29/07/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Not welcome in Lincolnshire - a group of migrant workers living are


expelled from the county for anti- social behaviour. They do not play


a part in our community. It is all take but no good.


After flash flooding deluged homes in Goole, there are fresh claims


vital pumping equipment failed. Join me live where Hull City are


preparing to kick-off a new football season.


Hoping to the first of her kind - we meet the Lincolnshire woman


attempting a 300 mile international challenge.


And join me for the weather later in the programme.


And good evening. A group of homeless migrant workers have been


deported up for anti-social behaviour. The three Lithuanian so


had been arrested and were causing a nuisance to businesses. Now, in a


rare move, the local council has used European law to expel them.


The three homeless migrants have been blamed for shoplifting and


anti-social behaviour. They were expelled after ignoring police


warnings. Local businesses have welcomed the move. The expulsion


has helped. We really do notice the difference. They had already been


charged by the police for shoplifting and public order


offences. We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour from anybody.


Hopefully we have resolved the issue in the short term. The


feedback from members of the public and traders in the town has been


very positive. Support workers say deportation is sometimes the only


option. When it goes on a long-term, you say, we cannot make progress,


so they are going to perhaps spiral downwards and get into trouble.


Migrants who have lost their jobs have been offered free flights home,


as have those in this case. But, in this case, the three refused that


offer, and it because it is claimed they refuse to look for work, the


UK Border Agency said it had been right, under European law, to expel


them. We cannot run round the country expelling people just


because they are not working. But, if they are not working, and they


are stealing, and living rough, expelling them was absolutely, in


this case, the answer. But this MP believes European law


should not have been used to expel them. He thinks they should have


faced a criminal trial in the UK. And as European citizens, everyone


has the right of free movement. You cannot discriminate against some


body that you could not use against a national in your own country.


Economic pressures and a competition for jobs means migrant


homelessness is likely to continue in Lincolnshire. Rare though this


cases, it is unlikely to be the last of its kind.


Don Flynn is the director for the Migrants' Rights Network. I asked


him what his reaction was to the deportation of the homeless migrant


workers. We have to be concerned about it. They are European


Community nationals. They were exercising a European Community


rides. If they had been unemployed as well. The view taken by the


authorities, you cease to exercise European Community night on


becoming unemployed, that is wrong. People were made vulnerable to


deportation for that reason. should they have been deported?


view is that they should not had been deported. There have been


cases in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the High Court which


have dealt with this issue. these three shoplifters, abused


people, they were drunk in the streets, and still refuse to go


home. I used saying they should be allowed to stay? I am sure there


were many problems with them. These are common, anti-social issues that


cause concern. The issue is whether deportation was the proper way to


deal with them. But why should they stay there if they have been


charged, been jailed at the expense of the British taxpayer? The law is


clear about the circumstances in which people lose their rights to


exercise free movement. Misdemeanours, shoplifting, anti-


social behaviour, these do not constitute the sort of offences


which permit people to lose their right for free movement. So they


should have been allowed to stay here and go through the court


system? This is not my view, this is the view of the courts. There


has been a very important case in June which dealt with similar fact.


The courts did it ruled that deportation was disproportionate.


And it was unlawful. I think it is a danger, that the council have got


themselves into. They might have taken an action which is deemed to


be unlawful. Thank you very much indeed for talking to us.


What do you think? Is the council right to deport the migrant workers


when they cause trouble, or is that they discrimination? What other


In a moment: As local MPS are split over a


return to the death penalty, there are calls to let the public have


the final say. It is claimed a pumping station


managed by Yorkshire Water could have failed during flash floods


which inundated homes in East Yorkshire. The local MP and Goole &


Airmyn Internal Drainage Board have told Look North they believe the


station may have stopped working during Wednesday's floods. We have


asked the Yorkshire walked about this, but they have not responded


to our direct questions. -- Yorkshire Water.


Two weeks of rain fell on Goole on Wednesday, but there were further


claims that it was not just the ferocity that caused flooding.


Graham works for the Goole & Airmyn Internal Drainage Board. Initial


period of time, these pumps went off. How do you know? From what my


pump attendant told me and other board members have told me. If they


have got nothing to hide, Yorkshire Water would be more than delighted


to show me information. Resident who are insured were


counting the cost. I am not insured, but that is my problem not somebody


else's. What was your lot of money to replace everything? To replace


two bedrooms, a living-room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, quite a


bit. They rely on the young ones to come out, but even the elderly once


worked out with shovels tried to get the water away.


In a statement, Yorkshire Water told us they empathise with the


residence. They say in line with any extreme weather event, they are


investigating how their systems work. Yorkshire Water denied there


has been a problem with any pumping stations. We asked them to prove


this by providing Look North with a computer record on how their palms


third -- fed on Wednesday night. But they have been a unable to do


this. -- fared. Lots of you got in touch after last


night's programme. Sim in Scunthorpe says, it is a sad thing


for those affected, but we will see more floods as more new houses are


built. This puts strain on drains with concrete everywhere. Sarah


from Grimsby says, I can't believe people have been flooded again. My


heart goes out to them, especially those that can't get insured. The


government should offer house insurance for them. And Mark


Wainman tweeted to say, it just goes to show, if the rain comes


down like that, history will repeat itself. There is nothing we can do


about it. A man from Scunthorpe has been


given a five-year anti-social behaviour order banning him from


the town centre. 43-year-old Stephen Golubovic has been caught


shop lifting a number of times. Humberside Police say he has caused


a large amount of stress for retail staff who work in the town.


Student nurses who were withdrawn from Boston's Pilgrim Hospital have


been told they will continue their placements at Lincoln County


Hospital and bases in Mansfield and Nottingham. Last week all student


nurses were told to leave Boston after the Nursing and Midwifery


Council said it had serious concerns over training. They have


yet to explain the exact nature of their concerns.


A family farm that has been a tourist attraction in East


Yorkshire for more than 20 years is to close after an outbreak of


E.coli. Cruckley Animal Farm near Driffield has been linked to six


cases of the bug and now its owners have decided to close the business.


An investigation is still underway to establish exactly how the people


affected fell ill. The phone companies behind plans


for a mobile phone mast in East Hull say there is no alternative


site for the transmitter, despite a three-month protest by local


residents. Campaigners have been running a 24-hour demonstration on


Summergangs Road. They are worried transmissions from the mast will


damage their health. Experts say there is no hard evidence to


support those claims. There are calls for a referendum on


whether we should bring back the death penalty. The Tory MP Andrew


Percy says the public should have the final say on the matter.


Thousands have signed an online petition calling for Parliament to


debate the capital punishment, but the majority remain opposed to its


reintroduction. Here is our political editor.


Almost half a century has passed since murderers were last hanged in


this country, but there remains support for the death penalty among


a large section of the public. Do you think the best -- death penalty


should be restored? Yes, in some cases. For example, people going to


prison for sex offences. The you think this should bring back the


death penalty? Yes, because it would deter people from not doing


the act in the first place. The death penalty is the most


popular topic on the government's new petition has a website. Is


facing competition attracts more than 100,000 signatures, the issue


will be debated in Parliament. not think politicians should take


this decision. It is where the public feel law should said. I


would have a referendum on this and let people decide.


Car but will punishment was abolished in the 19 Sixties --


capital punishment. The last person to be hanged in Hull prison was a


Lincolnshire woman. She killed her husband, Arthur, by poisoning his


corned beef, and there are many who argue the death penalty should


remain a part of history. Courts make mistakes. I am a lawyer myself.


I have seen errors in a law, and it would be dreadful to think that


somebody has been killed for an offence they have not committed. It


is completely uncivilised, and I would be against reintroducing it.


So borders of the death penalty accept the chances are they being


reinstated to be unlikely. But many are argued that Parliament should


donate a subject that promotes Good evening to you. What other


people in the legal possession saying -- profession saying? I have


not conducted an opinion poll, but I would imagine that most people


would be anti- capital published -- punishment. Polls suggest that


people are in favour of capital punishment. Would you agree with


that? No. The one not? I am opposed on ethical and moral grounds. There


have been many examples the beginner cat since the death


penalty was abolished where we know now that many people will put to


death who will be has subsequently proved innocent. Science has moved


on a lot since capital punishment was abolished in the 1960s. We have


DNA evidence. I do not necessarily agree with that. If there was to be


a fail-safe system, and everyone who was found guilty was 100 %


guilty, a bid still be a place. MPs cannot ignore public opinion, and


this is about getting the matter debated yet again in Parliament.


you agree with it being debated? think if 100,000 signatures of


there, and public -- parliament on to debated, it would do so. There


is a financial debate as well. The likes of Peter Sutcliffe being kept


in prison for the rest of their lives. I think that is a terrible


argument, pitting the price of a life on someone. It is a cheaper


way of disposing of them. Why not let the people decide? I think he


wants permission for the public to decide is one particular thing.


This referendum. I am not going to back this up, but far and sure this


has never been put to a referendum, because MPs are rather concerned


that the public will want it back again. I am sure we will be talking


about this. It will go on for some time. Let me know what you think.


Do you think we should be having a The time is 6:45pm. Not long to go


until the big kick-off. Hull City are getting the new football season


under way. The Lincolnshire women preparing for one of the most


gruelling challenges in the world. Tonight's photo is of cliffs. It


You can see another one on Monday night at 6:45pm. You love work,


don't you? You were very friendly towards the last night. -- towards


me. A I am scared to talk you tonight! Do you want to make things


tonight! Do you want to make things worse? I will move on with the


forecast. It has been a beautiful day today with lots of sunshine. It


is going to be -- I would love to say he would be the same at the


weekend, but we are looking at heavy showers on Saturday. The low-


pressure is never too far away as we move into the weekend. We have


frequent showers. There's not too much in the way of cloud around


today. Sunny spells as we head into the evening. There will be a few


showers at dawn tomorrow. Temperatures around 13 degrees.


These are the times of the high Tomorrow, there will be early


brightness, but Shell has developed through the morning. Some of the


show was will turn out to be heavy. -- some of the showers. There will


be showers in the northern parts. 18 or 19 degrees, but Lincolnshire


should see some dry weather. May be either -- maybe even some brighter


There is a weather warning on Saturday for the rain. Temperatures


staying below average. I think it is easier if I do not talk to. It


is too dangerous! Have a nice Hull City bring up the curtain on


the new Football League season with the opening game of the season


against Blackpool. Our sports reporter Damien Johnson is at the


KC Stadium. The atmosphere is building nicely. It is a balmy


evening here. It feels like five minutes ago that it was just coming


to an end. Blackpool is getting -- Hull City and blackball are getting


the season under way. It is a new look team for Hull City. Wise and


methodical will be the best way described the preparation. There


has been little fan fire -- fanfare about the new signings. Supporters


are quietly optimistic. I hope it is straight promotion. If we get to


the play-offs, are will be happy. think we will get in the play-offs


at least, but I hope we don't fall apart. I don't think the play-


offs... I do not think they are ready for going up into the Premier


ready for going up into the Premier League again. This veteran striker


We have balance and scored with experience and young players. I


think we have really proved the -- improved the quality of the squad.


The Tigers remained unbeaten in their pre-season fixtures. They


beat Liverpool and beat Chesterfield and Bradford City. One


of the new arrivals said they need to get on to -- have a good start


to the new season. We did quite well at the start of the season. We


are keen and looking forward to it. The key could be how quickly the


new signings settle in. There is hope that they will put in a


serious title challenge. How much of the challenge of apple going to


be tonight? Quite a big challenge. You'll will remember -- you will


remember that they were in the Premier League last season. Many


people thought they would go straight back down, and dated, but


they put a good fight of it, going down on the last day against


Manchester United. They have bought some new players. Ian Holloway is a


very thorough man, and gets his team organised. It will be no means


plain sailing for Hull City when they kick-off the new season at the


KC Stadium. 7:45pm kick-off and expectation building nicely. Thank


you very much indeed, and BBC Radio Humberside will be at all of Hull


City's gains over this do coming season. As far as tonight is


concerned, the build up is already on BBC Radio Humberside right now.


Kick-off at 7:45pm. Scunthorpe's first game will be on BBC Radio


It is said to be the most gruelling and challenging endurance event


Nowton -- known to man. But now Lincoln has the first woman having


a go at completing it. Rachael Cadman from RAF Cranwell will be


attempted to run, swim and cycle from London to Paris. She is


planning to do it in less than five days. We have been to meet her.


Imagine getting ready to push your body to the absolute limit. To be


about to face a challenge so demanding, only seven men have


completed it in the last 10 years. Imagine being the first woman to


30-year-old fight Lieutenant Rachael Cadman could be the first


woman to complete the gruelling Arch To Arc Challenge. To do it,


she will need to start at Marble Arch in London and run 87 miles to


Dover. From Dover, she will need to swim the English Channel, a further


distance of 22 miles, then cycle 180 miles to the Arc de Triomphe in


Paris. All in five days. The achievement of it will be fantastic.


That motivates me every day. To be the first woman to do it per be


absolutely fantastic. I do not enjoy the pain, don't get me wrong,


but it is all about problem-solving when you get to the lowest depths.


Knowing in the race that you are going to find those depth, and drag


yourself out of it. I like the challenge of that. Rachel's day job


is at RAF Cranwell. She is getting all the support she needs. There is


huge admiration that she is taking this huge challenge on. She has a


really good chance of achieving it. She has got backing, support and


well-wishers. She hopes to start within 13 days. If she succeeds,


who knows what she will put her sell-through next. -- herself


through next. Finally tonight, an extra photo. If you have a cat, I


bet that he or she is not as well house trained as Tickle, who lives


in Lincoln. Here is Tickle. Tickle has learned impeccable bathroom


habits. He uses the toilet whenever he wants! Thank you for that


excellent picture. Maybe he leaves the seat down as well. If you have


a talented pet, sent a picture in it. Let's have a recap of the main


national and international headlines. Maint -- new falls on


the markets as fears about for a new recession continued. Showers


will spread north through the morning tomorrow. Some heavy


Talking about the migrant workers, a text. "I am from Mafia. I have


been working here for many years. Why do we not send home the


criminals and slackers? They create such a bad impression about the


rest of us." "if I broke the law, white -- other go through the legal


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