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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Lucky to be alive. A woman is rescued by helicopter after her car


fell down a cliff in East Yorkshire. If I just find it incredible that


nobody is seriously injured. The Prime Minister is urged to step


in and stop the Humber Bridge tolls rising. The bridge was built to


unite both sides. Unfortunately they put it will be fair, which is


the barrier that is holding back the Humber.


The North Lincolnshire invaders costing a water company more than


�1 million. And the American tradition loved by


teenagers but hitting parents in the pocket.


Join me for the weather later in the programme.


A woman is tonight being treated in hospital after surviving a 50 foot


fall in this car. It happened this morning at a beauty spot close to


Flamborough. A passer by raised the alarm after seeing the vehicle


close to the cliff edge at Thornwick Bay, sparking a huge


rescue operation. Crispin Rolfe is live at the site for us this


evening. What more can you tell us about what happened?


We are not sure of the why, but be more or less know what the House.


You can see where the car has:. It went down the side of the Cliffe


face. You can see the idea that that has flattened down on its way


down. It did not get as far as the beach, but it effectively ended up


by one of those dishes are right there. The good news seems to be


that the occupant inside the car has managed to escape many serious


injuries. Airlifted to safety by doctors at the base of the Cliffe,


it is thought that this local woman could have been here for hours


after her car plunged over the edge. She's found at 7am this morning.


The car's only of -- occupant, the woman is now being treated for


minor injuries. It is a slow process in with it their fire


service having to cut the car to get her out. Once that she was


airlifted, it is a fairly short trip straight to hospital. She is


barely shaken, conches and breathing in the vehicle. The fire


service are experts at extracting people in these circumstances.


11pm, -- at 11am, the recovery began. It is that it clear how she


came to plunge at this popular tourist spot. We heard the


helicopter coming over and we had no idea what had happened. I did


not know until somebody had told me that that had been on the radio


that the car had that gone over. I just find it incredible that


nobody is seriously injured. The car looks in good condition


considering it has gone over a Cliffe and turned over a few times.


Today's Christie has taken almost all the emergency services efforts,


but the car and its contents have been recovered for a driver that


has amazing play escaped without serious injury.


What have local people made of what has happened?


They have been shocked, as have two arrests. They want to put this


incident behind them were the saviour is known as a beauty spot


rather than an anything else. In a moment:


The family of a Second World War hero visit his former base in


Lincolnshire. A letter landed on David Cameron's


desk this morning calling for him intervene in the decision to raise


tolls on the Humber Bridge. It was sent by councillors in North


Lincolnshire who have unanimously decided to opposed the price raise


which will see cars drivers having to pay �3 for a single crossing.


The council says the Government's decision, "Simply adds insult to


injury for businesses and residents on the Humber." Phil Connell


reports. It will celebrate its 30th birthday


this weekend, embroiled again in politics. This letter about the


latest rise in poll -- toll charges arrives on their Prime Minister's


death. -- desk. Today the council raised their objections directly


with Downing Street. The letter, signed by all political parties,


calls for the tolls to be reduced or abolished altogether. The bridge


was built to unite both sides. What the dead was put a toll booth there.


That is the barrier that is holding back the Humber. According to


research, the abolition of tolls would be is the area's economy here


by �1.2 billion. And no charge policy could attract further


investment, enhancing the Humber's prospects of being Britain's


leading centre of renewable energy. It is a massive ambition that is


already on the brink of being realised. Plants are in preparation


to build new sites it to support the renewables in jail -- industry.


It is crucial investment that business leaders could be -- fear


could be jeopardised by bridge tolls. It is important for the UK


economy. We're tucking about big developments around here. We need


to get people to work to access these jobs. At the moment, the


bridge is a barrier. Foreign today, it they hoped that the Prime


Minister will find a long-term solution, we know which will find


the bridge celebrating future birthdays with no financial


pressure. Andrew Percy, the MP for Brigg and


Goole, joins me now live from Westminster on this one. Will this


letter make any difference? In one sense, it already has. There are


already meetings taking place. We had this Treasury-led review which


is looking at a range of options. The Department of Transport renewed


the tall rise and they knew about the review, they will not change


anything now, while they? They have to put the case to the Department


of Transport, but that is their decision at the end of the day. In


one sense, as I said, they Treasury-led review is the first in


the whole history of the bridge. The EU agree with the decision to


raise the tolls? Of course we do not agree. It was not the


Government's decision. But the Government approved it. They could


have stopped that. The government always gives the bridge board


devoted to raise the dolls, because if they did not then taxpayers


would have to pay. That demonstrates what is wrong with the


whole structure of the bridge. That is why the rich you, something that


has not been done before, is looking at all of those issues.


are due to meet the Prime Minister to discuss the job cuts. Will you


be suggesting to him that the dolls are reduced? Were we'll be talking


to him, when we can get the meeting, about the whole impact on the sub


regional economy. These are the issues that will come up. I have


the letters here that were sent to the Prime Minister. The last line


is that they look forward to a prompt response. Will they get one?


I hope so. The Prime Minister and government in general are


completely aware of the situation and aware that the Humber has


lagged behind the rest of the country. Thank you for talking to


us tonight. Police officers from East Yorkshire


and one should have joined calls from across the country today to


protest against latest cuts to their budget.


Off duty Humberside policemen Ian Springett and Pete Musgrave both


travelled to London and take part in today's rally. Like many other


officers, they want the Government to look again at a 20% cut in the


police budget over the next four years. Humberside Police will lose


around 120 officers over the coming year. Lincolnshire Police will lose


around 70 officers. We want to send a message to the Government that


the proposed changes are too much and too quick and our forces will


struggled to deliver to the men and women of the public in Humberside.


We represent uniformed PCs in Grimsby. They have come to me with


numerous worries and concerns about the speed of the changes and the


state of the service at the moment. Police officers from across the


country came to London to date to showed their feelings. But the


government argues that police reform is necessary and that pay


and perks will not be affordable in the years to come. Ministers want


police chiefs to use their resources wisely and point to the


example of Lincolnshire Police, which announced it would be using


volunteers to carry out some forensic work. There is a long and


proud history of volunteering in this country and there is a long


and proud history of volunteering in policing. That is not policing


on the cheap, that is just people volunteering to do their bit within


society. But many officers argue that no amount of cuts to red tape


and bureaucracy will make up for the fact that fewer officers will


on the streets of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Steve Garmston from the Humberside Police Federation told me that cuts


will lead to crime levels rising. think there is evidence of that


happening already. We have seen a burglary increased in increasing in


the last month. Police numbers are falling, and it is too early to


link the two, but it I think they are connected. Workers everywhere


are seen their pay frozen, why should the police be any different?


Partly because we do not have the right to strike. Partly because the


level of cuts are aimed at the police service are so much more. We


have a two-year pay freeze, but we have pensions, terms and conditions


attacked and every other form. Would you like to see more senior


police goal? -- leave to? -- goal on the beat? There has to be a


level of supervision. There should be a corresponding decrease in its


senior offices -- officers. A what is morale like you might it really


is poor. We have had such a large amount of change in such a short


amount of time. We had a survey were 98% said their morale had


deteriorated considerably. There is a real problem. A If you could


strike, you are not elected committee could which you? Know,. -


- know, I would not. -- no. What do you think on this one? How


do you think police cuts will affect our local forces? How do you


feel about seeing officers protesting like this? Get in touch


Three members of a family, including an eight month old baby,


are being treated in hospital after a serious crash in Lincolnshire.


Police say their car was on the A1073 bypass near Crowland when it


was involved in a collision this morning.


Police investigating the deaths of two men found in North Lincolnshire


have confirmed they had spoken to one of them about downloading


inappropriate images. 44-year-old Craig Harris's body was found near


Winteringham last week alongside that of another man. Mr Harris,


from Cleethorpes, had been questioned about downloading images


Still ahead tonight: the underwater invasion costing a company more


than �1m. And the American tradition loved by


teenagers, but costing parents a Tonight's photo is North Ferriby,


taken by John Wharam. Look at that, that is a winner. We will have


another picture tomorrow night at the same time. Good evening, young


man. The a lot of people were Let us have a look at the headline


for the next 24 awards. There has been a bit of cloud affecting us


today, but there is some hope that a bit of sun will break through to


more off. It should not you can see this low pressure coming in from


the east, but it should not affect our region too much. Because of


this cloud cover, the temperatures did not get above 15 degrees today,


the average is normal to be 21 at this time of here. So, at some


include thickening overnight and bringing in the Lords small shower


into east of Lincolnshire. Here are There will be a lot of cloud,


particularly towards the coast tomorrow morning. Into the West,


the cloud should break and will be a better chance of some sunshine


breaking through the air. On the coast, it will still be quite


chilly, with the northerly breeze. Inland, it should feel a bit warm


or, a bit about 19 or 20 degrees Celsius. On Friday, much the same


picture, but there is a rein on its way come the weekend. I got a


letter here from an expatriate who watches the short even though he is


based in Spain. The last time I was over there I was watching a


gorgeous Spanish blonde on their network doing the weather. A any


chance we could get her instead of George Keston helped guide bomber


planes from Lincolnshire through raids over Germany during World War


As a German speaker, he would secretly fly with crews based at


Ludford Magna near Market Rasen, translating intercepted Nazi


messages. Today, for the first time, his sister, who survived the


Holocaust, visited the site where George was based to see the


memorial left in honour of him and his comrades from 101 Squadron.


It is a name on a page, George Keston, but for Berta Aronson it is


a key piece in the story of her younger brother George, the Jewish


boy who fled Nazi Germany, the son of parents murdered in the war. The


teenager joined the RAF to avenge their deaths and died fighting for


their honour. This is the first time she has visited the village he


was based in. It is quite emotional for me, but it is also an owner. -


- I great honour. He was just a young boy. He wanted to get back at


their Germans for what they did to our parents.


George was based at RAF Ludford and flew with the 101 Squadron,


blocking Nazi radio signals. But their jobs were high risk. Their


squadron lost more men than any other. In 1944, George's plane was


shot down. He was just 18. What they did was absolutely incredible


and inspirational. The bravery the it showed was and slowly remarkable.


This is the first time that Berta has seen the memorial which honours


her brother and the others killed in 101 Squadron. Until a few months


ago, she thought George was only remembered by a war grave in


Germany. Until now, it is a name and a story. But now it is visual.


It is official that his memory is remember it, as the soldier and as


a human being who fell. For more than 60 years, his family knew


nothing about his connection with Lincolnshire and, for the first


time, they have been able to return here to see that he has not been


forgotten. They are no bigger than a 10p piece,


but they are costing one water company a fortune. Zebra mussels,


which are native to Russia, have invaded the River Ancholme and have


multiplied so much that they are now blocking a water filtering


plant near Brigg. In just one square metre, as many


as as 10,000 shells can be found. It means six tonnes of mussels are


clogging up the system every month. And the problem is costing Anglian


Water more than �1m. The view me appear serene, but the situation is


not that way. Thousands of these Zebra mussels are blocking up the


system. Most of the what it is treated at this site. Millions of


litres of what others are treated here every day. This is a first


step in turning river water into drinking water, but these Zebra


mussels shells are blocking up the filtration systems. They are called


an invasive species, because they are not native to the United


Kingdom. They also cause a lot of problems with our ecosystem. The


first came to the country attach to Russian bought its 200 years ago.


Many invasive species come because there is that an environmental


window of opportunity for them. In this case, they have just taken


over. A Anglian Water say it will not cost consumers anything for


this problem to be fixed, but it is feared these creatures will


continue to multiply under the surface.


Mussels from Russia are not the only animals to be outstaying their


welcome in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It is estimated there


are more than 10,000 alien species in Europe and the cost of dealing


with them in the UK reaches �1.7 billion a year. Our rural affairs


correspondent Caroline Bilton has been taking a look at some other


invaders that have made their home here.


Lurking beneath our waters and stalking our shores. East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire has its fair share of predators.


First up is this hairy-clawed crustacean, the Chinese Mitten Crab


Thought to have been brought over here from China, it is breeding in


vast numbers in the Humber, burrowing into river banks and


causing serious damage to our flood defences.


Another clawed critter causing chaos is the Giant American


Crayfish. This six-inch killing machine eats almost anything in its


path. Introduced in the 1970s and bred on farms for the restaurant


trade, they are now breeding in our waterways here.


Our next suspect looks like a giant rat, biu it it is in fact a coypu.


Imported to Britain from South American for fur farming, stories


of them being on the loose in Lincolnshire were circulating just


last year. Finally, you might not get close to


a coypu, but you may well come face to face with one of these, the


average house mouse. It has become a common pest in homes up and down


the country and is thought to be the first species to be introduced


to Britain. They are all here living among us. It is just that


some have outstayed their welcome. It started in America, but now the


school prom is costing parents here dearly. With girls demanding


dresses, spray tans, hairdressers and even eyelash inserts, they can


end up spending around �500 on that single night out. Anne-Marie Tasker


has been finding out why prom nights have become such a big event.


Some girls say it comes only second to their wedding. And for many,


getting ready for prom night starts many hours, if not months, before


the event. Sophie Shields is leaving David Lister School in Hull


next week, but booked her prom dress back in November. I saw it in


the window and I was like, up I want no one mum.


Hiring it for one night costs �200. The mums and a lot easier to deal


with, sometimes the fathers come in and say, how much exclamation mark


however, I have not seen one father not coming back the next day with


the money. With acrylic nails and eyelash


inserts already paid for, Sophie and her mum's next stop is the


hairdressers. Including her new hair extensions,


it has cost almost �100. School proms started life in America, but


over the past decade, they have caught on here. Children as young


as eleven are having proms, but for those leaving school at 16, it is a


big deal. It is one of the more special days and I will ever have,


except for my date my wedding. think she deserves it. I think it


is a bit extreme and obscene that in some people's eyes. It does


sound a lot of money, but I work hard, so why not.


The weather brought some wardrobe challenges. And with every


limousine in Hull already booked up, Sophie and her friends travelled by


vintage bus. It took her teachers six months to organise the big


night. I think there is an expectation that they want to


celebrate their years at secondary school. It is amazing. Everyone


just looks beautiful, even their boys. It is a lot of money, but


they think it was well worth spending.


The 80 school leavers voted for their prom king and queen, then


they enjoyed a night of dancing and celebration. It may have cost


hundreds of pounds, but each said it was worth every penny. Is it me,


or am I just be grumpy old man? Let us get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The hacking scandal forces Rupert


Murdoch to drop his bid to take full control of BSkyB. A driver


whose car fell off a cliff in East Lincolnshire is recovering in


hospital. We have got responses to it the earlier story about the


police. In this one, at this e-mail says, they should worry more - -


they should join the Army or the local services. They do not know


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