19/08/2011 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Raids uncover thousands of fake cigarettes and illicit alcohol.


is the people who sell that destroyed the market for it.


Homeowners struggling to sell in the city ranked worst in the


country for house prices. It is just frustrated and more than


anything and I do not see any signs of it getting better.


After the violence - banning orders for Grimsby Town fans who invaded


the pitch. # Sing a song of Yorkshire...


And the most easterly point of And we have seen sunny spells today.


There will be plenty more sunshine over the weekend. I will have the


full forecast later in the Dozens of bottles of illicit


alcohol and thousands of illegal and fake cigarettes have been


seized in a special operation in Lincoln today. It is the biggest


clampdown on the black market trade since an explosion which killed


five people at an illegal distillery here in Boston last


month. The raids were carried out by police, trading standards and


customs. Our reporter was with them. Bottles of illegally imported


alcohol being removed from the shelves. In the back, something


even more serious. Fake vodka. this box we discovered three


bottles of vodka that week suspect to be counterfeit and four bottles


of another type of vodka which we also suspect to be counterfeit.


This was one of four shops raided incident and -- in Lincoln City


centre this morning. It follows an explosion at an illegal distillery


last month. It was an -- a major explosion and people died. It is


the people that cell that create the market for it and if they


didn't sell it there would not be a market created. These are just two


of the suspected counterfeit bottles of our poll found in this


particular shop. What raised suspicions here were poor labelling


and a lack of a duty-paid sticker. Also, thousands and thousands of


illegal counterfeit cigarettes. A specially trained sniffer dog was


brought in. Our officers watched the shopkeeper self two packets of


tobacco. This tobacco is not sold in the UK. It is foreign tobacco.


No duty has been paid on it. There have also found a quantity of


tobacco under the counter and in the storerooms. In total, almost


12,000 illegal and fake cigarettes, 8.5 kilograms of suspected


counterfeit running tobacco and 66 illegally imported or counterfeit


bottles of vodka were found, Priddy to be sold to the public. A lot of


work has gone into today's operation and each agency has


played their part in the work and there will be a lot of work after


the operation in dealing with the premises that have been storing and


seller of -- selling counterfeit goods. A low-cost tobacco and


alcohol products can seem very attractive to local people. However,


the trade in this type of cigarettes does not care who it


sells to. They will sell to children, and arrange young people,


and the health implications, because they are unlicensed and


unregulated, we just do not know what is in them. The products will


be taken away for further testing. The owners of the premises they


were founded are likely to face proceedings.


Joining me from our Lincoln studio is Sevres Barry from Lincolnshire


Trading Standards. Generally, how widespread and easy is it for


people get their hands on illicit and fake cigarettes and alcohol?


have a problem both in Lincoln and in Boston. But we do not feel


Lincolnshire is any different to any other part of the country where


all the time police it alcohol and tobacco is being sold under the


counter. If the product is fake, such as vodka, price aside, how can


you tell by looking at the labels? Some of them are very good. They


are very good. We would always ask people alerted by the price to have


a look at the spelling and the quality of the label. Is it a brand


you recognise that would be sold in a major store? People must know


they are buying fake stuff by the price and if they are tired of


money you can understand why they did it. Sometimes people do not


know. We had the incident in Boston where the selling price is very


similar to that of those products on offer in major supermarkets so


people do not always know. But we would urge people, if they do


suspect that they are buying counterfeit goods, to report in


three places like Crimestoppers and be really careful because we have


evidence that particularly the Fokker is dangerous and if drunk


engorge -- large quantities could cause real health problems. We will


be having the cigarettes and tobacco tested. They certainly do


not go through the same quality checks that legitimate products do.


And if someone knows where they are being assault what should they do?


We would urge people to report it confidentially and anonymously if


they want to go through the normal Crimestoppers number. Thank you.


In a moment, more than just a day trip. Why thousands more people are


choosing to stay at our east coast resorts.


Hull has been named as one of the worst cities in Britain for house


prices. A new report says property prices across the Yorkshire and


Humber region are still 16 % lower than their peak levels in 2007 and


thousands of people are having their homes repossessed.


It is a market that is proving slow to recover, especially in the


Yorkshire and Humber region. A new report by the residential firm


Savills highlights a growing North- South divide and games Hull as one


of the worst cities in Britain for house sales and falling property


prices. You look at areas of Humberside, some parts of West


Yorkshire, and people are feeling the squeeze. It is getting tighter.


The cost of fuel, the cost of living, inflation, is rising.


latest report paints a depressing picture for homeowners in the


Yorkshire and Humber region. In the first six months of this year,


house sales stood at just 46 %, compared to 60% in the south-west


of England. Property prices share a similar disparity. Here, 16 % lower


than what they were in 2007. The report says it is causing


increasing hardship, with around 7,000 homes repossessed in the


region this year, one of the worst statistics in the country. Lee


Drury has been trying to sell his house in Hull for three years. He


has reduced the price by �20,000. just cannot league -- lay any roots


down for anything. It is frustrating at more than anything.


I do not see any sign of it getting better. At Hull Citizens Advice


Bureau, mortgage arrears now account for 75 % of their workload.


It is devastating. Obviously, the realisation perhaps dawns that they


may lose their house, especially when we get close to actual


repossession proceedings. Then the other thought of, where am are


going to leave? Sellers have been told it could be five market before


the market fully recovers, with our region, it seems, trailing the rest


of Britain. Robert Beercock is an estate agent


in Hull. Why is the property market struggling so much in Hull? A lot


of it is down to how these statistics are drawn because of the


geographical boundaries. That angers me somewhat because unlike a


lot of the northern cities with their greater areas, the city of


Hull boundary only measures the inner-city figures as opposed to


the suburbs. Yes, but an inner-city house is not going to be worth any


more if you change the boundaries. No, but you have your good and bad


average prices. The inner-city areas of Leeds and Hull are very


similar. If you bought a house four years ago and you need to move now,


things look very grim. You are stuck. If you bought a house for


the first time with a small deposit you will be in by that no good deed


-- negative equity or you do not have enough cash for a new deposit.


Our people realistic about what property is worth? It is difficult


for people to come to terms with the that they may be losing money


and their assets may be reduced. Could be? They are, aren't they?


Yes, but it is also a buyers' market. But if you are trying to


move on or you have a young family and you need a bigger house, you're


snookered. Yes, but those people are in the minority, and people who


bought a house ten or 50 years ago are in a fairly good position.


is not good publicity for Hull. Are their chances of recovery soon?


whole north of England is going to recover at this level and it is


going to continue to decline slightly, I think, but if people


are realistic they will get their buyers. There are still some very


attractive prices. If you have a house worth �100,000 today will it


be worth less in a year? Potentially a little less but it


all depends on the market in the immediate area, in terms of supply


and demand. It is not great, it is it? It is not looking in the right


direction. If you are struggling to pay your


mortgage at the moment or have reduced the price of your house to


sell it, or art may be enjoying be lower interest rates at the Mehmet,


get in touch. -- all are may be enjoying the lower interest rates


We will have some e-mails before we finish at 7pm.


18 Leader has admitted injuring a four year-old girl hit in the face


with a bridge in Grimsby. Jersey- Lou Perry had her nose broken and


lost two teeth when the brick was fur -- friend through the window of


her father's man. Kallan Richardson pleaded guilty and will be


sentenced later. The Nursing and Midwifery Council


has announced it will carry out a phased return of student nurses to


the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. It withdrew 82 students last month


over-training concerns. The decision to return them to their


places following meetings with universities.


Demonstrators trying to sell an East Yorkshire Building


manufacturers say they have received three offers for the


business. 200 staff at Britspace in Gilberdyke was sent home on Monday


after the company ran out of money. Employees were told by bosses this


morning they are hopeful a sale can be secured over the weekend. Some


of the interest is from UK-based subsidiaries of overseas companies


but the interest here is essentially in the UK but from


local and far and wide. We have had people putting themselves out


significantly coat -- to come and see us. It shows the unique nature


of our business. Football banning orders to edging


needed 200 years have been handed down to Grimsby football fans


caught -- who fought with police after their team was relegated from


the Football League. 15 months after the trouble, 49 fans have now


been dealt with by magistrates. Nine of them are starting jail


sentences. Our reporter was in court.


These were the scenes after the final whistle at Burton Albion's


match at Grimsby Town last May. Burton's 3-0 win meant Grimsby were


relegated. Fans invaded the pitch, ripped of advertising hoardings and


attacked police and match stewards. These people were not football fans.


The real Grimsby fans were appalled and shocked by their behaviour. We


are talking about grown men, not youngsters. Grown men who had been


drinking since the early morning. 49 Grimsby fans have been


prosecuted. Sentenced today was a 42 year-olds jailed for 20 months


after admitting violent disorder. Matthew Jones, a former soldier,


received an 18 month jail term. Shane Wallace, on the far left, and


Andrew Blackett, in the centre, were imprisoned for 18 months and


20 months. All received football banning orders. The police


investigation involved trawling through hours of CCTV footage.


was frightening for a lot of the families and members of the


football club. One of our witnesses was a steward who had worked for


Grimsby for several years and said it was the worst violence he had


ever seen. Passing sentence, the judge said what he had seen showed


a dinners and thuggery which would step -- scare many ordinary people.


He said this football match was a minor affair but those who were


jailed had behaved as though they were part of a national disaster.


He said the game of football would Still to come: Football teams hope


for an improvement of fortunes. We look ahead to the weekend games.


I am here at the edge of Yorkshire, which has been recognised.


We will be live at Spurn Point soon. This is tonight's photograph. Some


great colours. Thank you. Another Following on from a last night's


film, Steve tweeted me to say they look like camouflaged on him.


How we laughed! You will be able to top up your tan


because the sun is going to shine at times. I am not promising a


totally dry weekend. It will cloud over on Saturday afternoon. Chance


of rain later on. We do have a weather front that will come


northwards on Saturday. That will cloud things over from the side. We


have had sunshine today but it has been clouding over from the West.


There is the risk of light rain. It was a dry for most of us. The cloud


will break up towards dawn. The winds will be pressed. -- fraiche.


-- winds will be fresh. The high waters will be later. Tomorrow,


there will be early cloud raking to give us spells of sunshine. --


cloud breaking. Cloud will increase from the south. It will be a cloudy


afternoon for Lincolnshire. It will be warm up for all of us, with the


wind coming from the south-west. It is a mild direction. Highs of 22


degrees. There will be some patchy rain overnight. There will be a


cloudy start on Sunday. We will see sunny spells, a chance of the odd


shower. Most will avoid and stay My confidence is in tatters! Do I


look orange? Do not answer that. They attract thousands of visitors


every year and now new figures showed seaside resorts along side


are at east coast are experiencing a surge in tourists. The number of


people staying overnight is up by more than 20% this year compared to


2010. Skegness is named as one of the fastest growing resort in the


country. Our reporter has spent the day there.


A slice of the British some are and for this man and his family, there


is nothing better. They have been coming to Skegness for more than


one decade. We have been abroad before but we just like Tyne's --


towns and cities in England. Skegness is the best place we can


ever go to. You have all your pubs, family entertainers, all the things


on people like. How long will you keep coming back here? Probably


until they scatter my ashes on Skegness beach. We will have a game


of cricket. The news it is one of the fastest growing resource is no


surprise to work is here. He beat Rangers to entertain the kids are


part of a big push to keep visitors here. -- Beach Rangers. It gives


them an extra something to do. It is more than just sitting and


playing on their own. They have someone to come and basically give


them activities to do and provide them with something. I think it


gives them a bit of extra for their holiday. A Skegness is the 7th


fastest growing resort in the country. Every year, more than one


million people come to visit here. That number is rising year on year.


It is not the only story of success on the east coast.


One full English. It seems visitors have a healthy appetite for


Bridlington to. Business has developed amazingly. Between 203


hundred, if not more, %. I love the traditional seaside holiday you


cannot beat being it in England, can you. While some foreign resorts


are struggling to attract crowds, it seems the sun is continuing to


shine on the east coast. It has been lovely. Thank you for


the response on the story had last night about long waiting-list --


lists for allotments. The numbers have been highlighted because some


allotments in Sleaford -- allotment owners in Sleaford are fearing they


may lose theirs to make way for a Thank you for all of those.


Lincoln City kick off the weekend's football when they entertain


Wrexham tonight. The Imps are looking for their first win of the


season. With news of that and the rest of the weekend's games, here's


Matthew Mannion. Manager Steve Tilson has called on


his players to make a bigger impact on games after taking only one


point from their opening two matches. But it will not be easy


against Wrexham tonight who are unbeaten so far this season.


In the Championship, Hull City must put discussions over Jimmy


Bullard's future to one side as they face Crystal Palace tomorrow.


After Tuesday's 5-1 defeat to Leeds United, Nigel Pearson is demanding


three points this time around. need a reaction like Leeds had. We


need to be positive and get the crowd behind us. We are looking


forward to the Crystal Palace game. It is important we have a positive


performance and we need to start winning.


Scunthorpe United are in need of a win to get their season going. They


travel to League One's top side, Charlton, tomorrow.


And Grimsby Town new midfielder Tyrone Thompson is expected to make


his debut against Newport County this weekend. The Mariners are yet


to win this season and lost 5 nil to part time side Braintree Town in


midweek. In Rugby League, Hull Kingston


Rovers play St Helens on Sunday. They need to take something from


the game to stay in the hunt for that final playoff spot. Hull FC


are the team sitting in eighth at the moment - just a point above


Rovers. The Black and Whites play Crusaders on Sunday.


Cricket, and it was another good day for Yorkshire at Scarborough


today, as they made 388 runs in their first innings. Joe Root added


to his first ever century for the county, going on to make 160 as the


Tykes got within ten of Sussex's Sussex were 126 for the loss of


three wickets in their second Up to 4,000 music-lovers are


expected in the East Yorkshire village of Tickton for what is


billed as Europe's biggest tribute Band Festival. More than 100 acts


will aim to recreate the experience of seeing a famous band on stage.


This year sees the likes of Take That, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Lady


Gaga. It is so much fun. You get a big range of an audience. You get


little children who think you are who you say you are. Last year, a


group of children thought I was Lady Gaga. They knew get the adults


who know it is time in cheek but they are there to enjoy themselves.


It is always -- it always attract a crowd who want to have a laugh.


That is Lady Gaga! The most easterly point of Yorkshire was


officially marked today as part of a campaign to preserve of the


importance of the county's borders. The Yorkshire Riding society want


Spurn Point to be recognised around the country as a place worth


protecting. Vanessa Clarke is live on a Spurn Point tonight. Where is


the most easterly point of the county?


It is actually here in the middle of Spurn Point. The light house is


two miles down that way. Because Spurn Point curves around, this is


the most easterly place. There was a special ceremony to celebrate how


brilliant this place is. It is around 3.5 miles long and parts of


it are only 50 metres wide. But this fans it is one of the iconic


landmarks of Yorkshire. -- sand spit. Today, at a special ceremony,


members of the Yorkshire Riding society marked its most easterly


point to try and get more people to visit the boundaries of the county


and to help protect them. It is very, very special. There are not


places like this in many parts of the country. Whilst it cannot be


totally protected, I think we have got to do what we can to tried and


Major in his kept in some semblance as it is now. The Yorkshire


Wildlife Trust bought Spurn Point more than 50 years ago for �1,500.


He is their job to look after it and the thousands of birds that


live on it. It have a lot of wildlife on it, from birds, which


are the main attraction at to weasels, butterflies, dragonflies,


it has got everything you could want. This is not just a place of


beauty. It acts as a vital wave break along the Humber estuary and


protects thousands of homes from flooding. The campaigners want


people to appreciate it. They want people to view it as a place of


importance in the Yorkshire. As you can see, this side of it is eroding.


If you look over here, the land is reforming. This whole spit is


moving westwards. This easterly point might move in a few years.


Today was about encouraging visitors to come. If you are free


at the weekend, you can drop down and give of their rendition of A


Symphony For Yorkshire. -- give us an rendition.


Now a recap of the headlines: 12 people have been killed in a


suicide bomb attack on the British Council offices in Afghanistan. The


biggest clampdown on a black market trade since an explosion at an


illegal distillery has been carried out in Lincolnshire. The weather -


dry and bright with broken cloud. Top temperatures of 22 degrees.


That is 72 Fahrenheit. I have had my house on the market for two


years. I live near Scunthorpe, it was valued at �22,000. I have


reduced the price five times. I have offers in excess of 145,000. I


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