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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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And Hello and welcome to the programme. The headlines: still not


good enough, inspectors say Boston's, widow must do more to


insure patient safety. The Lincolnshire school celebrating


Britain's biggest improvement in GCSE results. I have got what I


wanted, I am happy. My parents are will be pleased. I am really happy.


Scunthorpe United prepare for the arrival of Premier League's


Newcastle. And creating comedy on the carpet,


the company producing a multi- million-pound hard work to order


the stars of stage and screen. And join me in a few minutes' time


for the forecast for the bank holiday weekend.


Standards of patient care at the pilgrim's Hospital in Boston are


still not good enough, according to another report. Inspectors from the


independent watchdog the care quality commission say that while


some improvements have been made, more work still needs to be done to


ensure patient safety. This follows a movie in July which saw a student


nurses pulled out of the hospital after concerns over training


quality. Our correspondent was invited inside the hospital to see


the progress. Risk assessments where once


highlighted as a problem area by inspectors from the care quality


commission. Not any more. Every patient is now fully assessed for


any risks, such as pressure sores, blood clots and boils.


Ith -- the patients we spoke to say they have noticed a difference in


the standards of care. The staff are better than the where years ago.


They have been very good. Positive comments like these could not come


at a better time. One last month, student nurses were withdrawn


following concerns over the learning environment. They will now


return next year. The hospital's problems were first revealed in


February, when the commission carried out their first inspection.


The following month, the CQC's damaging report was published an


enforcement action announced. In June, Lincolnshire police announced


they were investigating allegations of mistreatment of patients by a


member of staff. Against this troubled backdrop,


staff have been working hard to drive up standards with a regular


training sessions. Morale take a bet, a very large debt. All nursing


staff are aware that they are here for the benefit of the patients. We


are using this as an opportunity to learn. We are improving our patient


care. The latest findings from the CQC, an independent health watchdog,


show that Weller brokers are being made, inspectors have still had


waited three main areas of concern. The major one is over the


management and save administration of drugs. Concerns were also raised


over individual care plans not being detailed enough. Inspectors


fear that some patients could be at risk of dehydration because the


records are not always properly maintained. Senior hospital


managers say they are working closely with the CTC to ensure the


improvements continue. We are living in the right direction, we


need to build on the work we have already done. I am satisfied that


if we do that, we will ensure that patients receive the care that they


would expect. The trust that now have 28 days to get back to the CQC,


with a detailed action plan for further improvements.


That is a story that we have a fault and will continue to fall.


Any moment, the small towns fighting to maintain their


community spirit in the face of a sprawling developments.


The Red Arrows are expected back at their Lincolnshire base tomorrow,


after a flying ban on the Hawk jet was lifted. They were grounded


after the death of red for, Flight Lieutenant John 18 at an event on


this Saturday. -- John their game. No announcement has been made as to


whether they will perform at any event. The Lincolnshire


motorcyclist has been killed in the Isle of man. Organisers say that


49-year-old a neo- gent from Boston died after an incident at the Manx


Grand Prix. -- Neil Grant. A Business in Grimsby employ more


than 60 people has gone into receivership. All the staff have


been made redundant at Superior seafoods. The family-run firm had


been trading for 40 years. 90 people have been made redundant


at an East Yorkshire caravan company. Serve can arise is the


largest UK caravan and the motor home manufacturer. The company say


they are seeking voluntary redundancies.


It has been another records here for exam passes as teenagers in


Lancashire and Yorkshire pick of their GCSE results. Lincolnshire


County Council saw the biggest increase, the pass rate was up 4%


on last year. In Hull, they recorded their best ever pass rate


with 45% of pupils making the grade. With the exams are over, it is


decision time for many youngsters. We will be looking at the options


for school leavers. Our correspondent has the story of


today's celebrations. Students had plenty to smile about


this morning, as record results were recorded across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire. I am speechless. Absolute bliss weasels. I got what


I wanted. My parents will be pleased. Three years ago, this


council in Boston recorded the second worst in the country. Today,


students opened their wanderlust -- envelopes for the final time. The


school is to close and become part of Haven High. But not before


achieving record grades. We have increased the hour presented a


people achieving a A* by 16%. was also good news in Cleethorpes,


were academies were continuing to succeed. This is the 4th here where


we have continued to have 80% of students achieving higher grades in


English and maths. I got an A and A* in everything. I got a C in


everything. I passed everything, I am quite pleased. In Hull,


teenagers got a chance to relax and enjoy themselves, the council put


on a special event after attaining the best grades the city has ever


seen. They do such a tough market out there for jobs, more and more,


the Dong people know that their future lies in getting good grades.


-- e young people know. Once the party is over, students will have


to decide what to do with their future. Of for some, 16 means


leaving school. And then tried to avoid the fate of one million


school leavers nationwide, who are not in education or employment. The


authorities are keen to stress that help is out there. There is a wide


range of training options, employment with training and causes


and apprenticeships. Please do not be downhearted a few have got poor


results that you were not expecting. Matt is one of the lucky ones,


after his GCSE's last year he could be there for and won an


apprenticeship. He gets employment and education. The Hull-based


company is funding his part-time degree. I do a they release one day


per week, which Crown pay for, to study at university. I will be on


the pathway to a full bachelor's degree. It will take six years


rather than five years, but in that time he will learn a trade which


will see him for the rest of his life. Even with Labour's idea today


that all my firms with apprenticeship schemes should be


awarded public sector work, they deserve reality is that while


school is out, the hard work is only just beginning.


Joining me now is Joseph Hyatt from the Youth Parliament. He is also


behind a campaign tried to get employers to take youngsters


through work experience. Do you think that employments -- employers


are taking on enough young people? Not at all. The issue is that,


obviously with the government's work programme and our past -- from


our past government being scrapped, it has been hard for employers to


expand on apprenticeships and for young people to get into a pension.


Also, the way it is going with the connection service, it is hard for


young people to get into work experience. There has been a


breakdown in communication between the private sector employers, and


students. Given the cost in the number of graduates that end up in


a non-graduate jobs, would you like to see, do you think it is vital


that not have to go to university? University comes down to a personal


choice. What we have seen is that one in three graduates are


unemployed, one in five young people are unemployed. It is clear


that university does not necessarily make a difference. We


need to one in the that every young person is killed and talented.


makes a difference whether employers will only one graduates.


We must reshape the way employers look at young people. We need to


realise that universities are for everyone, they are very skilled at


talented young people who are coming out with diplomas at all


sorts of court cases. Should they look more favourably at GCSEs and


A-levels, rather than stipulating that you must go of the arrested?


totally agree, to be totally fact, as ironic as this sounds, I think


all the cases are somewhat irrelevant in this issue at the


minute. The issue is the perception of young people from employers.


They think that young people just sit around and have no interest in


wanting to improve their lives. That is the issue. They seem to


favour older people, or when a lot of young people are coming out of


school and college has set for or even your Vestey and have some


fantastic skills and talents. a few rare one of the thousands, or


maybe your son or daughter got Thank you for the response on our


story showing that accidents have actually risen at a number of speed


cameras sating the Humberside area. The Road Safety Partnership has


said that speeding is being cut, but admits that it needs to look at


ways of cutting casualties. A big response after the programme


last night, just a few of the message. Brian in Swineshead said


that he cannot believe the Government spokesperson said that


Still ahead before 7pm, Scunthorpe United prepared to renew


hostilities with Newcastle. Two divisions they divide the teams.


More Premier League side have fallen and Scunthorpe United try


and make it a theft. The town are playing against Newcastle United,


and he will have a preview later on. And the multi- million-pound hard


work remembering great comedy Brian McCarthy took this of The


Wolds fields over looking Binbrook. Thank you for that. Another picture


tomorrow night at about the same time.


I'm not talking to a tonight after Zoe from Grimsby e-mail down to say


that you only have heard what I said last night. That's not what


was said! Don't look in the paper for his lonely hearts ad - just e-


mail him directly. The weather forecast for the Bank Holiday Inn


just the second. Tomorrow, not a great day. This is the coast where


it will be miserable. Am busy pressure charts. This will bring us


quite persistent rain tomorrow. It is brightened up nicely today and


we have seen at sunshine develop. In the short term, one or two


showers around. This evening, in general, fine and dry. You can see


this rain that edging in from the south-east. In the rural spot, down


to eight Celsius, but towns and cities will hold up. Very high


waters tomorrow. It will be cloudy with outbreaks of rain spreading


out from the south-west. A fairly miserable commute to work. Those


outbreaks of rain will continue and veg West words. There will be heavy


spells in there and really miserable along the coastline. We


should be up at around 21 Celsius tomorrow. It will only reach around


18 Celsius below. -- though. Summer showers over the weekend but sunny


spells. Sunny spells and scattered showers on Monday. Sunday will be


the driest day. I can't believe you are offering odds of a woman going


are offering odds of a woman going out with Peter. How we laughed!


There's concern that urban sprawl has robbed a Lincolnshire town of


its sense of community. According to a report by North Kesteven


District Council, Hykeham near Lincoln is suffering from a lack of


services, congested roads and little sense of pride amongst its


residents. The study says the area needs new investment to service its


new estates. Phillip Norton reports. Another busy day are amongst fears


the town is losing its identity and becoming simply part of Lincoln.


think the main fear of people is that we will get sucked up by the


City, and we do not want that. We want our independence, if you like.


It has been a long time since this street was the centre of village


life year. Well there are still a few old buildings remaining,


elsewhere, it is quite different. This is the modern face - housing


estates and building work in progress. The concern is that the


infrastructure that is already in place cannot cope with the


increasing population. People, quite rightly, spotted an


opportunity and bill the estate. No thought was given to the inch this


-- infrastructure. We really need roads and more medical supplies and


care for the elderly. All these things should be first and foremost.


Sadly, they're not. There are similar examples in other areas.


Brough, located on the banks of the Humber, has also seen a rapid


population increase and now regarded as a small town. We have


been campaigning for many years to preserve villages and the green


belt around these villages. But not everyone in Hykeham feels the urban


sprawl and modern day life are a bad thing. Hicom still has an


identity of its own and a think it will keep that. We have had all


these developments but we're still there is a town is a have a lot to


offer. The town council says its doing all it can to help ease


problems with Hykeham's infrastructure - but like most


things, improvements will cost money.


Certainly an interesting one. Maxwell Hutchinson is an architect


and journalist, who grew up in Lincolnshire. I spoke to him


earlier and asked him if he'd seen this kind of thing happening where


he lived. I have seen it to a slight extent when I was brought up.


When I was brought up in the 1950s - I am that old, it was separated


by three miles of countryside. Now, it is almost conjoined with the


town of Branston. Community is not made by buildings. It is made by


people, and we have to face up to the inevitability of the fact that


this country is desperately short of housing. Are we getting the


housing right? You have said we need the houses, but it is that


houses that trample over the land. We're not getting the house is


right, or more especially, the planning strategy behind the houses.


We need to resign ourselves to the fact that the countryside will be


developed. The demographic figures and that population of the country


is going up. Somehow, somewhere, people have to live. There needs to


be a very careful planning balance before these houses are built. Also,


with the change in the way it we live our lives, we need to design


different sorts of houses. Is that not dented people like yourself,


the architect, to get that right? The Housing builders need to engage


with creative, thought for one for odd-looking people to build --


design their housing stock. The idea of small boxes rolled out on


roads isn't good. A lot of people watching now 11 assorted boxes


you're talking about. They did not have an option, but there can be an


option in the future, if we design these things properly. I am not


disparaging the places in which people live, but they live there


because they were not given it any option for any alternative.


answer in a nutshell? We have to resign ourselves to the fact that


we are going to develop the countryside and we need to engage


the best design brains we have to make sure ray get it right. Thank


you for coming on. Can we keep a sense of community?


Do we have to except, as he said, that the countryside will have to


be built on? Since Scunthorpe United last beat Newcastle United,


back in 2009, the two clubs fortunes couldn't have been more


different. Newcastle are now back in the premier league - and the


Iron relegated to league one. But tonight Scunthorpe fans are hoping


history will repeat itself, as the pair meet in the second round of


the Carling Cup. Simon Clark reports.


They were still snapping up tickets this afternoon for what could be


Scunthorpe's most prestigious game of the season. Two years ago, they


met Newcastle and the lead, when they won 2-1. Since then, the two


teams are in different divisions, so often as am for a repeat is


muted. In cup games, anything can happen. We're not playing well


enough at the moment. In just under one hour, the two teams will march


down here for from these two dressing-rooms. They will be led


out by a very special guest - Taylor Nelson, the son of Michael


Nelson, the Scunthorpe United defender. Taylor Nelson arrived at


the stadium a few minutes ago. Like his dad, he supports Newcastle


United. -- Kyle Nelson. He was doing it the coaching at and he was


asked if he wanted to be than Ascot and was given the option of being


an Ascot for this match. Whatever the outcome, Scunthorpe United


earned a tasty nest-egg, estimated at �150,000.


And Simon is at Glanford park for us this evening. So what changes


have taken place at Scunthorpe since they last played Newcastle?


There have been huge changes to personnel on the pitch, personnel


behind the scenes like the managers, and they can tell you both star


strikers have been sold. Andy Carroll went from Newcastle to


Liverpool, and Scunthorpe's striker went to Celtic. The fans have


started to make the relay and, but it is not a sell-out, so if you


want to, come and buy a ticket on the door and join us here. And you


can hear full commentary of the game on BBC Radio Humberside.


That's on Sportstalk which is on air now. And they'll also be


discussing Hull City's record signing Jimmy Bullard - who has


joined Ipswich Town. Bullard signed for the Tigers in 2009, but his


time at the club was littered with problems. He had his contract


terminated last week despite having two years left to run on it. He's


joined Ipswich on a two year deal. It might only be August, but stars


of Grimsby's pantomime, Snow White, were in the town today. They were


looking for candidates to play the seven dwarves. A familiar face was


recruited to help with the search. Sue Holderness, known for playing


Marlene in Only Fools and Horses, will play the wicked queen when the


show starts in December. Do you remember the famous 'Fork


handles' sketch or the catchphrase "just like that" or how about


Morecambe and Wise dancing with Angela Rippon? They're all among


the very best of British comedy and now a company from Hull is at the


centre of a piece of art aimed at celebrating some of our best loved


sketches and one-liners. The Comedy carpet will be unveiled in


Blackpool next month. Vanessa Clarke reports. Catherine Tate is a


legend. You stupid boy, Pike. me sunshine. They are classic one-


liners that have entertained us for years. But now 336 of the best


comedy quotes and catchphrases are being immortalised in stone-work as


part of a huge public artwork - and they have all been crafted here in


Hull. We were producing a four punt slabs of concrete and each and


every one of them was an individual work of art. It was like any other


factory work but it was next unusual. And this what the slabs


will create - a huge comedy carpet the size of a football pitch. They


are currently on their way to Blackpool to be assembled and they


are full of comedy greats. From Hull's very own Norman Collier and


his infamous broken microphone routine. To new favourites. But of


course - everyone has their own favourite one-liner. I'm back in


England because my wife's just left me. She was obsessed with my


obsession with prostitutes. only. What the column -- what she's


be used to Cox bears out of a cage? Camembert. The process that


involved over 200,000 letters and over two years of production, to


create what will be one of Britain's largest public artworks.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines: Libya's


Colonel Gaddafi issues another call to arms. In a radio broadcast, he


calls on his supporters to come out of their homes and kill the rats.


Inspectors say Boston's Pilgrim Hospital has made improvements to


its service, but that it still needs more work to ensure patient


safety. Tomorrow's weather: Rain spreading from the south east,


patchy to the west at first. Turning heavy in places through the


day. Maximum temperature of 18 Celsius.


About jobs and apprenticeships, Simon says, I took an


apprenticeship two years ago. He says now he is 19 and his insurance


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