28/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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. Good evening. Welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Flash flooding wrecks homes and businesses in East Yorkshire as two


weeks worth of rain falls in just one afternoon. It happened so quick


it was unbelievable. It is the worst weather I've ever seen.


With the clean-up underway, questions are being asked about why


vital pumping equipment couldn't cope. We have got to establish what


is going on with the drainage here and in other parts of the town as


well so we can establish why is this happening.


Also coming up before 7pm: Holiday-makers fear they could lose


hundreds of pounds after booking with a tour operator that has gone


bust And the old bus in North Lincolnshire that four men have


fallen in love with! It is just an automated message just saying don't


turn up to the airport and it was then I just just panicked.


And the old bus that four men have fallen in love.


There is heavy showers and thunderstorms across Lincolnshire


this evening. Quieter weather tomorrow. I will have the details


Good evening. This time last night the heavens


above opened bringing a fortnight's rain to East Yorkshire in just a


matter of hours. Goole was the worst affected area with some homes


and businesses left in two-feet of standing water. Since first thing


this morning, people in the town have been clearing up and assessing


the cost of the flash flood. For some the experience has evoked


memories of the widespread flooding of 2007, others want to know


whether pumping equipment in the town was seemingly overwhelmed by


the storm. Our first report tonight is from Linsey Smith who has spent


the day in Goole. The morning after the night before. The clean-up


began before breakfast as people people ventured back to their


stricken homes. The water was just rising so quick it was unbelievable.


It is the worst weather I've ever seen in my 70 odd years.


REPORTER: Really? Yeah. It was absolutely torrential. You couldn't


see out of the car window. The deluge came over just a few


hours. Precious possessions were lifted high.


It is a bit wet, but he will survive, I think. He looks all


right. As darkness fell, streets became


streams. Darren Smith's workshop was quickly inundated.


I noticed rain coming out and it started getting wet. I locked the


doors and it was streaming through here under the roof.


Shops closed, pub cellars had to be pumped out. 50 firefighters were on


duty. Many householders woke this morning in a nearby residential


home where they had taken refuge. To greet them, was the big clean-up.


We are just checking the gullies and the drainage system. We are


working with Yorkshire Water to get to the bottom of this why this area


flooded last night. This is a typical property. The


gentleman who lives here told us the carpet swelled up as the water


rushed underneath it. You can see the watermarks, these drawers are


filled with water and people's personal possessions have been


destroyed. Trudy's decking was floating like a


raft through her garden. Everything is wet through. The


garden is a mess. The decking has all come away. It is just


devastation really. Loss adjusters and waste skips are


expected over the coming day with power still off in some homes,


residents face another uncertain night of their own beds.


Since 2007 business and Government have spent millions of pounds to


prevent a repeat of what happened then. Our environment correspondent


has been looking at what went wrong for Goole last night.


Firstly, it was down to the amount of rain that fell. According to the


radar images approximately 30 to 40 millimetres of rain fell over a two


hour period The average rainfall for August in this area is


approximately 60 millimetres so Goole experienced half of August's


rainfall in that short space of time. For many these images of


yesterday's flooding in Goole will bring back the memories of the 2007


floods when 100 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours in Hull alone. We


were told then it was a once in a lifetime event, but it did


highlight how some of our pumping stations just couldn't cope with


the sheer volume of water Well, since then Yorkshire water has


invested ?30 million in improving flood management In Bransholme for


example they say they can now deal with double the amount of water


than they could in 2007. And all local agencies say they now have a


flood risk plan in place after lessons learnt four years ago. But


in Goole questions are now being asked. After so much investment why


did these people find themselves knee deep in water? Tonight the


local MP has told Look North that he was lead to believe one of the


pumping stations failed. We got a message saying the pump had been


switched on and the water level did start to drop and we started to see


well pools in the manholes. It looked as if something physical


physical happened, we were told that one of the pumps had been


knocked out by lightening. We have got to establish for certain what


happened. It's something both Yorkshire Water


and the drainage board strongly deny. They've told us all their


pumping stations worked correctly under the extreme pressure.


Investigations are now being carried out into why once again


images such as these are back on And the Mayor of Goole, Malcolm


Boatman, joins me from one of the streets most badly affected by the


deluge. What is the feeling by local people about what happened


last night? Good evening, Peter. Just to


correct you, I was mayor until May, I am no longer mayor, but I am a


town councillor. On your question, I mean people are upset that if you


have been flooded or you know somebody who has been flooded you


can understand what they are going through this evening and they are


upset and they want to get back to normality as quickly as possible.


Won people be saying in this day and age that it is not right if we


have heavy rain that they have to be two feet in water?


You are correct, Peter, you know, you are correct there, but this


wasn't just heavy rain. This was a different scenario to 2007. In 2007,


it was prolonged rain over a long period of time. It was moderate to


heavy rain. Yesterday this was absolutely a deluge. I've never


seen rain like it in my life. There was Hailstones mixed in with that


and it was literally a quarter of an hour, 20 minute storm, but the


amount of water that came down was unbelievable at that time. My own


property was within an inch of being flooded. I just couldn't


believe what I was was witnessing. You think the design of Goole is


wrong, don't you? There is a particular housing


estate that floods regularly, the Fairfield estate in Goole and that


was designed wrong at the time. The houses are below the street level


and they get flooded on a regular basis. I am not a drainage expert.


I don't know what the solution is to putting that right, as a planner,


you know, if that came before us today, that would not be allowed to


be built in the way it was built back in the 60s and 70s.


Presumably that old chestnut insurance, people must be


struggling to get insurance and even more so after last night?


been out speaking to people this afternoon on that particular estate.


I was speaking to one person who moved there recently and was unable


to get insurance. He is uninsured. So he has got to find the finances


or whatever to replace what he has lost because he was unable to get


insurance. His neighbour was insured. They have lived on the


estate for a while and they have been able to continue getting


insurance, but he moved on recently... Good to talk to you


tonight, Malcolm. We want to hear from you on this


story. Do you think more needs to be done to improve drainage or do


we just have to accept freak weather from time to time? Maybe


you were affected by the 2007 floods and have a view. Contact us


People who have booked trips to Turkey with a budget holiday


company that's gone bust fear they could be left hundreds of pounds


out of pocket. Scores of people from East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire are among those due to travel with Holidays4U over the


summer. Among them is Natalie Bell from Hull who was due to fly to the


Mediterranean tonight. She says rebooking has cost her over �1,000.


What was meant to be a break from the British weather has left


Natalie feeling glum. She was supposed to join her parents in


Turkey this evening until they called with the bad news. I was


astonished, I just couldn't believe my holiday that I booked ten months


ago could be cancelled at the eleventh hour. As soon as I found


out, I contacted the travel operator who there was an automated


message. I couldn't speak to anybody. They just explained don't


turn up to the airport. I was just panicking all afternoon. I didn't


know what to do. She chose to rebook with another


firm and got the last seats tomorrow. She hoped to get the �600


she spent back, but now fears she won't.


Some customers may have without realising got their flights with


Holidays 4U and their accommodation with another provider and if that's


the case, there is a chance that they haven't got ATOL protection.


There is 90% chance this you will get your money back in full and if


you have been unlucky or not been careful when booking, there is a


chance you might lose your money. I booked my flights separately to


the accommodation and I didn't check I was protected if such


events should occur. I'm concerned I'm going to lose my money now.


What began as a cheap break will cost Natalie over �2,000, but she


is not the only one. 20,000 future bookings will be cancelled and


13,000 Holidays 4U passengers are thought to be abroad. Paul Yeates


from Hull is one of them. Everybody is talking about it and


everybody is panicking. Will we get kicked out of our apartments, the


apartments said they have not been paid since April. We don't know if


we are going to get kicked out of our apartments.


Civil Aviation Authority will honour tickets for passengers


flying from Turkey to Humberside Humberside Airport, but those left


here face the choice of pay paying Earlier I spoke to Rochelle Turner


from consumer group Which? I asked her if people who are away with


Holidays for you had anything to worry about? They are in a good


position because they are ATOL protected by is the scheme the


Civil Aviation Authority runs. The CAA is arranging to get them home


safe and sound and as close to their original departure time as


normal. They can enjoy their holiday and hopefully get back as


planned. There are stories of people having


to pay for their holiday accommodation again while they are


there. Is that right? Well, this is all the confusion with holiday


bookings. If you have booked a package, that's when the CAA looks


after you. If you booked your accommodation and flights


separately, that's that's where you might have to pay for your eye come


dation because they -- accommodation because they haven't


been paid. So yes, you might have to pay for


your accommodation. If you were due to go next week,


will you get your money back? you have booked a package through


the company and you are through to travel next week or next month or


whenever, you will get that money back from the Civil Aviation


Authority. It might take a few weeks, but you will get it back.


The problem is if you booked a flight, you will get the money for


the flight back, but you couldn't get your accommodation booking back.


That's where we are hoping the accommodation providers will be


lenient, that they will provide good cancellation policies and


people can get that money back if they can't get another flight.


It is safe to go out this afternoon and tomorrow and book another


holiday? Well, yes. Knowing that if you have got the money in the bank


to pay for another holiday, of course, but if you are tight with


money as many of us are now and you are hoping for that refund in


October, November, it might be a bit of a break the bank.


What is going wrong? This is the third travel to go under this


summer, what is happening? Well, we are not travelling in the numbers


we used to. We have gone from 45 million travelling overseas to 36


million this year. We are travel less. We have less money. There are


lots of cuts. It means the numbers of travel companies out there are


not sustainable and unfortunately it means lots of people are losing


their holidays. Will more go under? There will be


small companies that might not make the news. Yes, they might go under


before the year is out. Are your relatives away with


Holidays 4U? Or were you supposed to go on one of their trips this


summer? Get in touch with us in the usual way and you can tweet me.


Two Lincolnshire Police officers will be disciplined for the way


they handled the case of a woman from Boston who suffered domestic


violence and was subsequently murdered by her partner. Antonio


Goncalves is serving a 28 year sentence for stabbing Isabella


Trindard to death last October. The Independent Police Complaints


Commission said the police constables did not follow the


correct procedures when Ms Trindade first reported that he'd threatened


to kill her. Hull City Council says it will pay


to replace a statue commemorating lost fishermen which was stolen


last last week. Two people have been arrested and this CCTV footage


appears to show a group of people pulling the statue from its plinth.


Let's hope they can. Thank you for watching. Still ahead


tonight: Six years in charge, but now Hull


KR's Justin Morgan says it is time to move on.


The old bus in north Lincolnshire that four men have fallen in love


If you have a picture you are proud Lisa, good evening, how are you?


am vl. am vl.


Very well. Kath says she has retuned her TV,


but says the top bit of her screen is still in black and white and


doesn't know what to do, Peter. Very Very drole, get over it! I am


sure you wrote that yourself! If you haven't liked today's


weather, tomorrow will be better because it is looking dry and


bright. Tomorrow we will see sunshine and it is all because the


weather systems are going to move away. It is unsettled at the moment


across Lincolnshire. You can see the bright, white clouds. Some


heavy showers. Some thunderstorms across the northern half of


Lincolnshire, moving west to east. But there are going -- they are


going to clear away and we are going to see a bit of brightness


before the sun sets and overnight the skies will clear. Overnight, it


will be clear. Light winds from the south and temperatures cooler and


fresher than last night, down to 12 or 13 Celsius.


Looking at the sun times, the sunrises tomorrow morning at 5.23am


and setting at 8.51pm. So tomorrow, it is going to be a


bright start to the day. We are going to see broken cloud giving us


spells of sunshine and it will stay dry. There will be more in the way


of cloud as we head through the afternoon, but the cloud remains


broken, so there will be further spells of sunshine. Staying dry


into the afternoon. A gentle breeze. It will feel pleasant. 21 Celsius,


perhaps down towards the Wash. If you can, make the most of


tomorrow because it turns unsettled for the weekend particularly on


Saturday morning the showers will be heavy. One again possibly


thundery. Some brightness in between the showers. Similar


weather for Sunday and temperatures below average for the time of year.


I know you had a problem with the frog last night you were telling us.


Yes. John said, "I am volunteering to go


around to Lisa's to remove the frog from the watering can.". He is


safely transferred. You will be pleased to hear that I


have e-mailed John your address Last night, unemployed people in


our area hit back at suggestions by by Godfrey Bloom that European


workers are more reliable than them. People say they are more reliable


and work harder and they are more likely to turn up on a month


morning after a party than the British workers.


He called us lazy and he tarred all people on benefits with the same


brush. There are some people out there that will stay on the dole


because it is easy money. But that's the minority. We are still


getting responses on this one. Just some of the views tonne. We have


had -- tonight. We have had them for two days.


Thank you very much indeed for all those.


Scunthorpe United have to prove they are worthy of going up. That's


the view of the manager ahead of the start of the new football


season. The sun may have been shining, but


confirmation of last season's relegation, marked a dismal season


for Scunthorpe United. Just because you have been in the


championship, you are going to go automatically go up, that's not the


case. It is a lot more difficult. That expectation you have to handle


that expectation and prove to everybody that you are worthy of


going up. I think the club knows where it is and the players are


getting it. The club's summer preparations for


league one, haven't gone according to plan. They were in the firing


line last week when they were thumped at home to Barnsley.


How would you sum-up pre-season? Inconsistent, but pre-season is


about fitness, getting the team in shape and stuff like that on the


pitch and getting everything clicking.


Scunthorpe's transfer activity has done little to boost the morale of


supporters, with just three new faces coming in. All are relative


unknown quantities. After relegation in May, it has


been a a sobering summer here, all at the club had to face up to �4


million in loss of revenue. The fans have been facing up to the


harsh realities, and that's why reality is kicking in with them.


Maybe the signings reason high class for a lot of people.


I think we will have a successful season. I feel we are in a league


we can handle. Hopefully we can get up to top


flight. It may take more time for Alan Neil


to make his mark. Only this weekend will we get to see if the team can


There is coverage on BBC Radio Humberside this Saturday.


Justin Morgan is to leave Hull Kingston Rovers.


Sarah Burton reports. The fans are proud of the success Morgan brought


to the club. In 2006 only 18 months after joining, he took Rovers to


Super League promotion for the first time in the club's history.


In the same season he led them to the Challenge Cup semi-finals and


in 2009 he achieved a four place Super League finish, their highest


to date. But this season has been a difficult one for the club


following a poor run of form and the signing of Willie Mason who


left the club after problems with his work permit. Talk of Morgan's


departure was rife. I think at some point we expected


some announcement that Justin Justin was going to go.


The club released a statement saying they felt it was the right


time for a change. The chairman said Justin will leave on god terms


with everyone at the club. Morgan said he has worked with some great


players and staff and thanked everyone for what he described as a


wonderful experience. It is it is up to him what he wants


to do. If he wants to go further afield, but he has been really good


for the club. Well, it was on the cards, I think. I think he has done


what he had to do. He can't take the club any further. He is a good


manager. Over the past six years, he has become a familiar face in


the city of Hull. I have got something for you.


going down the road. The search is on to find Morgan's


successor and although he has been given permission to talk to other


clubs, quite where he ends up is undecided.


We wish him the best. With passion and attentiveness, it


might sound like a love affair. Men of a certain age and their


affections. Four north Lincolnshire men are looking to restore a London


trolley bus. It dates back to the 1930s and is one of only nine in


existence. Now they're hoping to restore it towards an anniversary


celebration next year. Simon Spark reports. If you are you are young,


you would be forgiven for not knowing what a trolley bus is or


was. But they are they are they are operating in London in what was the


biggest trolley bus system in the world, but they became uneconomical


against the diesel engine and started to disappear fast.


They are all destined for this treatment.


Brian Maguire and his team of volunteers remember them very well


and here at the trolley bus museum they have rescued one of only nine


London trolley buses remaining, but it needs some attention.


That's the way it came back here, where the platform was rotten and


the staircase falling apart. That's a picture of it on its first day in


service in 1939. In what is really a Wednesday


afternoon get together, the team meet and carry on with their hobby.


So with the help of Len on electrics.


Just painting as it got rusty. I am a perfectionist.


John on wheels, brakes and me cheanicals.


We enjoy it. Brian and the team hope to get the


bus operating again by May next year. Oh and other young minded


Let's have a recap of the main national and regional headlines:


Europe's economic crisis is spreading lead leading to a massive


sell-off on the London London spaing.


-- exchange. Questions are asked after homes


were del deluged by flashfloods in Thank you for the response on the


subject of the situation in Goole. This from Alex who is in the town,


he says, "We go a long time with little rain. It comes down in one


night. Imagine worrying about the safety of your home and family


every time in rains? My sympathy to everyone affected.". Rick says, "If


you are silly enough to buy a house on a flood plain.". This from Lara


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