27/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Here are the headlines: East Yorkshire's only


natural birth unit closes after a surprise healthcare inspection.


There is no more money in the system. The Prime Minister joins


talks to try and save jobs at the Scunthorpe steelworks. We left him


in no doubt that there are serious challengers. Veterans who claim


they were used as guinea pigs to test nuclear bombs prepared to go


to the Supreme Court. And one year and counting -


organisers hope that the Olympic Games will involve the whole of


Britain. The Olympic Stadium. With one year to go it is all taking


shape. We are giving two lucky people a chance to look behind the


scenes later in the programme. there has been welcome sunshine


across our region. All the details The man in charge of hospitals in


Hull and East Yorkshire has admitted that the region's only


natural birthing centre may never open again. The Jubilee Centre has


been forced to shut after a surprise inspection by the Care


Quality Commission. It was found that mother's choice was not being


met. Our reporter has been it to meet a mother to be who feels she


may not get the care she needs. This woman was excited about going


back to the Jubilee Centre to give birth again. But today she heard


the news it is closing. My heart is there. The atmosphere, everything.


For me that was the best place. It still is the best place. The newest


member of his family was born at the Jubilee Centre two weeks ago.


His mother is shocked that this centre is closing. It is a


fantastic place to give birth. I had two different bird there. One


was quick and one was a bit longer and both times it was an amazing


experience. Incredible staff. An incredibly relaxed place to be.


decision to close the centre until September follows an unannounced


visit by the care quality commission. The found there was


disruption because there was not enough staff on duty.


The centre had to close its doors 103 times over the last year


because of staff shortages and also because of a suspected case of


swine flu over Christmas. A decision is now being made over its


future. This could be one of the last babies to be born at the


centre. Many mothers are now Wapping it will be saved.


-- are now hoping it will be saved. Phil Morley is the man in charge of


their Trust. He said he is determined to sort the problem out.


I am surprised that some of the things that came back. I have not


had the full report yet. There has been an ongoing issue about the


future of the Jubilee Centre. We had committed to keeping it open


despite the fact that it made a significant loss. Basically it cost


too much money? The issue is about having the right numbers of staff.


You have been close 103 times in the last year. That would be Dean


as bad management. Every decision we take is about patients. The


times we have had to close his regarding care for those ladies.


you have enough staff or is that it? As you know that NHS budget is


reducing. There is no more money in the system. With the resources that


we have where do we best provide the service? If you are a mother


expecting a baby you will be very upset. It is a great service.


are you not sticking with it? only have 300 births per year there


and we have 6,000 on the site. Our choice was simple. We either take


start from the site to support the staff at that site which leaves the


site more unsafe or for the time being we have to close at centre.


So natural birthing is a luxury that the Budget does not permit any


more? We still have 1000 natural births on this site and 300 on the


Castle Hill site. We will still offer a natural childbirth option.


Are you saying this is it? There will be a review in September. We


will make a decision then. We will choose based on what is the right


level of care and we're well that you be? Will it open again? It is


unlikely in the next six months. After that? We will have to see at


that time. Why do you not to say it is closing? Our plan would always


be if it is possible to call locate on to that site. It is unlikely to


open in the near future. What do you think about this? Should there


NHS Trust be trying harder? Get in In the past hour it has emerged


that a house in Lincolnshire is being searched by officers


investigating alleged cyber attacks on international businesses. Police


have not revealed we're in Lincolnshire the property is at


have said that the are interviewing at man and a caution. Scotland Yard


has also arrested a man in Scotland. Work has officially began at an new


Business Park in Lincolnshire. Once complete Teal Park could create


4,000 jobs and bring investment to the county. Engineering firms


Siemens already has plans to relocate to the site just outside


Lincoln. It is hoped many more businesses will follow suit. Back


in 2006 when Siemens said they might relocate, that made us


concentrate our efforts on developing the site. I am pleased


to say we have now secured them. We have stuck with the process. Police


have widened their search for a missing pensioner. 77-year-old


Marlene Wagstaff was last seen in Withernsea on Friday. Today


officers searched local field and bite. They are asking the public to


help. Our concern is that it has been nearly five days. We are very


worried about her health. The weather is not too bad but it still


gets cold in the evening. We have concerns. The search will continue


and we will continue to follow that story.


They were claiming that they were used as guinea pigs in the 1950s.


Now veterans in our region are planning to take their fight for


damages to the Supreme Court. They say they suffered serious health


problems after being exposed to radiation in the Pacific. Tomorrow


they hope to overturn the ruling made by the courts last year


rejecting their case. The South Pacific at the height of


the Cold War. The British military tests the atomic bomb. When it went


off it was so severe it was as if somebody had put at fire at the


back of your head. You could see the bones like an X-ray on your


finger. These men were young when they were sent to what they thought


was a paradise island. Now they believe the nuclear tests they saw


their damaged their health. I lost sight in my right eye. The bones


crumble. I have lost 70 % kidney function. This man served with the


Royal Navy on Christmas Island. He believes his children suffered


because of the radiation he was exposed to. My second daughter


contacted at type of cancer when she was 11 and died when she was 13.


If we had been warned I'd do not think we would ever have had any


children. The MoD has always argued there is no evidence to show the


tests were the only cause of their illnesses. Last year it won an


appeal against a decision to allow the men is to seek damages. Now


some fear time is running out. are elderly and in poor health.


They are dying at a rate of approximately three per month.


have not even been classed as cold war he rose. We were the lads that


stood on the front line in the Pacific. Tomorrow the veterans must


persuade the Supreme Court that they still have a legal case after


decades of battling with the government.


A group of local MPs say that they are optimistic that the Prime


Minister will help to secure the future of the Scunthorpe steelworks.


A task force aiming to reduce the planned number of job losses met


with David Cameron at lunchtime. In a moment we will get reaction from


Nic Dakin in the local MP, but first our correspondent will


explain why so many jobs are at stake.


Their aim of the meeting was to tell the Prime Minister how


important steel is to Scunthorpe. All three of our region's MPs and


businessman John Clugston travelled to London. Their job is to work


with the unions to try to save as many of the threatened jobs as


possible. If I expect them to come along with a big cheque book, we do


not expect that. When the process is through we will see how it goes.


Everything is an opportunity to develop. We have an opportunity on


this steel works. Tata says it is investing �400 million in the


business. It says demand for steel has dropped by two-thirds since


2007. It said plans for a new tax on carbon producing industries


could make Scunthorpe less competitive in the global market.


Last week the Business Secretary Vince Cable visited Tata. He said


the government will try to help Scunthorpe find new business but


I think the decision has already been made. I believe the steel


industry has a big future in the UK. A two big future could hinge on


this, one a two huge wind turbines factories planned for the Humber.


If they get the go-ahead, Tata hopes it could provide steel for


the turbines. It would give steelworkers jobs for the future.


Nick Dakin, the MP for Scunthorpe, spoke to me after meeting the Prime


Minister. He told me more about what David Cameron had to say about


the future of the Tata site. He was interested in any innovative


ideas coming out of Tata and the task force in relation to the


retreading of people who lose their jobs, so they can either do


different jobs within the steel industry or elsewhere locally. I


think there may be funds available to support that sort of assistance.


A lot seems to be riding on this area becoming the centre for


renewable energy. You think that is too dangerous? You are right, it is


a big risk, but we did have the energy minister in Scunthorpe


yesterday, we had Vince Cable in Scunthorpe last week. We saw the


Prime Minister today and we are making it very clear that the


opportunity for wind of locally is massive. We are the best area in


Europe to develop it. It is a big risk, but a big opportunity. Those


who are watching who were affected? What you say to them? I say it is a


very difficult situation. They are well aware of the word that is


going on by management and unions. That process has to follow its


course. My job is to make sure we do everything we can to make sure


the local economy is well- positioned to move positively


forward, so anybody losing their jobs has the opportunity to get new


jobs in the future, and soon. Should they be optimistic? I think


people will be realistic, not optimistic. They will recognise


these are challenging times, for the area and for the people


affected. I do not think up to us and is the right word. Realism,


resilience, and determination. Thank-you.


Talking about the future of Scunthorpe there. Another one you


might have a few one. Thank you for watching this Wednesday. Still to


come: Land prices trebled in our area to more than �8,000 an acre.


They can down to London 2012 is on. I will be live from the Olympic


Park later. If you have a photograph you are proud of, send


it in. This is tonight's. It is the He said he thinks he consider


Lincolnshire him! -- he can see the Has that been fiddled on adobe


Photoshop? Anybody else you want to insult?


Just do the weather! For the next 24 hours, mostly fine.


I think we will see more of the sunshine we have had this after


them. It has been beautiful, even along the coast. The first sunshine


along the coast since Sunday. This weather front will act to help


break up the clout somewhat. Some warm spells tomorrow after a grey


start. You can see the brakes. This is the gap that will come across


tomorrow. This weather front will bring cloud for Thursday night and


Friday. Let's look at this evening. It is a glorious evening. Make the


most of it. There will be a little drizzle, mainly to the coast.


Temperatures down to 11 or 12. The sun rises at 5:09am, setting at


nine has 6:00pm. Generally, quite a grey start and perhaps a bit of


dampness, but things will improve through the morning. There will be


some warm spells of sunshine for most of us through the day.


Tomorrow evening, we might see a shower pushing back in from the


West. For most of us, it is bright and warm. The winds will be all


over the place. Light and variable. Top temperature in land, 23. 73


Fahrenheit. Back to cloudy skies on Friday. The who pays the weekend is


looking promising. Some warm My favourite tweets of the dairy,


as I rub my crystal ball, I see a hint of summer!


A I think I will delay that! See you tomorrow. The price of


farmland in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has more than tripled


in the last decade, making it some of the most sought-after land in


the country. There's been interest from as far away as Hong Kong.


Caroline Bilton is in the Lincolnshire Wolds this evening.


Caroline, why is this land so appealing?


We have some of the best farmland in the country here. Let me show


you it in its glory. I am on top of the Lincolnshire Wolds. What you


are looking at his are the most productive land in the country. Of


course, that comes at a price. Prices that are rising year on year.


According to the latest survey, land in Lincolnshire, the average


price is �5,400 an acre. In East Yorkshire, it is �6,000. It is not


unheard of to have land selling here for more than �8,000 an acre,


which is a record high. There's expects in the field at saying if


you have a bit of money that she would like to invest, you would do


well to invest it in the fields of East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


The patchwork quilt that is a Lincolnshire countryside. In recent


years for some, they have become fields of gold. This land sold


recently for in excess of �7,000 an acre. I have been in business for


over 30 years and have never known the market to be as strong as it is


today. Land here has become such a good investment, it is attracting


attention from overseas. The last year, we sold some land by auction.


We finished up with a competition between a Hong Kong businessman and


a local farmer. It is indicative of the type of people that are looking


at investing in English farmland. High prices agreed when you are


selling, not when you are buying. William Gradwell is a farmer in


North Lincolnshire. His family had been farming here for five


generations. The chance to expand is a pipe dream. The values are now,


�8,000 or something and a cake, we cannot afford to farm and pay off


the interest on a loan. You have to have flexibility of land use. That


is being able to provide the food, but look at things like renewable


energy, the employment uses in the countryside. That is the concern.


Higher land prices have the potential to knockout the younger


generation from earning -- from owning their own the land and homes.


This may be fields of gold for some. For the likes of William, they are


out of reach. Is there any sign that these prices


will stabilise? Those people I spoke to say they are expecting


them to level out cent. At the moment, wheat prices are high.


Confidence in the agricultural sector is good at the moment. It


drives prices up. Thank-you. Yesterday, we told you how new


council houses are being built in Lincoln for the first time in 20


years, amidst warnings of a housing crisis. More than 50,000 families


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are already on the waiting list for


council homes and concerns have been raised that the problem is


getting worse. Well, we had a big response from


you on this. Thank-you fall of theirs. -- thank-


you for all of those. Exactly a year today the curtain


will go up on the 2012 London Olympics. Tonight, a big party is


planned in Trafalgar Square to mark the date. Thousands of people from


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will be heading to the capital to


be part of the spectacle next year. Phillip Norton is lucky enough to


be there now. Phil, what's it like there with 12 months to go? Take a


look. This is the Olympic Park and the Olympic stadium, looking


fantastic in a London sunshine. It is hard to believe that in a year's


time, the world's eyes will be on this site. Thousands will be going


in there for the start of the opening ceremony. The scale of this


site is incredible. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is


starting to feel very real. Last week, Simon Clark came down here


with two people from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for his special


look around. The first thing that grab your


attention is the main stadium... What is it like behind the scenes


of Olympic Pat? Vicky and Jason got the opportunity to find out. They


met an Olympic gold medallist. It is the sort of thing you do not


normally get to see as an athlete. It is brilliant. I think it puts


into focus what you want to do and a treat. These funds them bumped


into another gold medallist, Britain's golden gale. Do you wish


you were taking part in these games? Everybody keeps asking. I


would love to. I will lead the youngsters have a go! What do you


think to their layout? I have not seem an Olympic Park where the


facilities are so close. There is the stadium there, the velodrome. A


I cannot believe the site. I am so excited. It has opened my eyes. It


is something to aim for. These have been left -- these two have been


left inspired. Of course, much has been taking


place to mark the one year to go celebrations. The countdown really


is under way. The final building works have been completed today,


including at the aquatic centre. Tom Daly will be making the first


dive into the water within the hour. There is the continuing promise


that these Olympic Games would include all of the UK, not just


London, but people in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will fill part of it


by being able to go to the torch relay perhaps, or perhaps been


lucky enough to have tickets for some of the Games. The torch relay


will be going up and down the country and there will be other


events, full-ball, particularly. Sailing is on the south coast. They


will be locked outside London. The focus of attention will be here,


obviously. So now we are into the final straight. The plan is to get


his place looking spick and span on time and on budget. There is a


special programme at 7 o'clock on BBC One just after Look North. Just


366 days to go. Next year his eight leap year. Thank-you.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. Britain


officially recognises the Libyan rebels and expels Gaddafi's


remaining diplomats. The head of the trust in charge of


hospitals in Hull and East Yorkshire admits that the area's


only natural birthing centre may never open again.


A great start tomorrow, but with Response coming in on the subject


of the closure of the Jubilee birth centre. Laura said, I had my baby a


two weeks ago. Very sad to hear the news. This is an anonymous message.


I work at the Jubilee Centre and I am absolutely devastated, but not


allowed to speak to the media. This one from Cowell, who says, we had


our chart at the Jubilee Centre. The facilities are first class. It


is a disgrace. Someone else says, now fiancee had


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