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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight:


Accident numbers increase at 10% of speed camera sites across the


Humber area. It suggests those cameras are not doing their job.


Perversely, they are doing the opposite.


The North East Lincolnshire college criticised for running struggling


businesses. Why East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


makes the top ten when it comes to bizarre health and safety bans.


Stupid. What is the point of it? takes the fun out of it because


that is the purpose of that right. Are alive outside the theatre to


witness what might be the largest gathering of scooters this city has


seen in decades. A after today's fine conditions, we


have some wet weather overnight and tomorrow. Join me for a few


minutes' time -- joined me in a few minutes' time Fourie for forecast.


-- for a full forecast. Some speed cameras are being used


as cash cows and aren't doing their job, as a road safety


All too often we hear about accidents and deaths on our roads.


New figures show that accidents have increased 10% of camera sides


across the Humber. The government hopes the information will help


people hold the local councils to account. We will hear from a


minister and a moment but first, the safety concerns raised by these


two figures. All too often we hear about


accidents and deaths on our roads. Cameras like these are supposed to


be the answer. New figures contradict that. This camera is one


of 89 set up by the Road Safety Partnership but today it has been


revealed that at nine of their sights, accidents have actually


increased since they were put in place. 80 cameras are doing their


job and their use has been defended. Business, in any other industry you


would be praised for it. Of the 10% we have got, the cameras have done


their job. We need to see if there are other effective solutions that


will reduce casualties. In the city where immobile camera is used,


accidents have doubled and there is mixed views about its use. It stops


people from speeding. They are a good idea where children can be. On


roads like this, not really. Maybe people think the only downside is


when people slowdown and then speed up. But they are a good. Most


people say they are a nuisance. figures have been released to make


sure these orange boxes are not being treated like cash machines


and the Association of British drivers says money could be but has


done. If the problem is to reduce casualties, this is throwing money


at an inappropriate solutions because most excellence on a road


are caused due to factors like inattention, lack of drive a


judgment, or driver fatigue. There are more cost-effective means than


speed cameras in getting drivers to slow down, such as vehicle


activated signs. They will not be popular because they don't trust


people Mailey. People are being encouraged to hold their local


council to account if they feel money is being wasted, but at the


moment, there are no plans to remove them.


I've been speaking to the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, and


he told me what the government hope to achieve by publishing


information about individual speed cameras. What we want to do is have


honesty. We won the motorist to understand what the cameras are


doing and to make sure cameras are preventing accidents and continue


to do so where the local camera partnerships and want that to take


place. Also people need to lobby their representatives to change


cash cows. So you accept they have been cash gals? I do accept that.


Half of the local authorities have as well. Some do exactly what they


are designed to do. We have now reduced accidents in some places


because of cameras. In the Humberside area, nine camera sides


have seen an increase in accidents, so does that suggest the cameras


should be taken away because they are not working? Those cameras are


not doing their job a but they are doing the opposite, and what I'd


expect the camera partnership to do is actually find out why there has


taken place and remove those cameras from that particular spot


because they are not doing their job. They are not designed to raise


money but reduce the amount of accidents on the road. So, you are


saying to the Road Safety Partnership those nine cameras


should go because they are cash cows? I am saying you must look


carefully why those accents have increased. We have given them the


autonomy and to money, and it is up to them to reduce casualty rates.


Without publishing these figures, the public and motorist would never


know whether those cameras would do their job. If local people have got


the figures, they know now which cameras are working, can be asked


for them to be removed? They should be working through their MP, and


the local councillors, to say to the local camera partnership, these


cameras aren't working. This is the evidence we have, and so what are


you going to do about it? And they should lobby for other measures to


reduce levels of accidents. A very interesting to talk to youth. Thank


you. So what do you think about this? Should some of the speed


cameras go? Let's have some of your thoughts on this. You can e-mail or


Now, still on speed cameras, yesterday we revealed how drivers


caught speeding in Lincolnshire could face even greater penalties


if they refuse to say who was driving at the time of the offence.


Lincolnshire Police claim more people are refusing to own up after


being caught on camera. But one local company was fined over �2,000


for failing to admit who was behind the wheel.


Here's just a few of your responses: Tracey asks: "What about


the right to remain silent? How can you be fined for not giving the


name of the driver when we have Thank you very much indeed for all


of those. In a moment, campaigners claim our


two nearest children's heart surgery units can be saved, despite


the results of a public A college in North East


Lincolnshire has been criticised for investing public money in


businesses that have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Grimsby


Institute says running the companies allowed students to gain


valuable work experience but has now decided to close all but four


of them. Tarah Welsh reports. The future of Floral Hall is


uncertain. The gardens have been run by the local college for a


decade, but now the Grimsby Institute is pulling out. And this


isn't the only venture that the institute's letting go. The college


has invested in several loss-making businesses in recent years. If you


look at the golf club, in the last year they lost �100,000 which,


seemingly, again, there is no reason why a college should be


sustaining these kinds of commercial activities and losing


this much money on it. The college bought the Laceby Manor golf club


in 2007 but sold it earlier this year. Its accounts show it lost


Humber Construction lost �450,000 over the same period. Image Studios,


a production company, lost �139,000. Some companies did make a profit


but the skills funding agency confirmed that the college


disclosed a deficit of �469,000 last year but said it was in


The former vice-principal of Franklin College says it is normal


for colleges to set up businesses. With the fact colleges have run


training restaurants, the prime purpose there is to provide a


setting for the students that a training as caterers, not to make a


profit. We asked the college for an interview and they declined. But we


did receive a statement. The new principal, Sue Middlehurst, said


the college generated almost �12 million of revenue last year and


has good financial reserves for projects like its new University


Centre. It said a review concluded that some of its companies should


close as they no longer added value to the Group's strategic goals. As


of August, they only have four businesses. Three of which are


profitable. I am delighted they have got the focus back on to


learning and teaching, and making sure that the quality of the


operation is beyond doubt. But some will still ask what the focus had


been in the past. Rail passengers expense destruction today because


of industrial action. All-First Trans Pennine services were


cancelled. The train drivers' union is in dispute with the company on


pay. Another strike is going to take place on Friday. Residents in


Hedon say a new odour control unit being installed by Yorkshire Water


is ten years too late. This afternoon, the company unveiled its


multi-million pound plan to the public, after longstanding


complaints about the smell from its Saltend water treatment works near


Hull. There is always going to be some odour around, but we are very


confident in our solution. We are investing �3.5 million but we


believe strongly the solution will significantly reduce the odours.


am sceptical. I realise they are putting money into this. But we


won't know how effective that is until next year. I do think they


are listening now and it has taken too long to get to this point. The


question is, will it work for? Yorkshire's nearest children's


heart surgery unit looks more likely to face closure, after being


voted among the least popular options in a public consultation.


The NHS is looking to keep just six specialist centres open across


England. Lincolnshire's closest unit in Leicester faired better in


the poll but campaigners say they'll carry on fighting to keep


both units open, as Anne-Marie Tasker reports.


Three-year-old Harvey is now fighting fit after an operation to


fix a hole in his heart. He had surgery in Leeds in February but


his family say it would have been much harder if they'd had to travel


further from their home near Hull. As parents, you are torn between


your sick child in hospital having heart -- life-saving heart surgery


and other trout that means you. For somebody to bring him to visit us


meant everything. Have you been in Newcastle, would it have been


difficult? Yes. Cost wise, time- wise. Becki has spent months


fighting the plans to move heart services away from Leeds. After the


NHS said it would be best to pool surgical expertise in fewer centres,


it's asked the public and hospitals where those centres should be. The


consultation received more than 75,000 responses. They showed most


individuals want to see six centres including Leicester. But most of


the organisations polled wanted six that don't include either Leeds or


Leicester. But doctors at Leeds General Infirmary say the way it


was presented in the poll was weighted against them. The fact we


were only in one out of four options meant we were always going


to be disadvantaged, and we felt we should have been in more than one


in four options. We are not disheartened, we know it is right


for the patients and for the people in Yorkshire and Humber for the


service to remain in Leeds. It is people -- And people in


Lincolnshire think it's right their nearest centre in Leicester stays


open, too. They feel protest rallies have paid off with patients


ranking it among the most popular in the poll. Are you can improve


quality and services at hospital, but you cannot move it so easily,


so we believe where it is is very important. Families like Becki's


won't know the NHS's final decision until the end of the year. And


despite today's report, she says And of course that is a story we


will continue to fall. Still ahead tonight: In the top ten - our


councils are making the list on the governments most bizarre safety


bans. The first generation of adolescents


to be swiftly mobile does not have to travel far to find trouble.


how one of the country's first youth cultures is living on in Hull.


If you have a picture you are proud of send it in. This photo was taken


when they were building a new Amusement Arcade in Skegness.


Another picture tomorrow night. A rare treat tonight, as Keighley


Donovan is with us. Did you know you were in the Grimsby Evening


Telegraph last night? I did not. dad said be the article. Bets are


being taken on who Jennifer Lopez's next boyfriend will be. Barry asked


if you would be! Prince Harry's odds are 200-1. Viewers are 5000 to


There is a yellow warning in place for rain. Rain could be headed it -


- very heavy tonight. We have had good weather today but tomorrow it


will go downhill. The pressure charts are still very unsettled and


things should improve over the Bank Holiday weekend. You can see how


cloud has increased through the afternoon and it is now beginning


to produce one or two showers. Those will push away this evening


and cloud will thicken the with outbreaks of rain spreading


northwards. Some of this will be a very heavy and thundery. The sun


will rise in the morning at at 5:58. Some heavy and thundery rain in


places but it will improve slowly. But the rain will become more


showery and he's northwards. Not too bad on Friday. Today, up to 22


Celsius. Because of the wet start tomorrow, temperatures will


struggle. As I mentioned earlier, still fairly unsettled on Friday.


Showers and longer spells of rain but the Bank Holiday weekend looks


promising. 5000 to one, I can't believe that! You can go off people.


Dodgems driven as they should be driven. Not something you'll have


seen at Butlins in Skegness where for years now, you've not been


allowed to deliberately bump fellow drivers. Today, that policy made it


onto a list of bizarre bans where the government says health and


safety law has been wrongly used to restrict activities. Also on the


list, a bylaw limiting kite flying on East Yorkshire's beaches. Phil


Connell reports on what's being called an epidemic of excuses.


Rules and regulations and warnings over health and safety - they are a


part of modern-day culture. For the government list of so-called


lunatic rules - a ban on dodgem bumping has come out second. In


Skegness, but once a band for their dodgems and doing what they do best.


-- Butlins. It's no fun if you can't bump - that's the point of it.


Butlins says there are no bumping policy allows even young drivers to


experience the ride and safety. The rules have been described as


rules have been described as stifling. We don't want people to


come down and say it you breaking rules and regulations. If you want


to fly you Kate, fly a kite, and if you want to play conkers, play


conkers. Top of the list is Wimbledon, when during wet


conditions this year, spectators were banned from Henman Hill. Here


in East Yorkshire, health and safety rules imposed by the council


have been welcome it. They are a number six on the hit list. Here,


restrictions on Kate's have Government Ministers hot under the


collar. The council says it is it bans on extreme sports like Kate


suffering that are on the hit-list. There is no ban on flying kites in


East Riding, and there never has been. Back on the dodgems, for one


reporter it was a great day at the seaside. Politely unsafely avoiding


as many people as possible. Just before we came on air I spoke


to Luise Vassie from the Institution of Occupational Safety


and Health and asked her what she made of it. We think it's great and


the welcome the Minister's statement today. It reiterates


something we have been saying for some time - that these stories are


nothing to do with health and safety, and real health and safety


is about looking after people's lives and health while the at work.


This may be surprising to some coming from you. Are some of the


rules unnecessary? I think they have little to do with health toot


and safety and more to do with banning things. Health and safety


is not about pointless paperwork or these bans. How have we got in this


problem in this country? I think we have used that as an excuse to hide


behind. When someone does not want to do something, perhaps because it


is difficult and involves a little more time and effort, if we see


health and safety as the reason for not doing it, people sit up and


think, I might get sued. It creates a fear element which has really


unnecessary. People should be having sports days and festivals


and having fun. Do other countries have this over-zealous approach?


think not. It is something we are suffering from. If you want to


tackle it and take forward what the minister has said today, we need to


overcome -- all become a little more risks savvy. Let's make sure


the next generation we turnout and a little more savvy and risk


intelligent. What needs to change then to allow


genuine activities to take place and get away from this culture of


blaming health and safety? You can contact us as usual.


An RAF servicewoman from Lincolnshire has been speaking


about becoming the first woman ever to complete an international


endurance challenge. Flight Lieutenant Rachael Cadman ran, swam


and cycled from London to Paris, in four days, one hour and 42 minutes.


She ran 87 miles, swam 22 miles across the Channel, and then cycled


the 181 miles to Paris. I feel so relieved to be here, and ecstatic


to have done it. I am also shatter it, I cant wait for tomorrow when I


don't have to do any exercise. Brilliant!


A Lincolnshire market town which was given lottery money to revive


rural life will feature tonight in a BBC One series. Caistor is one of


six communities seen in Village SOS. Residents received a grant from the


Big Lottery Fund to try and regenerate the town. They used the


money to create an Arts and Heritage Centre. You can see that


programme on BBC One at 8pm. It's a movement that started out


life in the 1960s. It has not died out as a gathering in Hull tonight


is proving. What is this in aid of? Have you ever seen so many scooters


in one place. All sizes and shapes and colours, and we have all ladies


here tonight is well. The UN and the old. They are here to get


revved up tonight ahead of the opening night of the play of the


movie Quadrophenia, which is the most iconic movie for any scooter


rider, that really does appeal to all generations.


The first generation of adolescents to be swiftly more well does not


have to travel far to find trouble. The mode of transport for the Mods,


the scooter. It was the decade when the teenager was born - or when you


were identified by what you wore it and what you wrote. It's in the rat


catcher been a cult classic film Quadrophenia. Orchid and! Dodd he


looks smart! On a scooter! brings back many nostalgic memories


and it is hope those memories come alive on stage tonight, as the


screenplay of the film makes its stage premiere. I was at a Roger


dotty gig which was leaflet did, and I soon as I saw that leaflet, I


thought I was at the last Who get when they play Quadrophenia. It is


an obsession that spans generations. I am told it don't mean a thing if


it ain't got that blind, and despite certainly has the blink.


You are the owner of the state and the organiser of this amazing


gathering. Yes, I am. Why did he want to do this? This is for the


opening night of Quadrophenia but what is it about it that appeals?


We thought it was a fantastic opportunity to find all of this


together on an area that we have a common interest in. Quadrophenia is


such an iconic film and been so much to us, it is a great Prix


runner for the Isle of Wight lark - - rally this weekend. The biggest


weekend in the skittering calendar. You're here for the opening night


of the play Quadrophenia, and we have an original cast member here


this evening. Gary Cooper. It has become a cult movie. Did you think


back then it would become like this? Not at the time. It was just


three months of doing something you enjoy in being an actor in a movie.


I did not think there would be all of this. You're still being stopped


in the state, are in due? All the time, on the bus and so on. Thank


you for coming along. It runs until Saturday, but there are only a few


seats left. That is how popular it has been. Peter, you know more


about this than me? For you could say that about lot.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: The hunt is


on for Colonel Gaddafi - Libyan rebels fight street to street with


regime die-hard supporters in Tripoli.


Failing to improve road safety - accident numbers increase at 10% of


East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire's speed camera sites.


The Government says it is time to remove the cameras that are not


doing their job. And tomorrow's weather - a wet


morning with risk of heavy rain. Gradually clearing away in the


afternoon. Maximum temperature of 19 Celsius. That's it from us


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