29/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to Look North.


Volunteers joined a police search as concerns grow for a missing


pensioner. When it is one of hours we have to go and find her.


Student nurses are told to leave their posts at a Lincolnshire


hospital after "serious concerns" were raised about their training.


This will be devastating for them and destroy the last few months'


good work. Preparations for thousands of


visitors as a weekend of top cycling begins in Beverly.


And we get the real life story of the fox and the hound who became


friends. And of course the all important weekend weather forecast


So many people have volunteered today to help in the hunt for


missing pensioner from East Yorkshire that the police have had


to turn some of them away. 77-year- old Marlene Wagstaff was last seen


a week ago at her home. She suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Officers


say support from the local community could be the key to


finding her. We do know that she is physically


fit, she can walk. We are hopeful to find her alive and well.


A briefing for volunteers, one week since 77-year-old Marlene Wagstaff


disappeared. She went missing from her home after a walk last Friday,


and the disappearance has prompted a massive surge from Withernsea's


local community. -- search. More than any city, everybody knows each


other. It is one of ours. We heard this morning on Look North there


was a requirement for volunteers to search for this pensioner in


Withernsea. So we thought it was very worthwhile, we are all getting


older and it could happen to anyone. I believe she has Alzheimer's.


That is the problem for police, physically fit, Marlene was well


known for her walking but surges have had to take into account the


state of her health. People with this disease can get very confused,


they have means they might not be able to meet themselves. It could


be as simple as being not able to find their way home, but being


physically OK. Or, in some places, it could be more serious.


Today, 30 volunteers helped scour coastal fields miles from Marlene's


home. For her family, it is the second surge of the week and


despite the scale, these volunteers are not giving up hope. Speaking on


behalf of much of the village, they want to be here today at the been


helping with the search. They want to find Mrs Wagstaff. Everybody is


helping as much as they can. Wherever we go, we are all looking


out. I think everyone the village feels the same.


There have been reported sightings of Marlene has since disappeared on


Friday, but until she has found, a search by this community continues.


We will continue to follow that story. In a moment, operators of


First Hull Trains are told that they must do better after an


equipment failure and various disruptions.


The town's MP does not want his family using the hospital and the


chief executive has had to apologise to patients for their


porker. And now nurses have been withdrawn from Boston Pilgrim


Hospital with immediate effect because of concerns about their


education. The NHS Trust responsible for the site says the


move will not compromise patient care. The unions say it will put a


huge strain on the remaining staff. Student nurses from Lincoln,


Nottingham and the Open University were told in the middle of their


shifts the their placements have been suspended and they had to


leave the hospital immediately. It is all on the advice of the


Nursing midwifery council which regulates standards of training.


They say they had serious concerns about the learning environment


after meeting with the Government's health watchdog. Morale is


unbelievably low. The things that have happened over the first part


of this year have been devastating. We are at a point where we thought


we were turning a corner, and we have had this monumental shock. It


will take staff right back. It has been a torrid year for


Patience it a day have nothing but praise for the hospital. Care was


superb from beginning to end. I have just come back to get signed


off, everything has been perfect. I have no problems. It was all right.


By common, he it was clean and tidy. -- I came in, it was clean and tidy.


Unions are worried that the loss of so many staff will affect the


hospital's ability to function. There are already flaws in the


amount of care being given. Things have been changed to try and do


just those issues, but it last of over 100 staff, we can only assume


those issues would get worse. The NHS Trust has told us that


students working here at Boston Pilgrim Hospital are in addition to


their current staff and therefore their ability did deliver safe


services is not reliant on their presence. They also wanted to


reassure patients that quality of care was the first priority.


It has also been said today that if the hospital is not suitable to


train nurses, it is not suitable to care for sick and vulnerable people.


I spoke to Professor Patrick Callaghan from the University of


Nottingham, who have withdrawn 52 student nurses from the hospital.


The nursing and midwifery council claims to have serious concerns


about the hospital. I began by asking him what those concerns were.


I cannot comment on that because they have not relate them to make.


I suggest you direct that question And yet you act on their


recommendations? Yes, they are the regulatory Commission. They called


us yesterday and requested with immediate effect, the withdrawal of


students from Boston Pilgrim Hospital, because of what they


reported to be serious concerns. This is a very rare occurrence.


What does it say about the current standard at the hospital, to you?


Well, immediately, when I hear that, our principal objective is to


ensure that when students are running clinical -- clinical


placement figure to high-quality learning experience. They were


suggesting that there was a danger to that, and therefore, we took the


action needed on the instructions. What is being said, in effect, is


that the hospital cannot be trusted to train and teach student nurses.


It is the Primary purpose of the university with the hospital to


train students. Again, the question as to the hospital of the care at


the hospital is best directed to the hospital itself. Our concern is


that the student's learning. Patients Association have said,


what a damning condemnation of the care being provided by the Boston


Pilgrim Hospital, if there is no confidence in its training of


future nurses. That is the opinion of the patient's Association. Our


Primary concern is the quality of the students' learning and that is


why we took action on that. will these student nurses be


feeling tonight? Pulled off yesterday, when they thought they


were anyplace of excellence. student nurses, their initial


concern and shock at the action we took, as requested, I e-mailed all


of the affected students. I assured them of our concern for their


learning and explaining why we were taking the action we were, and


instructing them that we were trying to not disrupt their


learning by finding alternative placement. I was informed that they


were assured -- reassured by my e- mail. Thank you.


Be nursing and midwifery council were unable to join us on the


programme tonight. Let's throw this Open, what do you think about this


as far as the condition of the NHS in Lincolnshire is concerned? Maybe


you are one of the students, and you want to comment? If you want to


Some more news now. Extra police patrols will target


parts of the rail network in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire,


affected by cable theft. The thefts of copper wire can use huge delays


and the trains. -- cause. Officers are also speaking to scrap metal


dealers as part of a crackdown on one of the country's fastest-


growing crimes. A woman who lost her legs in the


7/7 attacks has come to Lincolnshire to tell her story. Dr


Gill Hicks had to learn to walk again following the explosion on


the London Underground, which killed 26 of a fellow passengers


and injured hundreds more. Although she says she will never forgive the


bombers, the humanity that her rescuers showed her has become an


inspiration. 7th July, 2005. A date etched into


For was on a train I do not I was late, I am not normally late.


It is the one day I should have been in the same carriage I


normally am. Sitting just one person away from the following


explosion, she lost both of her legs in one second. It is as fast


as clicking your fingers and then blackness. The time it takes to


click your fingers, the world changed in that instant.


Her experience could so easily have made her more separatist in her


views of other religions. Instead, it works the other way. Today, she


is the main speaker at a major event for Muslims in Lincolnshire.


She had a humanitarian message. have been given my life back, given


a second chance. Howard will use that wisely?


Her message fits in with ours. It is one of action. She talks about


peace, as something we can all work towards and aim for.


To be acts of those who rescued me, I learnt about humanity. -- drew


the acts. I felt absolute, unconditional love for the people


holding my hand and touching my face. They were willing to me to


stay alive. There was more good in the world than there is not. I feel


that I'm a living example of what Still ahead on the programme. The


view from the driving seat as a weekend of cycling begins.


And we meet the Fox and Hounds who If you have got a picture you are


proud of, send a tenner. This picture is of St Andrews Church.


Thank you for the picture. Leanne on Twitter asks twice


Spalding is not on the Now the weather..


I have never heard of it. No one was laughing here!


It is one of my favourite parts of Variable cloud with some sunshine


over the weekend. Things are looking quite pleasant. A pleasant


weekend. High pressure just about a in charge. Looking at the satellite


sequence, there is a lot of cloud on it. A lot of it is high cloud so


it is quite bright. A nice evening, all parts dry. Generally, that


cloud will come and go. Some areas becoming quite cloudy. Inland,


temperatures could drift back to eight Celsius. In towns, staying in


double figures. Tomorrow will be dry and fine and bright. There will


be some sunshine. It will cloud over at times as you can see from


the graphics. We are expecting some big cloud breaks so sunny spells


for most of us, meaning it will feel quite pleasant. It will be a


little bit cooler along the coast. Inland, we will see the best of the


temperatures. On to Sunday, it looks like it will be another fine


and dry day. The warmest day. All in all, a pleasant weekend. Early


next weekend -- next week it is Very nice work slipping in


Spalding! "Must do better". That was the message from Hull's three


MPs today when they met the operators of First Hull Trains. The


privately-run train service has been severly disrupted in recent


weeks by recurring equipment failure. Paul Murphy reports. A


series of electrical and mechanical failures in the train units


themselves has created huge problems for the company. For weeks,


the service to London has been disrupted and the image of the


company badly damaged. Today, the City's three MPs voiced their


concerns. Today we set out very clearly that we expect them to sort


out problems that -- problems of reliability. Also air conditioning


and toilets, things like that. We will be constantly talking to them


about this. The company has repeatedly apologised for its


failings and is now back to running a full shed will service. One of


the things I really love about the company is this -- is the passion


that the staff has on being able to deliver good customer service.


some cop -- for some, at the apologies are not enough and have


event raised to fresh calls to renationalise the railways.


cannot run a really like that. I want to talk to the regulators and


get some decent service. At today's meeting, MPs also voiced concern


about the wider economic damage of one-arm reliable train service. The


company describes the meeting as constructive.


An Olympic gold medallist will try and defend his title tonight as


Beverley hosts a weekend of top cycling. It Clancy will be cycling


through the town. Our reporter is in a prime spot this evening. Just


how big an event is this? As you say, there are 80 riders


taking part in this big race tonight. With the Olympics just a


year away, it is an event they will be taking very seriously indeed. It


is of course the national championship and so the competition


here tonight will be very fears. A beggar might not just for her


cycling but also for the local economy. Preparing today for what


has become one of the biggest cycling races in the country. A


one-off night when Beverley's Street are transformed into a


spectacular race track. People will be going in excess of 40 miles an


hour. People do not appreciate how fast these guys go. When you're


stood at the barrier, you can actually feel the draught as they


go by. Cyclists taking part tonight include this gold medallist. How


does Beverley compared to other tracks? It is quite narrow round


the back so I will stay at the front two out of trouble. It weighs


you down slowly, all the accelerating and braking at corners,


it that hard towards the end. Tonight's big race starts and


finishes in Beverley's its market. Over the weekend, it is not just


the elite riders who will get the chance to show off their skills.


Tomorrow, 650 cycling enthusiasts will be taking part in their own


rates -- in their own race. It is a chance for the organisers to


promote cycling not just as a sport but as an active and healthy way of


life. Bikes 10 to reside in gates - - in sheds and garages and people


stop using them for so it -- for short distances. We would like to


encourage them to use them more. is a big night for that time's


retailers. It is unexpected boost to the economy. It is good, they go


straight past the front of the shop. People come out and support it and


watch it. So Beverley will tonight take on a whole new appeal. The


elite race will not start here until 7:30pm. Already though, the


crowds are beginning to build for what promises to be a spectacle.


There is a full weekend of racing in the countryside around East


Yorkshire. Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers


are battling it out for the final Super League play-off spot. Hull FC


take on league leaders Wigan tonight while Hull KR are away to


Huddersfield tomorrow. Both are hoping to improve on disappointing


results last weekend, as Kate Sweeting reports.


Hull FC were knocked out of the Challenge Cup after this defeat at


the hands of Leeds Rhinos at the weekend. They'd started well with


three tries in the first half, but Leeds stepped up their game after


the break. But Coach Richard Agar thinks the team can bounce back for


tonight's game against league leaders wigan. We have a lot of


energy and enthusiasm. They know the task in front of them and while


we had some disappointments last week, no one is going to feel sorry


for us it not least ourselves. it's a match Hull KR will be


watching closely, as the Robins are hot on the heels of the Black and


Whites in the table. Both teams are vying for the eighth play-off place,


and the Robins also have high hopes for when they travel to


Huddersfield tomorrow. We have to win. It is not guaranteed. We hope


to have a good game. It should be a close contest. If that result goes


our way and we do get 10, for the main fixtures of the season,


destiny is in our hands. Rovers went out of the Cup following a


hammering at St Helens last week, but had won four straight league


games prior to that defeat. They'll hope to carry that form into their


trip to West Yorkshire Powerboat racing is coming to Hull


this weekend. That game will be on tonight at 8


o'clock. They have all the build up on television tonight. The high


speed competition is part of the British Superboat Championships.


Organisers say they expect huge crowds to watch the sport's top


racers compete at Hull Marina tomorrow.


Lincolnshire swimmer Lizzie Simmonds has qualified for the


finals of the World Swimming Championships in China. Lizzie came


seventh in the 100 metres backstroke final in Shanghai


earlier this week. The 200 metres is her preferred event.


When it comes to pets, most people know that they've got to make sure


that their animals get on. But one family in Beverley is managing to


keep the peace between two traditional enemies. Eva the Jack


Russell regularly takes to the streets with her best friend, Todd,


who happens to be a fox. Phillip # Down the road is where I will


always be. Yes, it is a fox. Admittedly, or


with a wild side. Todd to the Fox, named after the Disney character in


fox and the Hound, was rescued as a baby. His mother had been killed


and boasts Todd and his sister had been dragged from the den. That is


when this family died in -- stepped in and saved their lives. They were


tiny. The size of your hand. They made baby noises. We started to


bottle feed them. My boyfriend got up every four hours. They had both


lost their mum and if we had not bottle-fed than they would have


died. That is where the family's Jack Russell played her part.


acts like a big sister. If he starts to get cheeky, she put


cement his place. It is nice to see them when they settle down at night.


We look at each other and they get cheeky and to bite and like each


other. Todd's sister has been released back into the wild and is


doing well, but what has a problem with his leg. We're learning every


What a fantastic story. If you have got one that you think we should


know about, send a 10. Now a recap of the main national


and regional headlines. A man has been aired -- the man


would arrested and released without charge went a libel case against


eight newspapers. Student nurses are told to leave


their posts at our Lincolnshire hospital after serious concerns are


raised about their training. Tomorrow will feel warm all day. On


Saturday, top temperatures 21. Responses coming in on the subject


of student nurses being withdrawn from their Pilgrim Hospital. Helen


is worried about the effect on nursing. Saying, they are the


future of the NHS. John in Lincoln says, what hope is there for


patients if they cannot be trusted to train nurses. They are a


disgrace to the NHS. We also have this, I am a big knife -- I am a


midwife at Boston and this is a disgrace. Another anonymous says, I


am a nurse at the Pilgrim Hospital. This news is upsetting. We provide


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