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Good evening. The headlines tonight: the blast at in a legal


distillery that cost five men their lives. Tonight, the search for


answers continues. Five fatalities in one incident, that is more


significant. I am live in Boston as investigations continue into what


caused the tragedy. It is believed that the men were making illicit


what car. We look at the wider problem of counterfeit alcohol. --


illicit alcohol. We have been advised by the police and council


to be aware of it and we are aware of it. Also on tonight's programme,


there could be more work properties built on flood-risk areas. And hats


off to the man who bot Hull City. We could have a warm day tomorrow


and then it will turn unsettled. -- who purchased Hull City.


Good evening. And the legal distillery is at the centre of an


investigation in Boston tonight into an explosion which killed five


men and seriously injured another man. It happened a on the


Broadfield Industrial Estate in the town shortly before 7:30pm. Police


found equipment for making alcohol inside the building. The men who


died have still not been identified. We can go live now to Boston and


our reporter. What has been happening there today? Members of


the emergency services, police and fire, have been making their way


through the cordon here along the road to the scene that you see


behind me. That is a major investigation on the goal. It


culminated in sombre scenes earlier wrong when a number of dark


vehicles made their way along here. Inside were the bodies of those who


died. And the legal distillery in the centre Rob Austin. The


production of black-market alcohol has let five men dead and another


fighting for his life. -- in the centre of Boston. It is now more


than 24 hours since emergency services were called to an


explosion here. Fire fighters met a rapid and intense fire. When we


arrived one casualty had come out of the building. The second group


quell the fire, which was very hot. it had set fire to a car outside.


It is believed the blast killed the five men instantly. Some people who


lived near by came and told me that they believed that there was


illegal alcohol. One came out with his arm on fire. I was told one was


smoking a cigarette and threw it behind him. The equipment they use


for the brewing of the alcohol exploded and five of them were


killed. Among those who attended the scene, the rector of Boston.


are very sad about this. Today, police confirmed the unit had been


used as a distillery. Her we have found chemicals on the premises


which indicate the manufacture or production of alcohol. The bodies


have been removed and the other man transferred to a specialist burns


unit in Boston. Police say he has been undergoing surgery for up much


of the day. The police will now try to identify those who were killed.


Officers are also working with trading standards and HM Revenue


and Customs. At the moment the police have no idea who these men


are. There were unconfirmed reports that they were foreign nationals.


An appeal has been sent out to anyone, perhaps residents,


relatives, friends, who had someone who did go out and not come back to


get in touch with the police. Keith Owen from Lincolnshire police joins


me light. What progress are you making? -- he joins me now. We have


had people working all day bike across -- all across the county


looking at what happened. These tragic events have really shocked


us, we appreciate that, so we are looking to progress this as quickly


as we can. What we are very keen to do as a priority is identified to


these men were who tragically lost their lives last night. -- identify


the names of these men. How is the victim in a hospital? The last I


heard was he was undergoing surgery, and that will run on into the


evening. We have not had an update. You obviously want to speak to him.


How soon will that be? As soon as he is ready. We have officers there


who are monitoring the situation. Hopefully he will shed some light


on the situation. The appeal we have for the wider community is if


you have any knowledge of what happened last night, please get in


touch with Boston police station. You find at the a reminder of


evidence of illegal brewing at the site. -- you find a lot of evidence.


Yes, we find a lot of equipment. -- we discovered a lot of equipment.


There is still work going on at the scene so I cannot go into detail.


The fire service have been working all day to establish what has


happened. Thank you very much. The problem of illegal alcohol in


Boston has been the subject of a major investigation by the police


and trading standards. Many shops were found selling counterfeit


alcohol containing cleaning fluid. For some time, customs officers and


police have been it confiscating illegal alcohol from off-licences


around the time. Today, these two shops had their licences revoked


for selling counterfeit vodka. Pub landlords have been warned not to


buy and sell it. Some of the fake bobcat contains potentially lethal


chemicals. -- vodka. We have been warned by the police to be aware of


it and we are aware of it. Anyone who finds dodgy alcohol must


reported. -- report it to us. Lincolnshire Police strongly


suggest that illegal alcohol was being produced. This man, who work


near by, describes the victims as young Eastern Europeans.


surprises me because there was no signs of any illegal goings-on. It


was just a warehouse that was used for storage. For some time there


has been concern about the illegal manufacturing of alcohol in


Lincolnshire. The potato fields provide plenty raw-material, and


there is a large market as there is a large eastern European Community.


It is alcohol but it is cleansing fluid and is not fit for human


consumption. Illegally producing alcohol has long been linked to the


black market economy and organised crime, and now to the tragic loss


of the likes of five men. -- lives. Where does this leave the


investigation into the vodka? Clearly there is a possibility that


the board can we saw seized earlier in the year was manufactured.


Questions have to be asked about whether there are other


distilleries. Clearly the evidence of the 6th man who was injured is


very important, we do not know whether he will be able to give


evidence. What began as a counterfeit inquiry has overnight


gain a much bigger sense of importance. As we have heard,


Austin is at the centre of a major investigation. -- Boston. Much of


that is centred on the migrant workers in the town. The identities


are not known but there is a great deal of sadness. Tributes paid in


the tone for the five who died and prayers for the one who survived. -


- paid in the village. For some, at they claimed it was an accident


waiting to happen. It was monitored months ago, this happened today


because of what people have been saying. It is speculation, but in


the 10 people do not believe it was an accident, -- believe it was an


incident that Boston could have done without. People are talking


about immigration issues, it does raise problems, but we are a


multicultural society, so we must live with it. It is very tragic, it


is a loss of life. Whether they are foreign nationals are not, it is


tragic. They can learn from this tragedy, but in many parts of the


town, there is horror at a loss of life. It is a cause of concern


across society, and it is an issue that we face here. There may be


questions for the future of Boston and how it reacts, but today is all


about the lives of five men and how they were killed.


Earlier I spoke to the MP for Boston, I questioned him about how


he feels about what happened. initial reaction is one of shock at


the terrible tragedy where five people lost their lives. We need to


initially allow the police to get on unhindered and do a thorough


investigation to establish the facts. Many people have been


talking about this illegal brewing which may have caused the explosion.


Early in the year you know that counterfeit alcohol was on sale.


Have you been a weird when talking to your constituents about this? --


have you been made aware. Certainly the problem seems to be alcohol


going wrong, although the full investigation must be completed.


Some months ago there were a series of raids, by Lincolnshire police,


Customs and Excise, and trading standards, and they confiscated


significant sums of alcohol. The sale of illegal alcohol was quite


well known about in the Boston area. Until the tragedy last night, there


was no evidence of production of illegal alcohol in Boston. It looks


like that has changed. Is there anything you can do to tackle this


issue? The first thing we need to do is allow the police to do their


investigation thoroughly. Once the facts are established about what


happened here and who the poor people were who died, their


respective agencies need to sit down, learned the lessons, and make


sure we eradicate the sale illegal alcohol, the production of illegal


alcohol, and make sure that similar We would like to hear from you. Did


to see what happened? Have maybe you heard about the illegal alcohol


being made all sold. Maybe you bought some without realising it.


Hero on BBC One, thank you for watching. The Hull City owner is


honoured for his contribution to the city and its university. And


the teenagers competing in the Tonight's photo was taken by Robert.


He took office of Skidby Windmill. Another one tomorrow night. Let's


get the forecast. It has been a lovely day. Everyone


is asking me about the rest of the summer holidays. Everyone can see


summer holidays. Everyone can see it from my blog. I am afraid it is


looking very unsettled. The message is enjoy this evening and tomorrow


if you can. The weekend is looking quite poor at times with heavy rain


for a time on Saturday. And so tomorrow, bright and warm with


temperatures up to 24 degrees. This week Front could bring patchy rain


late on tomorrow. Then we look set to bring in a number of Atlantic


weather systems over the coming 10- 14 days. Things will go downhill


for the second half of July. We have ended on a lovely note. Lots


of sunshine across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. This evening


should be fine with the chance of the isolated shower in the West.


Overnight will be dry with clear spells. Lowest temperatures down to


ten Celsius. The sun will rise in the morning at 4:50am. It looks


like much of the morning will be bright and mostly dry. The chance


of a shower. Through the afternoon, most places stay dry it was just


the a chance of a shower late in the day. The cloud will thicken.


Respectable temperatures and a moderate south-west wind. Notably


warmer on the coast. Highs of 23 degrees. As for the weekend, heavy


rain to come through Saturday. That will clear later two showers and


quite showery with blustery windss on Sunday. More houses are being


on Sunday. More houses are being built in flood prone areas in East


Yorkshire despite a rise in risk of flooding according to a new report.


Development in at risk areas in Hull and East rising has increased


over the past decade which could cause a repeat of the 2007 floods.


Who could forget the floods of 2007? At the time, we were told it


was a freak event but there were warnings it could happen again.


What is an abnormal event may become more frequent in the decades


to come. And those warnings are mentioned in this report out today


by the Committee on climate change. And so also is this from our local


authorities. For not taking the warning seriously enough and for


continuing to build on areas that are at high risk to flooding.


are under pressure to build new homes, they have to put them


somewhere. What we're saying is that local authorities should be


quite transparent about how they are balancing different risks. We


need to be more aware and clear how we are factoring in these long-term


changes in our climate. The council says preventing flood risk is that


the top of the list of their priorities when it comes to


planning. We are going through a process which looks set all the


various sites that landowners and the council have put forward as


sites for the future. One of the fundamental first steps in that


assessment of their sides is what are the flood risks? If they cannot


be mitigated four, cross it off. The problem is increasing demand


for new homes. It is estimated that by 2026, the population in Hull


will rise by 10,000 meaning that 15,000 new homes will be needed. In


the East Riding, the population is set to rise by 47,000. Creating the


need for 20,000 new homes. But with large amounts of Hull and East


Yorkshire line in flood risk areas, it means greater effort is needed


to make sure that any new homes can withstand flooding in the future,


something the council say they are confident of achieving.


The government has announced that the coastguard station at Great


Yarmouth in Norfolk will close. However, the Transport Secretary


has said the base in Bridlington will continue to operate 24 hours a


day. Plans to open it during daytime hours only have been


scrapped, but there will still be some job losses.


The Olympic gold medal winner Jonathan Edwards has been meeting


young people in Lincolnshire today. The world triple jump champion was


encouraging students to take part in an Olympic style schools


competition. It is hoped it will help children tackle obesity by


getting more active. The Science and television


presenter Maggie Philbin has brought her Science Roadshow to


Hull. 300 school children from both sides of Humber had been given


access to the latest cutting-edge technology. The former Tomorrow's


World presenter hopes it will encourage them to take up careers


in science and technology. This is the most important thing I have


ever done because we are bringing technology, putting it in front of


teenagers, we are showing them the engineers and scientists behind it


and rear explaining the struggle as they have had to make that


technology. Then a say in the want to be a part of this? Then queue to


everyone who got in touch about a story about police officers to join


colleagues from across the country to protest against the latest cuts


to their police budget. Just a few, Sue from Grimsby texted to say, to


Thank you for all of those. He escaped tyranny and he he became


one of Britain's top businessmen and today Hull City owner Assem


Allam was recognised at Hull University. Mr Allam he used to


study in the city was given an honorary doctorate.


He is best known to thousands as Burford board chairman after taking


control of Hull City earlier this year. But Assem Allam has been


supporting good causes in Hull for far longer. Egyptian by birth, a


whole is though much his home. did not catch the wrong train. I


came here because Mike sister was married to a doctor who worked here


and I came to stay just for a few weeks initially and then I went to


Hull University, manage to do a postgraduate and have stayed.


Allam has made an enormous contribution to business and the


community here. He is an excellent example of how you can overcome


adversity and be successful in life. But his journey to Hull was far


from easy thanks to this man. He became President of Egypt in the


1950s and for the next 15 years was a central figure in Middle Eastern


affairs. Better homey had enemies and opponents and one of these was


a young Assem Allam. I was doing my masters and I used to take


advantage of the lecturers making speeches against the dictator. I


was arrested and I had no option but to leave. I was under pressure


from the family to leave the country. Assem Allam gave an


impassioned speech to the new graduates, urging them to put


something back in the community when they can just as this


remarkable man has. Yorkshire have won their latest


county championship match at Scarborough. They bowled out


Worcestershire for 332 in their second innings and started today


needing 34 runs to win and they quickly got those to win by six


wickets. A group of teenagers from northern


Lincolnshire are making waves in the world of windsurfing. Emma, Max


and Lewis who trained near Barton are jetting off to San Francisco


this weekend to take part in the At just 14, and that is being


touted as the finest young female windsurfers in the country. She


already has this evolve medal to her name but it has taken a lot of


hard work. I usually trained two or three times a week. It is hard


because it is after school and my mum and dad are at work. On the


weekend I get four or five hours. I like winning and that is what her


do it for. And it is Emma's passion that could see how making waves in


future Olympics. Emma has huge potential. She is an absolute star


and she shows a determination to go a long way in the sport. It would


not surprise me if we saw her going to the Olympics and the future.


also gets to practise with some of the top boys in the UK. I have


prepared loads, like today, I came here at 4:30am. But after all the


training, there are some perks. am looking forward to this one. It


is meant to be really good out there but sailing under the Golden


Gate should be good. The fact I get to all these places, I am looking


forward to it. I am getting nervous but used to international


competitions now. With three windsurfers heading to America, it


seems the team are certainly on a crest of a wave.


Good luck to them. Let have a recap of the main news headlines. The


murders are summoned to Parliament. They face a grilling from MPs next


Tuesday. The bodies of five men killed and


an explosion at an illegal distilleries in Boston are taken


away. Police do not know their identities.


Fridays forecast, a bright day. Top temperatures around 23 Celsius.


Philip Norton has been in Boston since last night. How soon are the


police hoping to find out who these men were? The police really are now


relying on members of the public to get in touch. They are hoping


people have cinder broadcasts and the coverage throughout today and


hopefully that will bring them to get in touch with the police. The


initial shock is only just sinking in. There is a real sombre


atmosphere here in Boston. It has to be said, this is the single


worst loss of life in any separate fire in Lincolnshire. Even the


fire-fighters will be offered counselling. A sad day for Boston.


You have been writing in on twitter. First of all, how can they say


there was no intelligence? Everyman knows where it is being sold. This


is from Sophie, there must be a link between illegal selling and


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