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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Anger from workers in Lincolnshire over claims that people from


oustide the EU make better workers. There are some people out there who


stay on the dole, but that is a minority. Warnings over beach


safety after a family are rescued off the East Coast.


More then 20 years after they were married as captives of Saddam


Hussein, we meet the couple who's marriage is as strong as ever.


Unbelievable. It fears Lakhan telling a story about somebody else.


-- it feels like I am telling a story about somebody else. The new


arrivals getting used to life in Lincolnshire.


A we still have a met Office warning in place. I will have the


details later. There has been an angry reaction to


claims made by a juror MP that foreigners work harder than their


UK Bonn counterpart. Godfrey Bloom suggested that migrants are


generally more reliable than British workers. A number of our


viewers have criticised his comments, which followed reports


that some Lincolnshire firms were specifically asking recruitment


agencies for Eastern European staff. More Onofre Tim Iredale.


A warm day in Skegness, and a good time is being had by all. Away from


me seafront, many are struggling to find work in this town, including


32-year-old Paul. A I am currently unemployed. I just lost my job. I


am trying to claim benefits and look for employment elsewhere. I am


looking for retail a customer service, but there is not a lot of


full-time work. Paul was one of many who contacted us following


last night's report about companies which specifically ask recruitment


agencies for migrants rather than British-born workers. We had a big


reaction to these comments from Euro MP Godfrey Bloom. I have had


this feedback a lot, where people say they are more reliable and work


harder, and are more likely to turn up on a Monday morning after party


than British workers. He called us lazy and had all people on benefits


with the same brush. Some people will stay on the dole because it is


easy money, but that is a minority. Unlike Godfrey Bloom, UKIP's


chairman in this part of Lincolnshire does not accept that


migrants automatically make better workers. A lot of people will work


but cannot allowed onto the field because they are British. We are


paying taxes to keep these people at home, watching daytime


television and claiming benefits when the Polish people are doing


the job, sending 95 % of their wages back row. Many politicians


and business leaders would argue that migrant workers have had a


positive effect on the economy here, but there is no doubt that the


international job market has become more competitive.


A big response from you after Godfrey Bloom accused British


It has certainly got you talking. I am joined by Les Dobbs from the GMB


union. What is your reaction to these comments? I think there are a


lot of propaganda. It is about saying that one set of workers are


better than others. I think it is inflammatory to make those sort of


statements in the media. Is the work ethic of migrants better? Than


they are happier to work longer hours? A lot of people have been


saying this. In a recent study we have done, and how many hours


workers work, that is applicable to everyone. At employers want to ask


for Eastern European workers? think that is clearly wrong and


against the law. You have to consider why are they doing that?


Is it to divide and conquer, to create his plate? Many of the males


have been saying that these jobs at once that British workers do not


want to do, that the foreign workers will do. That is not the


case. Are you sure? Yes. We had the same with construction. There is a


long history of people working in Hull in the food industry. But we


could have a farmer from Lincolnshire who would say that the


British people will not do the jobs. I think they will say that, but I


think it is to drive down terms and conditions. What can be done to


make British workers more appealing to employers? Certainly, British


workers will stand up for their right. So will European workers


once they understand what their rights are. I would say you cannot


bring in workers in order to exploit them. Very good to talk to


you. One of our councils is among the first to try out a new way of


getting people back into work. Almost �2 million of government


money is being spent in North East Lincolnshire to subsidise new roles


created by small businesses. It is hoped it will help as many as 350


people back to work. Sam Gibbs is a single mother from


Grimsby with four children. Before getting this job, she had been


unemployed for years. It is had been on benefits and having their


money. It is a lot easier now. It has made me feel a lot more


confident and given me an identity back. I am not just a mother now.


It has improved my life. The money has come from a fund in central


government designed to help deprived areas like Grimsby. The


council is offering to pay half the wages for a new employee in a new


role for the first 12 months. It is costing �1.7 million from central


government. The local council says it will create up to 350 jobs in


the area. As money is provided for only 12 months, is it a short term


solution here? It for we thought it was short time, we would not be


doing it. It will create long-term sustainable jobs. Some's employer


says the extra money to pay for a new member of staff has helped to


expand his business. Ever since taking her on, it has been


brilliant. She has been assets. It has allowed us to afford to take


somebody on. What we can do now is relieve her in the shower room, and


her going and meeting clients. businesses have created roles so


far, but the council is keen for more to come forward. For Sam Gibbs,


it has been a success. She has fitted in so well, she has already


been offered a permanent job. Let me know your thoughts on this.


Is it the best way of getting people back into work? We would


Some more news now. Humberside Police have confirmed that seven


people have been interviewed as part of a new investigation into


alleged sex abuse at an East Yorkshire care home. It is the


third inquiry into St William's care home near Market Weighton,


which closed in the 1990s. More than 50 new victims have been


identified and several files have been passed already to the CPS.


Officials at the Trust which runs Boston's Pilgrim Hospital said they


are still trying to get clarification as to why 100 Stream


nurses and midwives have been withdrawn. Last week, or student


nurses were taken off their placements with immediate effect.


There are fresh warnings tonight about the dangers of using


inflatables along the east coast. It comes after a mother and her


three children were rescued from a dinghy in the Humber. They were on


holiday from West Yorkshire, and got stranded near the Haile Sand


Fort after the tide pulled them out last night. All four were


eventually rescued, a head but badly shaken. Tarah Welsh is in


Cleethorpes for us. How did the family managed to get so far out


and then get stranded? It was a bad this time yesterday that the family


were rescued and brought safely back to shore. They paddled their


dinghy at about three miles out in that direction towards Haile Sand


Fort. The tide came in around them and they were cut off. It was only


because an onlooker called the emergency services and asked for


the coastguard, it was just in the nick of time. This family could


have been in big trouble. Racing to get to a standard family


before the tide does. The family were stockier three miles out on


the Humber. Within an hour of the rescue, this area was completely


flooded. It was quite apparent that they were in a state of panic and


they were extremely pleased to see a lifeboat. When the sun comes out,


so does the lifeboat. Many get caught at because they do not


realise how quickly the tide comes in. A bit surprised. It was be


fairly obvious. There are plenty of signs warning people. You with the


mayor would have commonsense. Especially if you have got kids


with you. -- you would think they would have commonsense. It is


frightening that people put their lives at risk. Holidaymakers are


often caught out. Once the weather comes out, it brings visitors and


holidaymakers. They want to explore, naturally. Unfortunate, people get


caught out. It might be the first time some people have visited the


coast and they are not aware of how the tide operate. With a month left


to go before the end of the summer holidays, the lifeboat crew here


said they are concerned they will see more incidents like this.


They're asking, if you visit the seaside, please be vigilant. If you


see anything worrying, call 0999 and ask for the coastguard.


Joining me is Jack Barlow, from the Aaron Lennon eye in Cleethorpes.


What happened last night? Hello. Good evening. As you said, this


family was out to see honour the dinghy. The coastguard recovered


them. How did they get out so far? Sorry, Peter, I cannot hear you.


How did this family get out so far? It was offshore wind, and they blew


off to about two miles. Oakley and emergency call to the Coast Guard


alerted those. How surprising camera tied be in that area?


Especially this time of year, you get the spring tides, the high


tides, and you get a high tide every fortnight. The Humber is very


strong. Well done in getting them. And select tonight - sharing their


memories. We meet the couple married while captive by Saddam


Hussein. Where in the Hull City camp ahead


of the new football season. Some photographs taken of rain


clouds over the Yorkshire countryside.


Good evening. Have you stayed dry today? Yes, I have. You were


talking about a frock that today. - - a frock today. What can I do with


a frog in my water can? It has been a frog in my water can? It has been


a very wet day today and we have had torrential downpours. We end


the day with the Met Office's weather warning of further


torrential downpours this evening. There have been reports of flash


flooding. Torrential showers have gone through a hole in the last


hour. The yellow and green show were the heavy bursts of rain have


happened. The focus has now moved to East Yorkshire. We are looking


at those heavy showers continuing as we head through the evening. Low


pressure moves across tomorrow. There is also a cold front, which


means we will lose the heat and humidity. The heavy showers dire


way through this evening and the rest of the night will be drier.


Clear spells and temperatures will hold at 17 degrees. Very mild by


the end of the night. The sun will rise tomorrow at 21 of all five. A


mile start tomorrow. Cloud will increase from the West and we were


seen showers bush eastwards. A longer spell of rain around


lunchtime. Starting to clear away from western parts by the end of


the afternoon. Feeling cooler and fresher for us tomorrow, we will


have lost the humidity. The pretty much average for this time of year.


Quite a pleasant day and Friday. The best of the sunshine in the


morning. It will stay dry. Temperatures around average. Into


the weekend - it is not bad, some showers around and some sunshine.


I'm sure someone will have some answers for year.


answers for year. See you tomorrow. She was called


the bride of Baghdad and this picture of East Yorkshire woman


Debbie Kitchen was beamed around the world - used as propaganda by


Saddam Hussein during the first Iraq war. She had married husband


Leslie while they were held hostage in the City of Kuwait. That was 21


years ago and now the couple are still happily married and living in


North Lincolnshire. It is 21 years since the war that


brought them together. But Debbie and Leslie Kitchen are still


happily married and living in Barton-upon-Humber. There's little


that is unusual about their lives but their marriage was in


extraordinary circumstances. This was their wedding - everything was


provided by Saddam Hussein. We had known one another for 18 months.


They were taken hostage in Kuwait and used as part of the human


shield in the first Iraq war. With the vicar among the captives, they


decided on a hasty marriage. To be dubbed the bride of Baghdad was


unbelievable. It feels like I'm telling a story about somebody else,


not actually as. These pictures were shown around the world - used


as propaganda by the Iraqi authorities. It was the first their


families knew they were safe. the time, people said it was the


most watched wedding since Charles and Diana. It was propaganda but


the outcome was good - we got married. I also our families knew


where we were. Despite a turbulent beginning, their family -- their


marriage has lasted and given them stories to tell their daughters.


You cannot imagine what it was like. If it is like something you read in


a book or a magazine, not your parents. You can either be positive


or negative and we have two beautiful daughters and it has been


21 years so, I have covered up the grey ear! It may not have been the


start they dreamed of but it gave them a wedding video like no other.


What an incredible story. Send me any male if you think you have an


incredible story to tell. -- and E mail.


After months of preparation, some analogue television signals in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire had been switched off today and digital TV


boosted to reach all areas. The BBC 2 signal was switched off overnight.


Later this month the other four analogue channels will also become


digital only, which means some TVs will need retuning. You on the


installation menu, find first time installation and sometimes default


settings. You're cleaning the memory of the box so it goes to the


transmitter and gets all new information and stores the new


signals. The switch off was last night so when we put it on today,


we will find out what the problems are. Tonight we were trying to


reset the TV. Then in two weeks' time, we have to do it again.


you have a built-in freeview in your television, do you have to


change it again? I did my retune at 6am this morning.


If you are having trouble picking up BBC channels and digital format


or have any questions about the switch off, you can contact the


Anything less than the play-offs will be a disappointment. So says


the manager of Hull City, Nigel Pearson, as he outlines his hopes


for the new championship season this afternoon. The team's first


game is on Friday against Blackpool. They have just been relegated from


the Premier League. The waiting and training is almost


over. Hull City's season starts in two days' time, as the team kicks


off this year's Championship at home to Blackpool. New signing Jack


Hobbs has only one thing on his mind - Premier League promotion.


is our minimum target really - to make the play-offs. Ready to get


back to the Premier League. Confidence is high and the lads are


in good spirits. We're ready for the season.


But the Tigers go into the campaign with some unanswered questions.


Jimmy Bullard's future and his wages for one. As yet, no word on


who will be club captain. But the manager says his main concern this


season is consistency. There were occasions last season when we


underperformed. Very badly. We were thumped. That gives you an


indicator as to what this League is all about. It is probably the


toughest one to get out of, especially to go up words. I do not


think the play-offs, really, I do not think they're ready for going


up to the Premiership again. Play- off - not a question I hope, I hope


it is a straight promotion. Hardly, but we will give it a go.


There will be some long winter nights along the way but by this


time next May, Nigel Pearson's men insist they will be playing for


promotion. BBC Radio Humberside will be at all Hull's games this


season. On Friday the play Blackpool. Good luck to them. --


they claim Blackpool. -- they play Blackpool.


Hull Kingston Rovers have signed to the key players for another two


seasons. Michael Dobson has extended his contract until the end


of the 2014 campaign. His half-back colleague Blake Green has also


signed a new contract. Today hardly any Humber sloops remain in working


condition. Today the restored vessel the Spider T is sailing to


for Scotland for a festival. Crispin Rolfe joined the board for


the start of the voyage. -- the boat.


My grandfather built these vessels. They were used for industrial


purposes but now, they're like a listed building. They East slips


were once the mainstay of local industry but today only a handful


remain. -- these Humber slips. A bygone here of Industry that time


has sailed by. There used to be thousands of them but is talking to


a halt in the 1960s - very quickly. This was because of lorry transport.


This is a 1926 vessel and the on the one remaining. It is the start


of a journey from Grimsby to Scottish sea festival in Arbroath.


She is the last one in the world and I thought how sad a war is that


she is ready to be cut up and scrapped. She was launched as one


of two it super slips for delivering bricks up and down the


east coast. She was able to tackle the horrible conditions that


sometimes faced a Humber approaches and the North Sea. The vessel is


expecting a warm welcome in Arbroath. Her heyday and that of


the family which built her has passed. You could see numerous


boats and barges sailing craft going up there ever. It is like a


dead world now. Fortunately, some ghosts remain to remind us of these


legendary boats which were once the heartbeat of the Humber.


Three baby meerkats have become the favourite attraction at a wildlife


park near Lincoln. Two females and one male have been born at the


Woodside Wildlife Park in Langworth. It was a surprise for the keepers


as the parents only arrived there in spring. The park is now asking


the public to suggest names for the trio.


People spend a lot of time here. They are amazed. Everyone has seen


them on the TV but this is putting the real-life animal together with


the TV. People find them amazing. Do I think they're quite funny the


way they stand on two feet. They are different. Their cue it. They


have patterns on their backs. Let us have a recap of the


headlines. The Arab uprising delivers his first major trial -


the former Egyptian president appears in court.


People in Lincolnshire react angrily to claims that foreign


workers make better employees than British workers.


Showers tomorrow, feeling pressure, top temperatures around Chelsea --


20 Celsius. Responses coming in on the subject


of foreign workers. I can tell you one British workers does not want


the work. The Polish workers are the best you can find.


This is from May - my sons are unable to get an interview for work,


even after the attended university. My husband and I were both born in


this country but because the inherited a Polish surname, they


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