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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. They headlines: A week


on from the Boston explosion, police say they could not have done


more to stop the production of illegal what car. I have spoken to


the intelligence unit and we had nothing to suggest the premises or


was being used. The woman left with a hole in their throat after


botched surgery. You want to sit down and cried. It is the life I


have lost. Following fans' fury at the club's


relegation, the Lincoln City board faces a vote of no confidence.


thousands of hidden cables that stop the Humber Bridge from sliding


Will the fine weather last? Join me A week after an explosion which


killed five men in Boston, police have dismissed claims that they


should have known about the illegal production of alcohol at the site


where the man died. People living in the area say it was common


knowledge, but officers say they didn't have any calls from people


worried about the problem. It's also emerged that 90 industrial


units in Boston have been checked by police as part of their


investigation. Phillip Norton A week on from the fatal explosion


which took the lives of five men, the proof of the illegal distillate


-- distillery on Broadfield Lane has now been taken away. I spent


much of this week in Boston and while the shock is still clear,


people have questioned whether enough was done to prevent the


tragedy after previous raids on shops selling illegal vodka in


March. Why did they not keep them under observation to see where the


supplier was from? They gossip around town for months as that --


is that it was produced somewhere locally. It doesn't take much for


the police or HM Customs. They could have searched the industrial


estates. They problem increased dramatically. I did make several


people are aware of my thoughts and asked the cash-and-carry is if they


had seen a decline in their vodka sales and they said they had


dramatically. Today, the police hit back at rumours regulating that


they were aware of a distillery. Nothing, absolutely nothing,


related specifically to these premises and had we had that


information, we would have acted upon it. As we did on recent


information. It has been confirmed that 98 industrial units are being


searched as part of the investigation. Some businesses were


able to open today. It is a case of trying to get back to normal as


quickly as possible and let our customers know we are open and


trading. One week on and the unit has been cleared and all the


evidence taken away. As well as the five Lithuanian men who died here,


a six the man is still in a specialist burns unit at a hospital


in Birmingham. He is described as critical but stable. Investigations


into what caused the explosion and into the production and supply of


illegal vodka from the site are continuing.


We would like your thoughts on this. Do you think enough is being done


to deal with the problem of counterfeit alcohol in


Lincolnshire? If you want it e-mail, contact us: In a moment, the young


unemployed looking for work in help - one of the toughest places in


A doctor whose surgery on an East Yorkshire woman was so bad that she


was left barely able to speak, has today been found guilty of


misconduct. Jo Roche, who is a mother of two from Bridlington, was


due to have a routine throat operation to remove her thyroid.


Instead, she left surgery breathing through a tube. The surgeon


responsible will learn his fate in the coming few days, but as Leanne


Brown reports, his victim has spent the three years since learning to


Jo has been left breathing through a tube in her neck after nerves


linked to a vocal chords were severely damaged in error following


a routine operation to remove her thyroid gland. I am upset at how I


have been blessed and upset he didn't take the time and care to do


my surgery and leave me with the life that I had. You want to sit


down and cry. It is the life that I have effectively lost. Since the


operation, Jo has had to learn to speak again. I had very little


voice after the operation. I worked at it and worked at it to get the


voice I had, which is nothing like I used to have. But it is some


semblance of normality. It has changed every aspect of her life.


It has affected everything from what I buy a for cleaning to the


activities I do with my children. I was on holiday recently and I was


on the edge of the pool and not being in there with them and


feeling guilty. The operation was carried out by Naif El-Barghouti at


Scarborough Hospital. In a second operation a year later he was due


to repair an aneurysm on Wilfred Taylor's left leg but he play it --


bled to death after a series of mistakes. You never think it will


happen to a member of your family. It boils down to left and right. He


was to be operated on his left side and he tied the right side. What I


wanted to know was how could that happen? At the inquest into Mr


Taylor's death, the surgeon lied under oath about the size of the


aneurysm. The disciplinary panel said it damaged the medical


profession's reputation. Hopefully, at bay willow and then used to be


more supervision and lessons will be learned to bring in better


training and avoid major problems occurring again. Nothing will bring


Wilfred back but Jo is determined not to let what happened ruin her


life. Leanne, What will happen to this


surgeon to make sure that other patients don't suffer in the way


that Jo Roche did? Now that the General Medical


Council has decided that Mr Salmond's fitness to practise has


been impaired, they will have to decide on a punishment. They could


strike him off so that he could not practise again. The most lenient


response would be to caution him for up to five years or they could


let him continue to practise as long as he feels some conditions


and that could mean they give him more training before he is allowed


to operate again. The final option would be to suspend him from


surgery for a period of time. The GMC hearing is continuing and his


professional future should be decided by a disciplinary panel


tomorrow. More news tonight in brief: Staff


at a Co-op in East Yorkshire have been threatened by a robber who has


made off with an amount of cash. It happened at this store on Market


Street in Pocklington just before two o'clock. Police are searching


the area by air and foot and appealing for witnesses.


A charity in Scunthorpe says the number of families asking for


emergency food parcels to help them is rising every month. The Foodbank


has been open for a year and has already helped more than 1,000


people living in poverty. Volunteers say the rising price of


food is making their work even more important.


Unemployed people in Hull are living in one of the toughest


cities in the country to find a job. Over the last five years, people


looking for work have made up a greater percentage of the


population in Hull than anywhere else in the country. Now, there are


concerns that people are having to take jobs that they are


overqualified for just to pay the bills and this is knocking some out


of the jobs market completely. Our Business Correspondent, Paul Murphy,


This lottery-funded project in Hull is trying to give these young


people some of the skills needed to apply for jobs and to market


themselves. But they know the job market in the city has rarely been


tougher. Most places are looking for experience or licences and if


you haven't got them it is a struggle because you haven't got


the money -- money all licences. have been looking on website and


handing out see beats and it has been horrible. One person through


my CV in the bin because I was under 18. From 16 to 64, the rate


of joblessness in the city has increased more than anywhere in the


UK. Why does Hull have these problems with unemployment? Experts


analysing the figures say it is the lowest skilled workers who are


being driven out of the jobs market as it becomes ever more competitive.


The problem with Hull, they say, is that it has far too many low-


skilled workers. This recruitment specialists says the impact of


recession means employers will no longer take a risk on employee in


the Blair was killed under- qualified. Companies are desperate


to recruit as they recover from the recession but they need people with


relevant skills and experience to encourage them to take people on.


But gaining vital experience is difficult for those with few


qualifications. It doesn't mean they are low-quality workers or


less dedicated it is just that they are less academic. We try to chain


-- train them to a point where their skills are improved so that


employers think they are worth taking on. In an employer's market,


getting on the first run it is perhaps the toughest step of all


but these young people are not giving up hope.


Diana Johnson is the MP for Hull North and joins me now.


Unemployment in Hull is the highest in the country and your


constituency is suffering particularly. Why are things so bad


in Hull? First, it is disappointing to hear those figures and I think


you describe some of the problems in Hull with skills and


qualifications and attracting businesses to the city. It is a


whole number of things and that is why we need to redouble our efforts


to ensure our youngsters get the qualifications and skills they need


and they get some experience. That is what is so disappointing about


the future jobs fund which has been scrapped. In 2008, the figures for


jobseeker's allowance were higher than they are now so how much blame


does your party need to take? worries me now is that we are


seeing massive cut by this government and they are starting to


come through. I have a feeling these figures will get worse and


that will be really trouble some for people in Hull. In the last


couple of weeks in Parliament, we had a vote it to use some of the


bankers bonus money to levy to pay to get more youngsters into work.


Unfortunately, my party put that forward but it was voted against.


It is just showing an example of what we need to do. We have just


seen that people have to take on jobs they are over-qualified for.


What impact will this have on those who have fewer or less


qualifications or no qualifications? That is a difficult


position for them. That is why it is so important that education and


getting qualifications and skills is so important to our youngsters.


The investment that has gone into education and the grants to keep


youngsters on at school was vital to the future of Hull. I am worried


that university fees are trebling and allowances are being scrapped


so we are putting youngsters in a difficult position in preparing


them for the jobs market. We would You can get in touch using the


Still to come - we are live at Sincil Bank as the Lincoln City


board face a vote of no confidence. This is a part of the Humber Bridge


most people have never seen. I will show you how what is happening down


here will preserve of the bridge If you have got a photograph you


are proud of it then send it in. Here is two nights. Thank you very


much indeed. -- here is the picture I have noticed that you can spell


in sob now on several of your tweeds! -- insomnia. Anyway, on to


the weather. Apart from a few showers most of the region should


stay dry tomorrow. A glorious end to the after noon today. Beautiful


conditions. North Lincolnshire should be bright now and the cloud


further south should break up soon. A fine ended to the day for most of


us. Try with clear spells overnight. -- a fine end. The sun will rise in


the morning at five m and set at -- 5 am. Showers tomorrow should be


hit and miss. The breeze in the north means that temperatures will


not be so good along the coast. But it does not feel so bad in the


sunshine. Farther west, up towards 19 Celsius. There is some


uncertainty as regards Saturday's forecast. Patchy rain in coastal


areas but further west it should stay fine. Saturday and Sunday


looks pleasant, mostly dry with some sunshine. That is the forecast.


We will join you again tomorrow Shareholders angry at the where


Lincoln City has been the run will attempt a takeover tonight. An


extraordinary general meeting has been called after �1 million was


lost during a spell in which they dropped out of the Football League.


It was one of the most painful days in club history. Relegation crept


up on the club on the final day of the season. Since then, costs have


been slashed and painful off-field decisions have been taken. Now some


unhappy shareholders have forced an extraordinary general meeting to


hold the direct us to account. We feel that we could effect


serious change. -- holder of the directors to


account. The members of the board should to


consider their position and realise it is untenable.


One man believes that the board will win the case tonight because


of their block vote but that the overall issue is not cut and drive.


This comes down to two things. The losses of recent years and the


financial position that has resulted from it, and the fact that


being in the conference is not good enough.


Relegation is never good enough for but at this club it has led to


bitter recriminations. How are those in charge of the club


reacting to this opposition? They see the meeting tonight as an


inconvenience. Certainly they want to move on with the signing new


players and preparing for the new season. Their meeting is likely to


take several hours. Both sides however believe they can find fresh


ideas, new solutions, a means of taking the club for work in the


brave new world for them of non- League football.


Hull City's record signing, Jimmy Bullard, has been suspended for a


breach of club discipline. He will be suspended for a fortnight during


an incident during a pre-season trip to Slovenia. The club have not


yet commented. Thank you for your comments about


last night's Hull Trains story. The train operator has lost half of its


fleet due to maintenance issues. A huge response last night. James


says, I really used those trains to get to London because they are so


unreliable. John got in touch to say, I am a regular user and


they're great when they are working well but they are not delivering


the reliability. Andrew rates, I think it is one of the best


companies in Hull. Good customer service and cheerful staff. Thank


There is just a fortnight until a big change takes place in local


television broadcasting. The digital switch over. A health


scheme is still available to the vulnerable and anybody over the age


of 75. I wonder if you might help us today.


We are asking people to give a helping hand.


Maggie Philbin is on a mission to help people effect the switch over


from analogue to digital and insular that nobody who is


vulnerable will be left without a signal. -- and make sure.


There is no way of telling unless people tell us how they are


watching. We are asking people, lend a helping hand, learn about


the switch-over help scheme. But for Selby Vision at team has


been on hand to help explain how people have to make sure of their


televisions will still work next month.


I was given some help by the Government because of my age. A


date was organised and someone has come and given me a digital box for


my second television. My main one was already digital.


But you do not need to splash the cash. Add digital box will help


convert most televisions. But you will need to convert before 17th


August before analogue signals are switched off for ever. If you want


to learn more you can contact Some of the biggest names in jazz


will be performing in Hull over the next few days. The city's


International Jazz Festival starts this evening. Unlike previous years


there will be no open air performances because of rising


costs. Being at Glastonbury was a great


thrill of but coming here to perform my own music is what I


really love for. -- what I'll live for.


We have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Humber Bridge.


That might be relatively young but it has had much work done. All to


make sure that it remains in safe condition for the thousands of


motorists who use it every day. Technology has come at a long way


since the bridge was first built. Over the years methods of


maintaining it have seen some big changes.


We need to maintain decent access. We have ways to get through with


comparative ease. Peter Howell overseas a team of 96


a workers who keep the bridge in tip-top condition. This a machine


that records acoustic sounds on the bridge and locks any unexpected


movements like this cable breaking. It instantly alert engineers to any


potential problems. This may not look as impressive as


it suggests. But it is crucial for monitoring the performance of the


bridge. At the 30 years old the bridge is


said to have a lap -- reached its level of maturity but it is planned


to last 120 years. And if properly maintained, perhaps even longer.


This a general maintenance worker has seen some surprising sides.


It is amazing what you find on the footpaths. Bottles, bricks, I even


found a Jacuzzi which had fallen off a wagon!. It is a fantastic


place to work. For 30 metres of the low ground as


the most important part - and Anchorage on which everything sets.


It holds thousands of cables which keep to the bridge from sliding


into the Humber. I get the wow factor every time I


am down here. Most people imagine that this is where the bridge of


finishes but in fact it is where the work starts.


Protecting the cables from rust is one of the biggest jobs. �14


million was spent doing so last year. Just one measure to protect


it from the elements and safeguard its long-term future.


Fascinating. A recap of the main headlines - another death at


Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport. Five are now being investigated as


part of a murder inquiry. Police have dismissed claims they


could have done more to stop the production of illegal bobcat at the


Boston gas explosion site. -- illegal vodka or.


One reviewer claims that if it was common knowledge -- claims it was


common knowledge where the illegal of what car was being made. People


in Boston knew that the distillery was there - and why did they not


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