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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


Students face a battle for university places after an


emotional day of A-level results. Mum, I got four A*s, and A and a


distinction. Anger from residents who fear they


could lose the allotments they've been tending for decades.


Hull City's star signing is shown the door.


And there's been a strange sight today for visitors to Flamborough.


The we can already do a. We do not know what is happening! Boy luger


and see his bright orange. It is It's the day thousands of students


get the results they've spent the summer waiting for. Today, they've


been collecting their A-level results and finding out if they've


made the grade. This year, universities were expecting an


unprecedented demand as students try and beat the tuition fees,


being introduced next year. The number of passes has risen for the


29th year in a row. Just over 27% of students achieved A or A* macro


grades. Overall, the A-level pass rate rose slightly from 97.6% to


97.8%. In Lincolnshire, initial figures suggest the pass rate is


slightly higher than this. Siobhan Robbins reports.


It's the day thousands of teenagers across the area have been waiting


for. When the contents of an envelope


will decide the next few years of their lives. Mum? I got four A*s,


an A and a distinction. I got two Ds and a C. I got a B. I'm happy


with that. This call centre at the University


of Lincoln is for those who didn't get their expected grades. They'll


now enter clearing with warnings this year is more competitive.


then there was not am not a demand on this is double stop the There


are lots of people trying to get into universities. So students will


feel the pressure, I think. If they do next year, the costs will be a


lot higher. Every time that phone rings, it is another nervous


student fine fireplace. The pressure is ready on this year.


Obligation numbers are up as people rush to avoid next year's price


hikes. The organisation which deals with applications has had so much


interest, its website actually crashed today.


For others like Chris from Hull, rising fees and an uncertain jobs


market has put them off university altogether. He's going straight


into accountancy training. This way, in four years, I will be doing


professional qualifications, about one or have �20,000 of debt.


So while for many of these students, today is a cause for celebration,


thousands of others will be facing hard choices about the future.


Joining me on this now we've got Scott Davidson from the University


of Lincoln, and John Leech the Pro- Vice chancellor at the University


of Hull. Mr Davidson, if I can come to you first, how has today gone?


Have you still got places? There are very few places available now.


If it -- it has been hectic all day. Just about all our courses are


closed. How has the reaction been today? As expected? Pretty much


serve. We were a lot busier this morning then we thought we would be.


We played 200 calls in the first hour. Generally, we have been


claiming that a number of calls throughout the day. We will be open


until 8pm. And your best advice for those who did not get the results


they were hoping for and have not got a place sorted? The main piece


of advice is do not panic, keep your options open, look at other


put it -- look at other potential pathways. Look at further education


colleges, look at foundation degrees, look at entering the


workplace, but basically, explore all your options.


Scott Davidson at the University of Lincoln, thank you very much. And


now to the picture in Hull. Is it a similar story there? It is similar


to Lincoln. We're just about closed now in all areas. Do you think this


time next year things will be very different? Will we see this kind of


rush? We are in interesting times. What I would like all young people


to do, those aged 17, all the headlines about the debts. They


will be paying back once they earn �22,000 a year, they will pay back


about �21 a month. Some students will never pay back the dead.


university is charging the maximum, �9,000. Will it put people off?


will have to wait and see about that. Interest at open days has


been very high. We had our best ever numbers this year. Do you


think university generally, with tuition fees and the number of


graduates ending up in non-graduate jobs, his university going to lose


some of its appeal? Again, we will have to wait and see. All the


evidence that has been collected by senior economists is that a


university education as well as given a fantastic life changed


experience, it also gives a good return on investment. Thank you


both very much indeed. I'd like to hear from you on this.


Maybe you've had results today, or know someone who has. Or perhaps


you've had to go through clearing. How did you get on? Do get in touch.


We'll have all the contact details coming up for you in just a moment.


In a moment: Standing empty. The stolen statue


which commemorates lost trawlermen may not be replaced until next year.


It used to be something saved for retirement but the desire to grow


your own fruit and veg has led to a growing demand for allotments. In


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire there are currently over 2,000


people on a waiting list, 1,200 in Hull alone. But in one part of


Lincolnshire, the demand for allotments is competing with the


need for a new bypass, and it's causing some controversy with those


who've spent years cultivating their crops. Correspondent Caroline


Bilton reports. They've been tending to their


vegetables on this allotment for decades. Jim has had a plot here


for 45 years. But now he fears he and his veg


will be forced to move on to make way for a new bypass. It is part of


our heritage. They have already grabbed half of the allotment to


put houses on. There is a waiting list for allotments, then to do


away with than...! This is what they'll be making way


for, the Spalding Western Relief Road. There are two options, but


both go straight through the middle of Horseshoe Road Allotments. This


is why it's needed. There are plans to build a rail freight hub, taking


lorry traffic off the roads and onto the rail network. But it's a


rail network that splits Spalding in two, so more rail traffic will


mean greater delays at level crossings. I can understand them


wanting a relief road, but we have a perfectly good one the other side


of the allotments! It is called Broadway, and it is called Broadway


for him reason. Why can't they just update that one? The only way to


avoid the dump -- the only way to avoid the demolition of properties


is to go through the allotments. It is a worse option to take away


houses. We have to reduce demolition.


The council says the allotment holders will be offered an


alternative site and they're keen to hear people's views on the


proposals. This may be a case where the humble allotment loses out over


the need for future development. Get in touch if you've got a view


on this one. Should a relief road take priority over these


allotments? Have you got an allotment? Maybe you have been


waiting for one. Could of should councils do more to support them?


More needs to be done to ensure workers in our area have the right


skills to fill up to 5,000 new jobs created by the green energy boom.


That's according to the Minister for Cities, who's been visiting the


site of the new Humber Enterprise Zone. Parts of Hull and North


Lincolnshire will be covered by the zone, which will offer a range of


incentives to attract companies associated with the offshore wind


industry. We all need to rise to the opportunity here, to have


Britain and in particular the Humber as a place that people


associate not just with the best physical facilities we have here


but the best human capital as well. We need to rise to the challenge.


The Vulcan aircraft has withdrawn from a series of air shows this


weekend, because of a technical problem. The plane used to be a


familiar sight in the skies above Lincolnshire. Now the charity


behind its return to flight say they've discovered a leak in its


fuel tank. The first edition of the new weekly


Scunthorpe Telegraph has gone on sale. It's changed from a daily


paper to a weekly. Managers say it's because of falling sales and


changing reading habits, but are hopeful the new paper will prove


popular. We are very hopeful it will be a big success. Research has


shown this is what readers want, and what the advertisers want. This


is the best way to meet those demands. I have got the first


edition of the Weekly Telegraph here. Excellent publication. We


wish them well. It's emerged that it could take


until the new year to replace this statue, stolen from the waterfront


in Hull last month. The sculpture Voyage was put up to commemorate


the city's lost trawlermen. And it's thought it was pulled from its


plinth by theives who wanted to sell the metal for scrap. The


council is now spending up to �5,000 to replace it, as Sarah


Burton reports. Hull City Council is working hard


to replace the bronze sculpture that was taken. There is a statue


in Iceland which is not touch. It is an exact twin of the one here in


Hull. We will be able to make an exact copy of it.


This is the statue in Iceland that was unveiled at the same time as


the Voyage, which was given as a gift to Hull from the Icelandic


town of Vic. The theft came as such a shock to the Icelandic people, it


made national news there. I think the Icelanders were astonished that


anybody would go to so much trouble for the sake of so little money.


Metal thieves are a big problem in Hull at the moment, and across the


country. It is not something the Icelanders have any experience of.


The Icelanders often came to the the rescue of Hull's seamen. And


speaking last month, family members of those lost at sea were deeply


hurt at the actions of these thieves. It is respects the dead.


For someone to think it has a scrap value and to whippet down from this


pier, where so many dramas cell at Paul in the past, it is disgusting


-- were so many trawlermen sailed out of Paul in the past, it is


disgusting. Two men have been arrested in


connection with the theft of this statue and remain on police bail.


Meanwhile, engineers are looking at ways to ensure the new memorial


will remain where it belongs, overlooking the Humber estuary, and


We will let you know what happens with that story. Thank you for at


the response on the story that visitor numbers are falling at some


of other region's tourist attractions. This cathedral has


seen numbers down by 40,000 last year. It has been blamed on the


cancellation of the Christmas market. We are looking forward to


this Christmas market to see if we can pick something up. It was the


right decision to make and the time but a painful one. Thank you for


all the texts and messages after the programme last night. Sue in


Thank you for all of those. We read and listen to every message. Still


ahead tonight: Jimmy Bullard's chequered career at Hull City could


be coming to an end. And we find out what these people were doing on


the beach at Flamborough. Tonight's photo. Middle Rasen in Lincolnshire


taken by Richard Davidson. Now you, the weather. You need to spend less


time plane spotting and more were time learning how to spell a tweet


properly! If you have been looking at these guys today you will have


seen rain. It will brighten up for all of us tomorrow, a dry and sunny


day. You can see on the pressure chance we have a weather front out


in the West which will not reach us until the weekend. It will be a


fine day tomorrow. The cloud from earlier has cleared into the North


Sea by now. We are at risk of some patchy showers across East


Yorkshire and perhaps northern parts of Lincolnshire but it will


become dry as we go through the become dry as we go through the


night. The sun will rise tomorrow morning at 5: 47. If you do start


off with any clout first thing it will soon clear away as tomorrow


will be dry and find with lots of sunshine, a beautiful day. In the


afternoon we may see patches of cloud coming in from the West. A


fine Friday all day long with alike went from the West. Temperatures


higher than today. Make the most of tomorrow because it is going to


turn unsettled for the weekend. On Saturday the best of the brightness


will be across East Yorkshire but cloud will increase and there will


be sunny spells and scattered A couple from Lincoln say they'll


have to start using their life savings just to pay for their gas


and electricity. It follows a move by British Gas to put up energy


prices. By up 18 per cent. The firm is one of five out of the Big Six


to announce an increase. It says it's got no option, many people are


not happy. This couple come to the age UK's centre in length in every


week but this month they are worried as their energy bill is


rising and the money will have to come out of their savings. I am


past the employment age and now it when I would like to have money in


my pocket to go out for a bite dead I am having to worry about the gas


bill. It is disappointing. And they are not alone. Although Ken's gas


bill is capped at the moment, the price rise will hit him next year.


I think it is disgusting, I will have to cut back somewhere, I might


have to sell my car. From today, customers of British Gas will see


their gas bills rise by around 18% and their electricity bills by 16%,


meaning the average customer will have to pay an extra �190 a year.


In a statement today they told us, we know there is never a good time


to raise prices, but we are buying in a global energy market and have


to pay the market rate. Our advice to customers is to wait and see


what happens in the market before making any decisions about


switching supplier. Prices for gas and oil have been very high because


of the areas world events. But some have dropped from their peaks so we


would expect energy companies not to be passing on the price rises in


future. Back in Lincoln, almost 1500 people use this activity


centre every week but staff are expecting this to increase, as its


users no longer come just for the activities, but to go somewhere


warm. And I'm sure this is another story you've got a view on. Will


this increase affect you? Maybe you've changed supplier already?


You can e-mail and text in the usual ways. He was Hull City's


record signing, costing �5 million, and he arrived with a huge fanfare


and big expectations. But today, Jimmy Bullard has been told he's no


longer wanted at the club. Bullard hasn't played for the club this


season even though he's still got two years left on his contract. He


became Hull City's record signing in 2009 but his career was always


chequered. Two serious knee injuries robbed the fans of seeing


There was an undisclosed incident on a pre-season trip. I am not


going to make any further statement. I do not think it is the


appropriate time for me to make comments on any subject around that.


This man is not surprised by today's decision. There are plenty


of stories doing the rounds but who knows if they are true or not. I


think as far as the club is concerned they have just decided to


wipe the slate clean and look to the future. His contract was


reportedly �11 million over five years. Fans in East Yorkshire


shared their views on his impending exit. It is like any price -- it is


like any job, if you cannot do it you have to pay the price. I should


think they will be able to assign three players for what he was


getting. The club hope they can now finally draw a line under the Jimmy


Bullard situation. If he decides to go to court this sat down to draw


on and on. -- this saga up to draw on and on. Well, if you want to


have your say on this news today, then you can on Sportstalk. That's


with Matt Dean and Mike White, live on BBC Radio Humberside right now.


Cricket and Yorkshire bowled out Sussex for 398 on the second day of


their County Championship match in It's been all buckets and spades on


one estate in Hull today. Youngsters on the Bransholme estate


have been enjoying a day on the beach just yards from their homes


at the annual fun day. Eight tons of sand was used to transform the


area. There's even been some rock climbing. Everything that you see


here is the evil stop the way the world is at the minute people need


a bit of enjoyment. We think that doing this will give families the


chance to come out and interact with everybody and it does not cost


them a penny. If you have a story you think we should know about, let


us know. It's not something you see every day. 250 people are dressed


in orange dungarees performing on the clifftops. But if you were in


Flamborough this afternoon, that's It is quite fascinating, when you


look all you can see is bright orange, it's quite good actually.


We cannot work it out yet, we do not know what is happening. It's a


place of natural beauty. Famed for birdlife and spectacular views. But


on Flamborough beach today, it was something peculiar attracting


attention. Today we have brought 220 National Youth Theatre members.


We are performing a sure in Sheffield about global waste,


marine pollution and recycling. do these people influence the


movements that you make? Youngsters from across the country auditioned.


Hopefully they will be able to draw on what we are doing and the points


around the environment. The play opens next month and what better


backdrop for or rehearsals than the Flamborough clefs. It certainly


gave the visitors here's something to look at. Let's get a recap of


the national and regional headlines. The frantic scramble for a


university place. Tens of thousands are expected to miss out after


another record A-level year. Hull and Lincoln universities say


they've faced an unprecedented demand. We were a lot busier this


morning than we thought we were going to be, we cleared 200 calls


in the first hour which we would generally clear that number of


calls throughout the day. tomorrow's weather: A fine and


sunny start with patchy cloud at times by the afternoon. Maximum


temperatures 19 Celsius. This from Greg on twitter, I got two C and at


D. I am planning to go travelling, I might reapply next year. Another


person got in touch to say exams are to weed out the good from the


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