12/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Welcome to Look North. On the front line, we hear from a


Humberside Police officer who faced the rioters in London. It was


difficult to digest some of the things we saw and the fear in


people's faces. Residents call for these flats to


be pulled down because they are not fit to live in. They are ugly. They


are dirty. They need to come down. It is like we are put on stand boy


falls -- standby. After more than 74 years, the last


daily edition of the Scunthorpe Telegraph goes on sale.


And find out why people in at Skegness are taking extra care of


the Jolly fisherman. Cloudy skies to end the day but it


is looking brighter for the weekend. Good evening. A police officer has


today described the moment he was thrust into the heart of the London


riots. Both the Humberside and Lincolnshire forces have been


providing support to the Metropolitan Police since the


outbreak of violence earlier this week. A unit from Humberside Police


has just returned from the capital where specially trained riot


officers have been protecting homes and businesses from looters.


This was the moment a unit from Humberside Police swung into action


on the streets of east London. On Tuesday, hundreds of officers from


across the country were drafted into the capital to try to prevent


-- prevent a repeat of the previous night's violence. One of them was


this inspector based in north Lincolnshire. The people were happy


we were there, particularly when they found out that we had come


from Humberside. They appreciated us coming down. It is difficult to


digest when you turn up at a scene and there are police carriers


smashed, commercial metal bins in the road to attempt to block them


off and bins on fire and police in full riot gear with helmets and


shields. It is certainly a scene you would expect to see in Northern


Ireland but not on the streets of the nation's capital. Both


Humberside and Lincolnshire police say they are looking into incidence


of people using social networking websites to stir up trouble at the


height of this week's riots in English cities. In Grimsby, a 21-


year-old man has been arrested. Here in Humberside we have not seen


it back disorder but some people were trying to use social


networking sites and same for example, congregate at a shopping


centre at a particular time, and there will be trouble. We realised


that we needed to do something about that. We monitor the sights


and where appropriate we visit someone at their home, tell them it


is totally unacceptable and in more serious cases, we are considering


prosecutions. Humberside police say they will have extra officers on


the streets this weekend. There is nothing to suggest there is any


major threat of disorder but the police say it is important that


law-abiding members of the public can go about their business piece


police. -- peacefully. In a moment, the weed clogging up


our rivers and waterways that is costing millions of pounds to


remove. People living in tower blocks in Hull have been told that


they will have to wait another three months before a decision is


made on whether their homes will be demolished. One mum says that her


flat is simply not fit to live in. She has started a petition asking


the City Council to speed up its decision. At our correspondent is


on the Orchard Park Estate now. Why are the residents having to wait to


find out about their futures? problem is that Hull City Council


were told by the government that they would be given a one-off money


to build a 600 new affordable homes -- enough money. The council had


told that the people living here that they would have new homes and


that these blocks would be demolished a stop with the


government finances coming under pressure, the money was withdrawn


earlier this year and that has left the council trying to decide if it


can destroy 8700 council properties when it has no where else to put


tenants. it is damp, the frames are rotten. It is ruined. For Laura


Patterson, getting out of her flat cannot come soon enough. You can


smell the faeces in the rooms. You think that is raw sewage? Yes. My


carpet was soaked. I am on benefits. I have got a little one and I am on


my own. I cannot afford to do it. She says that the damp aggravates


her two-year old son's Asper. She waits and waits for repairs.


were all supposed to have double glazing before 2010. Where is it?


She has started a petition calling for the Orchard Park Estate tower


blocks to be knocked down. Those who have signed did say that Hull


City Council cannot leave them waiting. They are ugly and dirty


and need to come down. We have had a letter saying that everything is


on hold. They are doing a review. At the present moment, we are in


limbo. One minute they had the money and now we are not allowed it


because of the cutbacks. It is putting our state to shame. Power


blocks sprang up in the early 60s and where a relatively quick and


cheap way to clear slum housing. But instead of solving the


country's housing problems, they became the issue. Hull City Council


does not know if it can afford to knock these ones down. With the


government withdrawing the money, we do believe that we now have to


seriously look at improving the flaps and whether or not it is


cost-effective to retain the flat. We will find that out of. What


Laura Patterson and other families want is for the decision to be made


sooner. What have the cash source said to be residents about this?


-- of what has the council said? ASBO to a council earlier who said


that he had sympathy. But this is too big a decision to be rushed


through. It involves too much money to make a hasty decision. He says


that when it has been through all of the committees, the result of


the review will not be known until November. I have been told that it


is quite likely that four of these powers will be knocked it down. The


other three will have to be renovated because many of the flats


have been condemned. Dozens of jobs could be created in


Lincoln after a firm won a multi- million-pound government contract.


Mass will work on an electronic warfare project for the Ministry of


Defence. It is thought that up to 50 jobs could be created as a


result. Preparations are being made by the


last weekend of trading at Hull's TJ Hughes stock. The company went


into administration in June. The company on Ferensway employs 51


people and will close on Sunday. A Lincolnshire man whose son was


killed in Afghanistan has set off on a charity walk. Christine Bonner


and her team set off from Gainsborough and was spent the next


10 days crossing four candies. They are raising money for the Army


Benevolent Fund after Hassan Corporal Darren Bonner was killed


in 2007. -- after her son was killed. They took the most precious


thing from me. I need to do this. While there are out there in Afghan


and those awful places, they know that we are here fighting their


corner. After 74 years, the last daily


edition of the Scunthorpe Telegraph has been published. From next week,


it will become a weekly paper. The company says it has made the news


because of tensing reading -- changing reading habits.


It is the end of an era for Scunthorpe's daily paper but this


is about more than sentiment. Newsagents across the local area


say it is also going to hit trade. If you make per -- 10 p per copy


and you are selling a lot of copies a day, you are looking at hundreds


of pounds a week when you have two or three shops. The company that


owns the Telegraph has blamed the recession and readers are changing


habits. The first 140 page weekly edition comes out next Thursday.


is sad that there are going to be fewer journalists are there.


Regional newspapers employ most of the journalists at a local level.


There are few bigger names in the history of the paper than this


photographer. He was among the first at the scene at an explosion


where many people died. It was the only job where I cried for just a


few seconds, tears welled up in my eyes. I sobbed a little bit. Then


you have to get on with the job. This man has been a loyal reader


since he was a boy but is disappointed that the changes. Will


you buy it when it goes weekly? Why not? 160 pages, I will be sat


there for a week reading. And it will all be its old news. For 74


years, buying the local paper has been a big part of the daily ritual


year. The owners of the Scunthorpe Telegraph will be hoping that their


weekly edition can command the same sort of loyalty. Losing the daily


edition could also mean losing jobs. The company, unavailable for


comment today, it has not ruled out compulsory redundancies.


I am joined by it John Meehan, the editor of the Hull Daily Mail. I


asked him if it was a sad day for Scunthorpe. A it is the end of an


era for Scunthorpe Telegraph having its last daily publication but it


continues and from next week, genuinely, it will be bigger and


better. Staff at three of our local papers


have been on strike for several weeks over proposed cuts. Is the


local paper itself doomed? Not at all. Reports of our death are


vastly exaggerated. You genuinely believe that? I genuinely believe


that. We are in good health. The business is challenging -- more


challenging than they used to be but mainly a business that is it


not more challenging than it used to be. I can talk about Hull and


the Daily Mail, we have more journalists on the ground than any


other organisation. If a paper is going once a week like Scunthorpe


Telegraph, it is going to be old news. It will not be a week old.


Lots of news in the Scunthorpe Telegraph currently is unique. It


is published on a daily basis. It will be published on a weekly basis


going forward. Much of it is time this. Backed the that is plainly


will appear on the website so readers and users of the Scunthorpe


Telegraph will not miss out. They are going to carry on with the


website. People read your website. Why don't you charge for the


website? That is something we may do going forward. There is no


decision on that. It is not something we are actively working


towards. Other media organisations are doing that and we are watching


it with interest. Will it be the last of our daily papers that end


up going weekly? I do not know. Across the industry, others will


follow suit. That is... Locally? don't know. I really do not know.


For some newspapers, it is the natural thing for them to do. If


that means that they are sustainable and continue to provide


an excellent service to their communities, then that is the right


thing to happen and I am sure that readers in Scunthorpe will


appreciate their new weekly I'd be interested to hear your


thoughts on this. Do you still buy a local newspaper? If not, why not?


We will have some of your responses on the local newspapers before we


finish at 7pm. Thank you for watching this Friday night. Still


ahead: How part of the Chinese Olympic squad will be training at


this East Yorkshire venue for London 2012.


Find out why the jolly fisherman is still smiling after more than


We have had fantastic pictures over the years but tonight is a winner.


It is taken from the ferry, the pride of Rotterdam looking down


spurn Point. Thank you. Another picture on Monday. Lisa, Good


evening. How why you? Very good. Kevin says I saw a strange object


in Hull, it is always nice to see peter out and about. A strange


orange object! It made me giggle. Next week will be so different.


Hopefully, it will be Weather-wise. We have seen a lot of rain,


tomorrow it promises to be bright. Brightening up through the


afternoon. The weather front will cross over us tonight and a damp


start with improving conditions The cloud is bringing outbreaks of


patchy rain and drizzle and will continue this evening. At midnight


there will be clearer spells before cloud thickens again with patchy


rain arriving by the end of the night. With the cloud, a mild


tonight, temperatures no lower than 15 degrees. The sun rises in the


So, tomorrow, a mild start, cloudy, dull and damp first thing but


clearing out to the North Sea in the morning. It will brighten up


from the West. A fair bit of cloud, the cloud will remain broken.


Bright or sunny spells at times. A moderate south-westerly wind with


temperatures around 20 degrees. Mild towards the wash. Some patchy


rain overnight into Sunday but Sunday, a variable cloud, sunny


spells, the risk of occasional showers but many places they drive.


Temperatures down to 21 degrees. The rain returns on Tuesday.


Somebody called Rupert is setting up a tribute site to you. I


censored some of the e-mail because none of us want to hear about it.


Have a good weekend. Things will be different next week.


Rivers and canals in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been taken


over by this - a blanket of weed. Many of our waterways have seen an


increase of algae in recent months brought on by the mild weather and


drought. And it's costing millions of pounds to remove. Our


environment correspondent Caroline On our rivers. On our canals. A


thick green blanket of algae is taking over our waterways and it's


not just on the surface. This is what has been scooped up off the


bottom of the river freshney in Grimsby this week. On one day alone


eight truck loads of sludge were removed from just one stretch of


the river. I have three machines doing control at the moment,


another machine, and a third machine on the river near Market


Rasen. Numerous factors have lead to the infestation - the mild


weather, recent drought which has slowed the flow of water and the


heavy rain which has washed fertilisers off the land adding


nutrients to the water. But removing it is costly - the


environment agency spend �8 million a year removing weed.


If we leave it to become excessive, it will hold back water flows


increasing water levels and putting properties at risk of flooding


quicker. This canal in Grantham is almost static which means the weed


can thrive. And it acts like a carpet on top of the water. It


blocks out sunlight from reaching the canal bed. It effectively


starves the water of oxygen. Last year large amounts of fish died not


too far from here as a result. British Waterways is another


organisation trying to keep things flowing. We are talking about


hundreds of thousands of pounds on the Grantham Canal alone we


budgeted for �30,000 worth of work to deal with the weed. But where


the weed continues to grow budgets are shrinking. In the future


clearing canals could rest on the shoulders of volunteers - we may


all need to do our bit to help keep China was the most successful


nation at the last Olympic games winning more medals than any other.


And today the country has announced it will be using East Yorkshire as


one of it's training camps. Some of their best athletes will be at


Bishop Burton college, to train for the modern pentathlon. Here's our


Olympic correspondent Simon Clark. It is a combination of fencing,


shooting, and show jumping and the pentathlon centre will play host to


the Chinese team ahead of 2012. It's taken years of talks to


persuade the Chinese to come to Yorkshire. It is so exciting, a


fantastic opportunity. It is the end of the journey that started in


at 2007 when we heard the news about London and through our cabin


to the ring. When the Chinese get hit, they will find a tranquil


village of 1000 inhabitants surrounded by farms with the focal


point the village green. They could not be more different from China


where they are based. The population has grown from a 850,000


to 14 million. The main industries of food and machinery. It claims to


be the world's Panda breeding centre. And this woman would be one


of those heading here. She is the 2009 winner. She was incredibly


quick then so I expect her to be a very good. Certainly by the


Olympics. News of China's choice has been delighted -- met with


delight. I like it. I want to see everybody to come here to eat. I am


very pleased. I hope they will see me. When you consider the team will


be training here in a few months' time in preparation for the Olympic


Games, that is a cause for celebration in east Yorkshire.


Good news for Bishop Burton. The former British tennis number one


Katie O'Brien has announced her retirement. Katie from Hessle in


East Yorkshire has been competing for seven years as a professional.


She lost in the first round at Wimbledon this year and says the


World Team Tennis event in America last month was her final


competition. Retiring at 25. A happy retirement to her X-Men --!


. Hull FC are putting speculation about coach Richard Agar's future


behind them ahead of tonight's match against Catalan Dragons.


Eighth-placed Hull need a win to keep their play-off hopes intact -


after a home defeat against defending champions Wigan in their


last league match two weeks ago. And you can hear the game live on


BBC Radio Humberside tonight - Sportstalk is on air right now.


Elsewhere, and Grimsby Town start their second season in the Blue


Square Premier league tomorrow with several new signings but without


last season's star striker. Bookmakers have given the Mariners


seven to one odds of being promoted back to the Football League, as


Phillip Norton reports. It's been a difficult few seasons


for the Mariners - the painful memories of relegation from the


league last year are only just starting to fade. After a mediocre


first season in the Blue Square Premier, there's a new team in town


- management duo Paul Hurst and Rob Scott are hoping to bring stability


and success to Blundell Park. or nine teams genuinely feel they


have a good chance of promotion and we are one of them. You want to be


in the mix. That is what we joined the club. And when I say it's a new


team - it pretty much is. No less than nine new players signed up


over the summer. But those going out included last season's top


scorer Alan Connell. In his place, new strike force Anthony Elding and


Liam Hearn. I know a little bit about Liam from a non League so I


like to keep a lookout and we have done really well. Hopefully, we


have got a fair share of goals. management team haven't ruled out


further signings over the next few weeks either. But what can the fans


expect? Most fans will... There have been false dawns before so


they will see how it goes. A difficult summer with new managers


coming in and there has been good results pre-season and some not so


good. We will wait and see what happens. The Mariners haven't won


an opening day fixture at home for five years - they'll be looking to


change that against Fleetwood Town tomorrow.


And Scunthorpe United have been drawn against Premier League side


Newcastle United for the second round of the Carling Cup. The Iron


beat Accrington Stanley in Round one and will play Newcastle at


Glanford Park in two weeks' time. This man might be 103 years old,


the famous jolly fisherman Ascot. It can often be seen roaming around


the resort entertaining visitors. Now, someone you to look after him.


As the mayor he has any responsibility. They've become the


latest custodians of this iconic figure. The famous the Jolly


Fisherman, the slogan has been selling Skegness for 103 years.


never said anything about looking after an old fisherman but I'm sure


he would do an excellent job. He is a real magnet. One of the best


things we have got. Responsibility for the famous faces fall into East


Lindsey District Council. The decision to say goodbye is down to


financial savings. People love him. Just walk around the town. John is


a local historian and says the image created is as important now


as it was when it was first commissioned in 19 08. It was


putting bums on seats. They had to produce something that poke you in


the eye and it did. At the time, 19 08, it was art nouveau period, more


elitist. It was a breath of fresh air. You see him on the tourist


guides, he is the symbol of Skegness. He seems to attract


everybody. It's amazing. One symbol like that can mean so much.


transference of care for the famous old man will be gradual. Already,


his new guardians are ushering people they have no plans to change


him and why would they? After 103 Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines: The Prime Minister visits police as officers


hit back at criticism of their tactics during this week's riots.


A Humberside police officer who faced the rioters in London says it


was difficult to accept the scenes on the streets of the capital. A


damp start with patchy light rain. Response on the subject of the


Scunthorpe Telegraph going weekly. Mark says it is a shame for their


readers and employees. Information on the internet is costing jobs.


Another, we read more on the internet. The echo is a habit. No


one will buy it any more, rest in peace, the Telegraph. Sarah, not


worried about the Telegraph, it will be full of weekly rubbish


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