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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Claims that metal prices have turned parts of North Lincolnshire


into one of the worst areas in the country for cable theft. You hear


it on the news all the time. People do not see the dangers and just see


the money. After the protests against the changes there's fresh


criticism of the government's new system of supporting poor


students.As the future of two RAF bases was secured businesses


celebrate a boost to the economy.The Humber Bridge at 30 -


we take a look at some of it's most We have seen a number of heavy


showers and thunderstorms. There are more tomorrow. We will have the


Villages in North Lincolnshire are being targeted by thieves stealing


copper phone cables. Many homes have been without regularly working


landlines for weeks. The increase in the theft of cables has


coincided with the rise in the price of copper. In 2001 it cost


�240 per tonne. By 2006 it had more than trebled to eight hundred


pounds. And earlier this year the price peaked at fifteen hundred


pounds per tonne. Tarah Welsh has No, it is not on Five days without


her phone. And it's not the first time. Copper has been stolen from


phone lines here three times this month. For further information. We


cannot do that because we do not have a telephone line. Someone


comes in and greens the Post Office. They cannot come, because it comes


off the BT line. We are without our pension. It is three weeks that


this has hit. Hundreds of people have been affected in Alkborough.


And in Horsham businesses suffered when the lines were cut twice.


card machine stopped working, and this is paramount because many


people It's not phone lines that have been affected. Railways cables


are often stolen. And church rooves target, even last night �2000 worth


of lead was stolen from the Doddington Hall near Lincoln.


you can see, scrap metal is a lucrative business. But there's no


copper cable is there. Traders like this one now ask for a photo ID.


you bring it in burnt, it is twined. That is how all you can recognise


burnt Telecom's cable. The police have to step up their patrols, and


the public has to be more vigilant. But most of time the theives are


long gone leaving residents inconvienced, cables have been


stolen from Thorne 17 times - leaving this couple without a phone


for 6 weeks. But as metal prices continue to rise, the temptation to


steal is still there for a few Tarah Welsh is in Alkborough


tonight. Tarah, when repairs are done, what's to stop thieves just


taking the copper cables again? you can see, I am in an isolated


location. When the thieves come a long, they are quite difficult to


spot. This area has been targeted three times already. What they are


doing is that they are lifting of these manhole covers and lifting


the copper cables underneath. It is costing BT millions of pounds every


year. They are trying to secured these. What they are also doing


these are rolling out fibre-optic cables to replace copper ones,


because they are not as by -- valuable. They are 5 million miles


of cable to replace. It is going to cost money. Ian Hetherington


represents scrapyards all over the country. How big a problem is


people stealing metal to sell? Metal theft is a problem throughout


the UK. It tends to majorly inconvenience committees as well as


businesses. That is because scrap metal prices are very high at the


moment? Scrap-metal prices are high, and has grown over the last five


years. Also, I suspect, anecdotally the recession has hit people hard,


and inquisitive crime has grown as a consequence. How could you tell


us the scrap-metal someone is trying to sell you is there's


always stolen? At the point of processing, it is really difficult.


In the early stages after a theft, it is easier. They are usually


indicate is as to how to determine whether the metal is stolen or not,


but once it has been through one set of hands, it becomes incredibly


difficult. What are the penalties that your man so far for selling


stolen goods? The penalties are rigorous. They can lead to


imprisonment or certainly very serious fines. Sir the confiscation


of property. It is not something to be taken lightly. What do you think


about those people who have committed crimes? They deserve


everything that they get. It is a major problem. They provide unfair


competition for legitimate trade. Thank you very much. I would like


to know what you think about this. What more can be done to stop the


theft of cables and metal at the moment? You might have a view on


In a moment... Find out what prompted this performance in


Mablethorpe. An East Yorkshire MP has criticised the Government for


the way it's introduced a new bursary scheme to help the poorest


teenagers stay in education. The government says it's come up with


an adequate alternative to the former Education maintenance


allowance. But Graham Stuart, the MP for Beverley and Holderness,


says the changes have been rushed It sparked a wave of protest. The


scrapping of the cash given to stop students dropping out has left many


worried. It's meant to be replaced by a bursary-but some schools and


parents still don't know how much money they're getting. We talk


about fuel poverty, but we should have a new term, we should have a


school poverty. There will be families out there, perhaps


families I know, who are going to have to disappoint their 16-year-


olds. They say I have to feed you, I have to close to, we have to have


heating and light here. We need to let our children go to school. EMA


is for 16-18 year olds. With students from the poorest


backgrounds getting �30 a week to help them stay in education.


government says its new scheme will still deliver cash where its needed


most, but the pot of money available's been cut by 70 per cent.


A report today says the reforms were rushed and students have


suffered. It wasn't fully thought through. The amount that was going


to be allowed in bursary changed. Young people were given too little


information too late. In Grimsby, 17-year-old Gareth relied on EMA to


pay for books and travel. He thinks the new system is too confusing:


EMA is a simple scheme. People knew the rules. But now it is too


confusing. And while application numbers at Hull College are up for


this this September - they've had to work hard to find news ways to


By the end of the academic year, the EMA comes to an end. And while


MPs agree change was needed - many are far from happy with its


replacement. Graham Stuart is the chair of the Education Select


Committee. Mr Stuart, Many colleges still don't know how much money


they can give out instead of the Education Maintenance Allowance,


why is that? Because the decision has been made by the government to


delegate responsibility for the allocations to colleges, and they


made the decision made to do that and made the allocation so late


that night that colleges nor the students who were going to apply


there were able to know in advance what the situation would be.


your government had made the mistake so that people no idea


whether they could afford to study. Or can be done without? The door


has been cast. Now what we are asking is for heads and principles


of colleges to be creative and look at the best way to support students.


In my constituency, transport is absolutely critical. We need to


make sure the support is in place. We are seeing support from colleges


to make sure the people get to college. People cannot get there


and so they have little tosser don't well with their studies.


have mentioned one area, but it is going to affect those families who


are not so well off, in such places as Hull and Grimsby. Yes, it is --


they would have been aimed production no matter who had been


in power. Labour were going to review it. We decided as a cross-


party group of MPs that it should not -- that it was not handled as


well as the should have been. your critical of your government.


What difference does that make? will make precious little


difference to those who have suffered this year. Hopefully, it


will mean that changes in future will be more considered, and


therefore will have less negative impact on students to be or what


Seiden well at college. They grow Customs officers investigating the


manufacture and sale of illegal vodka in Lincolnshire say they


believe the practice may be widespread. The warning comes as


five shops in Boston have had their licences revoked for selling


smuggled and counterfeit alcohol. It's nearly a week since five men


died in the town following an explosion at an illegal vodka


factory. Five out of six licences revoked sends a message, but with


trading standards and police, they will try to get a grip of it.


are celebrations today after the jobs of Lincolnshire servicemen and


women have been safeguarded at 2 military bases. The defence


secretary, Liam Fox yesterday announced that RAF Cottesmore near


Stamford will become home to the army while RAF Marham in Norfolk


has had its future secured. Amanda Thomson reports. The last Harrier


jump jet flew from RAF Cottesmore near Stamford last December and


with all RAF personnel following suit by next March the future


looked bleak. But yesterday the Defence Secretary Liam Fox


announced that RAF Cottesmore will become home to the army. At least


it will give jobs to somebody, won't it? We have lost a lot of


income from the base. Hopefully we will regain some money on it comes


back. Better than going to waste! In will help the local a four --


economy somewhat. While the Army's plans have saved Cottesmore, it was


the economic argument that has saved RAF Marham near Kings Lynn.


More than 5,000 jobs have been saved here. News the Tornado is


staying, along with its staff has been welcomed by local businesses.


It is embedded in our Committee, the business we do with them. 10 %


of our business is with Marham. do a lot of business with Moran,


the different squadrons. It is good news to hear. Young chaps on their


own, sometimes two or three of them, joining together from a mental


perspective. Absolutely crucial. The familiar Tornados then remain


part of North Norfolk life while Stamford looks forward to welcoming


military personnel of a different kind. Military jobs in Lincolnshire


and its surrounds have been safeguarded for the time being. The


time is 17 minutes to 7 o'clock. Still had: The garden designed in


an East Yorkshire prison goes on display. And of the UN the bridge


at 30. We meet some of the artist Do not forget. If you have a photo


you are proud of, ascended into us. This is Wetwang. Jennifer said in


her note attached to its that they just saw some ducks.


Did you manage to dodge some showers today or did you get wet?


No, I got soaked through. Never mind, you only read it!


I only read it? I'm sorry.


There have been torrential thunderstorms in places. There is a


Met Office severe weather warning. It is valid throughout the evening.


Tomorrow the weather will not improve a great deal. Low pressure


is never far away and there are further show was developing. There


is a risk that some of them will be heavy in places. The satellite


picture shows where the cloud is and that is where the heavier


showers are. It will fade away to the south through the night. It


will turn drier with some clear spells in Lincolnshire. Looking at


the sometimes tomorrow... Here are the times of the high water.


Tomorrow we will see some brightness developing first thing,


particularly in Lincolnshire. Later we will see showers developing and


in the afternoon they will start to become heavy and thundery and


places. The Met Office morning his valid for tomorrow with a risk of


torrential downpours. The temperatures are average for this


time of the year. On Thursday we are still looking as Shell was but


they should have lost their intensity so there will not be


thunderstorms. It will mostly be dry on Friday and Saturday starts


bright bubble cloud over. I have never been pounced on so


quickly in my life! I am not Tocher, really ex!


A butcher from East Yorkshire has taken the radical step of putting


huge notices in his shop window, to try to stop malicious rumours about


his private life. Brian Fields says when his three children came home


asking if he was leaving them and their mother for another man, he


says he had to act. Brian Fields runs an award winning


family business. So when rumours started circulating he'd left his


wife Joanne for a man, he felt he had to retaliate. Together, they've


stuck huge notices in the window of the shop in Anlaby near Hull -


asking people to stop the malicious gossip. A necessary measure, they


say, when their three young children became upset. The rumour


had not subsided. It has been going on a fall three months. Once it was


affecting my children I felt it was time to correct people and have my


say. It is not fair on the children. When one of your daughter's asks


for who she will live with if you split up and there is no problem,


you feel you are to take a stance. We have to sit them all down and


have a tour can tell them mummy and daddy are happy and we are a happy


family and so to ignore it if they hear it. Everybody I have spoken to


said they have heard it. It is just not nice at all.


And today, customers felt the butcher had done the right thing.


He has worked all hours God sends to build his business up and now he


get somebody like that trying to knock him down. It is very wrong.


The you want to make sure people know the fact rather than horrible


gossip. I think, as good on him. There is a slur on his character.


His reputation is being tented. I think he is doing the right thing.


Brian says despite the devastating impact on his family, his business


has been unaffected. He suspects jealousy may be the motive for the


rumours. Now he's hoping his shop front will put a stop to them.


It's a craze that's swept the country and in Lincolnshire today


it was used to highlight the dangers of coastal flooding. In the


middle of the day and without any warning, 300 school pupils suddenly


gathered in Mablethorpe's High Street to perform in front of


passers by. The impromptu performance was used to kick start


a touring exhibition that aims to raise awareness about the danger


and power of the sea. Lincolnshire has a lot to offer,


though its coastline has not always been as peaceful as this. Over the


years, sea defences have been breached here. In 1953, high tides


and stormy weather left 43 people dead. Since then investments and


campaigns have reduce the dangers and today, here in Mablethorpe,


there has been an unexpected campaign to raise the public


awareness further. It came from all directions and gathered momentum


and then it if -- quickly disappear. It is all passed -- it is all part


of the latest craze, flash mob. A seemingly impromptu performance but


one that has been well rehearsed. It was by 300 children whose


Mexican wave in Mablethorpe aims to highlight the power was an danger


of the save. Her I think we did well at getting the message across.


We shop a few people. Are people were asking what we were doing.


Most people wondered what was happening but once they saw the


demonstration they started getting into it. Flash mob has also been


used in good effect in other parts of our area. Esquire recently took


shoppers by surprise in Hull. In Mablethorpe today there were plenty


of puzzled expressions. wondered what was going on and then


realised it was simulating a flood. It has done its job. We have been


11 years. It has not happened yet but, like I say, you never know


what is going to happen. When the weather is like this you do not


think it is something you even have to consider or think about but it


needs to be very much part of your life to plan for an event that may


or may not happen. The performance was filmed for an exhibition which


starts in Lincolnshire on Friday. A modern craze will highlight and alt


-- age old problem. A prison garden in East Yorkshire


has won a best in show award at Tatton Park. The knife garden was


created by inmates at Everthorpe jail near Brough to highlight the


dangers of knife crime and won a competition to feature at the


Tatton Park RHS show in Cheshire from tomorrow. The designers say


it's helping to turn around the lives of some of the inmates who've


worked on it. They come on with different agendas but once they get


involved in a project like this, you can see the thought process


change, the mindset change and they really become involved and proud of


their achievements. We've had plenty of reaction to


last night's programme about the Humber Bridge and the tolls. Just a


few of the responses. Robert in North Ferriby emailed to say...


We are celebrating 30 years of the Humber Bridge. For all its


controversy and disputes over the years, for many the Humber Bridge


has one constant theme. It's a source of inspiration! From


poets, painters and photographers, the Bridge is an icon - and even


inspires the many pictures sent to He's been painting the Humber


Bridge for ten years, from Barton bike night to drinks with friends -


you can always see it somewhere. The Humber Bridge has had a great


influence on my paintings. Every day away Cup tour wonderful view of


the bridge. In that respect it has had an influence on what I tend to


paint. Most pictures have the Humber Bridge in the background.


And his newest project reflects on the current controversy surrounding


the bridge. The latest work is entitled bridged tales explained.


Half of the bridge is missing. It is like a bridge going nowhere. The


birds represent money floating about. A lot of my paintings do not


have meanings but this when it came to me and that is how what evolved.


David's exhibition Beyond The Humber Bridge will soon be on


display for all to see. But of course it's not just the art world


this iconic structure has inspired, there's the spoken word too.


Wynne's play on it like a harp. This Poem Bridge For The Living was


writen by Phillip Larkin to commemorate it's opening.


And more recently it featured in the Symphony For Yorkshire, a song


celebrating everything local. But one person in particular has


possibly had the longest relationship with the bridge,


photographer David Lee. I have been photographing it for 40 years. We


were taking progress photograph from the beginning of the bridge.


It grew very slowly so a lot of things did not change much but it


was fabulous. Getting up on the cables and on the catwalk was


amazing. And many stunning photo's have


followed since then David says he never gets bored of


the Humber Bridge, through summer or winter, day or night it never


fails to inspire. One morning they ran from the control room and told


me I might be interested in something. It was a fabulous same


width fluffy clouds and the cables coming out of them. It made a


fantastic picture and we had it printed and we have sold over 2000.


David says he never gets bored of the Humber Bridge. It never fails


to inspire. I have a copy of that one at home,


where the cloud sticks up above the clouds.


Let us recap the headlines: Under scrutiny by Parliament, Rupert's


and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks give evidence to MPs.


Claims that metal prices have turned parts of North Lincolnshire


into the worst area in the country for cable theft.


The weather for tomorrow, sunny spells and heavy showers.


There is a response coming in on the subject of Cable and metal


theft. Malcolm says tarmac there are no police available at night to


stop these thefts. Peter says... We had two tons of lead stripped from


our church. The effect has been devastating for those involved in


running and fund-raising for the Church.Let's make an example of


these thieves. Lock them up and throw away the keys. This could be


seen as attempted murder, just to get their hands on some cash. It is


disgusting. We should ban scrap-metal dealers


buying scrap wire. We should take a photograph of the seller. If they


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