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Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Thousands of jobs could be created


as the government gives cash to bring new business to the Humber.


I'm in the heart of the new enterprise zone. Ministers say it


will open the floodgates to prosperity. The full story in a


moment. Four years after fire destroyed


part of the Skegness seafront there are plans to bring the area back to


life. Why tourism is in decline at some


of our biggest attractions. There's a change certainly happening in


terms of the need of businesses to invest in their own future. There


is, without doubt, less public money available.


And the new golfing craze where your sprint is just as important as


your swing. It's been a fine day today with spells of sunshine, but


rain for some tomorrow. I'll tell you where and have the full


forecast later in the programme. Good evening.


5,000 new jobs - that's the number of people the Government claims


will benefit from a new enterprise zone spanning the Humber. The area


will specialise in green energy manufacturing, that's things such


as turbines for offshore wind farms. It will mean companies relocating


to parts of Hull and North Lincolnshire will be given cash


incentives. In a moment, the former Labour Cabinet Minister Alan


Johnson will tell me why he believes the enterprise zone is


vital for the area's economy. But first, this from our political


editor Tim Iredale. Could an experiment that began in the '80s


succeed in getting a new generation off the dole and into work? That's


the hope amongst business leaders and politicians who believe the


Humber's new enterprise zone will attract more germs like engineering


giant Siemens, which has already named Hull as its preferred


location for a new wind turbine- manufacturing plant. These are


high-quality jobs with good rates of pay and long term. It's not


short-term stuff, but we've got to get those people to sign on the


dotted line. We have a whole plan in place for when those wind


turbine manufacturers do sign on the dotted line, which the new


enterprise zone will help with. will offer tax breaks for those


locating to the Humber, simpler planning rules and the capacity for


super-fast bround band connection. This is now officially the largest


enterprise zone in the country. It covers a whole area of the


waterfront, plus the proposed site of a new marine energy park in


north Lincolnshire, which is being developed by Able UK. It was a good


quality bid put together by the Humber Enterprise Partnership anded


bys upon strength already there in offshore wind technology and the


related supply chain. This will enhance that. It's going to create


about another 4,500 new jobs by 2014. One person isn't convinced.


They didn't work too well under Thatcher. Sometimes companies move


around the corner to get the better rates. The Government has scrapped


the RDAs for regional developmentac agencies. There was a mixed


reaction from job seekers in Hull to the promise of new vacancies.


Fantastic. The recession and things like that - I think it will be a


good thing. I don't think it will work. The Government are full of


false qualifications. We have no qualifications. It will be people


out of town. It will be difficult with the foreign labour coming in.


The new enterprise job will be judged on two words, job creation.


That's the story. Tim Tim Iredale is at Alexandra Dock in


Hull which has been earmarked for these new benefits. Is there any


evidence that enterprise zones can deliver jobs on a large scale?


Well, if you saw the opening images in my report, you saw Margaret


Thatcher walking on a patch of waste ground back in the '80s. That


is now the London docklands, one of the most a90 areas in the country.


Of course, it's a different story here. But the plan is by 2015,


these huge new wind turbines will be manufactured at sites here in


Hull and across the river in north Lincolnshire. They'll be put on to


giant barges and shipped out along the Humber estuary into the North


Sea to serve the offshore wind industry. You know, the message


we're getting tonight, Peter is this new enterprise zone will in


fact become a deal breaker in that some companies will now come to


Hull and north Lincolnshire which wouldn't have come had we not had


the enterprise zone. Some people adding a note of caution, John


Prescott suggesting that the zones don't work. They simply move jobs


around between certain areas, but the Government says these new zones


will have clout. They will create jobs, and they will ultimately


prove a success. We shall see. Thank you very much indeed. Alan


Johnson is the MP for Hull West and Hessle. I asked him if the new


Enterprise Zone would succeed in bringing jobs to the area. Well, I


hope so. The point is if we hadn't succeeded in getting an Enterprise


Zone, I think that would have been the end of Siemens, quite frankly.


It is a bit more to do with Siemens, but it was very important to them


we establish this zone, not the least because they want to bring


their second and third-tier supply chain betweens close to them, and


with modern logistics they can set up anywhere in the world. It was


important to them. That's why they wrote a letter of support. That's


the kind of imperative at the moment that if we can get Siemens,


we have something tangible, then we build on that. If you were saying


if we weren't one of the 11 zones chosen, we possibly could have lost


the Siemens deal? I am clear about that yes. Lord Prescott isn't


convinced. He says they don't create new jobs. They just move


existing jobs around? Doesn't he have a point there? He's right. I


am a supporter of Regional Development Agencies abolished by


this Government but we have to live in the world we're this. It's this


Government in power. The Government is saying set up these Enterprise


Zones with very, very attractive propositions for countries to start


up in them, so we live in the world we're in. We're in opposition, not


in Government, so I'll have another argument on another day and so will


John because I agree with him about the sense of what the Government is


doing, but if there are Enterprise Zones there, I want Hull and the


Humber inside, not outside of it. Is there a danger we could be


putting too many eggs in one basket on the renewable energy front? I


mean, if it turned out not to be the success we think? I think


that's a fair point, and I think we have to look at all the other


things going on to try and create jobs, but Peter, this is the


biggest opportunity that the Humber has ever had. It is to Hull what


North Seal was to Aberdeen because we have these 12-hour steaming


miles as they call it from these three giant wind farms in the North


Sea, we have an opportunity to bring renewable energy - the


manufacturer of these huge turbines, all the supply chains that go with


it, north and south bank working together to exploit this. All I


know is if we don't exploit this with every ounce of energy, sweat


and determination we've got, then we'd be letting down the people we


represent. Mr Johnston, thank you very much indeed.


An interesting report. An interesting discussion. What do you


think? Do you think the Enterprise Zones will make a difference to tax


breaks? Will they bring the right type of


In a moment on tonight's programme: The end of analogue television in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as the area goes digital.


Four years ago tonight I was standing in front of this burning


building bringing you the programme from Skegness. The huge fire


destroyed bars, nightclubs and arcades along Grand Parade and left


a big gap in the town. Tonight, there are new plans to bring the


area back to life. East Lindsey District Council is looking at ways


to buy the land that remains undeveloped. It's hoped it would


help bring vital business back to the town, but the owner of the site


says he'll fight to keep his property for his own plans. Jake


Zuckerman has this report. Summer sun means Skegness is packed with


holiday-makers, but at the very heart of the resort, there is a


hole - hordings covering a gap that visitors say is an eyesore. In


August 2007, fire destroyed the bars and amusements that used to be


here. The site next door has already been developed, but this


prime location is still empty. Now, says East Lindsay District Council,


enough is enough. They're threatening to take the owner to


court to force him to sell the land. They're hoping it's time now for


some development and positive economic activity to happen on the


site that was ravaged by fire. We're saying four years is long


enough. If the development can't happen, we're happy with compulsory


purchase orders to move the site on. The owner says legal problems have


caused the delay and he'll fight to keep his land. That's completely


unfair. There's numerous sites around the town that could do with


developing. This kind of action isn't necessary. All they need to


do is come speak with me which they haven't done. I have asked them on


numerous occasions to do is, and they never have come to see me.


Both visitors and local people just want to see the problem solved


quickly. I think it's time they got it sorted. It has been like it a


long while. Something has to be done with it. It's an eyesore.


Let's get things moving and sell it to a developer. People here have


already waited four years the see something built on this derelict


site. Even if compulsory purchase goes ahead, the council estimates


it could take as much as 18 months to complete the legal process alone.


Some more news now in brief: Shoppers in Scunthorpe are being


asked to watch out for fake vodka after more than 20 bottles were


seized from an off-license in the town. Trading Standards found the


counterfeit bottles following a tip-off. They found the vodka


contained a chemical used in cleaning fluids, which can cause


abnormal side effects. It's quite good copying the fact that - the


general public who wouldn't know what the look for would be tricked


into believing they were genuine products. The printing is glossy.


Even the bottles are designed with Smirnoff on there.


A Grimsby man has appeared in court charged with inciting violent


disorder by posting comments on Facebook. 21-year-old Martin


Hartshorn is accused of sending posts encouraging disorder in


Grimsby during last week's riots. He's been granted conditional bail


and will appear at Crown Court in September.


TJ Hughes in Scunthorpe is to shut for good this Sunday with the loss


of thirty seven jobs. The department store is one of a


further 12 shops set to close nationwide. Administrators were


called in to deal with the cashed- strapped company in June. Today's


announcement follows the closure of stores in Hull and King's Lynn.


As new figures show admissions to many of England's top attractions


are up, it's emerged some of our tourist areas are falling behind.


Lincoln Cathedral is one of those which has seen visitor numbers fall.


They were down by 40,000 last year. Our correspondent Caroline Bilton


has more. Bempton clifs, the Waddington air


show, our seaside resorts, the list goes on. They all draw in thousands


of visitors to East Yorkshire every year, but according to Visit


England, not quite as many visitors last year as previous years. Those


that have seen the increase are those that are free, like Harts


Home Country Park. It saw an increase in visitors of 25%.


Tourist attractions that charge saw a 25% drop in numbers such as


Lincoln Cathedral. But that has been attributed to the cancellation


of the Christmas market. It left the cathedral thousands out of


pocket. We lost probably �75,000 over the Christmas market.


Obviously, it was the decision to make at the time, and we're reaping


the consequences for that now. Hull and East Yorkshire, it


generates �615 million a year for the economy. In Lincolnshire it


generates �1 billion a year, but last year the main tourism body for


this county went into administration, and that's left a


shortfall of � three-quarters of a million pounds that used to be


spent promoting this county that's now no longer there. But local


businesses in England have decided to fill the gap. They have set up


the Visit Lincoln partnership. It's costing them money, but now they


get to say where it's spent. cathedral, the shopping centres,


the hotels, the small associations have all come together to make sure


this is funded properly and benefits the city. It makes sense


for everybody. If you put it into your plan, it helps. The businesses


have to be part of the structure that decides in terms of what it's


going to be spent on and therefore are in control to a degree of the


results that will bode off the back of that. The responsibility of


promoting Lincolnshire now rests in the hands of local businesses. More


groups like the one in Lincoln are being established. It's hoped their


vested interests will help bring more tourists and their money to


Is enough being done to promote tourist attractions in


Lincolnshire? Get in touch in the usual way. And you far watching


this Wednesday. -- thank-you for watching this Wednesday. Still


ahead tonight: We'll have all the match action


after a disastrous evening for our football teams.


And the new golfing craze where your sprint is just as important as


your swing. Keep your photographs coming in.


Filey and the Brigg taken this morning by Emma Morrison, who lives


in Grimsby. Thank-you for theirs. And thank you for a messages you


send after the photograph of the Evening.


You should Sir -- You should show some of your pictures from when you


go plane spotting. Do you want to upset aircraft


enthusiasts across the area? Of course not.


It has been a beautiful day. Whatever you have been doing, plane


spotting or not, we have seen sunshine. Tomorrow will go downhill,


with rain pushing in from the south. We have the thicker cloud around


the Wash. That cloud towards the Wash could give some spots of light


rain, but it will become dry for the rest of the night, with mostly


clear skies. Temperatures will be down to eight or nine degrees.


Looking at the Sun-Times, it rises at 5:45am, setting at 8:24pm.


Tomorrow will be a cool start. We will sue the best of the sunshine


at first. Cloud will increase from late morning onwards. There will be


some heavy outbreaks. I think East Yorkshire will stay dry until


evening. Temperatures will be struggling thanks to the wind


direction. Around 15, 17. The rain will clear away overnight into


Friday. Friday sees the fine weather returning. Temperatures


will be higher at 21. I thought now we were all digital,


you might be nicer to me. Sir things do not change!


Sir things do not change! See you tomorrow.


Last night, we reported how more than �14 million is to be spent by


the Government on improving broadband in Lincolnshire. The


county has some of the worst broadband coverage in England.


According to many businesses, this makes it difficult to compete with


other parts of the UK. Switch away regions, switch out. We talk about


the times of analogue. There was not as much competition. The


programmes I worked on had incredible audiences.


By now, hopefully you've re-tuned. Otherwise it's not just the BBC


Channels you might be missing. ITV, Channel 4, Five and a host of new


Channels are out there. You may just need to digitally re-tune.


Though if you've watching this on cable or satellite, ignore me, sit


back, relax, and play spot "Peter the Rabbit". You should be able to


see everything that is now available. There are some moments


she would not want to mess! At the North Point Shopping Centre at


Bransholme in Hull, a few last enquries as screens went blank


overnight. But so far the transition seems smooth. We could


not get a few programmes, so we asked the woman and she showed us.


My daughter is working, so will not be able to do it. I will have a go


at it. So an end to the way in which we


receive TV, but hopefully not an end to classic programmes...which


one day will surely be classed as "vintage."


And if you still need more information, you can contact the


Digital UK enquiry line on 08456 50 We reported how more than �40


million will be spent on improving broadband in Lincolnshire. The


cancer has some of the West broadband coverage in England. It


makes it difficult to compete with other parts of the UK in business.


Thank-you for all of the messages. It seems many people have been


Thank-you very much for all of theirs.


It was a dreadful night for our football teams last night. Hull


City, Scunthorpe United, Lincoln City and Grimsby Town all lost.


Hull City's problems started just 17 minutes in at Elland Road.


Leeds' Tom Lees also scored the second in his own net, but he


recovered from his embarrassment by putting his side back in front just


before the break. A free kick from Robert Snodgrass, and this effort


from ex-Scunthorpe player Ramone Nunez made it four.


Scunthorpe United are still searching for a win after falling


behind to Oldham through this David Mellor goal. Chris Dagnell's


brought the Iron level in the second half, but The Iron were


denied a point by this unexpected Oldham winner eight minutes from


time. Here at Blundell Park, there must be tried to think of a plan B.


They have conceded seven goals already, and scored none. After


losing last night fighters era, Grimsby Town fans are pessimistic.


-- after losing last night five-0. Where do we go now? I am speechless.


They have got to opera third game. The it's stupid! Carry on their way


they are doing, they will go to Blue Square North next season.


are bottom of the Blue Square Bet Premier. Lincoln City after losing


at home to Kidderminster last night are eighth from bottom. Lucky it's


a long season of opportunity ahead. Cricket and Yorkshire have started


their game against Sussex at the Scarborough Cricket Festival today.


Sussex won the toss and decided to bat and have made good progress.


Ryan Sidebottom has been among the wickets, taking four for 32. And


after a full day's play, the latest score is Sussex have made 335 for


the loss of just five wickets. The UK's first ever Fast Golf


Tournament teed off in East Yorkshire today. It's a game


designed for those who find a normal round takes too long. Games


can take just over an hour, about four times quicker than usual.


Sarah Corker's been to find out more.


A relaxing day on the golf course, this isn't! Fast golf is a modern


twist on the traditional game that's taking off in Hornsea.


good. A why you finding it? Tiring. I want to go to bed! Way again to


win the competition! With no caddies or buggies allowed,


teams must run between each hole fighting it out on foot for the


number one spot. Golf takes ages. People wanted games that went


quickly. It is fun and it is fast. The rules and the etiquette may be


the same, but this is likely to be the fastest game of golf you have


ever seen. Although this version is new here, it was invented in


America in the 1970s. To win, you have to complete the course in the


quickest time possible. Teams from Hull's football and


rugby clubs slogged it out over the five-mile course in what's thought


to be the country's first fast golf tournament. It is not as


straightforward as it sounds. In the end, the winners finished in


just over an hour. There were a couple of old is in my team that


were struggling! How tiring is it? I did not find it too difficult


because I am an athlete! I usually like a game of golf. I usually do


it as relaxation. That said there was not relaxing!


So if you cant find the time to fit in a game of regular golf, fast


golf could be coming to a club near you.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines. The Prime


Minister praises courts for handing out stiff sentences to rioters


despite concerns about the severity of jail terms. MP Alan Johnson


claims a multi-million-pound green energy deal would a been lost if an


energy is there was not created in the Humber.


Tomorrow's weather a fine start, but rain pushing northwards through


Stories -- a response on the story about the enterprise zone. Someone


says, until we get rid of the bridge toll, it will still be a big


burden for many companies. Mac says, is there are people manning that


the job will go to outsiders with qualifications, why do they not


start education classes before it comes? On the subject of tourism in


Lincolnshire, Andrew says, I think low prices at the cathedral would


ensure more visitors, and surely that is better than very few at a


high cost, implying it is too expensive at the cathedral at the


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