10/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to the programme. The headlines: Yorkshire


Water admits its pumps did not work on the night that homes in Goole


flooded. The pumps have failed, but Goole flooded because of the


torrential rain that came down with in two hours. A Hull MP says that


cuts are causing people to right across the country. Another plan to


buy the Humber Bridge. This time, from the people already run it. And


the very wet Beverley races. We are suffering, but we are managing.


After the rain, it is going to be a better day. It will feel milder. I


Good evening. Yorkshire Water have admitted that they bought a


Buncefield when dozens of people's homes flooded in Goole. Three pumps,


seemingly designed to stop working in heavy rain, could have prevented


flooding during the storm in East Yorkshire. The company running a


says that the pumps switched off to protect the equipment, and they are


sorry that the customers were not protected. Waiting for the big


clean-up to begin. It is the second time in five years that this


bungalow has flooded. It is not my house, it is my mother in law's.


She is 94 years old. It is really getting to her. I cannot see her


coming back in here. I don't know. But time will tell. Everything is


ruined. During Wednesday's downpour, residents say water was draining


away. Then it suddenly stopped. Sutton -- some residents down the


street always believed that there had been problems with the pumping


station. After initially denying it, Yorkshire Water admitted that was


the case. We did have a problem with our facility. Three of the


pumps shut down, we believe. The pumping operation did continue. But


they were down for about 45 minutes. Surely the Proms are not good


enough if they are going to shut down every time there is heavy


rainfall? That is not going to happen again. We will make sure


this is put right. We will put additional capacity in on a


temporary basis to make sure. That is to this will, too late for some.


Some are forced to live in hotels. I think this a case of negligence.


They should be held to account for it. I am very angry. We pay it --


repay all our rates, and nothing gets done. They should have had


other options. They should have had a safety guard. They were at six


pumping stations, and not all of them were on. There were times when


only two of them were operating. That is not acceptable. It is not


right for people to be out of their homes yet again. Yorkshire-born to


have admitted that they are talking to some residents about liability.


For others, the fear is not reserved -- renovations, but


Earlier, I spoke to Richard Sears from Yorkshire Water at the failed


water pump. I asked him what went wrong. What went wrong last week?


What went wrong was the weather. The reason Goole failed was because


we had an extreme weather events. Residents said that they could not


see their houses over the street. It wasn't the palms, it was the


rain at fault? What Goole experience to was an extreme never


put -- weather event. Three pumps stopped working during the storm.


The pumping station itself carried on working. We had two very large


pumps doing what they were designed to do. So people were being flooded


because of the heavy rain? Let's be absolutely clear about this.


reason Goole flooded was because of the rain. It did not help that the


Poms did not work. The they had carried on working. -- if they had


carried on working, no one would have been flooded. This was a very


intense rain. Two weeks' worth of rain fell in two hours. So what are


you saying? Are you saying sorry that it went wrong and it was your


fault? We field desperately sorry for those homes which were flooded


last night. Are you so it is your fault? I was in a customer's House,


and he acknowledged that there was very little that we could do with


the level of rain they came down. The pump did not work, and we put


that right. We have put this rain - but we have put these pumps in. We


are refurbishing them. We have put right what was wrong. The reason it


flooded was because of the rain. It is rain in again now. If we get the


same again this evening, will these people be flooded again? Absolut


lead. Absolute yes, or absolutely no? At to look yes, because it was


an extreme weather event. If it rained like he did last week, yes.


It is a very difficult message to deliver. No system could have coped


with the level of rain that fell last week -- fell last week. We can


cope with stormy conditions, but what we cannot cope with is the


extraordinary brain became down last night -- last week. Body say


to those who are worried sick? we are desperately sorry for those


who were flooded, and we have been there to help. We responded within


10 minutes of the first -- customer contacting us. We help with the


clean-up operation. We recognise that this is a traumatic event. I


have seen their homes. We are there for them. Thank you very much.


Let's throw this one open. If you live in the area, are you happy


with that explanation from Yorkshire Water? How would you feel


if the same rate happened again and the same event happened again?


the same event happened again? Using get in touch with us. -- you


In a moment, the Lincolnshire town revived by lottery cash featured in


a new BBC show. The group in charge of running the Humber Bridge has


for the first time ever put forward a plan to cut tolls for the


crossing. The Humber Bridge Board is going to last the government


whether it can get a one-off payment and get rid of its debt


forever. It could finally put a stop to tolls going up and up with


inflation. Motorists have waited years in the hope that Humber


Bridge tolls will come down. Now, just like the buses, two of us have


come at once. This morning, the Humber Bridge Board has revealed it


wants to buy the debt from the government, allowing it to slash


tolls. It is similar to the scheme drawn up by 8 Hull businessman,


Malcolm Scott. We feel that will be looked at favourably by the


government. If they will speak to Malcolm Scott, I feel they can do


it for the bridge. The Government wants to clear more than �300


million worth of debt. The Humber Bridge Board want to pay �100


million. If the government says yes, the tolls will be cut. Tolstoy


lawyer's -- tolls for lorries will be cut to �12.50. If the results is


a small toll to cover the costs of keeping the bridge maintained, that


will be good news for this area, and for a very -- for a campaign


that has worked very hard. Malcolm Scott says this decision is a real


sea change in the board's chance -- stance. They have a now accepted


that the bridges key to the social and economic welfare of the region.


They want to reduce the debt and tolls. That is a real shift in the


board's attitude. Unfortunately, it is doing it late in the day, and


the cynic would say it is doing it for self-preservation. With a two


deals up for consideration, it seems more likely than ever that


the tolls will be finally cut. will not be until November until


the government reveals whether it will take either option. Another


want you will want to comment on. You can get in touch. More news. A


teacher in Pocklington has been charged with having an unlawful


sexual relationship with a people. He is due to appear before Beverley


magistrates. The teacher has been suspended pending the outcome. A


power station capable of producing enough electricity to power 500,000


homes has got the go-ahead in North Lincolnshire. It will employ 600


people during the can such -- construction. Another 100 jobs will


be created when it is finished. It will be creating electricity from


wood pallets. Humberside Police on standby to provide help to other


parts of the country. Yesterday, they were called to Nottingham and


Manchester. Units from both were also in London. As politicians


prepare to return to Parliament, or want Hull MP has claimed that much


of the trouble has been caused by young people who have become


disenfranchised due to government A massive clean-up operation has


taken place. These are specially trained public order officers.


There is a special public or uniform which is seen on the


streets. They are here to deal any incidents of public disorder.


unit from Humberside Police was also sent to assist Manchester


Police has violence broke out in Salford, and looters targeted shops


in the city centre. Both the Lincolnshire and Humberside forces


insist that helping riots hit areas will not affect the local policing.


Thankfully there have been no such problems closer to home. One Labour


MP says he fears for the future. Tuition fees have been tripled,


young people feel disenfranchised, they are using this as an excuse.


It should not be used, this is about a mindless violence and


criminality, they should be very careful about how they behave.


Today the Prime Minister said they could be no excuse for violence.


is a complete lack of responsibility from part of our


society, people feel they are right away their responsibilities, and


their actions do not have consequences. Well they do have


consequences. Tomorrow MPs from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


will interrupt their summer break to discuss the events in Parliament.


Like everybody else they want answers, and solutions to try and


avoid a repeat of the scenes. We had a really big response on


this story after last night's show, Danielle got in touch via Twitter


to say: People describing the rioters as animalistic is unfair


because animals never do anything as mindless as this without reason.


Ben tweeted: Anyone who blames the riots on spending cuts should be


ashamed of themselves. These "people" should lose their benefits.


And finally Ricky had this to say: This was bound to happen with


people not being able to discipline young people like they did. They


now feel invincible and I'm not surprised. Early a I spoke to Karl


Turner, the MP for Hull East, I asked him what he thought was


behind this trouble? What is happening is people feel


very disenfranchised. They say there is nothing to look for two


when I meet them. You are playing politics with the cuts come a we


should be talking about jobs they rhino's Future jobs funds, the AMA


has been scrapped. You are to doing it again. You're talking about her


public politics, the person today was a schoolteacher. That is no


excuse Quare? The man was a teaching assistant, that was an


exception from the norm on this. They have state-of-the-art mobile


phones, and close, you cannot link this to poverty? The government has


to get serious, they have to pay for except that the debt reduction


plan is not working, if people are feeling disenfranchised. When they


talk about the police, they are talking about cutting them by 20 %,


that will not work. You're doing party politics, what would you do


in your eye in a constituency. You have described some parts of it as


a war-zone, how would you tackle it? By not talking about jobs, I'm


talking about the Government's. I would speak to young people, I want


to make sure that their parents know where they are. The Prime


Minister has made the point that people need to be dealt with, they


need to feel the full force of the locker, I except that. Would you


like to see them pay more tax. would accept that. I want bobbies


on the beat, I am not trying to be party political. Thank you very


much. Karl Turner there. And people-watching.


Still ahead tonight: Hull City suffer a shock exit from the


Carling Cup after being beaten by a team two leagues below them. And


braving the rain at Beverley races - the umbrellas are out for a


Two nights photo is an -- tonight photo is near Bridlington. I had an


e-mail from Alex to Deakin's bad -- a bad. This shows how the BBC


forecaster's get their forecasts. forecaster's get their forecasts.


It has been a a poor day today. Winds of 40 mph. Tomorrow is going


to be mostly cloudy, we should see some brighter spells developing. It


is very unsettled, low-pressure never far away. It will not be as


wet as today. You can see the satellite picture, outbreaks of


rain and plenty of cloud. It is affecting Lincolnshire, a risk of


catching some outbreaks of rain. There will be some dry spells as


well. Temperatures no lower than 14-15 degrees. The sun rise will be


at 5:30am. Tomorrow, a mild start to the day, a fair bit of cloud. As


we head through the morning, the rain will clearer way. Some patchy


showers. It should be dry in the afternoon, some breaks in the cloud.


It will feel warmer tomorrow, if temperatures around 22 Celsius, the


wind will not be as strong as it had been today. Friday will be


similar, 22 degrees. The weekend will see some rain on Saturday,


showers in the afternoon, Sunday will be the better day.


Temperatures around 20 degrees. The subject of uniforms came up


last night, you tweeted this last night. Many helpful suggestions.


That was helpful suggestions. A Lincolnshire market town which


was given lottery money to help revive its fortunes is to feature


in a new BBC One series. Caistor is one of six communities seen in


Village SOS which starts tonight. Residents there used money from the


Big Lottery Fund to try and regenerate one of the town's


crumbling buildings. Our communities correspondent Vicky


Johnson has been looking at how they got on.


The Roman settlement of Caistor Inc was once a thriving market town.


During recent decades it has started to struggle as a resident


explained. People do not go out here. They won it a lottery fund to


transform their town. They were given a marketing executive to help


drive the four project forward.. know we're going to have battles


all the way. It was a catalyst for wider change. It has really kick-


start if everyone's confidence, Caistor will the place to be in


decades to come. Part of the town there have gone into decline, we


have reversed its. More money is coming into the town, it is like a


hub that is spreading out into the community. BP Paula plays macro


have achieved much in the last year. They are convinced that their


experiences should act as a beacon of hope to other communities. That


is on tonight on BBC One. Hull City have had a shock exit


from first round of the Carling Cup. They were beaten two nil at home to


League Two side Macclesfield. Crispin Rolfe has that, and the


goals from Scunthorpe's win over Accrington.


Route One football it may have been, Route One football it may have been,


but Hull City weren't expecting League Two opposition to do this to


them at the KC. All 3 Macclesfield fans going mad at the prospect of a


Carling Cup upset. And a few more might have wished they'd travelled,


after Emile Sinclair committed dej vu in the second half. 2-0 to


Macclesfield Town. But Hull didn't go out without a fight. Though


they'll need to bury chances like this this season if they're to


avoid the boos. For Scunthorpe, an easier night away at Accrington


Stanley. Though they left it late to steal this penalty. The first


goal going in from the spot with just eight minutes to go. The


second from Andy Barcham on his debut taking the Irons through to


the next round 2-0. $NEWLINE In rugby league, the Hull


FC half back Sean Long has announced his retirement at the age


of 34. The Former Great Britain scrum-half sustained a career-


ending shoulder injury playing against Hull KR in June. He'd only


moved to the KC Stadium last season. It's been announced that Hull


Kingston Rovers winger, Peter Fox will return to his former club


Wakefield next season. The 26 year- old has been the Robins' top try


scorer for three out of the four years he's spent in East Yorkshire.


The deal's been agreed after an approach by Wakefield.


Judges have been in Lincoln today to hear why Steep Hill should be


named the best street in Britain. It's in the running for the title


after being shortlisted along with two streets in Scotland. The


award's organisers - The Academy of Urbanism - say the street is a


success because of its historic past. We are going to be thinking


about how the street is managed. Why a streets are successful, a lot


of issues that make this such a fantastic street. We are here to


learn why it is so special. It is a chance for the women of Yorkshire


to go all out on glamour. It is Ladies' Day, even the weather could


not flash -- Batten the feathers of the fashion-conscious with heavy


rain, began in was always going to be soft.


None of the horses are in four-inch heels. I'm trying to stay on the


top part there my toes. Are you worried about your hat? Slightly.


had very high heels, the grass is very, very soggy. I have he'll stop


the us on. A big hat is quite good for keeping the rain off. When it


comes to style you can look good and be practical. Most ladies were


prepared -- were not prepared to compromise. You have to go parade.


-- you have to go a parade. I have not been able to buy one in my


colour. When the rain came they died under a number Ella. Even


under an umbrella, colour co- ordination mattered. We had one or


two temporary showers -- shelters to keep people out of the regime --


out of the rain. We're going to have a good time. Tottering heels,


sheer determination it was the winner.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines, Yorkshire


Water admits that its pumps failed to work on the night homes in Goole


flooded during a night of torrential rain. Tomorrow's weather


- Heavy rain to start but easing through the day. Feeling milder


with light winds. Highs of 22 degrees celsius, that's 73


Fahrenheit. Some responses coming in on the subject of Yorkshire


Water, John suggests that they visit Singapore to see how they


deal with heavy rain. Another response saying, it is


dreadful, we had a pumping station that failed during the floods of


2007. Another person suggests they invest in better infrastructure.


Another one saying if they build on flood plains they are taking a risk.


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