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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


$$NEWLINE"Unacceptable" - the time it takes Lincolnshire's ambulance


service to respond to calls. Cull the gulls - calls for seabirds


to be better controlled after two people are attacked.


I got to the bottom and the seagull hit me. It hit me with its wings.


All this talk of girls boxing is old fashioned...


The woman from Hull who blazed a trail for women in the ring.


The 100-year-old cakes selling out in a Lincolnshire village.


And 24 before casting the next 15 minutes. -- and it join me for the


forecast. The time it takes Lincolnshire's


ambulances to respond to calls is unacceptable and needs to change -


so says the council body which oversees the service. East Midlands


Ambulance Service runs in several counties but recent figures showed


that in Lincolnshire it's failing to meet government targets. Now,


EMAS has been asked to report to the council's health scrutiny


committee and explain itself. Phil Sarah is one of many in a


Lincolnshire this content with the county's ambulance service. Her


mother, who is 89, was taken ill with a serious chest infection. An


ambulance was called but it took 40 minutes to arrive. It exceeded the


response target that had been said by the government.


Why they were so late coming... They talked to us the whole time


and kept saying it won't be long, it won't be long, but in that time


it could so easily have gone the other way.


The service is provided by East Midlands Ambulance Service, and


while response times in areas like north and north-east Lincolnshire


are being mat, it is rural Lincolnshire where it has failed.


The national target for response times under eight minutes is 75 %,


but times in Lincolnshire are responded to run the centre 2% of


the time. The -- are responded to only 72% of the time. The council


body which oversees the service says it is not acceptable and have


now called East Midlands Ambulance Service to a meeting on Wednesday


to explain why things are going wrong.


They are disturbing, to have a target of only 95% and only hit 86%


is worrying. The committee needs to be to the bottom of this.


East Midlands Ambulance Service say the problems are caused by the


rural nature of the county, a factor which is now being


considered. We have tree art points on the east


coast. At this time, where we know we have a high volume of course, we


can meet people's needs there. NHS Lincolnshire gears East


Midlands Ambulance Service �20 million per year to provide the


service. At Wednesday's meeting, managers will be demanding answers


as to how and where the cash is being spent.


We'd like to hear from you if you've got a story to tell on this


one. Have you or a loved one been kept waiting for an ambulance in


Lincolnshire? Or maybe your experience is the opposite. Are


target times a good thing? If so, In a moment, Hull FC's new owner


tells Look North the coach's job is safe despite crashing out of the


The theft of a statue in Hull overnight has been described as an


insult to fishermen from the city who've lost their lives. Voyage, as


it's called, was put up near The Deep to commemorate lost fishermen.


Its sister statue is in Iceland. The solid bronze statue weighs more


then 350 kilograms, and police are now reviewing CCTV footage to find


those responsible. Sarah Burton has Unveiled in 2006 as a tribute to


those who braved the perils of the sea, but today the Voyage was gone


with just the plinth left standing. Passers-by were stunned at the


theft, which happened on Nelson Street last night.


It is just a plinth alone to celebrate the trading. As I


understand, there's missing from the top which has been stolen. It


is a shame, really. I would like to know more about it.


The mayor have described it as a desecration to the memory of those


who died. It is like throwing a pot of paint


at the Cenotaph. But it is worse because this thing has gone


altogether. It was a memorial to last Seafarers, and really a symbol


of the connections between Hull and Iceland which go back centuries.


Historians say this kind of theft is a massive problem.


This is becoming more popular. Some of the most historic buildings have


been targeted. This is just the latest one. It is unfortunate that


they have chosen such a popular statue.


As Hull's rich fishing heritage remains in the minds of those who


will remember, Sally is seen this iconic sculpture has now gone in


Joining me is the former President of the British Fishermen's


Association. Good evening to you. The statue was put there to


remember, wasn't it? It was. It was there to remember


6,000 men. So, an important day when the statue was put up?


certainly was. The city, being a great maritime city, it is a great


loss. I don't know what message it sends to the people of Hull and the


Icelandic people, that somebody can stoop so low to steal something


that was a memorial to six other people.


Made of bronze - hardly easy to steal.


There must have been more than one of them. They do not realise what


they have taken, what it means to some of these people.


So significant? It is. I was 23 years fishing in


Iceland. I say sorry to the people of Iceland, because they are good


people. It must make you very sad. Yes. I


appeal to these people with a conscience and hope they can just


call to the police and say where it is to be found. It has a lot of


bearing to the city of Hull. If those responsible for doing this


are watching, and there's a chance they are, what do you stage again?


I would say there's 6,000 members there, and that is what we member -


- remember them by. Let's have this one back. I do appeal to them


sincerely. I just hope they're conscious -- their conscience


And this is another one I'm sure you've got a view on, too. There's


the email and text details on The family of a woman from Hollym


near Withernsea who's been missing for three days are asking the


public to help them find her. Police have been searching for


Marlene Wagstaff since Friday, when she left her house to go for a walk.


She suffers from Alzheimer's. Today officers moved their search to just


outside Withernsea, where the 77- year-old was spotted on Saturday


afternoon. She is 77 but very sprightly for


her age. She likes to go for walks. She knows a lot of people in the


community. Everybody looks out for her.


We appeal to members of the public, farmers and local businesses -


please check your buildings, stores, and however small a piece of


information you have, please give us a call.


A number of people in Bridlington are calling for seagulls to be


culled in the town after recent attacks by the birds left two


pensioners needing hospital treatment.


Philip Norton has spent the day there and he joins us now. What has


been happening, Philip? The problem is down to the hundreds


of see goals here and Bridlington. This is one of the worst-hit areas,


by the harbour. You can see them flying around. They are getting


more and more aggressive in their search for food. So aggressive, in


fact, they have now left two people in hospital with serious injuries.


Frightened to go out after an attack by a seagull. It just flew


at me. It came down the path behind me and hit me. I turned around to


come back and it came back at me. I try to hit it with my walking stick.


Mrs Walker can to help me. As he collapsed, his neighbour


Jenny Walker can to support him but also fell to the ground. Graham was


left with a bruised nose. Mrs Walker broke her felt that-Cup


holders. The attack is not the only one on


is predicting a state. They are diving at you and they are


At the harbour, people say the birds are now attacking at random,


including one which left a man with The seagull, I saw this seagull


attack the man. It actually put his claws into the man's head. He came


down the steps with blood pouring from his head.


Signs won the visitors not to feed the sea gulls but many are still


getting a daily diet of fish and chips. If people did not feed them,


they would not be such a nuisance. The council said it is aware of the


problem. Attacks by sea gulls are very rare


indeed. But people can take steps themselves not to feed the sea


gulls and put any leftover food in the bins provided.


So, no immediate plans for a cull, but patients from the public is


wearing thin. Do we know why the birds seem to be


getting so aggressive at the moment?


Part of the problem, Peter, is that it is the breeding season for sea


gulls. Many of these problems can be because the adults are trying to


protect their young. We have spoken to the RSPB today. They say the


behaviour is normal. The advice, if you are visiting the seaside - do


not feed the birds. Try to take litter home with you because they


are scavengers as well. Also, try to make sure you stay away from any


of the young birds you may see. The fillet, thank you very much. --


Philip. Still ahead tonight:


Red tape is stopping me going green - the Hull businessman who says


it's cost �30,000 to become energy efficient.


And the woman from Hull who fought Thank you for this photo. One woman


said, I saw Peter are sitting on a park bench this weekend. His


balcony was full of washing. I hope you're watching out for those


seagulls. More of the same, a lot a crowd around. A little bit of blue


sky but it is just a little hole in the cloud. A bit of a messy


situation. Pressure is high so we are not expecting too much in the


way of rain. But tomorrow morning there could be a little light rain


or drizzle for a time, especially towards the coast. We are looking


at a lot of cloud. Any sunshine at a premium. A lot of cloud this


evening, just a chance of one or two showers in the West. These will


fizzle out and then the thick cloud will bring some patchy rain and


drizzle, especially in coastal areas of the East Yorkshire towards


the end of the night. Lowest A mostly cloudy day to come


tomorrow. At first, it will be thick enough to produce a little


light rain or drizzle. That will move away and then it is generally


dry. Quite cloudy with a few bright or sunny intervals. After that damp


start, a slow improvement. Temperatures disappointing for the


time of year. 18th office of the high. -- 18 Celsius, the high. So,


where you stood up? We are out of time? A businessman who is trying


to build the most energy efficient building in Hull says too much red


tape stands in the way of companies wanting to go green. Andrew Fenton


claims to have wasted the equivalent of �30,000 in man hours


dealing with building regulations. He's calling on the government to


do more to make going green easier. Our Environment Correspondent


Caroline Bilton has the story. in the middle of a industrial


estate in Hull is what's arguably the cities most energy efficient


commercial building. It has a wind turbine, solar panels it even uses


rain water to flush the toilets. It is so energy efficient, it still


only uses the same amount of electricity as three of these. It's


the brain child of Andrew Fenton who's aim is to make this building


free from the national grid within the next year but getting to this


point hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. We were shocked by the


amount of red tape that was involved, the amount of


certificates that you need. The specialist people you need to bring


the end. It all comes at a cost, and will average small business, it


is just too much. He's not alone. Paula Gouldthorpe advises


businesses on going green. She has many more examples where red tape


has ground them down. These are very small companies often. They


are doing everything, but they don't have time to put through a


planning application. They want to be able to choose a technology and


get on. The government needs to do much more to encourage business to


take things up and give them the advice they need of have to go


through the process. -- how to go through. In a statement tonight,


the Department for Communities and Andrew is hoping that will mean


more support and less red tape. New Hull FC owner Adam Pearson says


he's got no plans to change the clubs coach - despite being knocked


out of the Challenge Cup yesterday. Richard Agar was criticised after a


home defeat by Leeds. Hull KR are also out of the competition. I


spoke to Adam Pearson earlier today. We'll hear that in a moment. But


first Kate Sweeting reports on the weekend's rugby league. Hull FC


lost 20-nil. The black-and-white got off to a promising start. They


had a 10 point lead before the break. But in the second half, the


rhinos have raced clear, winning 38-22. If he is serious about it,


he has to get rid of him. A end of story. We haven't got to the


coaching staff. You need a coach, and he just wasn't. Saints led 26


at half-time. But they turned it on after the break. There was a 54-6


defeat. Well, like I say, I was at the KC earlier to meet up with Adam


Pearson. I started by asking him why he bought Hull FC. It is a big


Super League club. It has got great potential. Has been well run but it


needs a little bit more ambition and Investment. That is her plea


what I will bring to it. When you say investment, investment in what?


The cap minimises the amount of investment, but we want to look at


recruitment, and have a real go. It takes time to build a real team but


we won the club right up there. this issue alone? Not in


partnership? I keep trying to stress this. Nobody at all. M 100 %.


I have never lied it. But does it sole ownership of the club a better


chance to go all the way's I think we have got a good executive team


and we have got more focus. A lot of the founder saying -- a lot of


the fans are saying that the team is fine but the coach is not.


we will sit down and we have got some good players coming and. There


is no panic on the coach. So he is the right man for the year ahead?


need to liquor the whole picture before I make a judgment -- look at.


How does it feel to be one of the most powerful men in the City? It


is true! You laugh, but you are. I don't see it like that. We are


slowly turning the football club around and I intend to push Hull FC


are now to the next level. We want sporting success in this city. We


will do red. We you ever see anywhere else than this place? --


will you ever see? I will put a bed on it takes back! This week marks a


year to go until the Olympics and for the first time, women's boxing


is an Olympic sport. And did you know, the first ever professional


female boxer was from Hull? The number of female boxers has


increased massively in recent years and its inclusion in the Olympics


has certainly inspired some of the girls here at this amateur boxing


club in Hull. I want it to be my career. I hope to go further.


it's the diverse range of women here that's now the subject of a


new exhibition. Mothers, schoolgirls, students. And starting


to photograph the characters behind the boxing rather than boxing as a


sport. One woman who's been a huge influence on this photographic


display is Barbara Butterick from Cottingham, the world's first


female boxing Champion. This is the headline in the Daily Mail from


1949. Barbara was unable to box in the UK so she moved to America


where she became a double world champion. All this talk about girls


not boxing is old fashioned. aged 82, Lee travelled more than


4,000 miles to interview her. my size, I had quite a hard punch.


That is how I coped against these heavy gales. If you don't have a


hard punch you have nothing to stop them coming at you. You can just


about make out the golden calf earring. -- Gordon Bluff.


achievements certainly paved the way for women involved in the sport


today. When you tell them it is actually boxing training, it is a


good response. And it is good to get rid of some aggression and not


take it out on anybody else. Barbara's fighting spirit is still


very much alive. A cookbook dating back 110 years


has been found at a North Lincolnshire bakery. It includes


recipes for things like moss biscuits and was found under sacks


of flour during a re-vamp. Now the baker has started bringing some of


those recipes back to life. Tastes change over the years, and


sometimes what we used to make and But Graham's Bakery in Epworth has


just made an exciting discovery which has turned the clock back


again. We did some renovations and we were just looking at some odd


bits and pieces and we found this order book. It's called the Book Of


Cakes and dates back to 1902. It was found under lots of old flour


sacks. This is a mixer, and makes us don't look anything like that


nowadays. There's been a bakery here on Albion Hill in Epworth for


the last 162 years. Pete has owned it for the last 13 but now he's


decided to recreate the flavours of a 110 years ago. These are called a


wine biscuits. You can add nuts, fruit, cherries. These were the


most interesting ones that I found. Moss biscuits. I have never heard


of them before. When you have paid it it is like an open crammed. It


is beautiful, light and delicate -- when you have made it. They are


really good. That is from 110 years ago. A lot recipe. It is gorgeous.


So wine and moss biscuits are just a couple of the recipes back on the


shelves again, and quite a story to chat about over coffee.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. The


Norwegian massacre: The self- confessed killer says he had links


with other underground cells as he appears in court.


The time it takes Lincolnshire's ambulances to respond to calls is


"unacceptable" according to the county body which oversees it.


Tomorrow's weather: Cloudy, with a little drizzle or light rain


towards the coast. Becoming dry but staying rather cloudy with some


brighter spells. Maximum temperature, 18 Celsius. Response


on the subject of ambulance times. That is why they have first


responders like me so we can help them reach their target times. Be


very they've used us. We called an ambulance when someone suffered a


heart attack a few weeks ago. The ambulance arrived quickly. The


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