11/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. They headlines tonight: MPs tell the Prime


Minister the police should have been tougher on rioters. Why have


our police been disbursing these youths so they can riots in other


areas? Why the bus operators are fessing -- are facing the toughest


test of a generation? Secret documents relieve -- revealed


details of strange sightings in Yorkshire. Workers make this deadly


discovery in a shipment. There has been a fair bet of cloud, will it


be any better for the weekend? -- appear remote. -- a fair amount.


MPs from Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire have demanded a much


tougher police response in future riots. Officers have been sent to


assist other forces, and politicians say the police must be


given more power to tackle criminal gangs. Parliament was recalled


today to discuss the violence, with some of our MPs criticised for


choosing not to attend. Thankfully, are a career has been spared the


violent scenes which blighted many English cities this week. But that


did not prevent a number of MPs from East Yorkshire and Lincoln


having their say. Why have our police been dispersing these uses


so they can riot in other facilities? -- these children. This


veteran conservative that suggested the rioters should be rounded up


and held at Wembley Stadium. It was clear many MPs wanted a much


tougher approach. I do not think the ordinary policeman has got


softer. But the management of the police has done, and I am afraid if


they are not careful, this will happen again. There were a few


notable absentees from Parliament. Alan Johnson could not get back


from his holidays in time. Austin Mitchell spoke to us from


California. He said it would not be a good use of taxpayers' money to


fly back to London. I think it is because of a government economic


policy. I have a contribution I want to make, but I will not sit


there and listen to various Cabinet members and then squeeze my eight.


Into it. There is no reason why I should be there. -- squeeze into it.


He should find out what is going on. I will not have a go at him, but if


I was in he might -- if I was in his position I would be back at


Westminster straight away. another corner of Grimsby, politics


was not on the agenda at all stop these young people said they were


shocked by the images. Respect in society has gone down for a while,


people do not care about other people, everybody is fighting for


themselves. It is a shame, because I do not think anyone in my eight


friends would do that. Despite not basing this type of trouble,


Humberside police have revealed bespoke to a number of people


staring up violence on social networking sites. -- starring up


violence. -- stirring. They have warned that arrests could follow.


Diana Johnson is a Hull North MP. I spoke to her and asked her whether


it was worth recalling Parliament. I think it was. It is an


opportunity for the prime minister to step out what takes -- set out


what steps he has taken. I was concerned the Prime Minister was


not listening to questions about the police cuts. That was


disappointing. You spoke about police cuts, at the end of the day,


people what the police to be tougher with yobs. -- people want


the police. I do not agree with you, Peter. People what the police on


the streets. I think their concerns are still there, people are saying


to me on a daily basis the 20 % cuts to the police are something


they do not want. What do you think went wrong? I do not think there is


a simple answer to this. Clearly there was criminality, looting,


murderers, so that is all criminal offences. There is other defences.


There is also the issue of society, we need to have a long hard think


about it, consider what happened, do not rush into making knee-jerk


reactions. What are at the other issues? Some areas have not had any


problems. -- what are the other issues? Thankfully in sombre side -


- in Humberside there has been no problem, but we need to consider


issues like what we are saying to young people about their future,


what jobs they will have, we must address that. We must think about


the benefits system, what we say about encouraging people into work.


It is not simple. You are implying it is about people who do not have


jobs, some of these people do have jobs. Absolutely. You can see there


was a primary-school teacher, someone who has just signed up for


the army, an undergraduate, and that is why there is no simple


cause for what is going on. There is a whole range of things we


should consider. We need to think about what we expect of young


people. Diana Johnson, thank you. Then a moment, a waste of money?


Boston businesses give their verdict on the group that may pay


to promote the town centre. The bus industry is facing the greatest


financial challenge for a generation according to a report


out today by the Commons transport committee. It says that cuts to


rural bus services I damaging access to vital bus services for


the young, old and disabled. It warns that even deeper cuts are


available -- are possible next year. Bus services have been hit hard by


cuts. It is rural areas that are seen services disappear. 6pm, the


buses get less and less. Old people are suffering. Jim Taylor has seen


the largest number of operators going bust in the last six months


than he has ever seen before. He had to cancel services from his own


company. We have to cancel services, we are a business. If there is no


money from the councils, supporting services in a rural area,


unfortunately, they will call by the wayside. It is a reflection of


the findings from the transport committee. They say the cuts are


damaging the ability of the young, old and disabled to access vital


services, and further cuts could make things worse. That is a worry


for people like this woman. completely and utterly rely on the


bus services, so when I heard a rumour they were going to cut it, I


was quite upset about it, because I need this bus service. There are no


plans for further cuts, but it is easy to feel the concern in the


town. I think there are other cuts that could be made, but cutting the


bus service should not happen. government says it is not then, it


is local councils that are making the cuts. The government has made


no cuts, so we must look at councils. The debate will continue.


Chris Briggs is the head of transport in Lincolnshire County


Council. I spoke to him and asked him whether he agreed with the cuts


being accounts will matter. It is correct, the government supplied


the money and the county council makes the decision. The county


council has had to make those tough decisions, but having less money


means having less services. The decision was to protect other


frontline services which are important to people, and therefore


�1 million was removed from the amount of money used this to


subsidise bus services. I think you will find the county council has


done all of this, senior management level was reduced by around one-


third at the end of last year. about all furred, up a service used


to run on two days, and it had been cut to one day. -- Alford. That


sounds like coppers. It does, but we need to make the savings.


three years' time, will there be less bus services in Lincolnshire?


I hope not, because the county council made the decision to make


the savings at the front end, so hopefully there will be no further


cuts if the government funding remains as promised, and we will do


If you have got a view on this one then throw it open. The best way of


providing bus services in rural areas, should do routes be


We will have some of your stories. Some more news now, the company


wanting to build a new power- station in North Lincolnshire,


creating hundreds of jobs, says there will not proceed with the


plans and silicates reassurances from the Government. The plant was


given the go-ahead yesterday, but says it will not progress unless


the Government gives guarantees of future subsidy levels.


Plan is for a tidal power device in the Humber to generate electricity


have been approved by Parliament. The device is thought to be the


first in its kind in the country. It will use the tidal power of


their estuary to create electricity to power the D in Hull. It is


expected to be deployed in autumn. -- The Deep in Hull. We'd talked


about the controversy surrounding this Hull bed -- BID of which


provides help for companies by charging them.


Not everybody wants is we have heard from companies in Boston who


are not happy with their BID organisation.


This picture has been paying the compulsory levy to Boston Business


improvement District, or BID, 43 years. Like the majority of


businesses in Boston he did not join -- board for this. When the


form came through the post, I have felt it was junk mail and I ignored


it. Maybe we were the only people who didn't know it, but because we


did that it felt that was a vote of yes. End Boston, beds are entitled


to take 1% of the value. -- BIDs. For a small shop, annual fee is one


on -- a couple of hundred pounds. This shopkeeper believes the


organisation is a waste of money. And at the moment, I think the BID


is operating the way they always have operated, which is just too


write things down on paper, give us a list of what they are proposing


to do, and never actually doing it. Boston BID says its achievement is


to create a safer shopping area and more welcoming town. That has


benefited is is is directly area. A number of town ranges are claimed


to have greatly improved the shopping area. This shop owner says


there BID is worth every penny of the compulsory levy. It is all to


promote and enhance the town of Boston. We do a lot of things


behind the scene which people do not realise. It is not possible for


us to do something for every single business, what we try to do is do


something that is good for Boston. That will then have a knock-on


effect for the businesses in Boston. It will be another two years before


businesses can vote on whether they want to keep the Business


improvement District, until then opinions are likely to remain


divided. If you have got a local bed, how does it work? Do you think


you get value for money, get in touch.


It time is 6:45pm. Still ahead: the striker spotted on YouTube but who


is hoping to help Lincoln City bounce back into the Football


League. The deadly stowaways discovered by


Do not forget if you have got a photograph you are proud of, send


it in. Tonight's is taken by Paul McCafferty. It is of Rippingale in


Lincolnshire. Thank you for that. Goody evening, Lisa. What of


confidence for you say that Peter has been very cruel to Lisa this


week but is she not giving him back as much as she gets, good on you,


Karel! I do not know what they are It has been a mild day to day, we


have reached 22 degrees are but we are set for some cloud but there


will be some brightness. If you look at the pressure charts for


tomorrow, we have a weather front out in the Atlantic which is


heading our way. It stars to Brighton and then clouds over.


Today, you can see on the satellite picture that there is some cloud.


There have been some heavy showers. Overnight we are going to see some


patchy light rain and drizzle. That will tend to die away by the end of


the night. It will be a mild night with temperatures of 13 or 14


degrees. Looking at the Sun, it rises in the morning and sex at


8:37pm. Their next -- sects in the evening. Tomorrow will not be too


cold, there will be a fair amount of cloud. As we go through the day


we see the damp mist clearing and the Clyde will start to break we


will see some brighter spells. The cloud will be thickening from the


West. Temperatures tomorrow are run roundabout 19 degrees as a high. It


may be 21 in Boston. Rain to come on Friday evening, there will be


further rain on Saturday morning. Once that clears away the rest of


the weekend is brighter. There will be a scattering of showers but many


Turn the sound down, it looks like Lincoln City are preparing to kick


off the new season when they travelled to size port. Fans will


hope for a strong start to the season as they try to bounce back


into the Football League. BBC Lincolnshire's sports editor has


been assessing their chances. The last three months have been


pretty traumatic for Lincoln City supporters have they has replayed


the goals that relegated them again and again. It seems to be, looking


at other football teams, the longer you're out the harder it is to get


back in. They have to make every effort to get back. Said the has


had to cut its budget. The fault of a no confidence vote. In has been a


difficult last few months, lot of things going on. The relegation to


non-league, lots of cost cutting is to be made. A hopefully we have


come through all of that and we are looking forward to starting the new


season. Among the news seized -- faces, striker Bradley Baraclough


who posted a video of his goals at college in America on YouTube.


There are other new starters as well. There are any up -- lot of


New Lad. We're not thinking about last season. When you come into the


next season, it does not feel like that. They hope the new squad can


help the squad bounce-back. It will take time to gel but a lot will


depend on injuries. We have got a small squad. If we pick up to work


he injuries to key players it will not help us, but we stay injury-


free, who knows. Where in they were last relegated the bounced back at


the first time. They will hope that his team does the same this time


around. Thank you, good luck to them. The


Court of Hull Kingston Rovers has broken his silence about leaving


the club. Justin Morgan says it was mutual. Today he revealed he could


be heading home to Australia. Still in charge but not for much


longer, Justin Morgan addressed the issues of his departure for the


first time since it became known. We had a good chat on Thursday


about a few different things. It was not anything that came out of


the blue. It is something that has been on topic for a little while.


Despite the timing, Rovers are still have a chance of making this


season's play-off. He was the man who ended many years with promotion


to Super League in 2007. Since then he has moved them into two plea of


finishes and lead them into a Challenge Cup semi-final, no wonder


fans are sad to see him go. Just great for for what he has done for


us. I think Justin Morgan has done brilliant for Rovers. It is a shame


really, I think he will be well mist. He had the flair and optimism.


I think he passed it on to the team. More can revealed today that he may


find work home in Australia up with interest from clubs there. Have


often got dialogue with them anyway, so now that might situation has


become a little bit clearer, we have spoken a little bit more on a


professional level, I have spoken to a couple of clubs at the moment.


We will see if anything happens. More akin leaves with the fans'


best wishes as they wait to see who will be returned as their new coach.


Government files released today show a series of UFO sightings in


Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Some of the incidence bait -- date


back more than 30 years. The files, from the Ministry of Defence, have


been stored in the national archives. Our reporter has been


taking a look. It is the early hours of October


5th, 1996. Reports comment of a red and green rotating light over


Boston. Bright, no noise, spotted by police, members of the public,


even the crew of a ship in the North Sea. It is just one of many


unexplained sightings of UFOs over East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire,


released today by the Ministry of Defence. The have received


thousands of support -- reports since they end of the Second World


War. When people hear the truth, which is that there has never been


the resources for staff to investigate the. Nobody will


believe that. The police a feature in many of the documents, in one


incidents in 20031 witness even described how the Humberside police


helicopter was being observed by a bright light over Hull. One a


police officer runs a website which locks sightings. I had what one


case where I have 70 police officers from six different vantage


points geographically all watching the same object, why does that not


get on the news? Perhaps one of the stranger sightings is that of a


flying cigar spotted by five people over Hull and Scunthorpe in 1976.


With more recent incidents in Lincolnshire, including wind


turbines sector have been hit by UFOs, there is plenty of people who


think theory is something out there. Thank you. Imagine being at work


and suddenly seeing this just a few inches from your face. That


happened to one Engineer in North Lincolnshire. He was dismantling a


jet engine that was shipped in from America up when he got a rather


nasty surprise. It has razor-sharp fangs and its


venom can kill. Imagine their shock when engineers discovered this a


Black Widow spider in the workshop in North Lincolnshire. What of our


engineers was working underneath their engine, one of the guys


noticed that the spider had dropped out of a box and reset itself on


its back legs, ready to pounce. Match eels was dismantling a jet


engine at TC Power in Barton when it scuttled towards him. It's was


moving quite quickly back towards its web. I must have caught the Web


so it came back out again. It was just a little spider. When I got


out and the guys checked what it was, it dawned on me what it could


have done. So far they engineers have found three of these spiders,


to our meals which are quite tiny, but they have also found this one,


female. She is quite a whopper, imagine having that just a couple


of inches from your face. In the workshop they are still on spider


watch. As you can see here, there is a lot of webs in the framework.


With 3080 -- tiny camera up they filmed another Black Widow, still


hidden away. We find evidence that the spiders have been in there.


found another female. They are still creeping around their engine?


Engineers are feeding the spiders flies until they are moved into a


new home. For now, they are were -- one workplace hazard you will not


find in the Health and Safety Manual.


Do not forget if you have got a story we should know about then


send me an e-mail. It is now at four minutes until


seven. Police have made hundreds more arrests following riots across


England. Their tactics have been criticised. An MP claims that


police should have rounded up the rioters and put them in Wembley


Stadium. Tomorrow's weather is cloudy with damp start. It will be


brighter in the afternoon. Top Response coming in on the subject


of a rural bus routes. This on Twitter from Sharon. Rather than


big bosses, why not put many buses on. Petrol courses -- costs are


lower. If you want to go to Lincoln by bus from Boston you are fine,


anywhere else is impossible. Says says it if you need to do about bus


services for students getting to college, many students can no


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