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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


As tens of thousands wait for council housing, one authority


begins building for the first time in 20 years.


We have a large waiting list of 3,400 people. Many individuals are


waiting for housing, often up to five or six years.


The Energy Minister says the Humber could become one of the most


important areas in the country for renewable energy.


Going for gold - the horsewoman aiming for the Paralympics despite


being told she'd never ride again. Seven months and counting - the


And hopefully we will see some more brightness tomorrow. For your


There are more than 50,000 families on council house waiting lists in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. This has led to one council leader


saying his city is in the midst of a housing crisis. Lincoln is to get


its first social housing in two decades as concerns grow that the


problem is getting worse. But the government says it is taking


measures to try and ease families' difficulties. Phillip Norton


Chris has got a family of seven squeezed into a 10 -- two-bedroom


house in Lincoln. They have been waiting for a new home for six


years. We have had head teachers, doctors,


councillors, the MP - all sorts are working on the case and we are


getting nowhere. The council says there's a limited


number of large properties available. But the family is not


the only ones. There's 3,000 on the waiting list in Lincoln. People


like Mark, who found himself homeless this year. He and his


partner have been told it could be up to six years.


We have been waiting for Macro weeks. We have had no letters, no


nothing from the council, not even a phone call. This is what I can't


understand about the slow process of wife. -- or why it takes so long.


So now the council is building more social housing.


We have got a housing crisis. It is not an exaggeration to say that. We


have got a large waiting list of 3,400 people. Many individuals are


waiting for housing, often up to five or six years. We have an


increasing amount of homelessness as well.


The problem is widespread. In Hull, this family lives in a private home


that they say is falling apart. They have just signed up for a


council house. We had a major leak. They filled it


in but then we started to get problems with the electric. Then we


found out last week that we had another major leak here. We can't


stand much more, to be honest. We just want to be art.


A housing charity said today that more needs to be done to help those


in need. We need to get building more


affordable social homes for people to live in. 98% of councils have


failed to meet their housing needs in their areas. We really are


calling on councils to invest in housing.


The government says it is working to introduce rules which will help


councils use stock more efficiently. But there will be no overnight


solution. Phillip Norton is in Lincoln for us


this evening. Phil, is it realistic to expect council house waiting


lists in the area to be cleared quickly?


I said at the end of the report there will be no overnight solution.


When you see the figures, it becomes clear why. Lincoln has got


the highest percentage of households on the waiting list.


3,000, -- 3,600 are waiting at the moment. Then you look at places


like Hull. 10,000 households are waiting. In total, 53,000 families


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are waiting for some kind of social


housing, a figure much higher than it was 10 years ago. Don't forget,


the figures do not include those already living in a council


property waiting to move to a different property. Councils can


build new properties, but to eradicate the problem would cost


millions of pounds, money the councils can't afford. The solution


could come in part from stronger processes to get people out of


properties, moving into a smaller property, moving families into the


larger properties. That is a process that some people will not


be happy with. Earlier I spoke to Kate Allen,


who's an expert on social housing. She told me that the government has


been unable to deal with the increasing numbers of people on


council house waiting lists. There is an accumulating number of


people in need of social housing. Those numbers are only getting


worse. The number of households that are forming each year is


outpacing the number of homes we are building, and so in addition to


the accumulated backlog which the government needs to address, they


are facing a running target. There's a feeling that a council


house is for life. How much credit should the government get for


trying to change that situation? The question of moving people from


their homes is a delicate one. I do think, though, that people in a


time of housing need me to appreciate the problems it causes


if we give somebody a house not just for the period they need it


but also for the period after that for them to live in for the rest of


their life. Should people be made to rip out of


a council house once they earn above a certain amount? -- made to


move out. It is not for me to make that


decision. That is up to the electorate. I would say it is


important whenever somebody starts to worry about the lack of


available housing, that they Dearham -- that they do remember


the homes being bill today are occupied by people who do not


necessarily prove on from them after they are finished with them.


The is the problem going to get worse?


The government has published figures for the next four years,


and yes, there's a cut in the number of new homes they are hoping


to deliver compared to the Privy spending period. So, given that the


fate of households are still increasing, the problem is going to


get worse. -- the rate. This affects a lot of people. Do


you think that more council houses should be built? The do have to


wait a long time to get yours? Do you think too many double failed to


look after their council properties and the money should be spent


elsewhere? Your thoughts, if you like to send him to last, send him


In a moment, the scheme to make sure Bridlington's fishermen are as


The Energy Minister has reaffirmed the goverment's belief that the


Humber could become one of the most important areas in the country for


renewable energy. Charles Hendry praised the way businesses and


councils have worked together during a visit to North


Lincolnshire. Vanessa Clarke Today it looks like barren land but


the plans to turn this site into a wind turbine factory could bring


thousands of jobs to the local economy. But it needs government


approval, and today the Energy Minister gave his verdict after a


private tour. You can't fail to be impressed by


the scale of it. This brings together members of Parliament,


local authorities, industry, and that is what we are looking for. We


want to see thousands of jobs created in building the turbines


and other elements for the offshore wind industry. That is the co-


operation which is important. The company behind the plans, Able


UK, want to spend more than �100 million developing this site in


North Killingholme. Planning permission has already been given


for a logistics site but an assembly plant and a jetty the size


of 100 football pitches will also need the go-head. Local MPs say


that's why these visits are so important.


We have had two senior ministers in the past few weeks. It has put


Lincolnshire on the map. We need to make sure we can develop the area


as a cluster for the renewable sector. It could regenerate the


area and transform the local economy.


The government wants to see thousands of wind turbines


operating off our coasts by 2020. Today the Energy Minister said it


was very important he got the chance today to see the Humber's


potential for himself. The body of a man found dead in


Boston on Sunday has been identified as Luke James Gorton.


The 31-year-old was taken to the Pilgrim Hospital but staff were


unable to revive him. A post mortem to reveal if he had taken the drug


M-Cat came back as inconclusive. Three people arrested by police


have been released on bail. Police have arrested a man in


connection with an armed robbery at an East Yorkshire supermarket last


week. Staff at the Co-Op store in Pocklington were threatened by a


man demanding cash on Thursday. A 41-year-old man from Goole has been


arrested and released on bail. 25 years after the Lockington train


crash, the families of those who died claim the disaster has been


largely forgotten. Nine people were killed when a train collided with a


van at an unmanned crossing in East Yorkshire. A memorial service was


held at the weekend. When there are other disasters,


agencies come in at not 25 years later but 25 hours later. People


get support. We were just forgotten. Police searching for a missing


pensioner from Withernsea have revealed that she left the house


wearing mismatched shoes. 77-year- old Marlene Wagstaff, who suffers


from Alzheimer's, left her house on Friday. People from the town have


been helping in the search. Police say they're extremely concerned for


her safety. Hull's Lord Mayor is demanding the


return of a bronze statue which was stolen over the weekend. The statue


called Voyage is nearly two metres tall and weighs around 300


kilograms. It's believed to have been stolen from its plinth by the


Humber Estuary late on Sunday night. It's one of a pair celebrating the


maritime links between the city and I've had a lots of tweets from


people who are angry about this statue being taken. If you've got


any information about what happened, please call the police or you can


contact me and I'll pass the information on for you.


An MP has compared conditions on one of East Hull's estates to


living in a war zone. Karl Turner is urging the Government to visit


the Ings Estate after the money due to regenerate the area was cut last


year. So far no new investment has been secured and residents claim


they are living in fear of thieves and arsonists. Siobhan Robbins has


Crumbling, vandalised and broken - this is the estate Frank Wheller's


lived on for 27 years. But since the money to regenerate the area


was pulled last year, He says living here's a nightmare.


You are in a terrified situation. Are you going to survive the night?


It has been that serious. The least sound and you are awake looking out


the windows. They do see youngsters going up and down the street with


blazing torches. It is not good. These people can't live like this.


This street is a perfect example. Here we can see empty house after


empty house. But then, stuck in the middle is one for one. That leaves


the residents feeling really isolated. The council is starting


to build new houses, but there's still more than 1,000 to do. It is


hoping for another �12 million to help the estate but that is nowhere


near the �90 million it was promised over the next few years


before the money was poured. When the money stock, part of West


Hull were also getting a bad state. But the council managed to find


some money to help President. But the estate is still waiting for


cash and the gamut is now a challenge to see the back of --


problem for itself. People are genuinely living in


Beirut. You can see what it is like round here. Come and have a look


and then tell us that they don't deserve the help that I say they


need desperately. Who are these people that can do


this to an estate then walk away, shrug their shoulders and leave it?


The government says people have not been forgotten and the council will


find out in the autumn if they secured the cash they need. All


people living here can do now is It is 17 minutes to seven. Still


ahead: The horse rider aiming for the Paralympics, despite being told


that she would never ride again. And the beard that is raising


thousands for charity, despite its critics! It looks like he is a


Tonight's photograph his Humber Bridge. Taken by Carolyn Hammond.


Find him very much indeed. Another picture around about the same time


tomorrow. Ever thought of growing a beard? It would be real! That would


be the difference! Very good, very be the difference! Very good, very


good. The headline for the next 24 hours is slowly improving. We have


a lot of cloud around at the moment. It is giving drizzle across the


Yorkshire coast. There are some brakes coming from the north. Here


is Wednesday's chart. The high- pressure will try and come in on


Thursday. It probably won't succeed. As it does come in, we will see


some cloud breaks. Thursday could be the best day of the week. As you


look closely, there are some breaks in the cloud, and they should come


across us later it tomorrow. In the short term, we are looking at a lot


of cloud across East Yorkshire. A little bit of drizzle especially


towards the coast of Yorkshire. Those temperatures will be down to


11 or 12 degrees. 12 in Gainsborough. The sun will rise at


There will be a bit of drizzle in the air especially on the East


Yorkshire coast. Breaks will come in from the north. A bit more in


the brave -- bit more in the way of brightness. The breeze will be an


unsure one across the coast. The best temperature in land will be 19


or 20. Thursday looks a nice day. Variable cloud, but quite warm. As


we head into the weekend, it is looking fairly pleasant. That is


the forecast. My favourite female of the day. Whilst on holiday, we


found Paul's book in a charity been with a sign saying it was 10 p!


That is outrageous! Daylight robbery, I think. See you tomorrow.


If you or I want to make a Dr's appointment, it is straightforward.


Imagine trying to get advice if you work up to 14 hours a day miles out


to sea. Workers at Bridlington harbour have been given their own


health worker for advice on the dockside. If she is successful,


bend balls around Britain could take the same approach. It might


seem like a strange place for a health check, but for some


fishermen, it is the only option. It is not too tight? Twice a week,


Paul wreak -- Paula Rooke visits Bridlington harbour to give advice


Bridlington harbour to give advice on diet. It is physically really


hard work. You get back at eight or nine at night. That is why the


service is so keep. It is essential for me to be where they are, so


they can take a couple of minutes to talk to me. I condemn. Them. If


there blood pressure is really high, they can go to their GP where they


would not normally go. For softer employed fishermen, going to do it


also means losing income. The fact that dock workers and fishermen can


work 14 hours a day means it can be difficult for them to see a doctor,


but their reluctance to ask for help also creates a problem.


fishermen always say they are all right. You have to be really bad if


you go, if you see what I mean. It should take-off. The Seamen's


Hospital Society is funding the scheme for a year. Over that time,


its supporters hope it will make a real difference. We hope it will


make fishermen more are aware of their health situation, and


hopefully, we will save a couple of lives by advising them of a problem,


and getting it sorted. Soon, Paula Rooke hopes that she will give more


advice. If the scheme is successful, it could be offered imports across


After last night's programme, thank you for your e-mails about East


Midlands Ambulance Service. Only 86 % of ambulances arrive within 19


minutes, compared with a national target of 05 %. To have a target of


95 % and only reaching 86 % is really worrying. The committee need


to get to the bottom of this, so that somehow we improved the


service. A big response. Dave emailed to say: "It takes longer to


emailed to say: "It takes longer to get from A to B when you can wait


up to 5 minutes for the level crossings to open. Leave the


ambulances alone and concentrate on Thank you for all of those. A horse


rider from East Yorkshire, who was told that she would never take part


in the sport again after an accident, is hoping to be selected


for next year's Paralympic Games. Heather Bennett from Eastrington


near Howden broke her back eight years ago. Now she is hoping for a


gold medal in London. Heather Bennett has known -- has what is


known as Yorkshire grit. It is a miracle she is still riding. In


2003, she broke her back falling off a horse. It limited her use of


both legs and both arms. She is now competing in the event of para-


equestrian dressage. People said I was crazy to ride again. I kept the


course why had the accident on. I have to try and do it. She now has


her sights firmly set on the Paralympic Games in London. With


one year to go, the British team selectors have been watching


closely. It is the extra dimension where you are having to control an


animal. When you look at the amount of different disabilities, it is


incredible that they are able to perform at such a high level.


heather admits that it hasn't been a difficult journey so far. A lot


of pain and repetitive training. I have a competitive person. That is


what drives me to keep doing it and trying to be better and better each


time. Here they cannot do it alone. It is a horse who has to carry her


to glory, so does he know what he is getting into? He is very chilled


out today! He has had an early morning start, so he will be going


back to bed this morning -- this afternoon. While the horses relaxed,


heaven knows that there is a lot of work to do if she is to fulfil her


Olympic dreams and win gold for Britain. Good luck to her. The


Lincolnshire swim that Lizzie Simmons has missed out on a gold


medal in China. She finished 7th in Shanghai earlier today. She swims


in her preferred event later. The Lincolnshire athlete Bernice Wilson


says she will fight to clear her name after being suspended from


competition after testing positive for anabolic steroids. Issue fails


in her appeal, she could face a two-year ban from the sport. Hull


FC and Hull Kingston Rovers have been boarded Super League licences


for the next three years. They have both invested in youth development.


Wakefield will also remain in the competition after Crusaders


withdrew their application. Firefighters and airline pilots


cannot have them. There has not been a prime minister with one for


over 100 years. There are even people who are frightened of them.


The beard has got a very good reputation but two men from Grimsby


It is not easy looking this good! I have to get up 10 minutes earlier


than I usually do. It started with a bat in the pub. Seven months on,


David's bit is getting rather long. It is about five inches long. My


daughter's hate it. They are embarrassed. They can live with


that for a bit! It's horrible! When he gets food in it, he looks like a


tramp. But I am proud of him, because he is doing it for a good


cause. David is raising money for Help For Heroes, along with his


friend Richard. But he is have -- but Richard has had to scale back


his bid after an accident with a blowtorch. I have decided to grow


the goatee. I can tie it up and it is not getting in the way, because


it is a bit dangerous when I am underneath a sink soldering with a


blowtorch. Some people would say it is worth persevering. Brian Blessed,


Dr Rowan Williams and Bill Oddie all are well known for their beards.


Does it go down well with the ladies? I like the short type, but


not the father Christmas type. depends. If it is straggly, it is


not attractive. David's pictures have started to get creative. I


have downloaded a new one each week. People can see how it is going.


People will hopefully supported and donate. So far, they have raised


�3,000. Are there any more plus points? The food sticks to it, and


you can have some more of do you have finished! There are some


benefits for for facial hair. They will shed a dot on Tuesday. --


shave it off. Let's have a recap of the national headlines. The UK


economy slows down. Officials blamed the Japanese tsunami and the


royal wedding. Lincoln City royal wedding. Lincoln City


Council's leader admits they are in the middle of a crisis. Top


temperatures around 19 Celsius Eight response coming in on social


housing. One person says that we have too many council estate


buildings. How many do we need? Mark says that his mum, who is so


severely disabled, have never been offered a property. Those who live


in properties now should consider themselves lucky. Another says that


some parts of Britain struggle to recruit public sector workers.


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