supply them to Tesco's across the North of England. Farmers must try


to create a niche, create a pot of difference, and sell themselves


into the market. The market is not going to come to me. You have to go


to the market and create the opportunities. Changing the way


they work has paid off for this farmers, but that will not work for


everyone. That is why the NFU of what the government to recognise


the challenges facing farmers in the future, so that we, the


consumer, do not end up paying more in the long run.


Lord Henley, from the Department for the Environment and Rural


Affairs, told me was looking at how to get farmers a better deal.


government is addressing it. We are bringing in an adjudicator who will


help arbitrate. You need to get this right, otherwise food is just


going to go up and up for people who are watching the television


tonight. We do not want food to become expensive. We what the


consumer to get a fair deal, but we also want the farmers to get a fair


deal from the supermarkets. Any inequality between them needs to be


addressed. Away to dependence on imported food? No, we are not. We


produce 75 % of the through to we want. When it comes to things like


bananas, we have to import this because we cannot produce that.


There are opportunities for fruits grown here to be exported elsewhere.


There is their point talking about protectionism in third. We want to


give people a choice about what food they have. We will go on


producing food here. The NFU wants to see the government help local


producers in a way that will makers not rely on import so much. There


is nothing wrong with imports. We want to do what we can to encourage


people to buy British food where they can, because British food is


probably best, but they should have the opportunity to import food as


they wish. Lord Henley, effective. Lord Henley talking to me earlier.


What help do you think the Government should give farmers?


What can be done to control the cost of food? Let us know what you


And you for watching the this Tuesday night. -- thank-you for


watching this Tuesday night. In a moment:


Hull University honours the sports star turned charity fundraiser.


Seagulls swooping to steal fish and chips from tourists in Bridlington


are being blamed for costing businesses their money. So many


people are suffering assaults by the birds that owners are having to


give away free food in compensation. Crispin Rolfe is in Bridlington for


us tonight. Crispin, just how big is this problem?


His considerable one, when you consider this is the nation's


favourite food. The question is, how do you managed to steal some of


these from any one of these shops across the front of the seafront


and bring them here without been bad Bond so you can eat them in


peace? The problem for businesses is that when people lose their


chips to see goals, the businesses are having to pay for new portions,


so that is costing them. For a pack of seagulls, these trips


takes seconds to demolish. Chip shops are more Bridlington's


seafront said they are devouring mother does fried potatoes. Every


time they still make a stab's food, it costs money. He they dive-bomb


and there is nothing you can do about it. The customers come back


to us and we have to give them the money, we feel obliged to give them


the food. It is out of somebody's wages. People need to keep the


chips covered up until they get sat down. Part of the problem is people


feeding the seagulls. We have got a Dalmatians, keeping them at bay. I


would advise people to bring a dog a long! They are an issue. They


pester people. We have been having fish and chips, and they have come


and grab them out of your hand. Very cheeky. Must make you feel


uncomfortable. A bit, I suppose. A bit scary. What can be done? The


RSPB says Segal numbers are declining, and may have been forced


inland to find food. Instead of calling birds, is it a case of


controlling human behaviour? People can take easy steps and not feed


the birds. It is a nice thing to do if you do not come into contact


with beds very often. The council is playing its part in clearing up


unused food. We are asking people not to feed the sea eagles, and to


put their unused food in the rubbish bins we have provided.


There is a balance to be struck between nature and the modern world.


In Bridlington, it seems that the see goals rule the roost.


Bridlington may be the busiest seafood pot and the country, but


according to the RSPB, the fish stocks are in decline. Naturally,


their calls are coming inland. They are declining by 40 %. The RSPB


says Colin is not an issue. The East Riding of Yorkshire council


says that fining people is not something they are prepared to do


for feeding the birds. I have seen a lot of people doing it today.


What is the solution? The answer to that will have to come on a seaside


postcard to Bridlington. Thank-you. What is the answer? Have


you suffered at the hands of the beds in Bridlington? You may have a


story on how to deal with the seagulls. Contact us.


Humberside Fire and Rescue say sending crews to false alarms at


local hospitals is a drain on resources. The fire service


automatically sends two appliances every time an alarm sounds at a


local hospital. Last Year they attended 72 call-outs at Hull Royal


Infirmary, only two turned out to be real fires. They are now working


with the NHS to review the system. To turn out to false alarms is a


waste of resources. We are in discussions with the hospitals to


come to some agreement to reduce the number of false alarms the fire


service turn out to. An inquest has been opened and


adjourned into the deaths of two people found dead in a car in North


Lincolnshire on Friday. The men have been identified as Craig


Harris, who was 44 and from Cleethorpes, and Naresh Kumar Ahir,


who was 40 and from Wolverhampton. Their bodies were discovered in a


car parked in a lane in Winteringham. Post mortem


examinations have been conducted today and police are awaiting the


outcome of further tests. More than �1 million has been


pledged by North East Lincolnshire Council for a new road in Immingham.


Plans to improve the A180 were put on hold by the Government last year.


Local authorities now have to re- enter a bid for the upgrade which


will cost around �5 million. A former sports star turned charity


fundraiser has today been given an honorary degree by the University


of Hull. Steve Prescott joined Hull FC in 1998, but just two years


after retiring was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2006. Since


then, Steve has dedicated his life to raising money for good causes


and so far has received �300,000 through various challenges. Our


sports reporter Simon Clark has more.


I confer upon you have the big grey... A major moment for Dr Steve


Prescott. He received a doctorate from the University of Hull's


Chancellor, Virginia Bottomley. A I am overwhelmed that the people of


Hull and a city of Paul and the University wants to bestow this on


upon me. It is great. Steve Prescott made his name the


first at St Helen's and then at Hull FC. Two years after retiring


in 2004, he was struck down by cancer. Given months to live, he


dedicated time to raising money doing extreme runs on cycles around


Britain. �300,000 later, he has received the MBE and now this


doctorate. Primarily, it is for services to the city, and we want


to be associated with eminent people. I think my next challenge


is delivering his speech today! That is what I am most nervous


about! I have to address everybody today.


It means a lot to be honoured by the University of Hall, the city


that has been adopted home since 1998. Steve Prescott is not the


only person with sporting connections been appreciated at


Hull University. Another man is later on it later in the week.


Today was a family affair. His wife and sons were joined by other


relatives. He loves the team spirit when he is doing a challenge. It


gives him something to focus on. Steve is in a clear for now from


his illness, and he is planning his Still ahead tonight...


The �100 million plan that developers claim would transform


the centre of Lincoln. And toasting their success - the


new millionaires celebrating their It that is a fantastic story. You


will not want to miss it. This week's photograph is of Stone


barge doing a three point turn on the Trent at Collingham, taken by


Steve Harper of Spilsby. Thank you. Another picture tomorrow night at


the same time. Paul is a way collecting his honorary degree -


I think we should go to Bridlington again and you can picture hand in


your pocket and buy me some chips! It has been a few years, yes! I am


sure I would not be troubled by the birds with you!


Thank you. Today has been fairly bright. We have seen a fair bit of


cloud as well. Tomorrow could turn out to be brighter than today.


Variable cloud and mostly dried. High pressure is not too far away


keeping the weather fairly settled with the odd shower. You can see on


the satellite picture of the Clyde has been breaking from the North.


We do have some brightness out there to end the day. Some sunny


spells the evening and through the night, it will stay dry with


variable cloud, clear spells and the winds falling. The temperatures


down to 12 degrees. Let's look at the sometimes across the region.


The sun will rise at 447 am and setting at 9:26pm. Those are the


high water times. Tomorrow, it will be a bright start to the day in


places, particularly in the West. There will be some cloud. It would


break up throughout the course of the day. We will see some bright


and sunny spells, but it will also be thick enough to give the odd


isolated, light shower at times. Not many of us will catch it, but


it should be quite quick for those who do. Cooler on the coast of 16


degrees. Inland, up to 18 degrees. As we head through Thursday, the


weather stays very much the same. Variable cloud, sunny spells and a


small chance of the odd shower. It should be feeling warmer by the


time we get it there stage. Top temperature around average for this


time of the year - 21 degrees. Friday - there will be a much


higher chance of catching the rain, and it will get worse on Saturday.


Somebody has just message me saying that it is still on the internet,


the footage of me building sandcastles at! Unit the same but I


The group behind a �100 million proposal to transform the centre of


Lincoln says it is confident the development will go ahead.


Lindongate would include a new shopping centre, bus station,


restaurants and apartments. Landowners first announced the


plans three years ago, but they've been on hold since the original


developers hit financial problems. Historic since Full Street is a


busy shopping area in the centre of the city. For years, there has been


talk of redeveloping this area and the adjoining bus station. This


morning's shoppers were cautiously optimistic about the new proposals.


It will be a good thing if it does come off. But it has been in here


so long. How big a shopping centre to be need? It could work out very


good. It just depends what Parkin is supplied with that as well.


is what is being proposed. �100 million worth of redevelopment to


include shops, bars and restaurants and a new transport interchange. It


is the kind of investment any city would be proud of. But there is no


word yet on who is going to pay for it all. This project is being


launched at a tough time for the high street. In Lincoln, 15% of the


shops are empty at the moment. The company behind these proposals is


confident it will succeed. If you look at a lot of towns and city


centres across the UK, the retailing is going out of town.


City centres are struggling. In Lincoln, we are lucky. We have a


vibrant city centre and we want to keep it that way. We want the new


retailers to come here and get established in the city centre so


that everybody can succeed. proposals are going on display in


this disused shop - a vital consultation for what are some of


the biggest redevelopment plans in the recent history of this city.


This development of links the high street and will really help the


small shops. It will also help the market and keep the main shopping


party of Lincoln within a certain area of the high street. If an


investment partner is found and if planning permission is granted, it


could still be four or five years before this proposal comes to


fruition. Our reporter is in Lincoln this


evening. People have been talking about this for years - how likely


is it that this will happen? There can't be many towns are said


to use outside the capital prepared to spend �100 million on this kind


of retail development at this stage in the economic cycle. -- towns and


cities. So many high streets have taken at battering from the


recession and from internet sales, which are gradually nudging up


month-on-month. The court, the group behind this the Belmont, says


it is confident that a number of an vesper SVRs -- investors are


already showing strong interest in this proposal. They have a lot of


faith in the future of the local economy in the city.


We will continue to follow the story.


After almost 40 years of service, one of RAF Waddington's Nimrod


aircraft has taken its final flight from the station. Two of the


surveillance planes were retired from service last month after


active service in Afghanistan, Iraq and during the Cold War. One of


them will now form part of a static display at East Midlands Airport.


The other will be scrapped. It is only a few weeks ago is that we


were flying over the Mediterranean in support of our own guys. It is


strange, in a way, that the aircraft -- the aircraft has come


to be a demise so quickly. It is sad, but I am pleased that will be


preserved. I will come back over the years and have a sit inside and


remember the good old days. There's been a big response on the


story about a man from Hull who's been fined for flyposting after


putting up signs asking for a job. Daniel Bird had been out of work


for a year when he put up the posters. He's now got a job at a


Bingo Hall, but he's also been fined �75 for flyposting. His new


employers have picked up the bill. Lots of you have been moved to get


in touch on this one. We've had a tweet from Rick who says, "They


should give the bloke a medal for using his initiative".


Angela says, ""We should be applauding his efforts, people find


it hard enough to find work. Why should anyone stop them"?


Andy from Hull is also annoyed. "This city is losing funding for


job seekers yet they penalise someone who wants to work. It makes


me wonder why people bother when I hear reports of this nature".


Jan supports the council. "If all of the unemployed did the same then


every city would be papered wall to wall with flyers".


Adam also backed the fine, saying, "It is illegal for a reason. They


are an eye sore and his fine should have been doubled at least".


A piece of Lincolnshire's naval history has today returned to the


county. HMS Boston was used during the Normandy landings but after the


war it was broken up and sold. Now more than 60 years later, the


ship's bell has returned to the town. It was dedicated at a service


at St Botolph's Church this morning. We shall be ringing the bell at the


beginning of every service. The Bull Ring at at the beginning of


all civic services -- civic services - Remembrance Day etc.


Hopefully people will remember the war or because of it. By great


sense of pride for us. Cricket, and Yorkshire have taken a


big first innings lead in the County Championship match against


Worcestershire at Scarborough. The Tykes were all out today for 367 -


199 runs ahead. Worcestershire are 82 for 4 in their second innings at


the end of day two. A couple from Hull say they won't


be looking for a new house despite winning more than �3 million on the


lottery. John and Susan Denston say they may buy a new caravan after


matching five numbers and one lucky star in Friday's Euromillions draw.


They were one number off the jackpot of �166 million. That's


still up for grabs in tonight's draw and they're even trying to get


lucky again. It is no wonder these two are


celebrating - after two years looking for work, their �3.3


million lottery wins put their money worries to bed. I could not


believe it when I saw the first two numbers, then three, then for a.


Them five. Then I got a lucky star. I could not believe it. I just sat


there. I could not believe what was on the screen and what was on my


ticket. So what could �3.3 million get John


and Susan? Well, how about a private yacht to cruise around in?


Or they could move to a luxury millionaires mansion. Or what about


upgrading to a high flying sports car? So what will they choose?


little caravan! A little caravan so we can go away on the weekends. The


really? Yes. John and Susan live on Hull's


Bilton Grange estate. They say they aren't moving and with 166 million


up for grabs again tonight, how would people here spend the cash?


would get holidays and a house. Holiday, holiday, holiday. The most


important thing is doing something for charity.


Only two tickets in the UK won �3.3 million. This is their local


newsagent - the man they had to thank. I won on the same trough. I


cashed my ticket in on Sunday morning. I won at the princely


amount of two. City. At least it will buy me one pint!


These little pink tickets have been flying off the shelves. At one


point on Friday, three million were bought an hour. So who knows -


tonight, another local couple could also be celebrating.


Congratulations to them if they are watching.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines...


The pressure on News Corporation increases with fresh accusations


from a former prime minister and the police.


Farmers claim that food prices will continue to rise than double the


white of business unless the Government steps in.


Another bright and mainly dry day with some sunny spells. A risk of


the odd shower, too. Maximum temperature of 18 degrees.


Ricks says, food prices are rising because of the price of diesel.


Increases in delivery costs are passed on to the consumer. Never


has anyone tried poverty like farmers - down to their last Range


Rover! And a text from Marton. We're


importing goods from Europe while our fields stand empty. It is


madness and the supermarkets are to blame.


Finally, from Trevor, the farmers are obviously happy when they


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