25/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello, welcome to the latest news from BBC Look North.


Representatives from the Royal College of Nursing have been at


Boston Pilgrim Hospital today, offering support to students


withdrawn from wards. Last week all 100 student nurses were taken off


their placements inside the hospital, with immediate effect,


after the Nursing and Midwifery Council said it had serious


concerns. Our correspondent, Vicky Johnson reports.


There'd been no warning that nurse training at Boston Pilgrim was in


trouble, so the abrupt decision last week to end placements has


left students shocked and bewildered. Generally everyone's


quite panicked about it because we don't know what's going to happen


with placements. We don't know when they're going to go back, if we're


going to go back. Some students, who're reluctant to be identified,


were just weeks away from qualifying when they were told of


the concerns about the learning environment. Today union reps have


been at the hospital offering support to students whose training


has disrupted. They just want a explanation. They want to know why.


Their biggest fear is what is going to happen to be in the future? Am I


going to finish my course? Those that started at the beginning of


the year are quite concerned about what their future is going to be.


Many students chose Boston Pilgrim because it's close to home. If they


not allowed to return their future looks uncertain. A large percentage


won't be able to carry on, that's for sure, certainly from my co-hort.


At least 25% at a guess would have to drop out, myself included.


University officials certainly hope that won't be the case. They're


aiming to find alternative placements by the end of this week


for the 15 final-year students who were about to qualify.


They add that they're working hard to ensure other people's progress


on the course isn't jeopardised by what's happened in Boston.


Doctors in Lincolnshire have issued a warning about the dangers of


counterfeit alcohol. Consultants working in Lincoln's accident and


emergency department say they've seen a rise in the number of


patients who've consumed imitation vodka. The counterfeit drinks often


contain methanol, which is more commonly used in cleaning products.


It can cause serious kidney and liver damage and in some cases can


be fatal. Police in Hull have released CCTV


images of the moment a statue commemorating lost fishermen was


taken last Sunday night. The footage shows a group of men


throwing a rope around the statue, before they pull it from its plinth


and it crashes to the ground. The bronze statue weighs around 300


kilograms. A man's in hospital with serious head injuries following an


alleged assault in Grimsby. It happened in the early hours of


yesterday in the Victoria Street area. The man was taken by


helicopter to the Hull Royal Infirmary. Four other men were


arrested. Now let's get the latest weather


The headline for the next 24 hours is a little bit firmer than that,


warm and humid. The risk of one or two thundery showers. This evening,


it brightens from the south. 26 degrees, despite thick cloud. A


warm night to come. Temperatures in Hull, 16 Celsius. It might start


Brighton the morning but generally, paddling crease. A little patchy


rain in places but as their cloud breaks up, we could see a few heavy,


thundery showers breaking out. Hit- and-miss. Some places could well


stay dry. Temperatures very much, of the warm side of normal. We will


see highs and Hull of 24 sources. Across central and southern


Lincolnshire, North West Norfolk, where the highest temperatures will


be. Enjoy it if you can. A higher risk of thunderstorms on Wednesday


but hot and sultry. Much colder, Yorkshire Day has been marked


across the can It's the day for Tykes everywhere to celebrate their


heritage. In Hull the White Rose has been flying above the Guildhall.


A shorter than normal programme, because of industrial action,


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