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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Named and shamed - how those who drop litter are to end up on the


front page. They people are out there dropping litter, then we have


got to pay for it to be picked up, that comes from everybody's


taxpayer rates. The soldier who lost a leg in


battle now fighting to get back his benefits. Yes, I joined the Army


and yes I went out to Afghanistan. No, I did not ask to get injured. I


would have thought the government would look after us.


Preventing dog deaths in Lincolnshire - investigations into


the cause of a mystery canine virus. And we find out what's so special


about this classic '80s car. There is some rain to come tomorrow,


other than that the week is looking quite nice. I will have the full


Hello. It is untidy, unhygienic and against the law. Now, one council


is about to launch an name and shame campaign to try and combat


the problem of people dropping rubbish. Off -- Boston Borough


Council has teamed up with a local newspaper and will soon be putting


the faces of those caught glittering one camera on the front


page. In total, Boston Borough Council has 72 cameras. All of them


will be covering the name and shame campaign. Anybody caught dropping


litter on camera will be fined �75. When the council did this three


years ago, it proved so popular that one image alone generated more


than 80 calls. Like 72 extra bobbies with instant


recall memory, that is how Boston Borough Council described their


CCTV cameras. Now, they are on the lookout for litterers. If people


are out there dropping litter, we have got to pay for it to be picked


up and that comes from everybody taxpayers rates and things like


that, the top and bottom line of it is that you know it is an offence.


Some might say she do not be looking for criminals? We are still


looking for criminals and we are still counting people dropping


litter. Shot of offenders will be published in the local newspaper,


it is a campaign they have backed the four. It engage the readers and


was an overwhelming success. We had phone calls immediately some people


calling in and telling us to the people wear. By their end of the


week all the 12 people we featured had all been caught. When riots


broke out in Boston after a football match in 2004, CCTV


footage helped to convict troublemakers. Boston's CCTV has a


proven track record. Last month the 79 arrests were made as a direct


result of it. His need using it to name and shame those who drop


litter a step too far? It might be a bit extreme. I think a �50 fine


is enough for that. If you dropped your fish-and-chip wrappers on the


floor would you be happy for you're pictures to be in the paper?


not really, all it would be our own fault. Name them, shame them. Put


it in the paper. Littering cost the taxpayer �885 million a year, that


is a massive burden in all of a salaries. We do not be great if we


did not have to pay that money. We all have to do something about it.


Whether you agree or not, these cameras are watching. Unless you


want a fine, do not drop it! Daniel Hamilton is a director of


Big Brother Watch which fights to protect people's privacy. I asked


him if he thought was right to try and catch those who drop litter.


course I think it is, it makes a great deal of sense for measures to


be put in place by local councils, things a bidding extra rubbish bins


on that streets. Why I think it is going too far when CCTV cameras,


there to solve potentially violent crimes, are being used to catch


people dropping litter. Dr welcome this idea? What is the problem?


think idea is full of holes. The most significant problem is that


while there are some people who maliciously throw away litter and


cannot be bothered to put it in the bin, there are people who might


drop litter by accident and they will be publicly shamed. If these


people wilfully litter streets, surely something has got to be done,


this is a good way of doing it. biggest punishment we have in the


UK is the societal punishment. The majority of people seeing somebody


drop litter would be disgusted and pointed out to them. When we are


using CCTV cameras, which are there to catch a hardened criminal, to


catch people catching -- dropping a crisp packet, something has gone


wrong. Do you not like cameras.? There is an element of that. In the


last few years local councils have spent �20 million on CCTV cameras.


That would have provided many police officers each year for the


last three years. In light of the riots, I would rather this resource


was put into frontline policing. it stopped litter louts in Boston


and other places, you would agree it would be a good idea? It makes


every sense for local community to work with businesses and councils


to cut down on littering. I do not the bid is appropriate use CCTV to


capture images of people and shame them in local newspapers. Thank you.


Do you agree with them? Is the council right to use CCTV to name


and shame those who drop litter in the town, or is bidding somebody's


face on the front page of the newspaper a step too far? Your


We will have some of you thought on this story before we finish at 7pm.


On tonight's programme: the race for the play-off places hot up


after commanding wins were Hull two teams.


A former soldier has told Look North he will continue to fight


until he gets his support and help he says he deserves. Aron Shelton


from Bridlington lost part of his like fighting in Afghanistan. As we


reported last July, he was told he would lose his mobility benefit.


Aron Shelton has now won the right to have his case heard at a


tribunal. This is all that remains of Aron


Shelton's left leg. Into 1007 he was blown up while on patrol in


Afghanistan. He has been told he will lose the other leg in the


future but is still having to fight the Government after it cut some of


his benefits. It is a kick in the teeth. Yes, I joined the Army and


yes I went out to Afghanistan. No, I did not ask to get injured. I


would have thought my own government, after sending me out


there, would look after me. On a good day adding to mock of 400


metres so we got a letter seen his disability allowance has been


reduced by �80 a month. Next month he is taking his case to tribunal.


I was a fit person and did a lot of it is in the military, now I cannot


run one metre it has changed my life. My every day things are


struggle. Aron Shelton says he is campaigning for all the other


injured soldiers in the same position. There are warnings more


may have to fight for support in the future. One of the challenges


we face as a military charity, one of their challenge is that the


veterans face, is the use of the austerity that although analysts


say we will face in the next 10 years. There may be a greater


reliance on charities like ourselves. I want the legislation


changed, if you get injured, whether it be Afghanistan or any


other war as that may come, you are looked after, soldiers are looked


after. The Department for work and


pensions says it owes all the armed forces and debt of gratitude and


anybody who has been refused benefits can appeal. For Aron


Shelton that is not a p -- good enough, he says he will take his


fight to the Court of Human Rights if need be to ensure nobody else


goes do what he has. We will continue to follow that


story. 200 jobs are under threat at an East Yorkshire factory. The


administrators have been called into BritSpace in Gilberdyke after


what the company described as significant cashflow problems. The


administrators are working to try and find a buyer for the business.


Lincoln's long-awaited eastern bypass has moved a step closer, the


county council has agreed to commit �47 million of taxpayers' money to


the scheme. If the Government agrees, work could begin in 2014.


An investigation is under way at a factory near Lincoln after a fire


early this morning. Crews were called to the Hughes meat and bone


factory in Skellingthorpe at around 5:45am. It is the second time in


one year the site has been killed - - hit by fire but nobody was hurt.


The building has been heavily involved in the fire. The loading


the is damaged and suffered structural collapse. Other than


that there is only minor damage to adjacent property.


A big store in had Hull city centre has closed for the final time,


meeting with and 50 people redundant. TJ Hughes struck


yesterday of the company went into administration in June. Its Kings


Lynn store will close on Wednesday. Animal experts say they are


expecting to see more cases of a potentially fatal virus affecting


dogs in Lincolnshire and also north Norfolk. There have been several


reports of what has been described as seasonal canine illness in the


area. Now the Forestry Commission is leading an inquiry to try to


find it because. When this dog's owner got it for a


walk he had never heard of the mystery section is known as


seasonal canine illness. The dog almost died. He is a very active


dog but he lay there flopping about. When you called him he would not


come. We knew straight away there was something wrong. We might have


thought it was something he'd but we were not just a week to come to


the bed. Last year more than 50 dogs became sick after walking in


certain woodlands, around 10 died. Dog owners have reported cases from


North Lincolnshire to Kings Lynn, including parks Ingram thumb and


Boston. -- Park's in Grantham. In Scunthorpe, one local vet has


treated a number of dogs with their illness. The dogs seem to develop


onset vomiting problems, diarrhoea as well. They will end up becoming


very dull and listless and subdued. Basically they become dehydrated


because of their fluid losses. investigation is under way into


what exactly is causing it. Tests at the University of Nottingham are


focusing on toxins found in some plants and algae which they believe


it might be a potential cause. The Forestry Commission is helping


League inquiry. The vet and the poison is information service and


ours are putting together up case for vets. They will tell him about


what sampling could do to help the research. It will encourage them to


get dog owners to fill in questionnaires. Marley is now


backed his ill-health but judge says he will not be taking him back


to the woods until the sauce is found.


Vanessa is in the woods, she dog owners be avoiding going to


woodland? Well, as you can see this is the perfect evening to walk the


dogs in this beautiful location. The Animal Health Trust says it is


not advising people to avoid areas like rotten wood. They say it is


simply that they do not have enough information. I was speaking to one


local vet he says if it was his dog he would not be bringing him down


to this would for the next few months. The Forestry Commission


says it wants to make people absolutely aware of their illness


which seems to be affecting dogs between August and October. They


are hoping that in the next few months they will have a much better


understanding of what exactly is And this might be another one


you've got a view on, or maybe you've got a dog which has been


affected? As always, you can get in touch in the usual ways - there's


the email and text details for you now. And thanks for the emails,


tweets and texts with your views on the publication of the last daily


edition of the Scunthorpe Telegraph. From Thursday, the paper will be


published weekly, ending a tradition of 74 years. The owners


say they're making the move because of changing readership habits. Just


a few of the many messages it came in after the programme on Friday.


First of all, Tracy sent a text to say, 'I think it's terrible that


say, 'I think it's terrible that the Scunthorpe Telegraph is going


weekly. That will mean the news will be one week old.' This from


Mark on twitter. 'It's a real shame, for the employees and the readers.


It seems that information on the The first weekly one is published


on Thursday. Thank you for watching Monday's look north. Still ahead


tonight: Hull City look to build on their weekend success as they


prepare to take on Leeds United. And we discover why this classic


80's car has become a part of one Lincolnshire family.


The picture today is from Mark Elvidge, and is of pylons and


clouds at Coniston, East of Hull, at lunchtime today Tonight: he said


this one will appeal to geeks like me who like clouds and electric


pylons. He says he stopped his car to take that at lunchtime. Good


evening, Lisa. How are you? I UN She says you need to get out war.


That Zurich, not me. Nothing to say about that?


I have no credibility at all now. The rest of the week is looking


quite nice but tomorrow it will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain. You


can see the reasons why on the pressure charts. We have low


pressure on a couple of weather fronts tomorrow. You can see on the


satellite picture the broken cloud that we have had throughout this


afternoon. Cloud is filling up from the South West now and will


continue to do so through the evening. The rain will be mostly


light and there will be a lot of cloud and it will be milder than


last night. Temperatures will drop down to 13 or 14 Celsius. The sun


will rise tomorrow morning, as you can see, and those of a high waters


for the CV and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be cloudy and dull, and the


patchy rain and drizzle continue through the morning into the


afternoon. It will get a little bit brighter but this will trigger off


a scattering of a sharp showers. The best of the weather will be


late in the afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow around 20 Celsius, with a


moderate breeze from the south. Once we get through tomorrow, the


rest of the week is looking fine. Not totally dry in the rest of the


on isolated shower, but sunny spells and with lighter ones it


will feel warmer at around 20 Celsius.


I used to like the old days when you didn't say anything, the


mechanical back to that? The history of The Dock Tower in


Grimsby is being featured on The One Show tonight shortly here on


BBC One. Former England cricketer Phil Tufnell has been to the town


to see the tower first hand, and look at how it helped Grimsby


become a major commercial port during the mid-19th century.


Somewhere around here is a huge tower that looks like a good be


part of an Italian palace. It's a whopper! The Grimsby dock tower


dates back to 1852, and its evidence that the port was a big


money owner. Buildings like that do not come cheap. What's a good film


doesn't it. And you can see much more of that on The One Show,


that's straight after this programme at 7pm, here on BBC One.


Well, it's been another busy weekend of sport, as the football


season continues and the Rugby League draws to an exciting


conclusion. In Super League, both our Hull sides are still in


contention for a play-off place. Damian Johnson joins us now. Damian,


how did the two sides get on this weekend? They did very well, a


whisper it quietly! It looks as though the race for the final Super


League playoff place will go down to the last game of the season.


Both Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers won at the weekend, with


Rovers securing their first win in Bradford for two decades. As Simon


Clark reports, they keep the pressure on Hull FC for that final


spot with just three games to go. It looked like an inauspicious


start for the Robins as Bradford punched a hole in their defence.


They kept their composure to take control of the game. Rovers, who


ruled out Australia's assistant coach as a new boss, where so much


in control at the end they were scoring at will. That followed Hull


SEs win against Catalans Dragons. Hull rack up 40 points, but this


was the greatest prize. Hull maintained the play-off position


ahead of Rovers, but take a look at Castleford. Next week, they face


Wakefield and an unpredictable derby game. Their last two matches


against the Hull side, which means both these George are clubs could


get the upper hand and make the play-offs. I think they will be


mentally drained after that semi- final. They have gone out and


played Leeds again and been taken to the cleaners. We gotta get two


from three, definitely. They will have noted the ease with which


Leeds scored 50 points at the weekend.


So good results for FC and KR, and Hull City also had a good win,


didn't they? Off and running after two defeat in their first two games.


It's the match every Hull City supporter looks out for when the


new fixtures are announced. Well, tomorrow the Tigers travel to local


rivals Leeds United full of confidence after securing their


first win of the season on Saturday at Ipswich. But next, it's the big


one. Hull City's KC Stadium, just along


the road from Leeds United. Other clubs are closer to the Kacy, but


nothing excites the libel writ like that Hull City feels towards Leeds.


There are big club, we're a big club. It's the one to win.


Yorkshire clubs going up against each other, there will always be


our rivalry. Desperate to beat them. Can't wait to get there tomorrow.


One player who has won both strips believes it is a very one-sided


rivalry. He it is more from a Hull City cigarette. Leeds still look at


Manchester United and the lover those of the world as their rivals.


I think it is important that the fans of local and stayed behind


them. The Tigers will travel to Leeds hoping they get one over


their local rivals, encouraged by their win over Ipswich at the


weekends. Serious unrest at Leeds among their supporters, and the


fact they had been beaten in both their opening games offers real


grounds for optimism. The Leeds game will be tough. A local derby


with both sets of fans looking forward to it. If we get another


performance like today, we will be difficult to beat, but he can't


take anything for granted. A big night ahead for Hull City tomorrow.


Victory would give real impetus to their season and bring joy to their


fans. And a quick look at the rest of the


weekend's results. Scunthorpe United drew 1-1 with Preston North


End. The Iron went behind in the first half, but hit back in the


second, thanks to an equaliser from Andy Barcham. And in The Conference


Premier, Lincoln City drew their first match 2-2 at Southport. But a


poor start for Grimsby Town losing 2-0 at home to Fleetwood.


One bit of cricket news and the Yorkshire captain Andrew Gale will


miss the rest of the season. He broke his arm at the weekend.


Rather sad news, that's all the sport for now.


It was a car used during their courting days, took bridesmaids to


their wedding, and even made the mad dash to hospital for the birth


of their first child. So when Jayne and Ian Stringer from Boston sold


their beloved Vauxhall Chevette in the 1980s, they missed it. All


these years later, the car was still in one piece. Now, they've


bought it back and shown it off at this weekend's Classic Car Show.


Phillip Norton was there. It was once the UK's best-selling


hatchback. But like any car, this was also once a part of a family.


It was bought in 1981, brand new, the first new car I ever had. We


got married and decided to use the vehicle to transport the


bridesmaids. But in 1986, with a growing family, their Chevette was


too small. It was sold. The Stringers upgraded, life went on.


Until almost 10 years later, when they bought it back. It was in a


dilapidated state and had not been used for some time. I decided to


strip it down and to rebuild it to its correct form. If I had decided


not to have it back and it had gone for scrap, I don't think I could


ever that given myself. It is part of the family. After thousands of


pounds and thousands of man hours, it is now back to its former glory.


You know you're getting old when your first car starts a period


classic-car shows. You put ashore on with every advantage to have.


You didn't show on and you don't really know what it will be. I have


been surprised at the level of interest from people for or classic


cars. From the Ford Pilot, to a trusty Skoda, cars of every shape


and age. This show has grown from just a handful of entrants, to


being one of the biggest classic car meets in the area.


Nobody likes this on the road, and the think another car is coming


towards him, so they have to back off. This quint is a five-person


tandem. This was made a for Dunlop. It is one of only two made, and my


uncles botnet and it was their means of transport. This has grown


into one of the largest classic-car mates in the area. A fitting reward


to mark the club's 21st anniversary. Interesting fact of the day - I had


an orange Yvette until I wrote it off. If you have a story you think


we should know about, send it in and let us know. Let's get a recap


of the national and regional headlines: As new pictures emerge


of the riots, David Cameron blames a moral collapse and promises a


review of all Government policies. And Boston Council teams up with


the town's newspaper to put the faces of those caught littering on


the front page. Tomorrow's weather - cloudy, grey and damp morning


with outbreaks of rain. It will gradually brighten through the


afternoon which will trigger a few sharp showers. Maximum temperature


sharp showers. Maximum temperature of 20 Celsius.


Our response coming in on the subject of dropping litter and


being caught on camera and ending up on the front page of the


newspapers. First of all, then says using cameras to catch litter


dropping is a step too far and a waste of resources. Get your act


together, councils. Another says, have you got the address of a man


from Big Brother watch. I will go on then to my bins in his garden


and see how bother tears. Use the cameras were is many things as


possible to keep the area pleasant. John on Twitter says, a better idea


would be to make a guilty do a four day picking up litter unpaid. Rec


on Twitter: I think the naming and shaming of litter louts is an


excellent idea. These people blighter communities. Finally, why


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