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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight...


The East Coast is set for a multi- million pound government windfall


million pound government windfall from companies renting the sea bed.


Businesses will know we are trying to grow in the local communities.


Hull FC get a new manager. And forget Wimbledon, the three table-


tennis then you springing up around Hull. A and we will have a weather


forecast. Believing. Millions of pounds is to be spent improving the


lives of people on the Coast. The money announced by the Government


today will come from renting out the seabed. The Coastal Communities


Fund will get half of the cash paid to the Crown Estates by companies


involved in things like windfarms, pipelines and dredging. Next year,


nearly �24 million will be made available for the UK. Of this total,


more than �18 million has been allocated to towns in England. Our


Business Correspondent Paul Murphy has this report. There's a real


buzz about skegness this evening as the town begins its annual arts and


music festival. Its just one way this traditional resport is trying


to re-invent itself and regenerate. And so the possibility of extra


funding to do this is music to their ears. We are concerned about


the environment and we have flood issues. It's also busy up the road


in Mablethorpe. But these seaside economies are highly seasonal.


Something local businesses have long recognised. The holiday


business has changed, especially with cars and short breaks where


people used to come for a four- night stay fortnight. Now they turn


up for a few days and move on. Community groups like this craft


and modelling club are among those being invited to apply for the


extra funding. It would mean we could go out as a group, we could


hire a minibus today instead of getting people to drive us and


splitting up into cars. It did mean we could have a good venue. At the


moment we have a cheap, small venue. The Government's long recognised


that Lincolnshire has some of the weakest seaside economies in the UK.


Experts say any extra funding needs to be targeted to create long term


change. Local businesses will see investment in something that gives


them confidence. That means when they are thinking about how they


plan the future of their business they will know we are trying to


help them remain in and grow in the coastal communities. We need to


make sure coastal towns are the -- are able to benefit from the


economic development we are seeing from the marine resources of this


country. By sharing that money between the communities and the


general taxpayer I think that gets the balance right in terms of


helping to support development and create jobs. Businesses, charities


and community groups will be allowed to apply for their share of


this fund from April next year. For Lincolnshire's coastal towns, this


Paul is there now. How all this address the problems of the coastal


towns? We talked to community leaders and they say it is


important this fund is not just a lot of handouts, the money must be


carefully targeted and one of the ideas is to look at creating small


start-up businesses, which can exist and thrive outside of the


It will create a more sustainable economy. This is a substantial


slice of money and many business leaders and groups are anxious to


get those applications in when the fund opens in April next year.


pot of money being made available today has the potential to grow in


the coming years and its thanks to the development of offshore wind


energy. Our Environment Correspondent Caroline Bilton


explains. It's an industry that is growing at a rapid rate. In the


coming years we here on the East Coast will be at the centre of some


of the biggest offshore windfarms that are planned for the UK. Three


large sites have been earmarked off our coastline. The Dogger Bank


development is the largest one planned. It could consist of 2,600


turbines. It will cover more than 3,300 square miles - that's


equivalent to the size of North Yorkshire. Closer to shore there


are smaller windfarms planned - Triton Knoll being the biggest of


these. Each windfarm company will have to pay the Crown Estate for


the use of the seabed. Half of that money will go into this new pot of


funding that's being made available today. So thanks to what's


happening out there we here on land could benefit from a pot of money


that has the potential to grow as the offshore wind industry grows.


Some would call this funding a sweetener though. Just down the


coast here at Fraisthorpe for example the Dogger Bank windfarm


will come on shore so it can be connected to the national grid.


This will involve burying approximately 21 miles of cable. So


there will be some disruption. does normal for this region to


expect and the people of this region to expect a return on the


investment and support we are giving this industry in all sorts


of different ways. In fact, we probably have the biggest role in


offshore when that moment in the world. The east coast is probably


50 per cent of what will be built. So the money is there for the


taking. We just need to make sure we shout loud enough for it. The


mp4 Bob commenced -- Skegness drawings me now. Is this just a


The does not. And I'm delighted with this and as a because I have


been working on this project for quite some time. It is a


significant sum of money. 18.2 million for England, 24 million for


the UK. It is an ongoing sum of money that people can bid for. I


have already had discussions with local politicians and senior Local


Authority officers to see how we could focus and get some of that


money off the East Lincolnshire coast. Could the east coast get its


fair share of this money? I'd very much hope so. One of the


fundamental reasons for creating this pot of money in the first


place is to ride -- is to wait -- is to diversify the economy.


Skegness and other time to -- towns have problems with lack of health,


skills, lack of embryonic businesses. We need to make sure


those who were determined to improve the lives of people here


can bid for this money. Is there money compensation for many extra


pylons, traffic queues and as we heard in a report, one wind farm


alone it needing 21 miles of cabling. That will disrupt the area


and the countryside? You should not be so cynical. This is a pot of


money for people who live in coastal communities to genuinely


improve their lives, to improve some of the health and educational


imbalances that exist and to try to diversify the economy and give the


private sector money to get them up and running to create a year-long


jobs to diversified communities. Thank you. If you live on the coast


A chemical plant near Hull has been fined �30,000 by magistrates after


a gas leak 18 months ago. More than 500 tons of a synthetic gas


including carbon monoxide was accidentally released by BP


Chemicals at Saltend. No-one was harmed by the leak and procedures


A woman from East Yorkshire left having to breathe through a tube


following a botched operation says she hopes other patients will now


be safer. Jo Roche from Bridlington was left barely able to speak after


nerves linked to her vocal chords were severely damaged during a


routine operation at Scarborough hospital. Naif El-Barghouti, the


surgeon responsible has been suspended for a year. I said a long


time ago if it saved one person from going on his operating table I


would have done the job. I spoke to a woman who said she would either


go to a different hospital, or wait rather than be operated on by him.


He's enjoyed a long association with Hull City and today Adam


Pearson is getting into rugby league. The football club's head of


football is the new owner of Super League side Hull FC. He will stay


on in his current role at the football club, while ruling over


the rugby club. Our sports reporter Simon Clark has more. He has been


part of the sporting landscape for a decade and now Adam Pierce and


enters the world of rugby league for the first time. The deal was


concluded while he was on holiday in Spain after three weeks of


negotiations, although he had tried to buy them in 2002. I enjoy sport


in Hull. As a Super League club it has been sorted out by the previous


owners. But it could be driven on to higher things. He was going to


go to Gateshead and watch them? chief executive paid tribute to the


outgoing board for saving the club from an uncertain future 12 years


ago. Today the new boss was welcomed. I am very excited because


Adam's enthusiasm is infectious for what we can achieve. I have many


ideas, so does he. I think it will be a very enjoyable experience to


work with and open up this new chapter and really start moving the


Cup forward. The takeover of any sports club is front-page news as


it was with the Hull Daily Mail. The journalist believes the timing


was right for all parties. probably doesn't need a new regime


change in terms of ownership to take them on to the next level


which the fans crave and demand that success. The takeover has


generally been accepted by fans. The club has stagnated. We got to


as high as we could get under the present regime, but they were not


willing to push us on any further. Hull should be in the top few teams.


Fine by me. No problem at all. The money comes, it comes. It has been


good news all round. He could probably put affairs of the club in


better order than they are now. Adam Pearson does not have to


travel far from his present job to his new enterprise here at Hull FC.


He says he has to sort out some tax liabilities for overseas players


but other the mat, business as usual.


Well, we can now join Radio Humberside's Matt Dean on


Sportstalk. What are fans saying about this dual role? It has always


been an issue with Hull FC fans that the outgoing board has always


been seen as an absentee one. But given Pierce and's track record I


think there is universal acceptance to this news. The text we are


getting through to the programme a very positive and reflecting that.


We have lots of text and calls coming through. Anyone listening


and watching tonight, because we will be going online with it, we


will appreciate you getting in touch.


If you're one of the rugby league fans of football fans, what you


think about Adam Pearson having a We look forward to hearing from you.


We find out how Hull FC get on under the eyes of their new Warner


Thank you for watching this Friday night. Still to come. Flying high -


the school which went from special measures to special mentions in


just two years. And ping-pong tables spraying up in


Thank you very much indeed for that. I am reading an e-mail here from


Brian, he is wondering how this place is pronounced in France. He


is watching you while he is on holiday! He needs to get out of it?


We will see some sunshine around and quite a bit of cloud. The


course looks set to be pretty windy and cool this weekend. -- the coast.


There will be a lot of cloud down our coast. That said, it will be


also very dry. There has been a lot of sunshine and Bridlington this


afternoon. -- in Bridlington. The showers will fizzle out overnight.


Most places will become drier with clear spells overnight. A chilly


night to come. The sun will rise in the morning at 5:01am. It looks as


though we should get off to a reasonably bright start with a lot


of sunshine around. Through the morning, we will find that cloud


streams down from the North. Coastal areas looked to be pretty


cloudy. There is the chance of a shower, although most places will


be dry. It will be a chilly wind down that coast. Inland, we should


get up to 17 or 18. We are still below average temperature for July.


Generally dry, the best of the sunshine in land. La next week, it


should be fine and warm. -- early next week.


It is funny that people watch this programme on their holidays!


One of Lincolnshire's hopes at next year's Olympics has been suspended


after failing a drugs test. Bernice Wilson, a sprinter from Boston,


tested positive for anabolic steroids after a race last month.


She has been described as the rising star of athletics, but now


it is a painful crash back to earth as it is revealed that Bernice


Wilson tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.


sample will be sent to laboratories Should any anti-doping West


substances be found -- any substances be found that are on the


anti-doping list, the athlete will be informed. And they can say then


whether they will accept the charge or say they do not agree. Brought


up in Boston by her foster family and originally from Dannatt,


Bernice Wilson does a lot of her local training at the Prince Royal


It involves a lot of hard work. also works for a East Lindsey


District Council. Today, the issued this statement. The council takes


this very seriously and we will be discussing this with Bernice Wilson.


It would be inappropriate to discuss with a parties. She now has


the right to a full hearings. If found guilty of doping, this


Olympic hopeful could be banned for two years.


The wickets have continued to tumble at Headingley in Leeds today.


Lancashire were all out for 194. Yorkshire were chasing 200 or more


for victory. Nearly 80% of shareholders at


Lincoln City voted to back those in charge at the club.


Thanks to a women who got in touch last night regarding hold Mac been


one of the most am -- Hull being one of the most difficult places to


Thank you for those. Good luck if you are looking for a job.


Just two years ago, it was one of the worst schools and the whole


country and now it is one of the best. Hartsholme Primary School was


so bad that it was put into special measures. It has turned it all


round and has been classed as outstanding and the latest Ofsted


A day of celebration and goodbyes at the end of term. But there was


an overwhelming sense of pride at today's graduation ceremony.


achieve this in two years is unbelievable, it has never been


done before. Two years ago, the school was in special measures. It


is lessons like this treasure box activity at have put it back on


track. The school has an amazing place now. It is full of life,


creativity and energy. The turnaround has been unbelievable.


If you look at the children, they are so confident, they are ready


for the world, and it is a real credit to everyone who has worked


here, the children as well. You've got the treasure? Fantastic! It is


being except -- it has been inspected by Ofsted again and, this


time, classed as an outstanding school. We have been working really


hard and the teachers have been working as hard as we have. I was


poorly this morning but I wanted to come anyway. The teachers are


really nice, they encourage you to do stuff you don't think you can do.


There are three key words in the wall -- on the wall in the hall.


They have changed everybody's mind said. Hard to believe this from a


school that was flooded and also targeted by arsonist. The


improvements have been seen at home. The way he learns, my son, the


massive learning has really helped him progress. You worry about the


future of your child. We chose to stick with it and I am really


pleased we did. Next term, the doors will open at the school's new


home next door. Lift-off for a much brighter future.


Well done to Hartsholme Primary School for an amazing turnaround.


Remember these? The toads we had popping up all over Hall last year.


This year, it is table-tennis tables. 45 of them had been set up


across the city for next month. They will be left there 24 hours


per day for anyone who wants to have a go. We have been to see if


there are any takers. Right across the city today, from


public parks to unused shops. People from every age, from


beginners to prose, have been trying their hand at table tennis.


For the next four weeks, they are here to stay. I like it anyway, so


it is a great opportunity to skive off work and play table tennis.


is good fun, it keeps you fit. is the second most popular sport


than the world. It will be one of the highlights of the Olympics for


many. I say to the world, ping-pong is coming home! Organisers are


hoping that excitement will spread to Hull. Once you put a table down


in the street, it is like waving a magic wand. People are stopping to


play, talking and having fun. Saturday, there will be coaching


sessions for beginners just There will be a Generation Game,


where more mature parents can take on younger competitors. There is


also a mind you match for singles. -- find your match.


12 tables, like this one at the University of Hull, are actually


concrete. The rest of the tables will be donated to the city. Table


tennis, ping pong, call it what you like, but the next four weeks, the


sport is taking over the city. -- for the next four weeks.


Let us have a recap of the headlines. A massive explosion in


the Norwegian capital Oslo has killed at least seven people.


Communities and the East Coast are set to share in a multi-million-


pound government windfall. Tomorrow, a bright start with sunny


Responses from Twitter. Turbo is a waste of money, says Alex. This one


from Peter, all this means is disruption, cable-laying and is


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