20/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening, thank you for joining us, welcome.


The headlines. Cancelled again, the boss of Hull


Trains says sorry for the continued destruction. Passengers said they


have had enough. I am late for meetings, that is the


problem. Maybe they should have a couple of spare ones. Easier said


than done. The government says there is


nothing they can do to stop hundreds of steel jobs going in


Scunthorpe. The decision has already been made,


there is no point me holding out an expectation that this can be


reversed. Thousands of people turn out in


East Yorkshire for the biggest agricultural show of its kind in


the country. And, we take a look at some of the


best of over 50 years of regional And commit your weather forecast


Good evening. After weeks of delays and


cancellations, managers at Hull Trains have offered an unreserved


apology and admitted its trains are not as reliable as they would like


them to be. The company operate services from East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire to London. Over the last few weeks, two of its four


trains have been out of action. Tonight, Lord Prescott said he is


going to talk to the regulator about the ongoing problems.


It has become a bit of a familiar sight at Paragon station, while the


train stays in a siding, passengers and staff are on board a bus,


taking them to Doncaster. Cancellations and changes to


services have been a headache for the company's regular customers.


have got to wait a couple of hours before the next service. I am late


for meetings. It is going to affect us coming home. Maybe they should


have a couple of spare ones. Easier said than done. The company only


has a fleet of four. One broke down because of an electrical fault,


another suffered mechanical issues, so now there are two, and 11 after


14 services remained. Critics say the company bought a model with a


poor reliability record. Today, Lord Prescott said the rail


regulator should be involved. have said, we have proper trains


back, they are falling apart again. They can only run two trains. You


cannot run a railway like that. They should not be allowed to do so.


I want to talk to the regulator. The company is running a reduced


timetable for the next two weeks so that engineers can fix the fault.


But the local community Rail Partnership believes there is a lot


at stake. The services have been a boost to business and to tourism,


and to see the problems of the last few months, it is very


disappointing, because of that could well has been lost. Less than


a month ago, the national passenger survey ranked first Hull Trains


number one in the country for customer satisfaction. The company


hopes the steps it takes now will help preserve that good reputation.


I have been to speak to the boss at Hull Trains. I started by asking


her exactly how many services were running.


We advertise 14 services a day, we will run 11 every day for the next


few days. I have been reading e- mails from people, they think the


service is poor, they feel let down. I am sorry to hear that. One of the


things I love about being here is the passion of the staff about


delivering great customer-service, and I can assure you that not being


able to deliver our service every day is a great disappointment. What


I can say to those customers is that we are working very hard to


put things right. What about the trains that you have got? You have


inherited them, they are not up to it. The trains that we have got


have been at Hull Trains for nearly three years. They are not up to it.


Customers really do enjoy travelling on them, they are very


comfortable, but yes, they have not been as reliable as they need to be.


We have done a lot to improve that, but there is still lots more we can


do. It argued trying to operate with a pig in a poke? Not at all.


At what happened to the nice trains, the ones that worked? Before this


class of trains was introduced, there was a class which were great,


but they were not very long, and we have been growing at a tremendous


rate of knots, and those trains could not be kept in service


because they were not enough seats to carry the passengers. They are


working on one over there. Why not bring in another train? You would


then be able to operate a service. We have been exploring that Avenue


throughout this period. The challenge is that there are simply


no spare trains available in the UK that can easily be acquired. But we


continue to pursue that, and if that changes, we will do that.


you are a businessman and you turn up to get the train in the morning,


you get on the platform, and it is off, you or hacked off, severely.


do completely understand that. do you say to them? My message to


any customer involved is quite clearly an unequivocal Surrey. We


have 14 advertised services, we are delivering 11 every day, and a


website will keep passengers up to date, and our staff are here to


help them. Every time you come to work and find a train is broken


again, your heart must sink. I get an update at 6am every morning, so


I know what our service will do. Your heart sinks? Of course I'm


disappointed. An unreserved apology. The


introduction of a temporary timetable. Do you use Hull Trains?


What has been your experience? Did you rely on them? Do you write


them? Should our service be In a moment, warnings that led


theft from churches in Lincolnshire has reached unprecedented levels.


48-year-old woman has died after an accident near Lincoln this morning.


Susan Edmunds was killed when the car she was driving left the road


and hit a tree. It is not known what caused the crash.


A teenager has died in hospital four days after being knocked to


the ground during a incident on Castle Street in Grimsby. Danny


Cooper is believed to have suffered a fractured skull after being


involved in an argument. Two teenagers have been arrested and


released on bail. Ray Clemence has been honoured in a


ceremony at Lincoln Cathedral. He received an honorary doctorate from


Bishop Grosseteste University College. He was presented with his


degree alongside the college's first sports studies graduates.


It is special, because I did pick up a lot of silverware in my career,


but that has a long time ago. It is nice that, 30 years after I retired,


but people still remember, and I get offered something like this.


It has been a day of hope and hopes dashed in East Yorkshire and


Northern Lincolnshire. The business secretary Vince Cable said the


Humber has tremendous potential, as a centre of green energy in Britain,


but in Scunthorpe he told us he can do nothing to stop the loss of over


1000 jobs at the steelworks. Jobs here may be under threat, but


Vince Cable was shown the cutting- edge of the business, a high-tech


Rail testing unit. They have been hit by the economic downturn, the


construction industry, they have been forced to make difficult


decisions, but what I see here, at a very positive spirit, management


working with unions, working with their local task force. During his


visit, he talked about the future of the steel industry, but he said


he could not intervene to save up to 1200 threaten jobs. It is always


positive, having those conversations, because their


strategy can be critical in terms of the value we can get from the


business and the opportunity to save jobs, because we are looking


for investment. But there is hope the Bicester Secretary will take


views on transport and the proposed tax on carbon emissions back to


Parliament. He listened to our concern about transport


infrastructure, the Humber Bridge, the recognition that planning is an


obstacle to be developments such as the South Humber gateway. From a


threatened industry to one for the future, the planned Queen port side


in Hull. Vince Cable spent the morning touring the site for this,


a huge wind turbine factory on Alexandra Dock. The Honda has a


tremendous potential in this new world -- but the Humber. There is a


competition for funding. But of course we welcome their interest,


or I would not be here if I did not think it had good prospects. This


represents a good opportunity for the city of Hull. There are some


challenges over the next few months, but he will seek that the


challenges can be met. Today, Vince Cable has seen industry across the


Humber. The business leaders to have met him hope he will be able


to help them drive those industries forward.


You have been with him all day, two people there feel that it has been


a worthwhile visit? I think they do. They might have started falling,


but it has been sunny, also in the reaction that Vince Cable has had


from people. When I spoke to the steel company, they felt the


conversations were positive, and when I spoke to the representatives


from Siemens, they said it had been great to meet him, to iron out the


smaller planning issues that might stand in the wake of the


development, which could bring thousands of jobs to Hull. But the


Scunthorpe MP summed it up, he said the proof of the pudding will be in


the eating. What they are all waiting for is to see if Vince


Cable will take those words back to London and act on them.


Another one you might want to comment on.


Thank you for the messages on our story about an increase in copper


theft from phone cables in north Lincolnshire. Alkborough has been


cut off from phone and internet services three times this month,


because thieves have stolen copper phone cable link, causing major


problems for residents and businesses. Thank you for the


messages. One person says, there One person says, in some cases, the


cables were connected to the wrong It does seem that it is not just


phone lines which are being targeted as a source of metal. It


has emerged that, since January, more than 40 churches in


Lincolnshire have had led stolen from their roofs. The Archdeacon


for Lincoln has spoken out, claiming that the problem is


unprecedented. The historic landmarks in the


centre of many Lincolnshire villages. Full criminal gangs in


search of scrap-metal, they are an easy target. These three churches


near Sleaford are a few where metal thieves have struck, causing


thousands of pounds worth of damage. In some cases, we are looking at


�40,000 to replace. It seems to have got worse in the last month. I


am getting e-mails and phone calls every day from parishes, who are


devastated by this appalling destruction of some of the most


beautiful and significant buildings in our communities. Metal stolen


from the brief here around six weeks ago. It is one of more than


40 that have been targeted since the beginning of the year. The


police say it is a growing concern. This has become a real priority.


This is high-value crime, organised crime, 43 churches, that impacts


upon a lot of people. Our committee has said, we want you to do


something about it. Some churches are using smart water, and a


visible paint which shows up under UV light, to market their mettle.


Lincolnshire Police are warning scrap-metal yards to follow cheques


in order to avoid buying a stolen metal. It is hoped that by making


bled more difficult for them to still in the future -- in the first


place, this type of crime will no The time is 17 minutes to 7 o'clock.


Still ahead tonight: Thousands of people turn out in East Yorkshire


for the biggest show of its kind in the country. I should not be here


at all! I should be in Wakefield. We take a look at over 50 years of


regional television. I could talk from a long time so we


do not have to get to the weather. A fabulous picture. Thank you for


that. You're on the first Look North in 1968! Is my TV broken or


are you orange? You never answered! Do I look orange? Probably. The


headline is still an unsettled one, a member of showers around. A strip


across northern parts of Lincolnshire where they are heavy.


Elsewhere, fine weather. Tomorrow is looking unsettled, we hope for a


gradual improvement as we head into the weekend. It is not just us with


rough weather, the same across France, wet and cloudy. Nearer to


home, some torrential downpours, reports of flash flooding towards


Bridlington earlier today. The line of downpours is tracked west woods


and has left east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with cloud, the


heaviest showers across northern parts of Lincolnshire. A good deal


The lowest temperatures down to 11 Celsius. The sun rises in the


morning at 4:58am. The high-water times: so, a day of variable, large


amounts of cloud. A scattering of showers, not as heavy as today and


some sunny spells breaking through. It is not all doom and gloom. An


onshore breeze, the coast could be on the cold side, in the sunshine


not too bad, 16 or 17. Highs of 18 inland. A slow improvement, Friday


and the weekend, still some cloud, the risk of showers but


increasingly more sunshine with temperatures recovering to near


normal levels. That is the forecast. I was not sent on a course


yesterday on how to be a wonderful cast of.


Not like you. See you tomorrow. Plans for what's


promised to be the country's most eco-friendly building have been


officially launched today at the Driffield Show. It's hoped work can


start next year on the multi million pound centre which will


secure the future of the event that's been running now for 136


years. Our rural affairs correspondent Caroline Bilton was


among thousands of others who It has become part of the fabric of


life here, a social gathering that has been part of the calendar for


over 136 years. Traditionally, a chance for local farmers to show


off what they are good at. It is a social gathering, we all hate each


of the most of the time! When the show is over, we are good chums.


is like a big family. So many people. It has got everything.


is best? Winning something. It is bigger than an agricultural show,


there is something for all ages. Sadly, you cannot guarantee the


weather. The heavens opened early on, wellingtons were the order of


the day. Not everyone came prepared. Everybody has wellingtons on it set


me. I was on site with my team, half of them are walking around


like zombies. They have had enough. It may have been wet but it has


done little to dampen spirits. Organisers say they have something


up their sleeve that will hopefully keep people coming back year after


year. Today, organisers launched this. Origin, and ambitious multi-


million pound building that will be built on the Showground. It will be


a conference and Events Centre and the first of its kind in the


country. It is brilliant. It will create a building that is a first,


this is one of the biggest buildings where we used straw as a


building material as opposed to just insulation. Straw bales as big


bricks. We are building it out of big bricks. It's hoped building


will start next year with a view to opening in time for the Driffield


Show in 2013. It is still a long way off, full funding has yet to be


secured but as with the weather they will not let that bother them


Hull City have agreed a deal to sign keeper Adriano Basso. The 36


year old has spent several years at Bristol City before joining Wolves


last season. Manager Nigel Pearson is expected to sign him on a years


contract today. Hull KR coach Justin Morgan says


his team's winning run has prepared them well for Sunday's Challenge


cup quarter final against St Helens. The Robins came from behind to beat


Salford at the weekend - scoring their fourth Super League win in a


row. Morgan says the run of victories have come despite


setbacks. Some adversity might happen at


where conditions, losing a player, we have handled that in the past,


we have not cruised through, we won four games but we have battled


different scenarios. TV and especially news has


certainly changed over the years from this! And tonight a special


documentary's being shown looking at the history of regional


television - and some of the remarkable stories and pictures


from this part of the world over the last fifty years. Leanne Brown


Switch out, region's! For more than 50 years regional TV has been


reporting on local stories. Regional news offered a slice of


local life, you were talking to the people who lived in your area about


what interested him, what was important to them and their


community. Should women wear trousers? How often do you have a


bath? Look North launched in Yorkshire in 1968 on the perfect


news day. Good evening from Look North. Hundreds of homes were


damaged as the river ooze rose more than 14 feet above it's normal


level. We are coping, the bread has arrived. But that wasn't the only


battle against the elements, there was also the building of the M62,


which linked Liverpool with Hull. This is the only part of the world


where you can get a thick fog and a howling gale at the same time. You


have to experience it to believe it. It is no bloody joke! But bad


weather wasn't the only problem. This is scheduled for demolition.


Did you give them permission? off! Be off! But the biggest test


came in 1974 after an explosion at the Flixbrough chemical plant in


North Lincolnshire. A generation of people never forget the worst


single act of devastation in this country since the last war.


people died and local news teams remained on site for weeks


recording the aftermath. It was like something out of the Blitz.


Local news had well established itself but well as reporting on


important news it also acted as a launch pad for a new kind of fame.


Like Yorkshire television's Austin Mitchell. Feet together, ready for


impact. Austin had an amazing dichotomy, one minutes he would say


something about Robin Hood being from Wakefield and knocked Sherwood


Forest. I should not be here at all. 10 minutes after that, he would


interview a member of the cabinet. That's why people like him. He came


over as a big daft Yorkshire Lumpur Sadly Peter doesn't feature in the


programme. During us from London is Ian. Some things have moved on, but


the presenters have not. From Peter and me, good night.


I am still here. I'm pleased to say that Austin Mitchell who you saw in


that piece there - now of course, Grimsby's MP - is joining me now.


We saw you parachuting dressed up as Robin Hood, what other gems have


you got? It was the most exciting time of my life. Regional news is


the best form of television. There was only the BBC and ITV competing


with each other and ITV was about to spend more money than now. We


had little local empires establishing Yorkshire Television


personalities and Humberside. And doing a whole new thing. It was the


most exciting thing I can remember. It was all exciting. I had problems.


I remember the Knight Frank Stagg died in Wakefield prison. We are


ending the show with a party piece from our lads from Huddersfield.


Just as I introduced that item, in came a note from the control room


saying Frank Stagg, the IRA hunger striker has died. I said bad news,


Frank Stagg has died and a custard pie hit me in the face, Rattle's


went off and there was an explosion of confetti! I thought, I will be


an IRA targets! That kind of thing, it could all go wrong and you lived


on your wits. That is why it was exciting. And you were, you were a


huge star. I remember meeting you in at 75, it was like boiled the!


You had a great entourage. -- like meeting royalty. You did not bow!


People mistook me for Richard Whiteley. I am still a blur on the


subconscious. In old people's homes, especially these days. Didn't you


used to be on television?! What is the importance of regional TV?


it is our roots. The kind of thing people are interested in. People


now have had their tea and watch regional news at the same time. We


are also giving rise to local programmes, there are huge spin-


offs. Many spin-off series from Yorkshire programmes in the Dales.


One thing led to another. It could hit natural screens as well. Good


to talk to. I'll never forget you as Robin Hood. Good night! See you


later. And you can see more of that amazing footage on Life Through a


Local Lens on BBC Four tonight at 9pm.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The Prime Minister says in hindsight he would not have


employed former News Of The World editor Andy Coulson. Whole trains


have offered an apology to passengers. Tomorrow's weather,


cloudy with sunny spells, top temperatures of 18 Celsius.


The response on the subject of the trains, my wife and I used the


trains to visit London and always had excellent service. We're sad to


hear of the problems. Hull trains deliver a good service, you cannot


beat them compared to other trains. Hull trains need to get it sorted,


they cancelled on me twice. David says I do not care if they cancel


services begin this notice and find out -- finding out on arrival is


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