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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


More flood victims come forward as families are told it may be months


before they can go home. �10,000 is needed just to basically get the


building work done. Some of the worst broadband coverage in England.


Now millions are to be spent improving internet access. A rush


for the first tickets as Scunthorpe United prepare for battle against


Newcastle. And a road trip with a difference. We find out how this


Fourteen-year-old is driving his car across the country. And it has


brightened up nicely for the end of the day, there is more sunshine


tomorrow and I will have the full forecast later in the programme.


Insurers will make us pay, now it's proved that Goole can flood. That's


the fear of residence two weeks after heavy rain caused flooding in


parts of the town. The full extent of the damage is still emerging.


Fire crews received more than 130 calls in just three hours following


the flash flooding. Yorkshire Water later admitted that its pumps


failed. 50 properties are known to have been affected but the local


council now wants to hear from everyone who's been flooded.


Lindsay Smith has spent the day in Goole. A cooked breakfast and


service with a smile, but it's no holiday staying in a hotel for


these flood victims, they are displaced and displeased. Everyone


thought it was like being on a holiday at first with the meals put


in front of you but we have all had enough now and we want to go home.


I would expect that Yorkshire Water should and would give us


compensation. It's almost a fortnight since two weeks of rain


fell in one afternoon in Goole. 20 properties were initially damaged.


Yorkshire Water admitted three of its pumps failed at the Car Lane


Pumping Station. The pumping operation did continue, we had


emergency pumps but they were down for a 45 minutes. Surely these


pumps are not good enough if they can go down? We have put everything


right. That's little comfort to the Taylor family. With two children,


they decided to stay in the house until it's repaired. It is going to


run into �10,000 to get this repaired. Some members of the


family are grateful the important things were saved. He was under the


risk of drowning and then he would die. We had to lift his hutch up to


there. Water was knee deep in the cellar of the Viking pub. Although


the beer is flowing again, there are still concerns. More people are


now coming forward to found secondary flooding, water beneath


the floorboards, it may be some time before we know the full


effects of the floods. Joining me in the studio is the Conservative


MP for Brigg & Goole. You have met the agencies looking into what has


happened, what are the priorities? They have to establish what has


happened. They have now initiated an investigation. Yorkshire Water


are co-operating with that trying to establish what happened and how


we can avoid this happening again. The first report will not be ready


until November, is there anything that can be done short term to make


sure they are more prepared? have got to have some short time


measures, Yorkshire Water have already changed some of the


programming of the pumps at the Car Lane Pumping Station so that they


will not switch off in the same circumstances again. Really, that


is not much comfort to local people who are watching the programme now.


I did not think their comments were helpful in the slightest but we


have got to establish what happened. Seeing that we would flood again is


not good enough, we have got to be sure we are careful with our words.


But the actually set that. We do not know why the pumping station


was not working, that is what we have got to establish. Four years


ago they said it was a one thin 100 geer event. -- and once in 100 deer


event. We do not expect it again. We are looking into the reasons why


this happened. There have been improvements since 2007, a lot of


residents have reported very good relationships with their insurers.


There are always good and bad examples and if anybody is having


problems they must get in touch with me or the council and they


will do what we can. Get in touch with me if you are affected. If you


are in pool and you have a story get in touch in the usual ways. --


In a moment, the new beer being brewed by women, four women, in


Lincolnshire. Talks have been held to find out why student nurses were


withdrawn from the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. Last week students were


told to leave the hospital because of serious concerns over training.


The Trust in charge said it did not know the concerns that caused this


and there are fears it has affected staff morale. It is deeply


unsettling, if that happens in your workplace you want to know what the


problem is. The fact it has gone on for so long without any further


explanation means that things have declined in the meantime. We're


expecting a whole new wave of students in September, I cannot


imagine that will happen in the current circumstances. That is a


whole new bunch of people who are wondering what will happen to their


training and their couriers. Money will be spent improving broadband


connection in Lincolnshire. The county has some of the worst


broadband coverage in England which, according to many businesses, bits


Lincolnshire at a disadvantage to other parts of the UK. High-speed


broadband is no longer seen as a luxury in many homes and workplaces.


But in some media's, it is sadly lacking. This Lincolnshire


transport firm has been struggling with sluggish internet access for


years. It is like a blocked pipe. Any business like ours, a logistics


business, or any rural business competing with businesses in town


on in an industrial area and at a disadvantage because of the broad


bands we'd -- Rob and speed. These people used homing pigeons to


transport a desk which was quicker than using the internet. If we take


�40 million and we looked at encouraging big IT companies to


allocate their money to it plus be put some money in from local


Government, together we start to build up a significant amount of


money that really should help us to make a difference to broadband


speeds across the county. A new generation of hi-tech firms based


in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire are hoping to benefit from the


extra funding. The rat initiatives going on with the smaller villages


and initiatives like ours where recover wide area as while asleep.


Not one solution will fit all the problems. For the time being, many


computer users in the rural parts must pay -- play a patient waiting


game. What you think about broadband? If you have a comment on


that you can get in touch. Rail commuters in East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire are facing the rail fare increases of an average 8%


next year. It will mean an annual season ticket from Hull to Leeds


will go up by �281 to �3,801. A season ticket from Lincoln to


Skegness will rise by �203 to �2,747. For commuters travelling


from Hull to London, their season ticket will cost �968 more. They'll


be paying for �13,080 a year. 200 workers at an East Yorkshire


Building manufacturer have been told their jobs could be saved if a


buyer is found for business. Staff were sent home yesterday after this


company ran out of money. The ministers say they are confident a


buyer can be found for Britspace and redundancies avoided. We are


going through things with interested parties to show them


what potentially they could buy. We have invited them to come down and


visit us, you will chat them through it and be will be pushing


hard on expressions of interest over the next few days. I rely on


that job to keep us going, to pay for our house and our bells.


Without that job I will have nothing coming in to do that so it


will be very hard. An investigation in Thailand into the deaths of two


Lincolnshire tourists suggests they were most likely poisoned by an


unidentified toxin. George and Eileen Everitt from Boston were


among five people visiting the northern city of Chiang Mai who


died earlier this year. The Thai government says it hasn't found the


exact cause of the deaths but it would tighten regulations on anti-


mosquito sprays. Thank you for watching tonight's programme. Later


we will find out where this Fourteen-year-old is going in his


toy car. And join me to find out why you may need to retune your TV


to get this programme and others Tonight's photograph is taken from


a viewer. Waltham Windmill near Grimsby, by Phil Ramsden. Good


evening, Lisa. I shall put you at ease and hide


the papers. A viewer said she saw Peter in the last of the Summer


Wine. If he would like acting lessons I can offer them. I cannot


argue with that. It was pathetic. It has turned out quite nice to end


the day. A lovely day tomorrow. Dry Weather systems are staying away


from us, a lovely day. Cloud increasing later. We are ending the


day with sunshine but the risk of catching isolated shower has, for


most of us it will be dry. It will stay dry with clear skies. It will


be cooler than last night. Temperatures down to 10 or 11.


Looking at the sun times. The high Tomorrow, a caller start, a


beautiful start, clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. It will


stay dry in the afternoon, cloud starting to increase and a general


increase across Lincolnshire later in the afternoon. Still a fine day.


Coolest on the coast because of an onshore breeze. 19 or 20 degrees.


Thursday it will be Chambery, sunny spells in the morning and scattered


showers. The risk the showers could merge into longer spells of rain.


We're not sure where the rain will be but hopefully it could be sunny


spells and scattered showers. The sunshine returns on Friday.


Temperatures around 20 degrees. acting treat you missed, Lisa. See


you tomorrow. There's been a rush for the first


tickets available for Scunthorpe United's League Cup tie against


Newcastle next week. The Premier League side visit Glanford Park


next week and as our sports reporter Simon Clark explains, it


They were queuing out of the door as season ticket-holders waited to


claim the seats for the tie against Newcastle. A Thursday fixture does


not seem to have dampened enthusiasm. I was here last time we


played them at home and beat them. I am looking forward to it. We hope


we can beat them like last time. beat them last time. This is how. A


championship game which Scunthorpe United claimed a victory in. United


are no strangers to big-name Cup opponents. They have played Chelsea,


Manchester City, three times and also in 2010 Manchester United.


They lost them all. Asked the Scunthorpe boss and he will tell


you the game against Oldham and the three points at stake are more


important than the game against Newcastle. From the fans' point of


view, it gives you a beast playing a Premier League side, especially


after you have suffered a season or relegation. Last year we played


fantastic teams and great opposition. Some of big-name clubs.


This year, we are further down the pecking order. Playing Newcastle


gives everyone a lift. As they there'd be ground, the first league


win is vital but the victory against Newcastle would put a gloss


on it. And there'll be commentary of


United's game against Oldham Athletic on medium wave while on FM


it's Hull City's derby visit to Leeds United at Elland Road, and


Meanwhile you can keep across Grimsby Town's progress at


Braintree tonight on DAB and the web. And Lincoln City play


Kidderminster Harriers. The BBC Lincolnshire team are on air from 7


with all the build up. Kick off is I will be asking questions later!


Thanks for your response to our story about Boston Borough Council


launching a 'name and shame' campaign to try and combat


littering. The authority has teamed up with the local newspaper, and


will soon be putting the faces of those caught on camera on the front


page. Many of you got in touch on this one. Miss Cooper texted from


Grimsby: Using cameras to catch people dropping litter is a step


too far and a waste of resources. Get your act together councils.


Deborah in Boston tweeted: Watch this space to see whether Boston's


CCTV plan actually makes a difference to us residents plagued


daily by litter. And finally June in Burstwick texted: l think that


it is not just people who litter who should be named and shamed, but


also dog owners who think it's ok to let their dogs foul and then


leave it. That opens another can of worms! Thank you for those.


Tonight's last Look North is the one you can watch on analogue. The


area is going digital. Hopefully you already know that. You need to


be watching us digitally and even if you have switched to a digital


system, you will still have to do retuning to arrive. Crispin we


explain all. This is a bit of a landmark moment. Very much at the


end of an era. It is freaky to see yourself played across so many


tepees. Not just a change of channel, but the end of an era.


Tonight sees analogue services across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire go for good and that's because they're making way for new


high powered digital transmitters, more channels, and a better picture.


Even if you have digital ready TB, you will have to retune some time


tomorrow afternoon. The end of an era. Tonight sees analogue services


across the area go for good. They are making way for a new high-


powered digital service more channels and a better picture.


have to do a full retuning because you will find the not BBC channels


will have disappeared. If you are struggling, there is an advice line


number and also if you are eligible for help, you can still get help.


We can converge or TV's. The BBC's services have a new higher power.


The remainder of the services are low-powered. Tonight, the remainder


of the analogue and low powered Freeview is switched off and the


high-powered service starts. That is the reason for asking everyone


to retune. If you've got satellite or cable, then just sit back and


relax. But if you haven't got a digibox or a digital ready TV then


as they say, "now's the time". One man, who's left it to the last


minute in Spalding is William Bates. A late convert to digital, he's


discovered some of the new channels, and should get more when he retunes


tomorrow afternoon. We are pleased with what we get. We get extras,


BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, BBC Parliament. But if you're still


unsure what to do, then tomorrow and Thursday there's help available


at roadshows in most of our major town's and cities. Hopefully though


it should be as simple as grabbing your digital remote and just


remembering to retune. And just to tell you the number for


Those are the details you need if you're not sure. Technically,


tonight is the last ever broadcast after all those years on analogue


Just to rub it in! At least I have not got a soft toy on top of my TV.


Now when it comes to beer it's safe to say men are traditionally more


likely to drink it than women. But a new beer has been launched in a


Lincolnshire town which is targeting both the male and female


market. Grantham is also now home to two breweries owned and managed


by women. Phil Connell reports. It is a world long dominated by men.


But at Brewster's Brewery in Grantham, Sara Barton is changing


some old preconceptions. Have a little sniff. They are really


fruity. The name for a female brewer is a brewster and here in


Grantham, beer is being made by On the other side of town, Kathy


Britton runs the Oldershaw Brewery. So what is it about Grantham, beer


and women? If you go back to medieval times, it is something


women did as part of the daily chores. They made the bread and the


beer as a side product, which was the safest thing to drink in those


days. The female palate is different. It is less sensitive to


the astringent flavours. We may prefer those beers but that's not


true for everyone. A group called Project Venus was started in


Grantham this year to promote beer amongst women. This week they have


launched a brand new beer, one it is hoped will appeal to women as


much as to men. They have to come up with new thinking and new ideas.


As a consequence of that, there have been some fantastic new beers


by women which male brewers might not have come up with. Ironically,


tonight, the beer launch is being held here in a wine bar. 8 the


venue where beer is not normally popular. Can female drinkers here


be persuaded? Hops or grapes? Different drinks for different


palates. I think it is fantastic. Everyone seems to associate beer-


drinking with men. I think ladies have been drinking it for a long


time. Men keep suppressing us! So is a quiet revolution taking place


in Grantham, a town fast being remembered not just for its beer


A teenager is gearing up for a charity drive from Cambridgeshire


to Lincolnshire. 14 year old Mark Carroll is hoping to raise


thousands of pounds for Cancer Research after losing both his


grandmothers to the disease. But, as Siobhan Robbins has been finding


out this is a road trip with a difference.


It's what teenage boys dream of. Their first road trip, their own


set of wheels. It's just normally they're a bit bigger than this.


have indicators, left and right. I have got headlights and I have got


forward, reverse and parking. this little toy car is what Mark


Carroll will be driving through the east of England for the next 2 days.


They all think I am crazy driving 55 miles in a small car which is


nowhere near the right size for me now. But they are very supportive


of me. Mark's journey will start in Cambridge from where it'll take him


two days to drive the 55 miles back home to Spalding. He's hoping to


raise thousands of pounds for charity along the way. And he won't


be totally alone, he's roped in some friends to collect the cash as


they go. When he first told me, I did not expect him to do it. Now he


is doing it. They are not renowned for walking or doing much. When I


ask them, they were reluctant to agree. I persuaded them. 50 miles


in two days may not sound far but this is clearly no Lamborghini. Its


top speed is six miles an hour which means at a brisk walk you can


overtake it. I am Sehmi confident. I hope the weather is OK. If it


rains, I would have to get wet. if you have serious car envy-fear


not-to help with the fundraising this little beast will be up for


auction at the end of the trip-so you too could have your own mini


Good luck to him. Let's get a recap of the national and regional


headlines: Former News of the World journalist Clive Goodman has said


phone hacking was widely discussed at the paper's daily editorial


meetings. People affected by flooding in cool


are being edged to contact the council. Tomorrow's weather - dry


and fine with plenty of sunshine in the morning. Staying dry but with


patches of cloud through the afternoon. The response on the


subject of flooding and broadband. Lisa says we were flooded in at


2007, no one will insurers. There was no help given. On broadband,


everyone should have fast broadband. We are miles behind the French and


the South Koreans. Finally, and Drew says I think technology has


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